Monday, 17 October 2011


Are silk neck scarves too formal for everyday wear?

Not that how and when I would wear one would change....just that I wore one the other day on the school run and then on to a food shop. Two ladies at school asked me where I worked, and so did the man who served me at the grocery store. When I replied I wasn't off to work, just off back home after the school run to do the 'household chores', they all sounded rather surprised, like I was WAY too overdressed for housework! I fancied bright and cheerful that morning and something that wasn't too big and bulky. Just wondered what general thoughts were on silk scarves! Only something meant for the office?

What should I do about this blanket?

Again, thoughts appreciated. I picked it up in a charity shop for....wait for it......£3! You know when you spot something from a distance and there are people in the way and you don't want to run, and be all casual, whilst your heart is pumping ten to the dozen inside you?! Well, in one of my local Charity shops they have ladies who knit blankets to sell. They use some of the wool donated and they enjoy making them. The colours have never been 'me' enough to buy though and never a size I would use.....but this one.....I could see, even all folded, that it was a really good size and looked well made. It is perfectly made, I could appreciate just how many hours had gone into this blanket, and for £3 they were almost having a laugh. So....i'm thinking, it's big, plain and perfect for a bit of embellishment.

The dilemma is, that, although it is plain white.....and I do love a bit of is bright white.....almost shockingly white. A little TOO white for me. I am not sure what it is made from, though I would guess an acrylic mix yarn. I'm not sure it would take to a dye, but was wondering if soaking it in a bath of cold tea could maybe just take the edge off it. Do you think that could work? Or does that sound completely ridiculous? Part of me says for £3 I should try it, the other half says leave it alone.

I have been wanting to make this blanket 

from Nicki Trench's Cute and Easy Crochet. This blanket would be perfect for it. A sort of cheats version if you like. I could just add some flowers to each square and put on a border. I'd love your thoughts on the whole 'dye it' thing. I am just not sure what to do.

My Blog Layout?

Keep or change? I am undecided. I have had this blog for over two years now and have played about a little with blog designs. The style I have now has been like this for for about year and a half. When I arrived at it way back, I knew it was a keeper. It's me. I tinker about with my header, just because it's fun and I like a little change....but I'm wondering about whether I should do a big layout change. Not sure what yet. Just wondered what your thoughts were. Keep it as it is...or change? I only ask because I know sometimes change is a funny thing. You get used to something and you like its familiarity, so when it changes, it can be a! I am rubbish at making decisions. any thoughts on any of the above questions would be gratefully received!

Happy Monday to you all!



  1. Lovely silk scarf, beautiful colours! I love scarves and have worn them forever as I think they add a dash of style and colour to whatever you are wearing in a still quite casual way.
    The blanket is a wonderful blank canvas - love the pastel flowers, that would loook really good I think.
    Like your blog the way it is - the white simple back ground offsets your pretty photos perfectly, but sometimes its just time for a change isnt it?
    Havent been able to comment on yours for a while, I wonder if this will work??
    Gill xx

  2. People and their comments, arrgh! If you love the scarf and enjoy wearing it then do it no matter if you're going to work, doing the school run, going for a walk, whatever!

    The blanket is a great find and I immediately thought of flowers before reading the whole post, or do a blanket stitch all around it in a different colour. I read someone's blog the other day where they dyed some fabric using tea bags but not sure it would work on acrylic yarn, have you searched it online?

    I like the layout of your blog as it is, it's cheerful and has some lovely colours which I really like.

  3. Scarves - I wear them all the time - work or otherwise - it's my choice and I almost feel 'naked' without one!
    Blanket - I love the idea of adding the flowers but the dying part - not too sure, may be the flowers would reduce it bright glaring whiteness?
    Blog re-arrangement - I change mine fairly regularly, like my scarves really, change is good and doesn't have to be massive, just a tweek here, new picture there can make all the difference :)

  4. I always wear scarves, I have far too many ;) Keep wearing them that's what I say!
    As for the blanket, I think pastel flowers or hearts would look lovely and please keep your blog just as it is! x

  5. I always wear scarves, I have far too many ;) Keep wearing them that's what I say!
    As for the blanket, I think pastel flowers or hearts would look lovely and please keep your blog just as it is! x

  6. I always want to ask random questions too.
    Re the scarves. Lovely! You probably just looked so nice that they thought you were going somewhere. Gorgeous things worn every day are very cheering and good for the soul. People often think I am going somewhere,but nice clothes even make me feel better in the house.
    Before I saw the pic with the flowers, I was about to say, applique some flowers you made to it, maybe like the ones I think you made as brooches. But you already had that idea and I am so having the wanties now I have seen the blanket.
    I like your blog as it is. Hmm. Not much help there. I am sure any changes you make will be grand. xxx

  7. The scarf is lovely and if you enjoy wearing it, do it.
    As for the blog layout, if you feel like trying out something new, do it. You might take notes of the settings you have now just in case a new layout doesn't come out the way you wanted. You can always go back to the old settings.
    The blanket - I second the idea to crochet flowers and see if they kind of tone down the bright white before dyeing. I don't know if tea or coffee works on acrylics or acrylic mix. It might be a good idea to try dyeing a swatch in a similar yarn first.
    Happy Monday to you too, and have a wonderful week.

  8. Yes, keep the scarves. It just all depends on HOW you wear them. I think all tied up in a bow is cute, but definitely a bit attire. Thrown around your neck a couple of times is cool and flirty and definitely not business like. No matter what though, a scarf always makes me feel good.

    Not sure about the blanket, I'll leave that up to you and your gut.

    I love the blog header. The colors always make me smile.

  9. First up, scarves; yes wear them everyday, wear them to weed the garden if you look and feel good in it!
    Next that blanket, wow that's quite a find, I would be tempted to mute it down a bit too although it does not look too white in the photos. Not sure how well it will keep the cold tea you usually need industrial dyes to change acrylic.
    As for your blog, I love it and love the layout as it is.
    Kandi x

  10. I have a friend, Princess (I've blogged about her) who used to have a big scary job in the city that I don't understand who used to wear hermes scarves most days. We were talking about how she has all these lovely things in her wardrobe and that it seemed such a shame for them to get eaten by moths and not enjoyed. And so, since then, at least once a week she wears one of her very posh scarves on the school run...just because she can. Life is too short to not wear a nice scarf regardless of the questions you get. Besides, you rock that look girlfriend (said in a Ricki Lake kind of voice) If you want to wear your silk scarf or your sparkly jewels or a pair of boxer shorts on your head that just do it! (I should take my own advice for I am wearing beige today and I feel as beige as I look)

    Just go for it with the blanket. A colour run or stain remover or whitener sachet would probably mend any errors...

    You could edge it like this too:

    I love your blog layout and I do like the banner changes. But I'm a follower of routine so it's no good asking me!

    Right I'm off to turn on all my fairy lights in a bid to shift the beige feeling.


  11. what a delightfully lovely, bright and cheery post ;0)x
    I love your blog white with all your wonderful piccys making the statements!...but then my blog is white back ground too- i tried several times with back grounds and change but wasnt sure i like too many busy things cos my images are so busy!! hehe...
    Love the blanket and yes embellish it with your crochet flowers!
    very pretty outfit...most of the mums at my school except two work full time and part time...ive had similar comments- almost like a stay at home mum should dress down!...but its nice to feel good about yourself! i love the silk scarf such beautiful colours! and next to your white tops! stunning!

    have a lovely week Vanessa...xxxxx

    p.s im a bit overly excitable!
    ive got so much happiness i cant contain my feelings! news in the world!...i will email you later...xxxx

  12. I think your scarf looks lovely and you should definitely wear any look that you are happy with and that you feel suits you (I know I do!)I adore that blanket in Nicci Trench's book too. I'm not sure how the acrylic would take a dye, sometimes it's resistant to dye but you may be able to get a special one. I quite like the bright white and would probably cover it with CK coloured flowers!
    I love your blog as it is and think it's very pretty and stylish. But we all need to change and move on sometimes, so if you want to do something different I'm sure it will be lovely too!
    Helen x

  13. Ok, here goes, first thank you for your lovely supportive comments about my new blog design. It's always a bit scary changing something that people are familiar with isn't it and I appreciated your kind comment. :)

    I always dress up when I'm going out of the house. I don't know why other than it makes me happy! Even if I'm only nipping to the shops I put on someting I love, so I say, go for it with the scarves, it's kind of a clothing equivalent to using your best china isn't it?!

    As for the blanket, I have no advice regarding dyeing it, I'm sorry. But I think with a beautiful, contasting edge and those gorgeous flowers it will be a total keeper. If anyone can transform that simple blanket into something colourful and amazing, you can Vanessa. You are an inspiration.

    I love your blog layout, it is fresh, sunny and calming all at the same time. I always find your changes really beautiful. If you fancy going for a change, go for it! (I'm probably not the best person to ask as i tend ot have a bit of a gung-ho attitude about change!)

    Have a fab day, Vanessa. Em xx

  14. I dye my mohair fabric with tea but mohair is a form of wool so not sure on acrylic. Maybe use strawberry tea, lovely shade of pink and smells great.

  15. Scarves are my fave piece of clothing every day. I wear them all year long, I make really thin scarves that I call summer scarves, it's very hot here, a guy said to me once where do I think I am in the snow? lol I don't care what people say though, scarves make me happy.
    The blanket would look really good with flowers, I would like different shades from red to pink.

  16. Oh blimey - I'm rubbish at making decisions unless I have my mind set on something.

    I love the scarf and if you're happy then go with it. A friend once said to me why keep something 'put away' for special occasions if you feel great wearing it? Confidence is an inner thing and if you love it then what is it to anyone else.

    Blanket - honestly I just like it the way it is, but I'm sure you're figure something out and work your magic on it and as for your blog - I think it looks great just the way it is, but I know how you feel about needing a change.

    I'm sure all the right things will come together at the right time.

    Enjoy the rest of your day and happy Monday to you too,

    Nina xx

  17. I love the scarf in the photo and yes I wear them too. I don’t take that much notice of what other people wear or think you should wear, but it is important to me to feel happy, comfy and confident in my choices. I think people have a huge tendency to dress down and slob about, so if you don't do that it gets noticed. It’s kind of strange that we almost do the opposite of enhancing our appearance with the clothes we wear sometimes (an aesthetic dumbing down?) There’s a nice balance I think. A scarf, just adds a little something almost effortlessly. I think what people probably meant by their comments was that you looked very nice. So I would take it as a compliment and carry on.

    Your blog looks gorgeous and yes you are right about how change can make us feel. I always grump at first for a bit then get used to it and end up liking things just as much. Not sure how it could look better, but it might be fun for you to make it look a bit different just in the name of experimentation. Only do what you want though because I honestly think how it looks is perfect right now!

    Think the blanket idea is a sound one, it will look really pretty. I'm really not sure if you can dye acrylic though; I've always assumed you can't because it is less porous than more natural fibres. Would love to know if there are any special dyes out there. I know the tea thing definitely works on cotton fabric though.

    p.s. I like how you have tied it, it's a really pretty look with what you are wearing. Definitely not 'formal'!

  18. If you want to wear a silk scarf to do housework then you go for it!! TBH it would never occur to me that someone would be overdressed because they were wearing one. However, I, personally, would like to swan round constantly dressed in '50's style circle frocks with sticky out petticoats, so I'm probably not the best person to ask.

    I'd keep the blanket bright white, if it's acrylic it probably won't take any sort of dye well and may end up "wash day grey" which is never good - besides I think bright white with the splashes of colour you are going to add would look fab.

    As for your blog layout, of all the blogs I follow, yours has to be my favourite in terns of design and layout so I firmly in the "do not change it" camp!!


    S x

  19. Dear Vanessa,

    Keep wearing those scarves! You obviously look beautiful when wearing them and life is too short to not enjoy those beautiful rectangles/squares of silk.

    Your blog layout is YOU and fab the way it is. It's a little like when you fancy changing your hairstyle even though your hair looks fine the way it is. We all need a change once in a while but just remember your blog is perfect the way it is.

    No thoughts on the blanket now.... my brain is all mushy and sentimental today...

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my post. I feel so sad and feel the grief of my children. Sigh. Poor cat.

  20. Golly, having browsed quickly through the comments, there seems to be quite a consensus.....and I have to agree.....scarves if it makes you feel good and happy.....blanket with a coloured edging and appliqued flowers all in CK as it is.....but on that score we seem to have very similar tastes, so I'm bound to say that....I must say, I'd love to know how you do the photo collage of several photos together...I love that....and plain white background really shows off all your fab and pretty photos. Hope you've had a good day -xx-

  21. Scarves you feel great + look great = Keeping wearing them.

    Blanket, embelish, embelish! i can just see some lovely flowers on there.

    Blog. Keep it light and keep it white. I do I love it that way and your images stand out and its not as busy! Just my humble opinion. As for header have fun with that I love the changes you make.

    MBB x

  22. I love skirts, always have. And pretty boots and shoes. When I was in college everytime I wore one or the others people asked me why I was so dressed up (note: it may be different now, but back in the 80's when everyone in college was wearing jeans and t-shirts it was a bit...different) but that didn't stop me. So if you like a silk scarf--if it makes you feel happy and pretty and all that, just... wear it! :) you're dressed up for life itself!
    The flowers would be perfect for that blanket...I'm not sure if it would "accept" the dye well though...
    And the blog is perfect as it is :)

  23. 'Morning! Here are my thoughts: the scarf is a keeper, and there's no reason you shouldn't dress up a little, just to please yourself--who cares if nobody but you sees you that day? Also, I am sick with jealousy over that charity shop blanket find--great score! I think it's an excellent opportunity to add some colorful flowers and make it all your own, and if you regret it later, you can always take them off again and be no worse off than when you started. For three bucks, I say make the leap. And finally, I love your blog just the way it is, but a little change can be a good thing. Have a great day! :)

  24. I agree with lots of the above comments, the scarf looks lovely on you - if it makes you feel happy then it is the right thing to wear, who cares what anyone else may or may not think. I do think dressing up nicely, even when around the house is good for the soul. I like lazy comfy clothes in the evenings, but have to dress 'properly' in the day even if I know I am not stepping foot outside the front door. Nice clothes make me feel good anyway! As for the blanket, what a bargain! Again, not sure if it would dye or not but I know what you mean about the bright white, sometimes it can be a little stark! Lastly, your blog is beautiful, clean and fresh. I prefer white background blogs but sure you will do something lovely with it whatever you decide! Enjoy the rest of your week, Jenny xx

  25. Hi Vanessa! I think you should wear scarves if you want, they are a wonderful accesory for everyday. I want to share with you a lovely blog of a French lady that wears scarves everyday and she also is very kind to share different videos of different types of knots you can do with the scarves.I now use a lot of scarves with a very fashionable knot.

    For the blanket you should crochet some flowers and sew them to the blanket. I agree with you, is a lovely white blanket. Maybe you can start something new for Christmas.
    And for the blog I like it this way; it´s very fresh, pink, flowery and bright.
    Have a lovely week

  26. I think your scarf looked lovely keep wearing them!nice to be different sometimes from other people.
    I would add some flowers to the blanket and as for the blog i like it as it is, very pretty.

  27. lovely to hear from you!
    a) think the brighter you look when doing chores the better. Wear a tiara if it makes you feel better!
    b) no idea, sorry. Maybe adorn rather than risk a dye disaster?
    c) love your blog and don't care what your banner looks like! I feel the need to change mine every season but I have a long retail background and can't escape the need to change the window with the seasons. (Monsoon/Accessorize - so lovely windows!)
    Your blog always feels light and cheery - just what I look for in a regular place to find inspiration...
    fee x

  28. Next time I think you need to fib. Come up with something like you are about to fly your plane to France for lunch with friends and needed to look chic for the occassion. Mind you rubber gloves and a bit of pzazz glamour are just the thing too.

    Definately dye it. I love a greyish white and the idea of those flowers perfectly you. I was going to suggest something more Dottie Angel and stitch some fabric strips here and there, but love the flowers too.

    Must just say thanks for all you lovely comments over at mine. Always very appreciated.

  29. I really love silk scarves and think they look so smart on other people but knotted the way that you've done in this picture I always feel like an air hostess or bank clerk. I have a big square silk scarf that I love but I have to wear it draped rather than knotted, to scruff myself up a bit!! If you fancy wearing a scarf but feel a bit self-conscious then drape... it's amazing how much less conspicuous it makes you feel!

    Really? Dip the blanket in tea? Sounds a bit risky to me.. I think you should get your embellishment going and see if that makes a difference.

    Have a lovely week!
    Nicki x

  30. Hi there. How funny the story with the scarf. Interesting to see how people judge you for the way you dress and appear... You go with the scarfs. Blow them all away.

    Layout. I like the simplicity of your blog. I love your banner that changes and looks like a jar of sweets. If you are bored, try to change the font, maybe add a vintage lovin' background, a gingham or petite 50's fleur would look lovely with your theme. I wouldn't do to big changes though. I personally hate it when the store has moved everything around and you have to go on a milk hunt to find the new place for the dairy product. What's the purpose. Honestly. But that is me. I adore your place just the way it is.

  31. Yes to the scarves! When you actually get dressed for the day and put your best foot forward, you are ready for just about anything, and are apt to be much more productive. Before I started working at the school my kids attend, I did the same thing, and everyone just assumed I was going someplace but I was just going to the grocery store and back home to take care of what needed taking care of.

    I've never dyed anything so don't have any experience there. The blanket you bought is very pretty and a steal at that price. Anything you do to embellish it will be fabulous.

    Your blog is lovely, charming, inviting. Changing your header photos to reflect what's happening in your life is about all you really need to do if you feel like doing something. Otherwise I say don't fix a good thing.

    Have a great week. Tammy

  32. First of all I love your blog and all of its happy colors just make my day! As for silk scarves-if they make you happy-wear them! I was thinking to myself while reading about your blanket (before reading that flower embelishments were an option) that crocheted flowers would be a lovely adornment to it so I would definitely go with that choice if it were me.

  33. Silk scarf always a happy feeling in one I find! I never save anything for best including my scarves (of which there are many)you never end up wearing it. Enjoy your style, it looks great!
    Blanket hmmm I wouldn't change the colour but I would jazz it up a bit.
    Blog layout, I love your blog just the way it is!
    Have a good week ♥

  34. Me encánta cómo llevas el pañuelo,creo que es un detalle elegante y sencillo.Me ecánta la manta de ganchillo con las flores,es de las mantas más bonitas que he visto.Muchos saludos de Sara

  35. Hi Vanessa,

    I like your blog layout just the way it is. So I would say keep it!

    What a bargain that blanket is. Love your idea of adding the pastel coloured roses to it!!

    Happy new week,

    Madelief x

  36. A silk scarf is not too formal at all - I think it looks really nice! And there's no rule about not looking nice whilst at home all day. I got a similar response when I wore a nice dress on the school run during the summer - everyone asked me where the tea dance was!! Keep wearing the scarves, it's the right time of year after all.

    I'm not sure whether the blanket would take dye, but it's begging out to be embellished with flowers!

    Have a great week xxx

  37. I say wear whatever you like that makes you happy. Too many people think that we should be drab and boring and blend in with the crowd 95% of the time. If you like it - wear it!
    I actually quite like the blanket as it is, but if you want to try to dye it then go for it.
    And I like the layout of your blog. It is full of colour and life. I find it inspiring because I struggle to get such life and colour in my own photos.
    xXx Helen

  38. Hi I love your blog it's always soo lovely when I pop in and your photos are so lovely. Love it the way it is. I agree it sets off your pics but it's your blog. Sometimes we need a change.
    I wear silk scarves sometimes. I wouldn't necessarily say they are more dressy. Maybe it's cos the silk isn't typical every day wear. It's save for best type fabric if you know what I mean. Not like a wooly scarf. But wearing nice things does have a way of making you feel happier.
    I always look like I've been dragged out on the school run in the a.m. Then have to go home and try to make my hair ect look a little better. Maybe the others at school were having a bad hair day or something. Also sometimes people just can't be happy for others. Maybe they were a little envious that you felt fab n they felt drab. Blimey really gone on a bit haven't I ?! Love the blanket I've got that book too it's lush. Adding flowers to your blanket would be lovely.
    Anyway take care
    Lyndsey xxx

  39. My grandmother, the fashion designer, always said "it's far better to over-dress than under-dress". Wear your pretty scarf, toss your hair and feel lovely my friend (whether you're cleaning loos or not!!).

    I'm afraid I can't help with dyeing your acrylic blanket but, if it were me, yes, I'd definitely give it a go. Nothing ventured and all that. Same with your blog layout - it is lovely the way it is but a change around now and again keeps things fresh.


  40. wow you are full of questions today :-) The scary is not to dressy for a school run, if only I looked that lovely on my school run! The blanket is lovely but have no ideas for it sorry. And your blog is lovely, I like it the way it is but play if you want, you can always change it back :-) xxx

  41. Scarves are lovely, and I think everyone should wear more colour in general. I don't think you can tea dye an acrylic, but I love the idea of the crocheted flowers. As for your blog, it's your living room, we just peek in, so it's entirely up to you. Though I do like your current arrangement.

  42. Silk scarves, wear them as much as you want whenever you want! They make you feel pretty and happy, so why not wear one :) And who cares what someone else may think is in or not. Enjoy life and you have these beautiful scarves, wear them :)

    As for the blanket, maybe add some surface crochet around the squares to delineate them or even surface crochet a pattern over the blocks, flowers, why not? Not so keen on the soaking though. The amount of work that went into that blanket, I'd feel bad if it was ruined. Maybe if you check around some of the edges, you might find a bit of yarn that snuck back out of hiding, snip that and test it that way?
    And your blog is crisp, fresh, I love that it doesn't overpower the senses when I come to read it. I've seen blogs that are downright scary, you get hit with everything and it's just too much for the eyes. If you're going to change anything, try a different background photo in the header, but otherwise, layout, right column, posts, etc.. are as perfect as can be :) And I'm only suggesting the header photo not because I don't like it, I love the one that you have there now!
    As many other readers have said before me, the layout and color selections, the header photo, it's all perfect. So why mess with the best, right? :)

  43. It's a beautiful scarf - wear it and enjoy it anytime. I also like your blog layout as it's easy to read - I'd only change it if you want to play around rather than changing because your readers would like something different. As for the blanket - I agree with some of the above comments that may not take dye well and end up blotchy especially natural type ones - I think you would have to use a commercial one and most caution use on acrylic content as poor uptake. The flower idea looks cool - I'm not into stark white either so can see your need to change and personalize it a bit - can't wait to see what you do with it.

  44. I would not try to dye the blanket but adding crochet flowers and adding a contrast edge would be super cute. I also love all the bright photos in your current header. Your blog is so bright and cheerful. It's a nice place to visit.

  45. Wow, I came late to this party! There are 44 comments ahead of me so I will keep it short. Wear the scarf while you embellish the blanket. Then post about it on your lovely blog. (I'm wanting to change mine to a white background) Have fun!

  46. What a fab post! The first thing I need to say is that I'm totally jealous of that amazing blanket you scored - well done! I think it would look fabulous with some flowers added to look like the one in the book. Not sure how to change the colour of it though - perhaps it won't look so white once you add colours?? You could always spill beetroot on it for a nice pale pink look - that always gives my blimmin' clothes a lovely pink tinge whenever I eat/spill it!!!!

    I love your blog layout as it is, with the lovely changeouts in the banner to keep it fresh. I never, ever get bored of visiting you!

    Hope you're having a fabulous week. Can't wait to see what you do with that blanket! Leah x

  47. Overdressed, no... More like stunned to see someone who cares about their appearance for something other than work! You go, girl!

    Love those flowers!! I would totally want to embellish your find. Does it have to be permanent?

    Same with the blog... If you're indecisive, nothing wrong with trying something new and changing back if you don't like...

  48. Silk scarves are not too smart for everyday wear, I think they look really pretty and if you want to wear a silk scarf then why shouldn't you? Why should people only be able to wear nice things just to go to work????

    The blnaket, what a steal, it looks lovely, The flowers would certainly add a splash of colour, I think it would look really nice, at least if you didn't like it once you had added them you could always take them off again but I'm sure it would look great.

    I love you blog layout, in fact I am using your layout as some inspoiration for my own. It is easy to read and all the photos stand out so beautifully, however if you feel it is time for a change, go for it, again if you don't like itm, you can always change it back again :)

    Have a great day x x x x

  49. Wear your scarves.... I love mine and always have something around my neck, I think if your neck is warm you don't need to worry about a coat... unless it rains!!!
    As for the blanket... so many lovely ideas, personally I would line it with fabric...
    Lovely pictures as usual... :)

  50. My answers are...

    Silk Scarves - wear them whenever you like, it looks really good - not too formal, just nice!

    The blanket - don't dye it! Maybe I'm wrong and it would look great... but if it gets ruined, it would be too much of a shame when you think of the hours that went into it. I know it's only £3 wasted, but the time that went into it is worth so much more. (Maybe I'm too cautious, though!)

    Your blog layout - I think your blog has one of the nicest layouts of the blogs I read - it just looks right, and is a delight to look at. I would miss it if you changed it! :o) (But then again, I guess I would get used to the new one, and knowing you whatever you did would look good!)

    There you go - my opinions, for what they're worth!!

    Maria x

  51. I like the scarf and think you should wear it if you like...a little wow factor is always a good thing... I like the pastel flowers for the blanket...a very diluted tea bath just might give it the right amount of mellow...i like your blog layout, but sometime a change is nice sorta like moving the furniture. I adore your blog and your style.

  52. I’ve started wearing my best kickers on a normal boring day, just because I can. So I would wear the scarf, it looks beautiful.
    And as for a decision on your blog, I'm no help to you at all, I can't even decide what best knickers to put on in the morning. ; - ) you blog does look fab though!

    Lou xxx

  53. Hello you ....
    Remember your post aboout a Alex,Life fast Forward? Go wear your scarves if they make you happy & put a spring in your step, I would probably see you & think how lovely you looked....
    Look forward to following the blanket journey, I am sue it will look fab with a bit of a makeover from you....
    As for your blog, I am sure it will be utterly delicious whatever you do!


  54. I just discovered your blog yesterday so sadly I've missed out on your different designs. I do think it is really beautiful just the way it is! I hope you don't change it quite yet....

  55. This is the first time I've seen your blog and I'm in love! I love they layout and the colours! The thing is though, if you were to chnage it you'd probably change it to something "you" as well and you seem to have a pretty solid idea of what your visual style is so I'm sure it would be great! I'm new to blogging and I'm struggling with my layout and especially the colour balances since I'm working from 2 different computers and the colours are completely different from the two, one is muted while the other one is completely saturated.. anyone else have the same problem? Would love to hear any comments, would be of great help!
    But this blog; Sooo coming back to it!! :) Thanks!
    Anna @


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