Friday 20 April 2012

Picking up.......

an old project.....

I started this last year. 

I saw an advert in a craft magazine, which just showed a lovely crocheted hexagon. It wasn't very clear. I think it may have been a pin cushion, I cannot really remember, but it was on a shelf in a picture so it wasn't close up. But, the seeds were sown, and I decided that I quite liked the idea of hexagons. I like patchwork hexagons, but as my sewing skills are less than desirable, crochet was the way forward. I sort of looked at the picture and tried to see sort of how it was done. It wasn't a clear picture by any means, and I came up with the above hexagon. Now, i'm sure if you go searching on the internet, you will find many a lovely hexagon pattern along these lines. There must be some out there with clear instructions if you fancy having a go. I'm sure I could have tweaked it some more, but it worked and I was happy with it.

I just wasn't sure what I wanted to make though.

I put some together just using different scraps of yarn and liked the 'eclectic' look and feel of it. I had several blankets on the go, so wasn't sure if a blanket was for me. Did I NEED another one?

Then whilst visiting relatives last year, I stumbled across an image that filled me with crafty pleasure. The trouble was, Christmas was looming and there wasn't really time to indulge, so thoughts were shelved.

Well, having been away just, and coming across the image once again, I sort have got REALLY FIRED UP. Do you want to see the pic that set me alight with crafty pleasure?..................

Now, the image is from a Jaeger pattern booklet. It's actually for the boys cardigan, but it was the blanket the little model was sitting on that caught my eye. It was such a cute, eclectic, patchwork of knit, that I knew my hexagon WIP needed to become something like this.

Baby Bear had commented how cool he thought it was when he saw me looking at it, and a quick reply 'yes' to my question of 'did he want a bed blanket like this?' was settled then.

It will be a small blanket though. Just big enough to throw over his little bed, so hopefully it wont take me too long. 

It's bold and bright....very eclectic.....and Baby Bear is loving how it is coming together. He is helping choose the colours and it has been named

The Circus Patchwork Blanket

I have figured out how to half my hexagons to make the edges straight. Hopefully I can pull it off. And i'm thinking, an eclectic little border to match. We will see how we get on. 

So there we are. This is one of three little projects I have on the go.

I have been sitting on the sofa of an evening with a hot water bottle ('cos it's been freezing recently) and about 20 different balls of yarn all circling me. Mr H has had a frown on his face as he keeps tripping over them every time he walks past me! Ooops! He will be glad when it's finished that's for sure!

I am excited. It's the first time I have been craftily excited in a while. My crafting mojo has really been hiding from me, so it's been nice to feel 'inspired' again.

I will be back with an update......

....until then.......

Cheerio and have some super fun filled days!



  1. Oooo so lovely! I quite agree with Baby Bear... it is very circus-ish! It's lovely when you suddenly regrow the love for an older project isn't it... Have a lovely hexagonning weekend... Jill x

  2. I think you ALWAYS need another crochet blanket! Love the name, just perfect for it...glad your mojo is coming out of hiding

  3. Call me wind because I am blown away by your post!

  4. helloooo lovely! just sent you an email...and then im greeted by your lovely post! ;0)x
    I sooooooo love your blankets they always are sooo cheery in colour and love the combinations of colour too- but not just that they look super snuggly!!!!!
    I love your photos'- you re sooo talented!!!!! xxxx

  5. Hej my lovely Vanessa!
    How fantastic and colourful and boysy is that!
    The name of your blanket is original and perfect
    LOVE your blanket LOVE
    Happy snuggling

  6. Such a great name for a blanket and such gorgeous 'boy' colours!! My Little D saw your post and said 'can I have one like that mom'??? i just made him a ripple but obviously a 'hexy' is needed!!!!! Can't wait to see yours finished.... lol xxx

  7. Hexies are the bomb, I'm knitting little hexies and it is a work in progress for the rest of the year. But I love every minute of it. Seing this project makes my heart race! Your boy will be so happy when it is finished. The blanket in the picture looks like it's felted, are you going to felt you blanket too?

  8. Your blanket is looking amazing! Can't wait to see the final result...
    Ana BC

  9. It looks fab! I just started my own large granny blanket. My fingers are so sore but it's so addictive!

    Gemma xXx

  10. Hurray! Love what you have done so far! I am crocheting a hexi blanket too, all in crayola colours. My son has his eyes on it, too. It must be because my colour choices remind hi of LEGO!!

  11. WOW, this is such a LOVELY blanket, Vanessa ! Actually I'm a quilter (and LOVE LOVE hexagons ;>), but I recently jumped into crochet and subscribed to your blog : you are SO inspirational !
    May I ask if you'd be intending of writing a tutorial for this hexie crochet blanket, eventually ? I'd be THRILLED, and I'm sure many among us would, too ! I know there have been many hexie crochet patterns on the Web... but yours is totally A MUST !

    Thanks for the inspiration, dear ! ;>)
    NADINE in Belgium

  12. Lovely post, beautiful beautiful blanket coming along and I am so happy to read your crafty spirit is coming back!

    Enjoy the weekend and I hope to send some sun your way,


  13. Tis absolutely beautiful Vanessa! I love the colours, sounds like baby Bear will just adore it. Something to be treasured for sure. Have fun hooking it! There is a book called 'The Granny Square Book' that deals with half-blocks, if that's any help. I am not sure if it has a half hexie though, might be worth having a dabble yourself and seeing what happens.
    Have a fabulous weekend

  14. very lovely, the best bit is choosing the colours :) happy weekend x x x x

  15. Lovely, lovely, lovely! As always, I'm in awe of your staying power. I always get so bored of such big projects. It's going to be beautiful. xxxxx

  16. What a beautiful blanket Baby Bear is going to have to snuggle into! I can just see you surrounded by all those lovely balls of colored yarn with a frowning hubby in the shadows! We know he will be all smiles though when he sees your gorgeous artwork adorning his home once again though. Ahhh.... these men of ours are truly blessed to have such constant nesters for wives! {And I think they know it!}.

  17. Hi Vanessa,
    It's such a great feeling to have a project that you are excited to work on!! This is going to be fabulous!! What is it about hexagons??? Love them :)

  18. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog.

    It is true I think that most that blog do hit a wall with either time or whether to evolve their blog. I have to admit I had started to find the constant whirr of different internet avenues really exhausting. I do have a facebook and pinterest account but rarely use either. I think I will continue to go in pretty much the direction I have been going with a mix of photo's crafts when they happen and stories of family life for they are what I know about. I will definately be posting more poetry if only to keep my creative juices flowing as it were. Thank you though for joining in the discussion and giving me a different perspective.

    Loving the hexagons by the way! I am sure you will have yet another dreamy creation to grace your lovely home before too long!

    Thanks again

    MBB x

  19. Loving the hexagons, and the colour choices are fabulous, best finish my granny square so I can get on with a new project :)
    Victoria xx

  20. I have the very same pattern book and have also admired the blanket - it looks so cosy. Maybe when I have finished my many WIPS I may have a bash your's does look good.

  21. I love it! And how great to get all that color but only one end to sew in per hexagon!

  22. I love your mini hexagon blanket. Can you post how you figured out the half hexagons?

  23. Hello, Hello...happy weekend to you too!...your blanket is going to be magnifique, I love it when a project has you buzzing and you can't put it down.. can't wait to see the finished product,

    Sarah -x-

  24. Ahhh it looks beautiful i remember you starting this so glad to hear you have your creative mojo back ;-))Have a lovely weekend, dee x

  25. The blanket photo is great, but I think I love the fringe on the wee boys trousers even better - what fabulous 'cowboy' pants! Becks x

  26. Oh I love the hexagons! I have also started a hexagon blanket and it is really fun. There is something about that shape that makes me smile :) I have a heating pad that I put behind my back year round since my hubby turns the air conditioner VERY cold. I love reading your blog!

  27. Love it!!! Reminds me that I have a similar project lying in my crafty cupboard, unfinished since last summer... I actually think you inspired me to start it then... But mine is still teeny tiny. Far from a blanket size. It might end up being a pillow. Would be perfect for our new purchased sofa in grey... I am inspired. Again! Thanks Vanessa!

  28. Oh honey it's absolutely gorgeous!! I can't wait to see your half hexis - that's a brilliant idea!! You are such a clever gal. At least working on a blanket will help keep you warm along with your hot water bottle. I've had the opposite problem here recently where my blanket is now double bed size and it's a bit hot to work on it during the day without feeling smothered and hot. But now it's starting to cool at night, I'm loving having it draped over my legs while I hook away.

    Have a fabulous week hon, see you again soon.

  29. Stunning project! Can't wait to see the final product!

  30. it sounds great! And I am reaaly looking forward to seeing it all put together. Love your idea, love the colours! So carry on and surprise us all! Greetings from Germany

  31. Tis gorgeous Vanessa! I love the eclectic colours and Baby Bear is so right, it is reminiscent of a circus!Perfect for snuggling!
    Hope you've had a lovely weekend!

  32. Your blanket is lovely! So colourful and cheerful! I am looking forward to seeing the final result!

  33. Can't wait to see update, it's gorgeous! xx

  34. It's lovely - I felt a bit of inspiration spark when I saw the photo with the little child on it too...thinking, do I need a hexagon blanket?? Stupid question, of course I probably do!! :D Will look forward to seeing how yours turns out, looking lovely so far.

    Ps - your holiday photographs are amazing, just been enjoying my little virtual trip to the coast, thank you!

    Love Julia xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  35. So pretty! I have that pattern and spent ages drooling over the same picture, I like the trousers too, my six year old is just getting into cow boys!!! Fliss xxx

  36. greats from germany from cat jacky (and his girlfriend petra) - it´s very nice!
    we want follow your blog now.

    sorry, our english is not good ;-(

  37. Tee hee!
    I'm glad it's not only my Mister who trips over balls of wool and scowls!!
    Love the blanket and I look forward to seeing its progress.
    Enjoy the rest of your week.

  38. That blankie has inspired me! The pattern looks easier than one I made before. Will you be able to have a pattern for this? And no changing of colours!

  39. Thank you for this post. It has helped cement an idea I had for a hexagon blanket and now, thanks to an 'Every day in May' challenge on, I have started it! Hooray!!


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