Monday, 16 April 2012



How have you all been?

Did you have a nice Easter Break?

I have missed you......

....I have missed catching up with you and seeing how things are going in your little patch.

I had THE MOST WONDERFUL Easter Break.

I needed it so badly.

Two weeks of recharging the batteries.......

Usually, after a break away, I am quite happy to be home, feeling rested.......

.......but I REALLY didn't want to come back this time.

We even stayed a couple of days longer than planned, just because we couldn't bear to tear ourselves away.

We had some gorgeous weather. 

Beautiful walking and beach weather.

I have a HUGE thing for clouds.....I just ADORE them, and they have been AMAZING recently.

 One of my favourite past times is 'Cloud Busting'. You know, staring up at the clouds and making pictures with them. There are many stories to be told from cloud busting. Who needs story books? I LOVE doing it with the Bears.
 As I sat on the beach and looked up at the sky, I saw a heart being blown along. A Princess had given her heart to peasant boy. She loved him so.....but the peasant boy knew, that no matter how much he loved her back, she deserved a better life than one he thought he could give her. So, in the picture above,  you see him blowing her heart back to her. How sad! I'm sure in another cloud picture, they end up getting it together!

Driving home, The clouds were so amazing. They actually took my breath away and I couldn't speak for a few minutes. I was desperate to pull off the motorway and lie in a field somewhere. To look up at the gorgeousness that looked down upon me. I wanted to capture the moment, but, I drank it in so deeply, as I sat in the car, that I just have to close my eyes to see it all over again.

Easter weekend was spent doing egg hunts and me being Easter bunny. I wonder if the Bears will ever be too old for an egg hunt?

I didn't take a single bit of crafty with me. It was weird but it was nice to have a rest from it. I came back recharged, and picked up a project I started last year. I had three on the go at the weekend, and I am happy. I like where they are heading. I'll save that for another post!

I'll try and take this week to catch up, but, as usual, I am WAY behind with getting things sorted after our break away. If you asked me a question, I'll try and get them all answered! Sorry for the delay!

Lovely to be back at the computer though. Feels like forever since I have posted.

Happy days to you my friends......



  1. How de doodie. Easter is such a lovely break isn't it, just the right amount of time away from it all. We need those blus skies and a sprinkling of clouds to come back as it's freezing here now.

    All very sad it's over and normal routines back once more. I'm not looking forward to going back to teaching tommorow - pah.


  2. Welcome back! I've noticed the amazing skies we've had lately too. It was the same in France when I went there for a few days too over easter. I also see pictures in the clouds, sometimes they look worrying so I change how I see the shapes until they look happy again!
    Jess xx

  3. Lovely photos...lovely clouds. So glad you had such a good break. Becks xxx

  4. It's lovely to have you back V, although I have been enjoying my Cocorose fix over on Instagram (totally hooked to that!!)

    Your photos, as always, are just stunning!!

    S x

  5. Welcome back!!! So glad you had such a good break. It's great when a plan comes together and everything works out. Cloud busting is also a family favourite here too. We once saw a steam engine, a fire truck and a rocket ship all in one afternoon!!! Take care. x

  6. Your trip looked wonderful...think of all the memories you made along the road!

  7. Glad you had a lovely time, we really didn't want to come back from our trip to the seaside either. Clouds are rather magical, rather like the sea, always changing, you can never tire of looking at them.

  8. wonderful post- you sound so happy after your break away- so glad to know you are...looks a fantastic break ;0)...i was cloud gazing today off where the lighthouse stands near where i live...The clouds this morning looked Amaaaaazing!...I found not taking my camera today and just walking was a good thing! i noticed more without it... xx

  9. You sound happy. That is good. :D Sending cloudy cheerful hello's your way. :D Look up!

  10. I have the holiday blues too....but I always do! I just love when the busyness stops for a while and we can do what we want. I guess we should be grateful for that luxary. Doesn't stop the blue though.
    With you sister!!!
    fee x
    FAB photos BTW

  11. Good to see you back and hear you had a lovely trip. I love clouds to and i enjoyed your little story ;-) dee x

  12. I am happy to hear the Easter break did you good Vanessa! It's a good sign you have been looking at the clouds. You must have been very relaxed :-)

    Happy new week,

    Madelief x

  13. Glad you had a fabulous holiday!

  14. Amazing photos and holiday!

    Kisses and happy new week:)

  15. welcome back, I adore clouds too x

  16. Sounds like you had a sublime time, isn't it wonderful that you have your pics and memories so you can transport yourself back! Your cloud pics are perfect!

  17. I adore your cloud heart photo!! What a beautiful post hon.

  18. Welcome home, so glad you had a lovely restful break. Love Linda x

  19. hello :) ..I feel like our paths haven't crossed in ages..lovely photos, I can see why you didn't want to leave, Hope all is well with you and yours x x x x x Jane x x x x x

  20. Aww that post seems so bitter sweet :-) Lovely that you got to have such a happy Easter and a little sad it's over, but there's always next time isn't there? Good to have you back :-)

  21. Your photos make me yearn for warm days with plenty of outdoors time! Roll on Summer!

  22. What beautiful dreamy pictures...glad you all had a beautiful dremy time too. Welcome back! xxx

  23. I ALWAYS get the holiday blues big time. Where on earth (or heaven?!!!) did you go as it looks stunning. The colour of the sky is quite something - how did you achieve that on your camera? I am in awe of your photography Vanessa, its beautiful.
    And the cloud story melted me, gawjus.
    Glad you had such a nice time away, I do love how you capture each moment.
    I love clouds too. Muchly.

  24. Just stumbled upon your blog and hope you dont mind me popping in to say hello and introduce myself.
    I love the cloud pictures, they are just beautiful.
    Isn't nature wonderful! The heart shaped cloud is just perfect
    best wishes

  25. Glad you had a fabulous holiday, gorgeous photos and those clouds, just breathtaking!

  26. What a fabulous break you've's always good to have a complete rest and recharge the batteries.

    Fleur xx

  27. Amazing photos! I am inspired...

  28. I personally love to look at the clouds and try to find clouds that are shaped like things. I find sometimes clouds can look like dogs or cats or even some people I know.



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