Friday, 14 October 2011


Yesterday was a good kind of day......

....the sun shone......the windows and doors wide open..... favourites playing on iTunes....

....and a spot of baking...... has to be done on a day like that.....The sheer joy of getting out all my baking bits.....

....nothing fancy.....

....butter biscuits.....with a fondant topping....and a squidging of icing to top it all....

.....espresso, and bagels topped with cream cheese to munch on whilst they were baking....

....okay so they were had to be done......and they were's actually all I had in the cupboard.....

....but the Bears had fun icing them when they got home from school.....and they enjoyed munching on them all good.....

....happy Bears....happy me.....

....yes....definitely my kind of day.....


p.s ..............thank you for all your comments on my last post. I don't want to sound like a gusher or sycophant, but they meant a lot.


  1. The icing on those beauties looks as though it was commercially's SOOOOO perfect! Your Bears do good work! What a warm, lovely post. What kind of music is in your iTunes account? Makes me reflect upon how all of our musical experiences have changed since the invention of the iPod devices. They're amazing and we take them for granted now! I have a vast assortment of faves on my iPod...contemporary, alternative and even a little opera! Have a lovely weekend! Annette

  2. Hej Vanessa
    Nothing quite like a baking day or baking night lol!
    Those biscuits are PERFECT!
    Have a lovely weekend my lovELY

  3. Mega pretty biscuits, I like the crinkly edge to the icing. That is my idea of a good day too, baking and favourite music. Have a happy weekend x

  4. I wish my baking days looked like that.

    Normally I'm covered in flour and cursing that I should of worn an apron (again) whilst every work surface seems cluttered with stuff and the cat tends to weave in and out of my legs at this given moment in time.......and breath.

    Great biscuits.

    Nina x

  5. Oh dear - my baking never looks that neat & tidy - tastes fine but it messy :)

    Am sure even my anti-pink teenagers would have scoffed that lot in one sitting though!

  6. Awww hunny lovely to read you had a good day yesterday ;0)x
    I love your baking!- baking days on Vanessa's blog are always a feasty for the eye balls! hehe...LOOK AT THOSE BEAUTIES...if eyes could put on weight mine just gained a stone! really need a sweet bakery shop near MEEEEEEE hehe...;0)

    Loves n best wishes sweetie xxxxx

    p.s thanx for the email on your last posty- we all need kicks up the back sideys- i find it hard sometimes to see the possitive and that really isnt going to try harder ;0)xx

  7. Me gustan tus utensilios de hornear y esas galletitas de corazón son tán...deliciosas.Saludos de Sara

  8. What a great baking day with amazing baking utensils!! The cookies look amazing!!

  9. Mmmmm, they look lovely!!

    I know I've told you before, but I do so enjoy your wonderful photography....

    Have a lovely weekend!!

    S x

  10. I love baking...but not the clearing up after! I tend not to make my own biscuits as I just scoff the lot and pile on the pounds! Have a happy weekend. :0)

  11. Sounds like a great day to me. Those biscuits look delish x x x x

  12. yesterday was the first day we closed the house up to keep the nasty chilly wind out...baking would have been a good idea to warm the place up...but then I would have eaten them! So ggo thing I didn't :) Plus I don't have any cute heart spoons to admire as I wouldn't have been half as fun without those babies!

  13. Oooh that would be my kind of day too! They look yummy and very expertly iced, clever bears!! Hope they tasted as good as they look xxx

  14. Those bickies look almost too pretty to eat, very sweet :D
    Have a lovely weekend
    Karen x

  15. Definitely my kind of day too! Your biscuits look wonderful, so beautifully iced. I had the sort of day yesterday where I got home and needed cake so instead of getting on with work or making dinner, baked cakes instead!

  16. Loving all your baking bits and your biscuits look scrummy ,made some cakes myself yesterday they have nearly all gone allready , i have to confess i like to eat the raw cake mixture the best xx

  17. Beautiful biscuits, I so love the pink and white icing...very pretty. I loved seeing all your gorgeous baking things too, and remembered I have those same heart spoons somewhere but am not sure where! Thank you for the lovely pictures!
    Have a happy weekend, Vanessa. Helen x

  18. Those cookies are soooo gorgeous.....wish I could make cookies look like that.....mine are usually so quickly made, and then scoffed in less time it took to make them, I sometimes think it's not worth making them pretty....but seeing yours, I just think...yep, perhaps it is worth prettying them up after'll have to give me some icing tips ;-) Have a good weekend -xx-

  19. Love it. Great posting. Yummie looking cookies.

  20. Phwoar! They are indeed a fest for the eye-balls! The icing is so pretty. Hopefully my baking skills will improve over time.. I've been trying new recipes recently, we had chocolate brownies the other night and rhubarb crumble with custard tonight. Yum!

  21. Yes!!! You're back with the baking posts! This is what I love you for most - baking/coffee photos. Well, that and crochet photos. You make me want to do stuff (you also make me want to buy stuff!)!

    So inspiring and cheerful, you sound really upbeat and I'm glad you've had a light-hearted day especially as things have been tough in the three little bears' house lately.

    Have a fab weekend. I'm feeling a bit pants today and you cheered me up, so thank you!

    Nicki xxx

  22. These look divine.
    Such lovely photos, too.

  23. Gorgeous pics of gorgeous bikkies! You must have had so much fun making those little beauties. Have a lovely week hon. Leah xx

  24. Your blog made my eyes pop! The pink cookies too perfect to eat, and that green plate they are displayed on, you have great color sense.

    I just joined you on your blog journey. :-}


  25. Boy I love those days... doing what makes you happy on a sunny's got to be good for the soul huh? and I think it helps all those around you too, spreading those happy thoughts... (of course pink heart shaped food helps too!)

    Happy Sunny Saturday to you Vanessa!!

    Louise xx

  26. Yum! I am a sucker for heart shaped things, I don't know why. I think you have inspired me to bake this weekend! I haven't baked for ages...


  27. How can you say "nothing fancy", those biscuits are gorgeous! Iced to perfection. I wish mine looked more like that. You've also reminded me that I need to use my teapot shape biscuit cutter soon!

  28. Those have to be the prettiest biscuits i've ever seen. Hearted shaped,delicate icing - wonderful x


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