Monday, 16 January 2012

A Weekends Work.......

Did you have a good weekend?

Mine was one of those, where you do a lot, but you don't achieve much. 

It was nice though.

It was chilly to say the least....but the sun shone brightly in the sky, and that was good enough for me!

We lazed in bed. My perfect kind of morning, relaxing in bed with a hot cuppa, snuggles and book reading with Baby Bear.....

Then book reading just for me....

We filled up on fresh air...........

The Bears played Pirates......

....and ran about in the wooded maze house....

Then it was back home where I had the urge to have a china play.

Remember this

Well, I thought it was time to re-arrange.

So off it all came. Shelves were dusted and crockery was all washed, and new china went on there.....

I was having mainly a Cath day

I fancied bright and cheery to match the sun

I lved re-arranging

Such happy, bright colours lifted my spirits no end

I LVE sorting.

Ah....stripes and flowers.

Pretty, cheery shades.

I was in my own little colour world.

Almost done....

Ahhhhhhhhh....happy me.

One little project I did on a whim was to paint some enamel canisters. The set of three blue ones were a tad plain and boring, and in need of a bit of something extra (I can't leave alone, I realised that the bottom canister I had was one that I had got my mitts on a while ago also!). So, out came the paintbrush, and taking inspiration from my favourite floral sprig (in the first pic), the jars were painted. Although, the big tin bugs me, my usual slap dash way, I just 'did it' and the rose placement bothers me! I didn't seal that one so I might re-do it if I can be bothered!

I also whipped up some little vintage style pot holders for my pot plants.

Again, bright and cheery.

But you know.....I stared at this arrangement...and I loved it so. It lifted my heart.............but then I looked and saw all the stuff that I had taken off. 


Where was I to put it? There was more taken off than put up!


So do you know......

it all came back off again, and replaced with what was originally there!

What am I like!

But.......all nice and sparkly, so I guess something was achieved!

I will just have to look at my pics for the moment.

When I decide where to put the other bits, I'll change it back again!

Happy Monday To You All!!!!!



  1. Hej Vanessa
    LOVE ALL the CK displayed. The pot holders are gorgeous ;-D
    Did you get 'The Package' yet? Lol
    My 14 year old son went to London last week with his Dad and so he was under strict instructions to post to you, which he did and he remembered the receipt of posting lol!
    Have a great week ahead my lovely

  2. What a classic, beautiful post! I love the light in your photographs - everything looks so fresh, clean and happy! Your CK collection is amazing, and your own painting projects are gorgeous... :)x

  3. It all looks so beautiful and fresh. Well done on the tins. They look amazing. xxx

  4. morning :) have been catching up and realise I have missed some beautiful posts so am off to take a peep, your shelves look so happy..I love your pot holders :) Have a very happy monday Vanessa x x x x x x

  5. Aw I love the display! What a great collection. x

  6. Oh Vanessa such an uplifting , colourful, good for a grey spirit soul :D and oh-soooo blooming pretty!!! I need to scroll back up and gaze longingly!!! Love it :)

    Jo x x

  7. What a lovely post! Such a pretty collection x

  8. What a scrummy collection of wonderful, colourful things! Would brighten up anyone's Monday!

  9. Oh wow Vanessa,

    Your cupboard looks fantastic! You have such an enormous collection CK stuff. I love it all. I bought two CK enamel bowls and a jar recently in the sale and are very happy with :-). You did a good job on the canisters. They look fantastic!

    Madelief x

  10. I want to live in that cupboard. Seriously.
    How can you own so many lovely things?! I'm so jealous! :D

  11. *Sigh*, such prettiness.

    I seriously think CK should use your photos as promotional material.

    Love your painted flowers on the canisters clever girl.


  12. woooow *_* beautiful! i hope i could have a house like this one day... ♥

  13. OOooooh, what lovely pics!! It looks just like something out of the Cath magazine!! I'm very envious of your awesome CK china, I only have the S&P pots, a butter dish and my mugs!!

    I have that duvet set though!!

    Hope you have a lovely week!!


    S x

  14. my goodness, you have a truly phenomenal collection of china, very extensive indeed! So tell me.....where on earth does your ck collection live when the dresser is chocka full of the other? I so laughed at you putting it all back again!!!

  15. oooohhhh what a gorgeous array of crockery and colour. Your blog header made my heart sing all those gorgeous projects finished and such lovely colours. And then your crockery is beautiful,love that red and spotty sugar pot. And those crochet pot holders are fab ;-)) Have a lovely day,dee x

  16. Beautiful photos and china collection, looks amazing!

    Have a nice week dear Coco:)

  17. What an amazing happy collection indeed!!!

  18. Very cheering! You have quite a collection! Very pretty. Have a great week! Cx

  19. A very productive weekend!! Love all those colours put together!


  20. That looks like my sort of weekend! Oooohhhhh so pretty.....

    Lou x x x

  21. Oh my, this has really brightened up my day too ..... Such gorgeousness

  22. Wow Vanessa you could open a shop! Both arrangements are lovely. Your weekend sounds lovely and relaxing. Have a great week. Love Linda x

  23. I am positively green with envy over your CK collection and all your other bits of gorgeously cheery china!! It all looks so happy and colourful and spring-like, just right for the lovely sunny days we've had recently. Sounds like a perfect weekend to me :) Jenny xx

  24. p.s thanks so much for the reply about your blanket yarn, much appreciated :)

  25. such beautiful displays of all your pretty cath and inspired kitchen wares ;0)xx
    i keep looking back at it tonight...mines looking slightly mish mashed and needs a spring theme- brights especially!!!!...also think i might re-paint my dresser as its needing a new coat to make it a better white. i have a half painted wardrobe, so clothes everywhere at the mo!!!!...i need some urgent organisation! can i borrow you lovely Vanessa????x
    Thank you for your sweet comments, you're so uplifting and kind hearted, means a lot sweetness xxxx loves to you and bears as always...'your a wonderful mother' xxxx

    p.s love the woods! x

  26. Sounds a great weekend and what a pretty dresser! Really bright, cheery and spring-like. Sooooooo envious!

  27. Oh I'm so jealous, that dresser looks beautiful. What a china stash! So cheerful and bright. You are busy, busy as always!

    Helen xx

  28. Wow! awesome, love it all, Looks beautiful, I have been re doing mine as well and had exactly the same thing! Where do I put it all,
    Take care have a good week, xxx

  29. What a lovely collection of Cath Kidston and Cath inspired knick knacks. I love the way your dresser has turned out!

  30. Oh I'm so envious of all your Cath K goodies! How pretty!

  31. i'm trying very hard (and failing) to not to be envious of all your lovely crockery. If you weren't such a sweet and lovely little thing I could go off you!! I'm also rather impressed by your fabby pot holders that you whipped up. Just like that, on a whim. Your hook must get so hot!

    But what has blown my mind is the painting on the tins. That and the fact that you are considering wiping one off and starting again!!!! There's naff all wrong with it as it is. Sooooooooo perfect. You're a clever sausage.


    ps Hate that I'm such an arse licker but can't help it.

  32. What a feast for the eyes and what a fabulous collection of CK you have! It looks really great, a very colourful and cheery sight to see you through these winter months!

    S x

  33. Hi Vanessa - I love your CK tribute though it's such a shame you had to put everything back, but a girl and her stuff - I so get it.

    take care,

    Nina x

  34. So very pretty....I think CK owes you a whole bunch more for advertising! I just wish we had shops over here in Canada and day...tell then I will dream. Love love love your style.

  35. Hahaha, you're so funny Vanessa! Love the post, jealous about your CK and GG collection, and re-looked at the pictures 200 times ;) L O V E !!!

    Oh and regarding the organizing part: I am just the same :)


  36. Wow - what an amazing collection of beautiful CK china you have! And the dresser is just dreamy! I hope to have such a beautiful dresser one day, and hopefully a huge beautiful collection like yours to fill it! xx

  37. This reminded me of me as I am always rearranging my dresser. Extremely lovely. I also like the scrummy round cushion in one of the top pics that looks a bit Tilda. x

  38. What a wonderful catch up I've had with your posts! I've been so busy of late I've barely been on my laptop let alone blogging...I don't know how you manage to write such delicious posts + reply to the huge amount of coco rose addicts...your inbox must be fit to burst! :-)

    This post in particular just brightened my day...this would be my dream dresser! I can't believe you took it all down after all that sorting (although I have to say I have done similar with my craft bits and bobs on MANY occation!).

    I can't wait to see what you make with that scrummuy yarn from your mother in Law, what a treasure! Hope you are having a fabulous weekend Vanessa!

    xx Louise xx


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