Friday, 11 November 2011


Why is there never enough of it?

Why does it go so fast when you do have it?

Why do I feel that a day has gone and I have achieved nothing?

Why is Christmas creeping up at an ALARMING rate?

I always get this panic at this time of year. A panic, in that there is simply soooooooo much to do, that I don't know where to start. I find myself pacing....trying to order my head with what needs to be done. I write lists...lose them....write more.....deary me.

Anyone else feel the same?

Five family birthdays in November always keeps me pre-occupied, then six in December...and before you know it, it's Christmas and i'm already a Headless Chicken. I used to love Christmas and all its build hate that I never get to enjoy the whole build up as much as I would like every year.

I don't think feeling like I have had some sort of constant cold for the last 6 weeks has helped. I seem to have kept catching the tail end of the rest of the family's. Fuzzy head is never a good thing for too long.

It all seemed to come to a head this week. Apart from de-cluttering (or should I say less-cluttering) my dresser at the weekend, nothing has been done. I have had the mother of all colds, possibly flu, but I would never give in to thinking I had that. I have allowed myself a heck of a lot of sofa time, boiling hot one minute, freezing the next and generally feeling like I have been about to explode. In between, the constant hot drinks to ease my throat and sinus, the feelings of nausea from drinking too many hot drinks, watching a complete season of the Gilmore Girls, and having a U2 week on my ipod,  my trusted hook has been with me. Ahhhhh even when feeling the most utter pants of pant-ness, it was still by my side. Completely ridiculous that.....

a) not only do I have a gazillion WIP's to be getting on with...


b) I need to start making Christmas presents.....


c) I have to get all these birthdays sorted...

...I decide that my state of health, combined with the grey, cold, and miserably depressing weather this week, needed a bit of a colour boost. So, a bright blanket has been started. Totally Summery, ridiculous really, but then, I think perhaps I need to work this way round. I can take muted, Autumny tones in the summer, as I am working in the sunlight, so it's not depressing. I'm not sure I can make Autumny stuff in the Autumn. Bright and colourful keep me sane in bleakness!

I ordered a book on Monday that I am eagerly awaiting. I am actually finding it hard to contain my excitement. When I spied it a couple of weeks ago, it filled almost every thought for days. I even printed out the preview sheets just so I could stare at them when I wasn't able to stare at them on the computer screen. How SAD am I?! Birthday pennies have meant I could justify it. My hooky-ness this week, has sort of been inspired by it. More about it when it finally arrives in my lap.


Calm, I think is the order of the day......

....okay........a cuppa.......and a sit down.......and a ponder........then a write some more lists and wonder if i'll ever get myself organised.?!!!!!

Have a good weekend all.

I may just have a little blog breaksie for a bit. I have a HUGE amount to do. Doing nothing all week has meant I am snowed under with all the mundane stuff, as well as all the stuff I NEED to be doing.

Hopefully, when I am back, I will have a few bits to finally show a tell of a crafty nature!

Cheerio all



  1. In The Netherlands we celebrate Sinterklaas, on Dec 5th and that's even sooner. SO stressed.
    So I know what you mean!

  2. So sorry to hear you are still poorly you sound excatly the way i have been. My throat, feeling sick, dizzy head and acing joints. My head is still a bit fuzzy and my chest is full but after 8 days i almost feel normal. Rest up and don't panic things will get done and if they don't its really not the end of the world. Look after yourself. dee xx

  3. I really had to laugh out loud when reading about your printing out pretty pictures of a book, because it´s the same I sometimes do when I am in love with a book and can´t wait to receive it for Christmas or birthday. Only to look at the pictures then is pure joy.
    I have 2 birthdays in January and I know exactly how you are feeling, to me it always seems that while the whole rest of the world is enjoying the silence of the days after Christmas and New Year, I am in a hurry to finish up presents and plan this birthdays. Maybe your body now wants to tell you to slow down a bit, that not single everything has to be perfect or home- and handmade, that you should pamper yourself now a bit and I am sure that the 5 birthday persons will understand. I think the most pressure mostly comes from ourselves, we have often too high hopes and expectations but sometimes simplicity is also lovely and comforting.
    Have a relaxed weekend and try to find some new power for the weeks ahead,
    with my best wishes,

  4. It was the beginning of October last time I looked.... and now...yikes!

  5. I seem to be in the same boat as you. Mind if I row with you to the calmer waters? :) xx

  6. I so know what you mean, I've got so many things going round my head too x

  7. I can sounds exactly like what I have been going through. So many things to do, so little time to do them all. I also have been sick with a cold/colds for the last couple weeks. Why is it always when there is the most to do, cold/flu season starts :P
    All we can do is try and tackle one thing at a time I suppose.
    Enjoy your cup of tea.. :)

  8. I'm not entirely convinced there is an answer for any of the above, because if there was someone would have made a fortune!

    I feel it's a bit like being in a huge supermarket without a list and without the kids, I go into zomby-mode and find myself wandering around aimlessly as if I have no where better to be!

    Making lists is definitely a help, but maybe we pile too much on ourselves (especially at a time when there are so many bugs about) and they are unachievable. Maybe the answer is to get your list written by someone other than yourself who is more realistic and doesn't set you as high goals as you would set yourself.......

    Actually, I'm talking drivel as if my hubby wrote the list, I can imagine some of the stuff on it...... ;-)

  9. The thought of Christmas makes my stomach flip. Silly really that we should get into such a state. But we do, don't we. Hope you feel better soon xx

  10. I'm with you on the feeling rotten front as I have a monster cold and like you am feeling that Christmas is approaching far too fast.Fortunately this year I decided to be a little more organised regarding my gifts and have most of them made and ready to be wrapped. I think the only thing I really need to start working on very soon are my handmade cards if I want to have them finished by the 2nd week in December the very latest!!

  11. I do know what you mean. I am making los of dolls for people for Christmas and no am scared I have bitten off more than I can chew. I also want to make stuff for my daughter,as I don't like a lot of the toys sold here.
    I also get stressed here because everyone here eats a completely different meal to the traditional UK one which I know and love. Noone ever bothers to put anything British on the menu for the family do, so I end up feeling stressed and upset about that.
    BUT, I do think as Mums, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves and we strive to be perfect. It can all get hugely stressful, but sometimes we have to say, sod it, life is for living, I will do what I can and what pleases me and enjoy myself.
    Don't pressure yourselftoo much and if the sofa calls again,you get on there while you get the chance. Think of me who ill have to eat fish for my Christmas meal!!! Could be MUCH worse tough. xxx

  12. Oh Vanessa, every year I am the same. I try differing methods to stave off the panic but it comes whatever I do.
    Tis bad enough for me with birthdays in October so I feel for you. Wish I could tell you to feck it all and relax but it's not advice I would follow either so all I can say is you are not alone. Although I will say it a little, Christmas is coming regardless so grab a chance to chillax when you can.
    I am keeping myself away from the hexi quilt and granny squares I want to relax with and forcing myself to stay on top of my Christmas makes, so far I'm being quite disciplined. In shock!!
    Sending you some virtual rocky road fro when you need it......xx

  13. Your book sounds very exciting! I've just treated myself to a new book. I've been feeling under the weather for months now so I know how panicked the feeling is with Christmas looming scarily forward! I have 6 birthdays in December to buy for and 3 in November! Lists are the answer! Looking forward to when you get back from your Bloggy break!
    Jess x

  14. Vanessa I have not been 100% well for weeks and weeks with aches and fuzzy head. If I say I have not felt like crocheting, you will know how bad I have been feeling! I started putting Epsom salts in my bath and I do feel this is helping to perk me up. You may want to try this? x

  15. I feel the same. These past 3 years have gone so quickly (since I finished college) and yet I still am stuck job wise and it makes me feel really sad that I haven't achieved everything I have wanted to and miss how I'll never be a teenager again.

    Woah depressing reply sorry lol x

  16. I hope you feel better soon. Having a virus and feeling so under the weather is horrible. I'm sending big hugs. I can really relate to the feelings of panic that come with feeling pants when you want so much to be doing things but just don't feel quite right. I've had a rough couple of weeks with the M.E. and a kidney infection and I've been looking at photos of Christmas craft on Pinterest and getting really fed up that i just don't feel like doing anything!!! I hope you are feelign tip top again soon. Em xxx

  17. I am glad I am not the only one that gets all of a dither about christmas - gggrr it is only one day - why all the fuss :-( can't wait to see the book you are talking about - the perfect distraction :-) xxx

  18. I hope you start to feel better soon - take it easy this weekend if you can!
    Time - yes, you're so right! I thought I'd have all the time in the world to do what I wanted when both children were out all day but I find I have achieved very little!! Where does all the time go?!
    So many birthdays to get through... good luck!

  19. Hi Vanessa,

    You sound really busy! December is always a busy month for me and my family as well. We not only celebrate Christmas, but Sinterklaas as well :-). I still have lots of presents to buy, things to make and lots of parties & concerts to go too :-)

    Good luck!

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  20. I so understand.....only I'm not crafty or handy so I will be buying other peoples handmade gifts!

  21. I hope you soon feel better, Vanessa. It's hard to do all the things you need to do when feeling weary and unwell. And as for time...where does it go and why isn't there more is how I feel this week too! Sending you get well wishes, and hoping your crochet book has arrived...looking forward to seeing your new makes.
    Helen x

  22. Sorry to hear you've been feeling poorly, but in my view there is no more healing activity than sOfa/tea/crochet/Gilmore girls time. And marmite on toast! It is so hard to look after yourself with little ones around, forget about housework and enjoy the snuggly times! Looking forward to seeing the fruit of your labours x

  23. I agree so many things, so little time!:) But luckily enough time to comment on your great post! I must say that clock is adorable!:)

  24. Hmm I can feel my 'I am going to make all my Christmas presents this year' slipping away from me. You sound like you should take many scented bubble baths with a glass of wine rather than entertaining us. You will be missed if you do take a break but good luck with getting sorted x

  25. Dear Vanessa, it sounds like you're having a rough time of it! Flu is a ghastly thing ( I was struck down in February with it and it was vile). The dreary weather and a million and one thing to accomplish doesn't help the mental overload of a fuzzy head at all does it?
    Like you, our family also has alot of birthdays in November and December so it's always a busy time for us too, not to mention dance concerts etc etc...but here's a little thing I do for myself when the full to bursting calendar and everything else makes me feel like Im going to lose my mind.

    I stop (exactly where I am, whatever Im doing) and I close my eyes, and I breathe in slowly, in and out ten times. It helps to centre me, get my feet back on the ground and makes everything seem a bit easier. Take each day as it comes, fret ye not if it doesn't all get done, and just enjoy the splendidly imperfect nature of it all.
    I hope you feel better soon, sorry for such a long winded comment! Sending you a jar of cheery flowers, and lots of love
    Julia x x x

  26. I absolutely understand Vanessa! I too am feeling overwhealmed with Christmas fast approaching. I find my constant lists a little help (untill they get worryingly looong!)

    I hope you get some relief from being poorly soon and that you enjoy your eagerly awaited book... oh how I love books!...I have just bought a beautiful knitting/crochet one that I will try and blog about soon. I just havn't had the time to delve into it properly yet :( and with SO many unfinished WIP's like yourself I should really wait untill I've finished some before I start a pattern from it...or maybe not?... oh I'm so naughty!! hehe

    Hope you feel better this weekend,

    Louise xx

  27. Oh no I am to make a list right NOW! xoxoox speedy Hugs today dear one.

  28. Oh you poor poorly thing, I just wish there was a magic Christmas fairy who could help out all the stressed mummys all over the land,
    I keep telling myself it is only one day stop fussing.
    I am very intrigued by your new book order is DO TELL us so I can drool too, hope you get well soon and come back to your lovely blog.
    Take care


  29. I love your new banner! :-)

    Have a nice week-end!


  30. oh dear, i hope you are feeling better, it's horrid when that feel like you're wading through mud and not getting anywhere! love youre follower :)x

  31. I've had to write a master list to organise my many lists!!!

    I have decided that as painful as it will feel I am going to do much of next years Christmas shopping in January. This isn't because of the cut price stuff, it's because I see all the people I buy gifts for over Christmas and I always think of the perfect gift I wish I had bought them whilst I'm with them. So I shall make another list over Christmas and hit the shops.

    Blast that long winded coldyflu. So glad that's cleared off now.

  32. Exactly how I'm feeling at the moment, a wee bit panicky about the prospect of having everything done for Xmas! Sorry to hear you have been feeling a bit yukky too. Love the colours in the grannies xxxx Kylie

  33. OMG I had that clock-bottle of Avon perfume. It smelled hideous, but the bottle was cute.
    I'm moving backwards in your blog from Sept 26, 2013. Love the colors of your crochet blankets. Love all the scenes you picture. All that Green Gate & Cath Kidston. Love everything. I specially like your "cross stitch graphic" crochet blanket, which I intend to copy.
    Can I ask you about the yarn? Not the brand, but if it's cotton or wool and the crochet hook numbers you use most.
    Thank you for sharing all that beauty.


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