Friday, 8 April 2011


Making progress with the hexagons and the squares, but it is slow as I keep flitting from one project to another (had to stop to get the stripey bunting done yesterday...coldn't concentrate on anything until I had got that out of my system!). Seriously, I don't think there will be a ta-dah moment for quite a while at the rate I am going!!!!!! Still, slow progress is better than no progress hey!!!!!!

So, friday....a general quickie tidy up done, washing drying nicely outside and Baby Bear and I have already started on the ice lollies!

Yarn and hook now for me, water buckets and cars for Bear.

I hope the Sun is shining for you today if not in the skies then in your day to day!

Have a wonderful weekend all!!!


  1. Sounds perfect! My washing machine is on it's second load, I love it when I can dry it outside. I really must pick up my crochet hook soon. Where do you get your yarn from? :) x

  2. * Happiness * Beauty * Blissful *

    oh my word Vanessa, my lovely! what a beautiful picture you set ;0)x

    i want a hundred & thousands choco lolly!!!!


    x kazzy x

  3. I love a nobbly bobbly bring on the sunshine.

  4. Lovely! Seems like a perfect little day! Cx

  5. You make everything look so cheery and gorgeous! I'm off to the freezer to hunt down a Nobbly Bobbly! Have a great weekend x

  6. Ooohh how lovely wish I wasn't sat in an office at work :(
    Have a lovely weekend, hope this weather lasts.
    Kandi x

  7. Nope it's no good. I must get me a latte mug and spoon like yours. Resistance is futile. It's a good job I don't know where you live or I might find myself compelled to burgle you! Yes I probably would stoop so low, you make everything so damn desirable! Except I still don't delight in pegging out the washing, I like how white washing looks but, meh, it's just another job that keeps a hook out of my hand. So it may take a few more posts waxing lyrical about doing the laundry and maybe then I'll skip into the garden with our wet clothes.

    Right, gotta get off this thing and pack for Devon this weekend. How will I fit everything we need in the car when I want to take all my WiP's too????

    Have a glorious weekend,


    ps, Am slightly apprehensive about 2 whole weeks with all 3 of my boys, how will I keep them entertained, the house cleanish and still have some time to do some hooking? Yelp!

  8. Love the hexagagons and squares - your doing well. I have liturally just started to learn crochet today and it's very very difficult such a skill to have. I'm practising double crochet and trying to get my basic chain even.... Hopefully I will get a square done in a few weeks.

    Have a great weekend and may the sun keep on shining Xx

  9. It's always sunny in my part of the world ... most of the time, at least.

    And I'm so impressed you are able to get the hook out with the little people around. Mine just want to 'help' and stack balls of yarns and practise counting and colour naming. I usually pack it all away after 5 minutes of trying.

    Perhaps I just don't have them well-trained enough ...

    Happy sunny day :)

  10. Beautiful works and images!
    Kisses and happy weekend.

  11. I understand what it is like to flit from one project to another ( I am terrible) Your colours are gorgeous. Happy hooking x

  12. Hi Vanessa,

    I see we have the same floral jug of House Doctor. It's lovely isn't it?! You must be so busy with all those projects to work on. Don't forget to enjoy the sun!

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  13. It's all looking rather spiffing though.

    We've already gone through a box of strawberry mivvi's!

    Have a fab weekend,

    Nina xxx

  14. Wow , fabulous WIP's and gorgeous pictures Vanessa .
    Now I just need a to be a Fab for me :0)

  15. Your crochet is looking fab Vanessa!!

    Lovely piccies as always, I knew your camera would be a fancy SLR ;0)

    Do tell where you got the gorgeous latte beaker from? Is it Greengate? Where from?!! :0)

    S x

  16. Its gorgeous here today - like a summers day - hoping it lasts over the weekend and for the school hols :)

    Oh FAB lollies - now theres an idea!

  17. So beautiful, I want one of everything!

  18. They both look fab, lovely. I've started mine too but those squares are so small, aren't they?! Have a lovely wekend. xxxxxxxx

  19. Love the hexagons, such pretty colours!
    Sounds like you're in for a wonderful day in the sun with your child and your crochet, hope you enjoy it!
    have a good weekend!

  20. Now I want an Ice lolly will have to buy some for the freezer tomorrow.

  21. Gosh...your crochet always looks so perfect. I love it! You are a bit like me, in having many jobs on the go at once, so takes a while longer to accomplish finished pieces. We get there in the end though. Hope you have a lovely sunny weekend!

    Much love Naomi xx

  22. Hej Hej Vanessa
    I am drooling...LOVE the photo and all that lovely crocher blanket...
    Is that THE lovely bouquet you received?
    Wow it is almost identical isn't it and just the essence of Spring...
    I'm imagining you now sitting in your garden & baby bear playing...and ICE LOLLIES too!
    Sounds like a perfect day
    I'm with Heidi...
    Everything is lovely just lovely...

  23. So lovely and I reall really x100 want one of those ice cream treats. xoxoxo happy weekend

  24. i love your pictures such pretty colors. Slow and steady wins the race ;-)) just enjoy it ;-) have a lovely weekend, dee x

  25. Ha ha - I'm not sure about slow progress - I think you've done at least as many squares as me and I've been working on mine since February! The number needed is pretty daunting, isn't it?
    Your day sounds strangely similar to mine - lucky, lucky us!
    Enjoy the lovely weekend sun
    Emily x

  26. love your colorful pics of your hexes and squares. your day sounds perfectly delightful.

    have a lovely weekend.

  27. Another gorgeous, gorgeous post! Your photos are just stunning.

    My small folk have popped out with dad, so I'm going to grab a few minutes with my hook now - yay.

    Have a fab week!!

  28. Love the hexagons. Where can I find the pattern? Always a pleasure to pop in here. :D

  29. Wow that ice cream bar looks SO AMAZING... yummy yummy yummy...



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