Wednesday, 19 October 2011


....You all think................ scarves can be worn whenever.........whatever the weather.........and wherever you are going! Thanks for that!

You mostly think.........that trying to dye the blanket would be a no-no.....and that flower embelishments are the way forward with it.

You mostly think........I should leave the blog layout as it is and just tinker here and there with the header when it takes my fancy.

Thank you all for your input! Sometimes my head is fuzzy and it needs a bit of outside help to make it work a bit better!

I shall take everything on board, carry on wearing my scarves, how and whenever I please, make a start on my blanket, and, most likely have a blog tinker.....

but first......

..............have a play with a ball of yarn recently purchased. It's called Snowdrops by Sirdar in the snuggly range. It is so pretty.......I have plans for it.

....and carrying on with some Christmas makes.........




  1. Beautiful images Coco!
    Have a nice day, come to my blog:)

  2. Absolutely agree ... maximum my-way scarf wearing is always to be preferred ;D And I'd have voted for minimal tinkering too. Can't wait to see what you have planned for that pretty white and green yarn!

  3. That yarn is lovely - can't wait to see what it becomes! Sue x

  4. I have really enjoyed seeing your colourful crafty images today. The white and green yarn looks cute with its little bobbly texture, I look forward to seeing what you make. Have a happy crafty day, Vanessa.
    Helen x

  5. ok, ok so im now an emotional teary mess after your email- but in a really good , happy way!!!!!
    you are sooooo LOVELY and so KIND!!!!
    It means so much my lovely friend xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    I always love your photography Vanessa, so inspiring!!!!! xxxxx

    Yes you have a Tinker AND a Cuppa!!!! wishes lovely! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Lovely pictures always lovely and pretty x

  7. I'd like to point out THAT I LOVE YOUR HEADER image, and I LOVE how neat, pretty and minimal your site is. It makes me happy inside every time I visit. Don't change too much! xx

  8. ooh can't wait to see what you have planned!

  9. Just love the snowdrop yarn - so appropriateky named too - cant wait to see what it looks like!
    I wore one of my many silk scarves today after reading your blog - yay!!
    Gill xx

  10. Well thats all that sorted then!!! I love that Snowdrop wool - hope you show us what you make - perfect name for it isn't it. x Jo

  11. Your photographs are always beautiful and always crammed full of my favourite things :-)

  12. I'm on holiday at the mo and oh how I wish I had brought my scarves - I am cold in the evening! very (Turkey) and a scarf would make a huge difference. Scarves are for all occasions, all weathers, all outfits - I will never be caught out again!

  13. I have been following your cute posts for a short while now and just wanted to say I like your style and your colors on your blog.Very eye catching! Wonderful work.

  14. You always have the cheeriest posts.....happy day!

  15. That yarn looks very interesting, I can't wait to see how it works up and what you make with it!! Lovely pics as usual. I love your little sewing bits and pieces. Oh and I do love your blog layout and always get rather excited when someones got a new header and your's never dissapoint :-)

    Hope you're having a good week...and carry on wearing that silk scarf on the school run! Why shouldn't us mum's wear something we feel good in!! xx
    Take care xx


  16. That yarn looks interesting!
    Stunning pics too :)

  17. I love all your little bits and bobs. No doubt whatever you are planning with that yarn is gonna be fabulous. Hope your day is great. Tammy

  18. aawww well you know what they say...that a change is as good as a rest ;-)) Have fun, dee xx

  19. merci pour ces belles photos et ces jolies ambiances!!j(adore ton blog!!

  20. I agree that it is just lovely as it is. I love looking at your photos, they are gorgeous and cosy,
    Nelly xx

  21. Good morning sunshine! I just came across your blog via a picture I found on Pinterest, and have to say it's really made my day - what a pretty place to have landed!!

    It's so flowery and pretty and has lifted my cold-ridden brain up a few notches into something that resembles a lovely day :D

    I'll be back for more, as I love crochet and I like the way you write your blog posts - well done to you!!

    Have a lovely day, take care,
    Jane :D

  22. That yarn looks so pretty, I'm sure you will make something gorgeous with it!
    Just had a mooch over at your Pinterest boards...........all scrummy and lovely.
    have a good weekend ♥

  23. Pretty yarn, I'm excited to see what you do with it. I've spent most of my free time this week messing about with my lbog and it's getting a bit addictive, I haven't done any knitting or crochet or jewellery making at all! I need to stop but now I've started it's so much fun I can't! Have a great weekend Vanessa, Em xx

  24. just popped round and I absolutely love your place here. it has the most loveliest of pics and the sweetest of words.
    I think I'll stay a bit longer ♥


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