Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Making the most.......

..........of garden time, seeing as the weather wants to chop and change............

Midday lunch...........

eggs....soldiers......tea......blanket and read.....perfect..........

afternoon snacks...........

milk shots and biscuits for the boys, latte for me...........perfect!

Certainly cooler today, and by mid afternoon the heavy clouds came over, but after having a week of being outside, it was hard to stay in! Shawls have come in handy today..still nice to be in the fresh air though.

I bought those mini milk bottles from my local antiques shop a while back. They came in  a pretty little metal milk basket.

They reminded me of when I used to have milk at school. A crate would be put in our classroom and all the small milk bottles would be jingling in it. We would collect a straw from the teachers desk mid morning and grab a bottle. They would be ice cold and make you feel all cold inside, but lovely memories. Nowdays it's all cartons in schools, different memories! Anyhow, I thought these might make lovely little wild flower vases........but the Bears love having milk in them ( the novelty of them makes them drink more milk so who am I to complain!), so three are used for milk and three for wild flowers!

I hope the days brighten again, I am loving being outside. It makes such a difference!



  1. What a lovely post. Dippy eggs and soldiers - yum! But even better in your pretty egg cups.
    I chuckled over your comments on my Highgate post - planes! What are men like?! Hope you are having a lovely holiday. x x

  2. Beautiful post and pictures Coco!

  3. Hello,

    you make soooo menny lovly Things i like your crochetstuf very match.

    greatings send you Conny

  4. I love those little milk bottles. Lunch looked good. I had that for breakfast today. Just one egg though, I can't handle two! :-)
    Isabelle x

  5. Lovely photo's! Your plaid looks great and the Cath Kidston stuff too!

    Happy evening!

    lieve groet, Madelief x

  6. I love the little milk bottles! So sweet. Yes, I remember the school milk in those little bottles too. Milk at home never tasted the same, did it? xxxxxxx

  7. delightful post Vanessa...beautiful images- love love love those tinkling-gingling mini milk bottles- they are a true treasure!!!!
    All i remember about school is the lumpy custard- but i actually loved it, sooo its not soo bad, love cold custard now ooooo yummy! im mad i think!
    hehehehehe xxxxx

    enjoy your hol with the bear lovely one, take lots of lovely pics and eat lots of scrummy ice creams wooo hooooo xxxxxx

  8. I remember the little milk bottles but unfortunately the milk was often left next to the radiator(the old fashioned sort) and it was often warm.However in the winter it was left outside and was so cold your lips turned blue-happy memories.Lovely post.
    Anne x

  9. Oh what a lovely colourful post, your day outside looks just wonderful. It was just that little bit too cold for me today.

  10. The milk bottles are so cute! I love the Avoca book...have you the soup one? Delicious!! Cx

  11. I remember having milk at school well - the big honour of the day was being made milk monitor. (Happier memories of this than of liver for school lunches - bleurgh!)
    Am now up to 130 little squares for my springtime throw - can't imagine what it'll be like when I have to start sewing in all the little ends!
    Emily x

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  13. Hej Vanessa

    Ohhhh soo sweet...the little milk bottles with the humphrey you remember them too?
    I used to love my ice-cold milk in winter and a penny rock cake, that you bought from who ever it was turns to bake them that day in school...
    Hated the warm milk in summer YUK!
    What a double whammy that they drink their milk and you get to put your lovely flowers in the other three!!!
    LOVE this post!

  14. hello coco,

    i stumbled upon your blog and am so glad i did... iw ent through the entire crochet section in one sitting and found the fabulous blanket that has you bedazzled as well in the same book by nicki trench!! how wonderful is that? my heart went skippity when i saw the same
    piles of teeny squares that i see on my table as well!! my son saw your pics and reacted the same way!!
    i wondered if you would agree to do a mini cal since both of us are doing the same blanket? it would be fantastic if that could happen!! please do consider my request.i would be really honoured. i dont have a blog at present but u could email me at
    cant wait t hear from you

  15. love, love those little vintage milk bottles. your picnic looks perfect, glad you had a spot of sunshine.


  16. Oh beauty and pretty again here!

  17. What a lovely snack! I love your milk bottles! As you say they remind me of milk at school!!

  18. I do so love your photos Vanessa - I spot a lot of CK things there that I have too!! :0)

    I remember school milk, with a cream line and everything!! I liked it in winter but in summer - uuughhhh, warm milk *shudder*

    S x

  19. Hi!

    I'm fairly new to 'blog world' - I only started my own blog last month, but I'm really enjoying writing about my crafts and ideas!

    I've just found your blog, and I have to say that it is so pretty to look through! Such a lovely blog!

    I love the crocheted flower blanket in the first picture of your blog heading - such lovely colours!

    I've just become a follower! Thanks for the prettiness! :o)

  20. Hello you

    Eeek! - I have the little metal bottle carrier, only with 3 bottles insitu...

    I posted a picture of some Musscari in a school milk bottle on Monday - It has its 1/3 pint stamp on it - much better use than when it was full of milk, - School milk? Yuck!

  21. Ahhhhh, I want to come for tea at your house, I love those little all looks so nice
    hope the sun shines for you again x x x x x x x

  22. This looks and sounds like bliss....I had a very quiet perfect day myself....soon my pumpkins will be home! can you believe there is only 5 1/2 weeks left of school, yikes!

  23. Really nice post... your pictures made me feel as if I was inside of a tale... a lovely and sweet tale!

  24. Those have to be some of the cutest pics of food I have ever seen! Those milk bottles!!!! I wish I had some!!! So adorable! Glad you are enjoying the good weather! We are just starting to get outside here & enjoying every second!!!

  25. you just take the best pictures ever !!.. i love how you arrange it all.. i want to come and live in your house with all your pretty things!!

    the mini milk bottles are the cutest things ever!!

  26. Such pretty and colourful pictures, and I spy some of my own fave CK items there too! Love your blanket with them, and the adorable little bottles - we had milk crates in school too with freezing cold milk in bottles, sometimes in winter it actually had bits of ice in it! Thanks for a pretty post!
    Helen x

  27. Love you post today such pretty colours love the spotty egg cups. Those milk bottles took me back to Primary school and having my milk what a great cute find ;-) This weather has been truely beautiful but no good for being creative ;-) enjoy the rest of your week, dee x

  28. I remember warm milk at school by the radiators apparently I wasn't too keen on it. However I might have been more interested if I had a funky striped straw. Soooo cute. Great photos as always.

  29. We had those milk bottles in Australia as well. Never cold though - always slightly warm and tasting vaguely like like ants! (well that's how warm milk tastes to me anyway...)

    I think I fancy an egg now too :)

  30. I love, love, love those cute little milk bottles and 'yep' I so remember them too.

    Have a great day,

    Nina xxx

    ps. bacon sarnies all round for brunch here today!

  31. I love the bottles, they are sooo cute xxxx

  32. Love the milk bottles, and your photographs, I have the same Avoco cook book, beautiful, maybe I should use it for cooking one day! hehehe


  33. oh my word my heart skipped a beat when I saw those little milk bottles, I used to LOVE having milk at school just because of those cute bottles! By the way your photography is lovely, have you thought of getting postcards or cards printed up and selling them?

  34. Oh gawd, now I'm going to develop an obsession for little milk bottles and will be scouring our local antiques shops/ebay like a mad thing!

    I also have a huge craving for boiled eggs and jammie dodgers now - I love your pictures, they are so uplifting but they totally give me the wants!

    Just lovely.

    Nicki x

  35. Oh I love the mimi milk bottles! Brings back fond memories of milk time at school. We used to have little bags of salted peanuts too! Wouldn't be allowed thesedays!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Rachel x

  36. are you from ireland?!?! I see the avoca book and im getting very excited! Im in belfast! i love your photos and your blog. also very envious of your pip studio cup collection!

  37. I LOVE all the photos in this post. Such lovely things! The afternoon snack looks especially wonderful... yum! I recently bought some bottles that are very similar to yours! You can see them here if you'd like :)

    I used them to display some delicious cake pops in! But I have intentions of using them as flower vases also. They just seem so perfect for that don't they?


  38. Boiled egg and soldiers is my favourite!

    Victoria xx

  39. STUNNING photos in this post Vanessa, you have such a knack of putting things together :) love boiled eggs but never think to have them at home!

  40. Oh what cute little milk bottles, I'm going to have to look out for some of these. ~c~


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