Thursday, 7 April 2011

Stripe love.......

Plain Stripes..........

Bunting Stripes.....
(another WIP!!!!)

Flowery Stripes..........

Cat Stripes.........

Me Stripes........

Crochet Stripes...........

Straw Stripes............

Basket Stripes.......................

Boat Stripes....

Ahhhhhh gotta love a stripe!

Have a super duper awesome day all!



  1. Oh I am totally with you here in the stripe-love! What about that gorgeous WIP?! I am Curious!! Thank you again for all this beauty.
    Love, Maaike

    What a lovely cheery post
    LOVE all your photo's and stripes!
    That bunting is gorgeous...I want to get back to crochering...would you be a love and share your bunting pattern with me...I have the perfect place in mind for it to hang...
    Thanking you my lovely caring sharing, sharing caring friend ;-D

  3. aaahhh great post. Those first stripy mugs reminded me of warm days at the beach and deckchairs ;-)) dee x

  4. I am just so green with envy at all your lovely pretty collections of cornishware & pip! I so need to find somewhere to get a display of my own going!!

  5. Stripes are fantastic - these pastels are real mood lifters too.

  6. I do love stripes! :) and polka dots, and hearts ......

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  7. Oh giddy yippee skippy squippy! I am a cornish ware girl, only got it in blue though, that's gotta change soon, need red stripes. We have a whole dinner service in the blue stripes, it was our wedding list. The whole lot was gifted to us and we use it every day. Every single day. there are a few chips and one of the medium plates got broken but for 6 years service it's doing fantastically.

    Fuuny story, I put the baby on the changing mat on the work top the other day. Placed next to my cornish blue bread crock, the lid was off as I was making packed lunches... yes you've guessed it, he piddled one of those amazing wee arcs and it went in the bread crock! It made me think of rainbows and leprechauns and pots of gold. Gold wee! Nice one Mini Cuckoo!!!!

    Your photo's are so fantastic, you are a clever girl. Why a magazine hasn't snapped you up as some sort of editor/stylist/photographer is a mystery. I could see you on This Morning too.... What do you think ladies? Shall we nominate Vanessa?


  8. gotta stop these blissful postings, my house work has gone to pot- well, least i have no one to complain at me hehe ;0)x

    is the sun out where you are? oh my wordy its blissful here wooooohooo and its the start of the Easter hols, two weeks- must plan some lovely things...

    hope you and the bears have great fun xxxxxxxx

  9. Hi Vanessa, I love a good stripe-fest so thanks for the lovely photos! Just noticing how many stripes are sneaking into my place too, you can never have too many, I reckon! Have a great day! Julie :)

  10. oh vanessa....
    i looooooove this post...
    i have *drooled* over the pictures twice so far....!!!

    that bunting is the cutest...i would happily curl up at yours for the day and just *take all those lovely stripes in*....

    going back for one more squiz!!

    Melissa xx

  11. The bunting stripes are my favourite, but the mugs come a close second!
    Emma :)

  12. It's no good, you're a lost cause. You're an addict.

  13. beautiful... can i come and live in your cheery happy stripey house!!!


  14. Awww, great post Vanessa !
    Love your bunting wip and your beautiful crockery.
    Thanks for your fab comment :0)
    Jacquie x

  15. Im in love with those stripey mugs in the first pic, scrummylicious xx

  16. Love, love, love ALL of your stripes! You are so good at displaying and photographing everything!
    Where did you get the ice cream cones?!

  17. You have such a fab way of making stripes look.....gorgeous. Love the bunting and of course the Cornishware and I've just ordered some of those straws for the weekend.

    Have a good one,

    Nina x

  18. nothing better than stripes (other than spots...)Kx Have a sunny day.

  19. I know when I visit you that I'm going to be greeted with lots of gorgeous colourful photos.Lovely stripey post! :0)

  20. I'm jumping up and down getting all excited over all those stripes, sad I know! It looks like I'm not alone though.

    I’ve got some of those straws, I got mine from Winchester, I must get some more for the summer.

    Lou xxx

  21. Judi..... I got the ice cream cones from the party section at my local sainsburys. They are party bubbles, but if you type them into a google search, lots of places online sell them so they are quite easy to get hold of! Hope this helps! X

  22. Thats the one, how can anyone not love that shop! Even if I haven’t got the money I still go in and have a look. I hope you have a fab weekend too! xxx

  23. Stripe loving your post!!! I haven't seen straws with stripes in years, they are so cute!!! And they are red and white!!!!! Popping wonderful colors, wouldn't these be great at Christmas!!!
    A smiling fun blog, have a great week!
    Chris :o)

  24. You have certainly found a lot of gorgeous stripes and colours for us to enjoy today! What a lot of stripes.

  25. Wow, what a gorgeous stripe-fest! Was laughing to myself the other day about the amount of stripy tops my boys have got - lovely, lovely, lovely!
    Emily x

  26. ooh you have got to look in Waitrose or John Lewis as they have some yummy stripy mugs with little bumble bees on the inside of them :-)

  27. Vanessa - I too LOVE stripes (have a pinterest board dedicated to red and white ones! )
    really loving the pip cups - irresistable.
    Lovely stripey post, fee ♥

  28. What a great cheery stipey post. :) x Leah x

  29. I ♥ stripes too but the odd spot also needs to be thrown into the mix!! Cx

  30. Stripes! Love them! Esp. the bunting!!

  31. Morning Vanessa,
    What lovely stripes you have!
    Your mugs are lovely and cheerful!
    And stripey bunting - genius!
    Hope you have a happy sunny day xxx

  32. love all your stripes - for some reason I have an aversion to changing wool colour too often when crocheting (it's all the ends!) and often deny myself of a spot of stripy crochet - your bunting looks great though

  33. Er OMG-Can i PLEASE just come and live at your house?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Its soooooo beautiful, i love, love, LOVE it all...grrr so jealous of your amazing photography talent too Vanessa.
    Its sunday morning and im lazing in bed catching up on the laptop-childless! Its heaven...anyways, what i mean is im catching up on posts like this did i miss yours this week?!
    Id love the coloured cornishware mugs, must save some pennies.
    And one day...maybe i will have a dresser to put my pretties on like you?...

    Love Kirsty xoxo


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