Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Autumn Comfort.......

I don't do pumpkins generally. I like all kinds of squash, but I just have such a hard time looking at the colour of a regular pumpkin! That colour orange is the hardest I find to take. But now that halloween is over and all the little pumpkins are half price, one went in my basket for lunch. I love soup, but Mr H is not so keen, so I generally save it for a lunch. Today was pumpkin soup served in the pumpkin shell. It was such a dinky little pumpkin, perfect for soup for one! I caught a glimpse of Saturday Kitchen a couple of episodes back and saw this being made with big pumpkins and various kinds of squash, and thought....'ooooh I could just have a bit of that' I did.

Carefully take the lid off the pumpkin, or any squash you are wanting to use. Cook down some onion (I used half as the pumpkin was small) with a knob of butter. Add the scooped out inner of the pumpkin (minus seeds of course). Add some vegetable stock, a bit of grated nutmeg, salt and a good dose of pepper and reduce down a little until all soft and cooked through. Blend until smooth, return back into the pumpkin, put the pumpkin lid on so it's like a little casserole dish, and cook for about half an hour in the oven. Saturday Kitchen added a dollop of sherry before putting in the oven. Maybe if I was making this as a main evening meal I would try that as it sounds very interesting, although if Mr H were to eat it, I think I would have to make it really creamy. I added a bit of fresh coriander into the soup. Serve it with a good chunk of crusty loaf and voila!

Boy this was good.........warming, hearty, aromatic with the nutmeg and spicy with the pepper and it will DEFINITELY be one that will be made again and again.



  1. sounds delish...makes my crackers with cheese n pickles sound a bit boring! ;)

  2. I had a scotch egg which is even more boring! I love the sound of pumpkin soup but have yet to try are tempting me!

  3. Wow that sounds so simple to make, i always think soups must be really complicated. Will have to try this one, such lovely comfort food :D
    Karen x

  4. Oh wow!!! THis looks sooooo good! I have had so much sweetness today that your savory is calling my name!

  5. Hi Vanessa,

    Your soup looks great! Pumpkin soup is one of my favourites. It looks extra special served in the pumpkin itself.

    Happy evening,

    Madelief x

  6. This looks so great!:) Great decoration! Have a nice evening!:)

  7. I have soup for lunch a lot...almost every day. But I have never had it served in a pumpkin...might have to try this, it looks so cute!
    Helen x

  8. Mmmm looks so yummy especially in the pumpkin.

  9. I do love pumpkin/squash soup (usually Crown Prince Squash is my Fav). I have never tried making the pumpkin soup with it cooked inside the actual pumpkin before, I will have to give this a try. I also like the sound of adding nutmeg.

  10. hellooooo lovely nessa xxxx
    that really does look scrumptious such a great idea...lovely warming post and picy...i have my daughter hom with me today suffering with a sore throat ;0(, almost lost her voice. hot soup and cuddles today xxxx

  11. Squisita e bella presentazione


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