Tuesday, 13 September 2011

A Change...........

...........hello all, did you have a reasonable weekend? Mine was decent. Consisting of lie-ins in bed, tea and toast brought up whilst I read a little. Always a treat, that never normally happens I can assure you, so I made the most of it. I did a little bit of hooky, of which I will share about later on this week, and just a general relax. It was nice........no.......it was lovely. Last week was full on. This week proves to be a hectic one too. I am trying to get used to the change in routine. I am trying to be super organised. I know that if I don't stay ahead of the game, I will sink pretty quickly.

A bit of baking has been happening. I have been trying to cut down the baking in recent weeks. Being at home and baking, makes me eat more than my fair share. The Bears had requested cakes though, and whilst Baby Bear was home yesterday and asked to do a bit of 'mixer mixing', I could not refuse. So.............Jammy Cakes with Strawberry Buttercream icing were called for and snapped up when the eldest Bears returned home.

I also made my first hand made loaf for a while. Turned out okay though. I am scoffing some as I type, with thickly spread marmalade and a cuppa. I feel very Paddington Bear-ish!

I am wanting to change things in the house. All the summery pieces lurking about, were put away, making way for all the Autumnal bits like candles, tealights etc. I like making the change. I like my house to reflect each season we are in.

Down came the Canal/Kashmiri bits from the depths of my kitchen cabinets. It's funny, these are so bright and cheery, but I don't see them as summery pieces. Folk art reminds me of Autumn. I have no idea why, so all my folk arty bits, my trays, my tins, votives and candlesticks, will all make an appearance for a while to help make my house all cosy and Autumnal.

I am really looking forward to this season change. I don't think I have ever longed for Autumn as much as I have this year. Not sure why.

So......busy busy as ever it seems...........

This morning, whilst the house was to myself, a BIG clear up operation was going on.......and boy does it feel good! All bits sorted, put away, dusted, hoovered. I like it when my motivation is high for cleaning. It doesn't happen very often. It's that time of year. The weather today is sunny and nice. I have an array of piano music filling the air as I work which I love. The doors and windows are open letting the fresh breeze come in, and the curtains are blowing on the herbs, bringing their heavenly scent back inside. Delicious. The most perfect morning.

Before I go, I just wanted to let you know about a blog give-away............

Do you remember these in a post I did a while back?

These have been such a hit with the family. Baby bear loves his milk in them and they are the perfect size too. They also work really well as little vases.

So many of you asked where I got them from. I got them from my local antiques shop of all places so was of little help. Well, now you can enter a give-away to win a set of your very own!

The lovely Nicky is hosting a giveaway for a set of these milk bottles in their crate to one lucky winner.

Pop on over here for a chance to enter and win!

Happy Tuesday all!



  1. Oh, you have such pretty things! Practical yet pretty!
    Celeste x

  2. Love those milk bottles. Like you, I've been looking forward to Autumn. What fantastic colours on those trays. It's nice to ring the changes and bring out different things according to the season.

  3. We had milk in those little bottles at our village primary school! We took it in turns to be milk monitor. Then came Mrs Thatcher and that was the end of that! Nice to see that your boys enjoy drinking their milk out of them still!

  4. Autumn is my favourite season, and like you I like to ring the changes around the house, but I think your colourful bits and bobs win in the pretty things stakes :D

  5. Well, you do impress me. I can't manage to get season appropriate clothes in my wardrobe let alone re accessorise the house! in fact I can't even get to my wardrobe because of the pile of clothes in front of it that is waiting to be sorted into seasons. I must learn to throw thing out or pass them on.

    Top tip off about the giveaway, I have entered, I wonder if my winning streak continues. Does one win count as a winning streak?

    Your bird has gone! I rather liked us two being birds (better than Mutts-can't let that one lie as it amuses me so) but I do love the rose. More you. Why are you Coco Rose I wonder...

    My Dad has a canal barge. I wish he would entertain the idea of decorating it nicely in canal art/bargeware. But no, he has no clue (or taste!) and has nothing nice. Such a shame! I itch to paint it. I see alsorts of lovely things I'd like to buy him for it but I know he'd just chuck it away.

    I'm on a baking ban. It kills me. KILLS me. I miss it so!


  6. tabaklara bardaklara kek kalıplarına bayldım :)

    çok ciciler :)

  7. Beautiful happy colour!!!! Vanessa you cheer my eyes with sweet, sweet colours, sweet ,sweet cheery things...oh yum yum bread! looks scrummy-licious!...and fairy cakes! such joy!
    Though i so understand about the weight loosing- i feel the same- my wordy i lost a stone but seem to be putting it all back on! ive started to make cakes and loafs and this is not helping!...autumn time makes me feel snuggly and with that comes warm hearty meals...
    Glad you had a super weekend- you deserve some pampering!!!! bless you huni, thanks for giving me the brights and beautifuls, i need them so much at the moment...xxxx

  8. The trouble with home baking is that it all tastes so good! Which leads to eating the whole lot instead of having a single slice of cake or whatever. Your cakes look so pretty. Am loving all your Autumn stuff. I agree that folk art is kind of autumnal. I haven't got enough nice stuff to sort it into seasons, but I would if I did - I would change curtains and cushions for instance. I shall look forward to seeing your crochet.

  9. I got so carried away by the super cute milk bottles I almost forgot to come back and comment on your lovely post!! Oops!
    Your home baking looks yummy! I have to show a lot of resistance when I bake. The kiddies, hubby and the builders (!) like it when I bake but my waistline doesn't....especially my newly acquired "skill" at carrot cake!! Resist! Resist!!

  10. Beautiful photography and that cake looks divine, I love paddington bear - haven't heard of him for ages!
    Nelly x

  11. ooooh those little cakes look delicious ;o)
    I love it when my cleaning motivation kicks in too, sadly i am still waiting! glad yours has...it feels good.
    i am off to enter the lovely giveaway..thank you
    jooles x

  12. Oh those cakes look so yummy!! Niki x

  13. You put me to shame! Here I am sitting at my laptop, deliberately ignoring the vacuuming and dusting that really needs to be done. And as for that mountain of washing to fold - maybe later? I am being a totally pants housewife today!!! I hope you're loving your new seasonal look - it looks amazing to me. Have a fab week hon. Leah xx

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  15. Oh wow, I just found you and want everything in all your photos. Wow Wow and wow. must not covert things, but I will certainly be visiting a lot just to see them and hear what you are up to. - Annie

  16. Hi Vanessa

    I too love Kashmiri things! The colours are so vibrant and happy but very tasteful with it. They always make me feel cheerful.
    Baking is such fun isn't it. I have done quite a bit this week. For some reason I always bake even more at this time of the year, I do love September and the arrival of Autumn...
    Isabelle x

  17. Oh what an array of colourful autumny goodness! This post is absolutely why I LOVE your blog!! Those trays are devine and I am drooling over the scrummy cupcakes!!
    Autumn and Spring are my favourite seasons (actually I think autumn maybe a smidgin more my fave) :)

    I feel a bit dizzy it's been such a hectic week for me, but having a peek at your blog has really made me smile :) thank you xx

    Louise xx

  18. Your buns brought a smile to my face! Thanks for sharing the photo!

  19. Hello,
    I visited your blog today. I saw you on Beatnheart. Your blog is so pretty, and your photos are so colorful and full of life! It is very similar to ours, as we also enjoy the beautiful things in life. I am a mother to three bears too. Me and my daughters just started a new blog, and we would love it if you could visit us and follow. I would really enjoy coming back to visit with you and seeing all your ideas and wonderful photos. Hope to hear from you, and have a sweet day.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  20. Oh, I forgot to mention...I love the red rose on your HEADER!!
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  21. Your blog is so lovely , i love all the colours and your pictures are divine i love it all x

  22. Love those milk bottles fingers crossed, and I love those trays well everything! like always!

  23. Hello Vanessa I seem to have missed this gorgeous post last week. I love all your bright warm colurful things for autumn, and your beautiful baking. And thanks for the giveaway tip too, I've always loved those little bottles! Have a happy week ahead.
    Helen x

  24. fab giveaway - thanks for the link :O)

  25. I just found your blog today! :) It's like taking a trip through a wonderful magazine! I love your images. Where did you source the flowers for the cupcakes from? They are sweet. :)

  26. Just wanted to say hello after reading your comment on Cuckoo's blog. Sewing machines are a pain! Please don't give up, I'm sure it is the machine and not you. They are not all equal. One of mine is a warhorse and goes through all thicknesses etc. The other one - my newer and supposedly posher one mangles up fabric if you start right at the edge (where you want to be!) and struggles with thicker fabric. Lots of machines mess up our work and then we blame ourselves! Sometimes you can buy new feet that will help with a problem. My new one has feet for everything. If you are trying to put lining on crochet you might be have trouble with the feed dogs, because of the thickness and texture; not sure what the answer is though. Some people make it look easy, because it is on their particular machine. I have to use one of my machines for one thing and the other for something else to get the best out of them. Anyway, don't lose heart, I'm sure you will find a way around it and get there in the end. xx

  27. I'm a new reader and fallen love for all the pretty photos and beautiful things<3

  28. I agree, there is something satisfying about a change of season, putting away the summery things and bringing out the cosier things - I am in the process of doing it too - a bit of "spring" clenaing and then some differnt cushions and throws in the sitting room.
    Lovely post!
    Gill xx

  29. Hi,

    What a GORGEOUS blog you have! It's so jolly and fun and colourful! I've only just discovered it. You have so many pretty things, and you are an amazing photographer!!! I'll definitely be visiting again for another visual feast soon.....


  30. wowza! just popped by to see if id missed any postings ;0)...then saw your beautiful header!
    they need to make a cocorose magazine! it would beat all the crappy mags ive seen on the shelflings!- Love your blog! so much beauty!!!!xxxx
    hope you're alright huni xxxx if your like me your still getting used to the new term and school runs ;0)x



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