Friday, 6 January 2012

Ahhhhh, It Feels Good........... begin 2012

.........although, I did come into it feeling very......very tired!

So.......did you all have a lovely Christmas and New Year?

Mine was lovely. Just what I needed. The run up to it was fairly manic, but taking a step back from blogging, and trying to forget about all the stuff which was worth forgetting about helped enormously.

 A bit of seasonal baking......

Nothing beats the seasonal smells of Christmas. Homely and smile inducing.

I was also, crazily making huge amounts of stuff for presents. I wanted to make as much as I could. I was so busy and my fingers ached but I was pleased, and I think/hope the recipients were!


Time was spent eating and drinking mainly. Our late nights made for late mornings. Our Breakfasts became Brunches and we would all sit around the table for ages just chatting, catching up and being together. We were in such fabulous company. The Bears loved spending time with their cousins. Eight young children together for most days. They all had the best time.........and that's what it's all about really.

We walked....

Got cold....

Got wet......

But had such a fun time.


We went here.......

I laughed so hard, I almost couldn't move. My favourite word!


I got to have a little fiddle about with some lovely new yarn.....

....and continue progress with a WIP blanket


We saw the New Year in with my lovely Sister-in-law and her Husband, and drank tea in pretty vintage china.....

....whilst I admired her vintage tablecloths.....

Even the children had a Vintage Tea Party!


I also got incredibly inspired whilst I was away. So much so, I could almost burst. My inspiration came from two books......

The first is this one, and the pictures directly below came from it......

How inspiring are these pictures?

My heart skipped a beat big time. I love it all.............but I especially love the last picture. I HAVE to make these pot covers.

Just one teensy weensy problem.......I cannot knit yet. So it's a definite must learn for this year. However, I am already thinking of crochet ones to make in the meantime!

The book is full of gorgeous projects, This is my big book crush of the New Year.

The second book is this one, and the pics below are taken from it.....

It's a Recipe Book but it has lots of crafty ideas for the left over jars. I'm guessing a lot of us buy this preserve mainly to keep the jars at the end! I love the idea of planting hyacinths in them. There were lots of amazing christmas ideas which got me all giddy, but i'll save those for the next one!

So, before I knew it, I was on the Amazon site and these two little beauties worked their way into my basket!


Back home again now, and the clear up has begun......

.....and it takes FOREVER!

It feels nice though to pack everything away and feel like a new fresh start begins.

Hyacinth bulbs grace my mantle and kitchen and are now spreading their vibrant aroma throughout the house......and I LOVE  IT.

Such pretty little souls. They look so springlike, and remind that the days are beginning to get a little lighter and there is much to look forward to.

Geraniums brought in from the cold outside are starting to thrive again and give me big heaps of pleasure.

This morning the sun is shining.

Hello sunshine....thank you for popping your head from behind the clouds to greet us and put a BIG SMILE on my face!

The coffee has perculated, classic fm fills the quiet, the scent of hyacinth wafts graciously around me, and I begin another day of tidying and sorting. Nice to start it feeling good though!


So....still more to do, but I just wanted to say hello to you all.

Thank you for all your Christmas and New Year wishes. I'm sorry I couldn't get round to more blogs to extend all my best wishes for you. My greatest regret with blogging is that I don't have enough hours in the day to say hello to you all personally. It's this big long struggle to balance the hours in the day with real life and bloggy life.

Hopefully now things have calmed down a bit, I might be able to pop my head in more and say hello.

Have the most beautiful, super duper day today.....wherever you are and whatever the weather.......




  1. What a lovely post, and I LOVE the pot holders too!! A brilliant idea for some felted jumpers that I've been waiting to use!
    Sally x

  2. Vanessa, sounds like you had a wonderful and necessary break. You certainly sound as if you have had your batteries charged and you are rearing to go! I wish you a very happy, healthy and productive 2012, and I look forward to see what lovely crafty things you get up to. With love, Linda x

  3. What a lovely post with such inspiring photos! I'm so glad to hear you are feeling better and more positive. K x

  4. Such a beautiful and very inspiring post. I really do hope you learn to knit sometime this year as you defnitely won't look back. a very happy and creative new year to you and yours xox

  5. Beautiful post! It's all scrumptious. Happy new year x

  6. helloooooo lovely vanessa, we survived it hehe...glad we've both ome out ok on the other side, i have been longing for inspiration like those books- how wonderful ;0)xxxx
    glad you have had a superly lovely break xxxxxx your home feels me with warmth and pleasure xxxxx

  7. Happy New Year! I know it's a bit late though haha, but it comes from the heart.

    I learned to knit last year and I must say it was a big hassle in the beginning. But now a world of new possibilities has revealed itself! So much exiting projects to make this year.

    Love the first book by the way, breathtaking pictures.

  8. Lovely to hear you back on form. Lovely photos as always. Glad your Christmas went well and yay for the sun shining. Small things can make us so happy!

    Happy New Year and I'm really looking forward to seeing your crafty endeavours in 2012!

    Helen xx

    PS my husband is forever trying to get me to throw out my precious bonne maman jam jars and I'm glad I resisted!

  9. Beautiful post! Love the geraniums, reminds me of a book The Little White Horse I read when I was young.

    I feel excited about 2012 and all the wonderful things it WILL hold for me and for you and yours too.

  10. OK well, that's one book ordered ;-) I'm talking of the Debbie Bliss. Your photographs totally seduced me.

    A beautiful post and I sense you are back on form. We seem to be similar, Vanessa: bursting with inspiration but frazzled from the everyday life thing.

    Happy, peaceful, creative, wonderful year to you and your family.


  11. It really is lovely new yarn!
    What is it?

  12.'s called Adriafil Knitcol......hope this helps! x

  13. Thanks Vanessa.
    Knowing this yarn is not going to help my bank balance!
    Happy New Year!

  14. OOOH, love your post. How awesome. So glad you had a great break, So loving your vintage new year photos and kids vintage party, Love it, My photos would never be as good! So good for 6 boys to appreciate china and all things vintage. Wonder what they all will become with such an inspiring mom like you!

    I can teach you to knit, I am a little better at knitting with recycled objects though, like plastic bags!:-)
    Have a great day, the sun has made an appearance here too! Miracle.

  15. this is such a gorgeous post with the prettiest pictures!!

    Happy new year xx

  16. Such beautiful photos and a lovely uplifting post x x x x

  17. What a lovely post and so many beautiful photo's. I love the picture of the childrens tea party their table looked so pretty love the tablecloth. I have those same 50's frosted glasses. My heart skipped a beat when i saw all your gorgeous gorgeous crochet projects in your header photo ;-)) Happy new year to you and its great to have you back, dee xx

  18. Gorgeous post, Vanessa!! Filled with so much goodness.....I have that Debbie Bliss book and love everything in it, and the project photos are so beautiful aren't they? I loved seeing your crochet pictures in your header, btw, they are stunning and you have such a great colour sense! So much to do this new year, and I look forward to visiting here often! Have a very happy weekend.
    Helen x

  19. Lovely blog! Love the colours and beautiful photos!
    I'll be back...! ♥
    Greetings from Denmark

  20. Gorgeous pics and I'm so glad to see the inside of that book - I've been looking at it online and wondering what it might be like.... I think I may need it now!

    Happy sunshiny weekend to you!


  21. I love your blog so much, its so full of pretty pictures, lovely words and thoughts.
    I love all of your pictures, and i always welcome book suggestions.
    I love the tea party for children too, its adorable.

  22. Such lovely photos :)

    Did you know bonne maman are running a promo at the moment, if you collect 3 codes you can claim a free copy of the book xx

  23. sounds like you had a lovely time - all the things i love. happy new year

  24. Looks like you had a lovely time over Christmas and the new year!
    Love the photos in this post too, I like you love the feeling of taking down the decorations and the feeling of having a new start!
    I've started a new blog about exactly that!
    Happy New Year to you and your family, I hope 2012 is kind to you and that you get all you could possibly wish for xxx

  25. Oh farts. Just left a long comment but lost my wifi as I hit send.

    Would you like the book a fellow blogger sent me called Knitty Gritty? It was mission to learn to knit last year and I have pretty much learn the basics and am ready to part with this book. The deal is that once you have learnt the basics you have to pass it on to another blogger. If you'd like it then let me know and I'll pop it in the pot with the pattern for those wrist warmers you pinned the other day.



  26. That knitters year book has gone straight into my amazon basket.

    Fantastic photos and I love the new montage you have at the top of your blog

  27. I only came across your blog mid 2011 but wanted to say that your beautiful pictures, simple thoughtful words and gorgeous makes have been really amazing. I need the Knitters Year book and have told my husband so - thank goodness for an early birthday x Looking forward to a truly scrumptious new year x

  28. Thanks for the Knitter's Year shout-out! I can't wait to get it!
    I taught myself how to knit and find it a little more intuitive than crochet, which I just had my sister attempt to train me in. I'm def going to keep trying crochet but will always love knitting!

  29. Happy New Year to you my friend...your photos are as enchanting as ever...I may just have to get that one cook book...I am always eating their Jam! May your year be filled with ooooodle of blessings. xoxox

  30. Oh, look at your geranium. Love on high level. How did you do that. Mine looks so dull and half dead up in the attic. What is the trick to get it sprouting this time of the year I would like to know...??? Cutting them down now already? Re-plant in new fresh soil? Light pretty space on a window sill. I usually store mine by the window in my attic and take them down in spring time. Cut them down then and new freshly green sprouts appears in an instant almost... So love geraniums. I should probably just go up there and check them out... Maybe they are already sprouting without me even knowing it. :D

  31. I have that book too, and I can't knit, yet. The photos make me feel all warm inside. I bought it on sale from The book people, cheaper than Amazon, just incase anyone is interested. I think I'll be buying that wool too!!

  32. Oh what a lovely lovely colorful fun filled post!!
    Enjoy the start to 2012!

  33. Sounds like you got the break you needed ... we all need a proper holiday from life's daily stresses once in a while. Happy refreshed 2012 x

  34. Love the sign!! What an absolute crack up. One of my resolutions is to use that word more, instead of some of the colourful ones I've been using lately oops. Beautiful post hon! Looks as if you've had a fab start to your year. L xx

  35. First time here. You have so colourful and lovely blog!

  36. I'm so glad you had such a wonderful time, everything sounds amazing. Those books look great, and funny enough I just picked up a few of those white plant pots last weekend. Looking forward to seeing what this new year has in store for you.

  37. Such beautiful photos along with an uplifting post - thank you. I too had that first book for Christmas and like many of the same projects as you. If you each me how to follow a crochet pattern, I'll teach you how to follow a knitting one!!

  38. Hi
    Such a lovely post...
    I so want to try the hexagon pattern in your beautiful header (5th photo, 2nd row). Could you please tell me the origin of the pattern?
    Thank you for your continuing inspiration. X

  39. Oh how lovely! Esp. the crochet and tea table! if you can crochet, you can knot - I did it the other way round, and found crochet much harder! (maybe because I only learnt last year, and learnt knitting when I was little,) Gorgeous pics!

  40. What a lovely, varied, cheery, colourful, inspiring New Years Hello! And Hello from a new visitor to your blog who will definitely be back again.

  41. I came ...
    I liked a lot ... ...
    Yes, I will return ...

    A kiss of Nita.
    Good day ...:)

  42. *swoon*.... I have the wanties now...craft books are my LOVE and that knitting one might just sneak it's way into my Amazon basket too, oops! ;-)
    Such a lovely colourful post from a lovely colourful lady. Hope you had a super Christmas and wishing you a colourful, craft-filled new year Vanessa

    Much love xx


  43. Happy New Year Vanessa!

    It's such a joy to the senses to pop over here and see all your gorgeous images - they truly make me feel all geared up and filled with inspiration (too) for this wonderful new year.

    take care and love to you all.

    Nina x

  44. Hi sweet Vanessa, what a lovely post, good to see you in this shape again! Perfect yarn, thank you for the boook referrals and the sweet kitchen pictures.

    Wishing you a wonderful, healthy, calm and colorful 2012!

    Lots of love,

  45. Ooh, I've loved reading your posts and having a proper atch up. I've been taking a bit of a computer break, but am now catchign up on my blog reaidng and commenting. Your Christmas sounds lovely. Wishing you and your family a magical 2012, Vanessa. Sending glitter and smiles. Em xx


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