Friday, 11 March 2011

Little Thoughts......

Do you ever go to write a post and just don't know how to start it? When you are not sure how you feel, therefore not sure how your post will turn out?

I am in one of those moods. Have the potential to be rambly, but don't really want to be!

Suffice to say, this week has been a week of yet more illness. Last friday I came down with a nasty sickness bug which pretty much wiped out my weekend. Spent all of it in bed, with my little shadow at my side to keep me company!

By monday morning I felt like I was turning a corner when by the afternoon, baby bear and I were getting the sniffles and a scratchy throat was appearing. I seem to be constantly catching one thing after another at the present and it is taking its toll. When I get in one of those moods I start to question things, think too much, wallow in my self pity.  Even the blue skies this week havn't managed to work their gorgeous magic. Apologies if I have been a bit quiet on comments this week. I hope to visit you all again soon!

I have posted this week of my blooms in the house in a bid to cheer me up. Just a few pics.......sparse words. What do you say when you are feeling rubbish?!

I questioned my little blog, as I do every now and then. Is it too personal? it not personal enough? I want it? I need it?

Is it one less thing I should have in my it one thing that I need to make sure stays in my day?

I think I just needed to work out a few things. Work out what is important at the moment and what can be pushed to one side for a bit.

Sit back, have a little think, rest, take things slower and smell the flowers!

Open and looking beautiful by my kitchen sink

beautiful frilly little skirts

An abundance of colour and fragrance on my dining room table

Beautiful silhouettes





Smile enducing

Tomorrow, middle bear turns 10. The big double figures. I feel a bit sad. Just one left now in single figures. I felt a tremendous wave of sadness when their first tooth fell out too. A milestone. The sudden ending of a particular stage of life. He is so excited, bless him. We have a tiring day planned. Better take it easy for the rest of the day then! Cuppa tea and cake anyone?

Have a lovely weekend all

Much love




  1. Such beautiful photographs. Wish I could be there to give you a big hug!
    Sending you HUGE hugs,


  2. Lovely post, how could you even think of deserting us all?!! blog hugsxx jennyx

  3. Your pictures are beautiful, I loved them all but the first one was especially pretty - all those lovely flower colours. I think when your body is fighting a virus it makes your feel down emotionally, and that in turn makes you question life. Your blog is a gorgeous one, I really enjoy what you have to say and your photographs are always inspiring and colourful. Hope you get fully better soon and have a lovely weekend.
    Helen x

  4. ************ big mahooooosive cuddle! *********
    i really do know how you feel vanessa, life is so complicated and busy and sickness does not fit in to the way life runs! hehe...i hate being ill still have my chesty cough (worse at night)
    bloooming annoying! Luckily sweet peas looking much better. i question my blog daily...think being on my own its my link- like i have a purpose- sad hey? the comments boost me up and give me a happy place to escape too.
    i adore your hyasinths - beautiful images!
    The sun is beautiful here today i should be at the park with sweet pea, but im in a hibernate mood sadly...dvds and cuddles are needed.

    big happy birthday wishes to middle bear- bless him- you look way toooo young for kiddies in double figures hehe ;0)

    blowing kisses at you beautifuls x

  5. Your posts brighten all our days...please don't question your blog or its value!
    I'm sorry you have been feeling ill. I think it is in the air this winter. Here, I have lurched from one cold to another one and have now developed a rather annoying chest infection. Normally colds stay with me a day or two tops but this year it appears different. So I am with you on that one!
    Happy Birthday to your middle bear! My eldest turned 10 last summer and it took more out of me than it did anyone else!! LOL!!
    Hugs from across the Irish Sea!

  6. I think our fellow bloggers have summed it up perfectly. Its good to share these things as sometimes I feel as if 'is it just me'. Hope everything lightens up soon.

  7. Well I would certainly miss your posts if you weren't blogging!

    Have a great weekend,

    Victoria xx

  8. oh Vanessa, you sound tired to me. I would try not to think about anything until you get better and have some nice sleep. When I am tired and feel ill I think far too much so then try and ignore myself - seems to do the trick. Happy birthday to your little man, a whole 10 , my eldest was 10 last year, so sad as you say but then lovely at the same time. Take care. xxxx

  9. Lovely pictures as always, think I may join you for a quiet cuppa :) x

  10. ((((hugs)))) & {{{{healing vibes}}}} - being poorly is rubbish, especially sickness - I have a phobia of vomiting *shudder* so you have my full sympathy.

    Vanessa, you must continue your blog!! It gives me tremendous pleasure and when I check my Blogger updates I always hope you have done a new post - your blog is definitely one of my favourites.

    I am so with you on feeling sad as the bears reach their little milestones - I remember when my youngest left infant school, it was so much worse than when the oldest did as it is truly the end of an era!! Youngest starts senior school this Sept and I just don't know where the time went - as a result I am feeling v. broody!!

    10 is a lovely age though, I just spent a long weekend in Ireland for my best friends wedding with my 10yr old and he was THE BEST company!!

    Happy Birthday to Middle Bear, hope you all have a lovely weekend!!

    S x

  11. Life is so hard, difficult and complicated sometimes, and its so easy to feel down with so much going on. And when you feel poorly that doesnt help either. I know just how you feel with your little one, my baby is gong up to secondary school in September and i could cry every time i think about it i will have both my children there, where have those years gone i have been a mother for 15 years and they are slipping away, i have to find my own identity again etc which is why i started my blog and sewing etc I love your little blog since finding it and i think its such a great community and inspiration that is blog world it really seems to help pick you up when your down. Please dont question it or its contents its perfect the way it is. Keep smiling and warmest hugs to you, dee x

  12. I think I speak for everyone when I say that we would all miss you way too much. So please don't leave us. I'm feeling the same too at the moment so am just not blogging. Keep smiling, lovely girl. Big hug, Lynda xxxxxxx

  13. Firstly Happy Birthday for tommorrow for your middle bear!

    Secondly sending you huuuuuuuuugggge ((((hugs))))

    I can honestly say sometimes the little things can add up! Trust me we have had one of those weeks! Where it just feels you sort one thing out and then another blasted thing happens. You feel stuck in a rut yet you have to be the one to make the best of it. Keep it altogether. Its been the same for women for generations. Lets not be fooled too much by "modern" thinking.

    Its true I do sometimes feel fed up with blogging feeling that I sometimes fail yet again at something. Feeling that I spend too long looking at others and dreaming rather than doing. But.... I think about what I gain from my tiny bit of cyber space. I love the writing and *trying* to take pictures as well as the sharing with like minded people like yourself. If I gave it up who would suffer? who would miss it? What would I be doing instead? More cleaning? Washing? So I continue in my own sporadic way that fits into our lives. Its hard but hang in there Honey.

    And hopefully those bright blue sky days filled with eye poping colour will be back with you again. Rest up as much as you can.

    Have a lovely weekend with all your Bears.

    MBB x

  14. Dear Vanessa, get well soon, and please never stop blogging! Get well soon, because Spring is coming up! Get well soon, because your bears need you, even they are over 10, or over 20 or over......much.(or many? forgive me, I don't know exactly)

  15. You and I have had very similar weeks this week. In fact, almost all of the feelings you have felt have gone through my mind in the last couple of days as well. My oldest turns 10 next month, my next son is losing a tooth, the babe is turning into a child and not a babe anymore and my head is so full of decisions that affect our entire future. Wish I was closer, we could grab that tea and cake together. Take care and know that you bring sunshine to lots of people in the form of your blog.

  16. I have been questioning the whole blog thing lately for the first time...I hate that a few people in my community read my blog so I can't say what I really want to say sometimes and you run into people and they already know things about you does this make sense...anyhoo.
    I think maybe I have been working to hard with Phil in the shop...I need a little girl time with friends to perk up.
    I hope you and the kids feel better soon.I covet that pink vase next to the sink....well all of your things!

  17. Ok ok, so i can allow you a little wallow as youve been a bit poorly but 'DONT YOU DARE STOP BLOGGING' *waggles finger in face*...i dont think i could live without my doses of beautiful photos, colours, crochet, flowers and everything else i keep popping in to check up on.

    You're just having one of those crappy weeks where everything seems like its dragging you down.

    If i was your best friend id bring a chocolate gataux round so that we could eat it with a fork each in front of a box set of friends...i cant do that for you today, BUT, what can say is NESS WE LOVE YOU...just look at all the comments above me?!

    And 10 years old?-you've put 10 years of blood sweat and tears into that little boy...i bet he wouldnt swap you for the world?

    Love Kirsty xoxo

  18. I love your posts, so honest and thoughtful. You should just do what makes you happy :) Hope you have a lovely day with your middle bear...we are soon to hit the big 10 with our #1 where does time go??? Enjoy your day, take it easy,eat cake,drink tea,have fun and keep smiling :) :) :)
    Jane x x x x x x x x x x x x

  19. I'm new to the blogging world and am a new (but devoted) follower of yours - such a beautiful, inspirational blog - you should be really proud. I hope you are feeling perkier soon and have a lovely weekend with all your babies
    Emily x

  20. Such beautiful photographs enough to cheer anyone, sorry you don't feel well I am afraid alot of people have suffered this year. We have all had colds since before christmas that seem to reappear every few weeks. Wishing you all the best and hoping that you decide to continue writing. You have a very pretty and inspirational blog.

  21. Oh you are not alone, but don't give in. It's rubbish when you are feeling like that I think the winter blues still have a hold on many of us. I am another that would miss your blog, I may not always have time to comment but I read every post and always enjoy reading it.
    Keep your chin up love and hope you are able to enjoy your little one's birthday.
    Kandi xXx

  22. Lovely pictures and so nice to see so much colour on your blog and your new header too - hope you feel well soon. Betty

  23. You poor sweetie! I hope you are feeling better now. You know we all adore your gorgeous blog but I can totally understand the added pressure to post regularly. You would still be at the top of my faves list even if you posted once a month hon! Take some time out to recover. Maybe a new pair of shoes would help! Always works a treat for me!! Hopefully a new season will soon bring renewed energy. x

  24. Being ill really does take it out of you emotionally as well as physically, epecially when it seems like its one thing after another, and you kind of lose your sense of balance for a while.
    Love your blog, your photos are always so gorgeous and uplifting - the flowers, the crochet, I love it all and its all so inspirational!
    Hope your son has a wonderful birthday, and that you manage to find the energy to enjoy it all too.

    I do hope you feel better soon
    Gill x

  25. On the day I found your blog my heart skipped a little, for until then I had never found anyone who remotly understood my enthusiasm for colour, wool, flowers, pastel pottery etc. Then there you were, a soul-mate who I'd never met and yet someone with whom I had many common interests. I hope you get as much pleasure from your beautful photographs as I do and that soon your heart will be lifted enough to enjoy your days again. Whatever you decide is the best for you, I'd just like you to know that I have so enjoyed your company - although its only been for a short while so far. Wishing you much happiness. X

  26. Oh you poor thing, it's horrible being run down and catching bug after bug (((((hugs)))))
    Here's to you getting well and there being more sunshine each day.

  27. Vanessa, so sorry you are not well and feeling a bit down to boot, still you managed to cheer everyone else up with your beautiful flowers. Look after yourself and please keep blogging. Love and hugs are sent to you, Linda xoxo

  28. Vanessa, a lovely post! Your beautiful personality shines through. Your bears are so blessed to have such a lovely Mum. Hope you have a better week this week. Thinking of you and sending you hugs and happy thoughts through cyberspace.
    Jo xxx

  29. I hope you are feeling yourself again soon. I must say I would be sad if you decided not to carry on with your blog, I love reading it and it never fails to put a smile upon my face. Big hug coming your way from me. xxx

  30. I looooove the picture with the cup with the hearts...
    SO sweet!!!

  31. I think the consensus is we all need you to blog! Love the glimpses into your lovely and colorful world. I, too, the dread of getting one bug after another. I am a school teacher and for the past two years now, I seem to have a flu or a cold every other week from September through April. (Whatever happened to the idea of building immunities I wonder? Think my body skipped that memo). Am home today with the ick myself. It is so easy to get down. I came by here today to soak in the beauty of your blog. Take a break if you need, but know many would miss you and your wonderful blog if you left. *hugs*

  32. oh my gosh - how have i never left you a zillion comments before!!

    we are two little questioning peas in a pod this week...i just posted like this monday morning....
    our middle lovely kiddo just turned 10 - which leaves me with only one left in single figures as well...

    i adore your flower photos....daffs for an aussie gal in england {as i am} will forever mark the beginning of spring for me...

    i have a cup of tea...a head cold and a half hour before all the kiddos home- so i am going back over your see ALL the bits i missed!

    lovely to find you
    melissa x

  33. Lovely photographs Vanessa and a heartwarming post. I adore your blog and I do understand these ocassional feelings about what is it all about. I have been blogging for nearly 3 years and get bloggy wobbles as I call them ;) However much I think my life would be better utilised without my blog, I am always drawn back to it. I now blog when I feel like it, when I have the time, my family are so important to me and dare I say it there possibly has been times when I have been attached to the computer blogging when in reality I should have been attached to them, doing real stuff together. We are all different and blog for diffferent reasons etc etc, I think sometimes the only one who can answer ones questions is indeed oneself. A blog is of course to be enjoyed by ones reders ( and I certainly enjoy yours ), but ultimately it should be enjoyed most by the person who writes it :0) Hugs xxxx

  34. Don't stop...I've just found you!
    I was having the same thoughts about my own little blog this week, hating that I'm finding my #1 son (age 11) hard work whilst enviously watching my little sister finding her new baby Mabel enchanting, generally feeling a bit flat and uninspired....then I pimped some jeans and couldn't wait to do a show and tell!!!!
    hope you stick with it - sometimes you just need a little break until you find something you just have to share.
    fee x

  35. Hi Vanessa,
    What a lovely post with lots of beautiful flowers. Can you share where you got the coffee mug from.

  36. My first visit and I vote you make room in your life to keep it happening! Hope you feel better~ oxox, Diane

  37. What lovely photographs of flowers - truly uplifting. My youngest turned 10 last year, and I did find it a big deal for me, but it's a magical age. I drop and pick up blogging as and when, and it fits in really well that way - I never let it take over my family time, and so I find it fun. You have a lovely blog.

  38. It sounds as though you've had a grim few weeks. The incessant illnesses this winter have been grim haven't they? It's not surprising you're feeling low. It's been getting to me too. Thankyou for posting the beautiful images of hyacinths - they've helped to cheer me up no end this morning. There's blue sky too.

  39. So lovely to read your posts.. I always love looking at your photo's. Very pretty! Glad your feeling a lot better. xxx


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