Wednesday, 23 May 2012

New discoveries.......

.....of the very nice kind..... strawberry and vanilla wafers....

...caramel wafers...

...Bonne Maman Yoghurts...

...and Bonne Maman Caramel spread...


...and now, for the not quite so nice discovery.....

Hunting in my little shed the other day, I came across this.

I had disturbed Queenie wasp and she wasn't a happy bunny ....ahem....waspie

The little beginnings of her nest were removed. Phew. I always know something is up when I see one constantly hanging around the house. We have rid ourselves of a few in recent years. They have taken a liking to our little shed. 

It gave me the ebbeee jeebies as she had laid her little babies in each cell. But it was just so fascinating to look at. So incredibly delicate. The cells were perfect hexagons. I did feel a bit bad for her, but not enough to keep it there!

The sun is shining.....hip hip hooray! 

Big smiles, happy days all....



  1. Nature is the perfect crafter :-)
    but wasps....yuk hate them they return by the way to nest in the same place every year.
    Nice goodies which I dare not tempting...just looking at one makes me put on weight.
    Have a great day

    Amanda :-)

  2. Hello, on this beautiful sunny morning!
    I love your discoveries Vanessa, I have bought the caramel wafers a few times from Aldi, my mom introduced me to them, resting atop a cup of coffee so that the caramel goes all soft and gooey! Lovely but very naughty, I haven't seen that brand of caramel spread before, not sure if my teeth could cope with it though.
    The wasps nest is amazing,thank goodness you found it so quickly!
    Have a lovely day
    Rachel x

  3. oh my Vanessa , Waspies do make me have the heebigeebies...actually, when i was about 8 i remember having a can of coke with my family and i was drinking away when suddenly one popped up out of the coke tin hole- i did scream!!!! must of climbed in while i wasnt looking...what a fright. As much as i love nature i cant stand waspies!!...while working in suffolk we kept getting hornets in my shop and they were terrifyingly BIG...i do go all skitsy when i see them, especially. but the wasps nest does look fascinating ;0)...loving the waffle delights...I could quite happily eat one of them with my coffee....much love and huggings to you my lovely, have a beautiful day!!!! xxxxx

    p.s always love your photography x

  4. When the sun comes out to do the waspies! Hate them,and those horrendous hornets too.I'm always worried Bella will get stung.
    That caramel spread looks heavenly...I'd have it warm and drizzled over ice cream.Oh how I wish I wasn't on a diet!
    Enjoy the lovely sunshine! :0)

  5. p.s.... just had to say those 'bonne maman' treats are on my shopping listy ;0)xx

  6. They are stunning aren't they - so delicate and intricate - how can such a small creature create such a wonderful object. Mr Sweetpea is keeping bees now - he loves his hive :-)

  7. This looks so yummy! Where abouts can I find them in the supermarket? I have never come across them before.

    Many thanks!

    Gemma x

  8. Lots of yumminess!! Will have to keep an eye out for them, esp the yogurts :-) The wasp nest is fascinating, Ive never seen one up close before. But I dont blame you for evicting them, we had a wasp nest in our house when I was growing up & one night one crawled into my ear & stung me, not the best way to be woken up, hate wasps!!!! xx

  9. I'm not fond of wasps either, but they make incredible nests!! Every time we find one in our shed I'm amazed (but after that: wastebin it is !!!) :o)!!!

    And if you would like to know the dutch word for those caramel wafers : stroopwafels !! :o)!!!!

  10. Caramel wafels?? NOOOOOO those are stroopwafels ;-)

  11. I had some fluff for the first time yesterday and that was sinfully delicious!

  12. Well spotted. They are such pests but their nests are amazing. It is so clever how they put it all together but I don't blame you for taking it out though, the last thing you want is not being bale to get to your shed, especially not in weather like we are having at the moment :) x x x x

  13. Yum! I'm already a fan of Bonne Maman yoghurts, but I haven't tried the caramel spread - delicious!
    Can't stand wasps - I'm sure that we have a nest in our roof - but I'm too scared to look - ((shudder))!
    Lovely blog - delighted to have found you.
    Paula x

  14. Umm, they look very yummy! I don't blame you for being ruthless with miss waspie. We've had a few nests too and it's not good. Kind of amazing to see inside though!

    S x

  15. My stepmom and I are drooling over the Bonne Maman yogurt and caramel sauce and wondered where we can find it! I'm not sure whereabouts you're located (not on About Me or FAQs) but my stepmom lives in Idaho, USA and I live in Alberta, Canada. Between the two of us, I'm sure we can find it somewhere!

  16. The wafers look divine, too, of course... Wouldn't mind hearing where you get those, too! ;)

  17. Read online recently about artificial wasp nests to hang to avoid real wasps from making nests - - -
    Apparently they are very territorial and will not nest where others do! Try a search..... One outside your shed ought to keep them from returning to THAT location.... good luck!

  18. Oh those yogurts, I miss them so much...But I live in London now... The Bonne Maman jams are the jams we prefer, I have found them in Sainsbury's, but the yogurt I can't seem to find...Help?!

    Love all you nice treats here :)

  19. We just had a wasp nest in the shed when we moved in. We had to call the pest control to get rid of it. I hate wasps, specially when I am putting clothes to dry outside. And how annoying they are when we try to have a nice lunch/dinner al fresco.
    Now, you will have to tell me where you got those Bonne Maman yogurts!! They look delicious!! And the caramel spread is amazing. :)

  20. We get a nest in our shed every year too and it really upsets me! The caramel spread and yoghurts look delicious, where are they from?

  21. Bonne Maman do yoghurt and caramel spread? WOW! I'm definitely going to hunt some down.

    Despite being terrified of wasps the nest does look oddly beautiful. It would make for an interesting analytical drawing!

  22. Ooh, what yummy sweet treats!! Beautiful photos of them, too!! The nest is so neat!! Glad you got it down, though! Have a beautiful day! xo Heather

  23. Oh my goodness those yummy treats are calling me! I've just got home and I'm tempted to go back out to Tesco to hunt them down! Where o where did you buy them all? X

  24. Those caramel waffles are just dreamy aren't they. That nest is an amazing structure, really beautiful but not something you want to find in your shed!

  25. On a mission today I managed to track down 2 of the above items.....good ol' Waitrose! X

  26. Yeurgh I hate wasps so much :( they make me shudder - doesn't help that I am allergic to them.

    Love the idea of Bonne Maman yoghurts will definitely check those out.

  27. The treats look yummie, and a good thing you discovered the hive before the babies came out!

  28. The caramel spread looks lovely - I'm rather too hungry to be reading blogs, it seems. The wasp's nest looks great too but I can see why you weren't happy to find one.


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