Monday, 21 May 2012

This past week.....


Did you have a nice weekend?.....

....a good week before that?

I have been tired. I'll explain why in a later post, but last week was a week where I was a muppet. Plain and simple. I just couldn't get my act together with anything. I forgot a lot. I wrote things down wrong...............wrong days and wrong times. It was clear from Monday morning that the week would be one that wasn't going to go particularly well. I think I needed to just get through last week and then move on! Friday morning I got things totally wrong and spent an hour repeating to myself what an idiot I was. When I picked Baby Bear up from school, the first thing he did when he came out was ask me if I had a good day, tell me that "by the way, I wasn't an idiot" and that I was "lovely". Awwwww bless him. He said he had been thinking about it all day at school, and needed to tell me that! I adore my little shadow. 

This week I plan to be better organised. I have actually written down a plan for the week. I have so much to get done, it makes my head hurt a little.

So, today will be a brief post.

I just wanted to pop in and say hello.....and thank you. Hello to any regular readers and hello to any new readers who have stumbled upon my little patch of bloggy space. I am pants with catching up with everyone at the many apologies. I don't know where this year has gone so far. It's whizzing by at an alarming rate and I don't seem to be achieving half as much as I had planned too. Again, better organisation is needed me thinks. And Thank you, for sticking with me, and reading me, when I am being so very scatty. I appreciate so much that many of you manage to take precious time out of your day to leave a message. I read every one. I wish  I had the time at the moment to respond to everyone. I am trying so hard to keep up, but, I just keep failing. So A BIG heartfelt sorry.

I have been popping my head in on Instagram. Anyone on there will know that it is the satisfying solution when there is no time for blogging. So the pics here on this post, are just some of the goings on these past couple of weeks, in my little world, that have been posted on instagram. Apologies to any who have seen these before.

I do hope that you all have a gorgeous week, and I also hope to be able to find a few minutes to be able to swing by and say hello!

Cheerio for now.....



  1. I loved seeing your gorgeous colourful pictures this morning, Vanessa! I'm sorry you had a bad week last week...getting mixed up with dates etc is something I am prone to, so for work I have to write things up large on a noticeboard and keep checking! I know how hard it is to keep track when you have children at school and all their activities. How sweet your little bear was to say those lovely things!
    Take care, and I hope you have a much better week this week.
    Helen x

  2. Hello Coco
    Love your post this morning....great set up of pics.
    Thats no good you're obviously doing too too much!!
    How adorable children I bet you felt better after your little on said that. The little 'uns can be wise you know!

    Take care

    Amanda :-)

  3. More beautiful pictures to cheer my're very good at that! Hope you begin to feel some more energy soon, a 'slump' is frustating I know. At least the sun will come out this week so can rest up in the garden and enjoy some later Spring cheer!

  4. Ach, stop apologising! Take a step back, catch your breath and have a restful time....also be prepared for all those people who will see your first sentence up there and they will start asking if you're up the duff! OMG! Maybe you are, I'd be so excited....ummmm...except that would mean I'd have to get pregnant too and have the same sex baby as you so that my cloning can continue authentically! You know I think I am mad enough to do that!!! Cackling!!


    1. oh my word laughing! it didn't even enter my head that that is what people would think! Well, my baby making days are well and truly over, but I do think that you are mad enough to do that you crazy lady!!!!!!!!

    2. Well ...having been a student midwife...the thought did cross my mind too :O
      Lovely to read your posts Vanessa.

    3. I had a feeling you'd reply here. I'm not getting my reply's when they are left under my comment. Any idea what I need to tweak in my settings?

      What if someone asks me a question and thinks I'm being rude? Arggggghhhh bloomin' blogger!! Blows my tiny mind.


      ps. So relieved I haven't got to get me smoochy eyes on with the Mr!!! Cackling, again!

    4. *Butts in*... it was my first thought too. I was waiting for the baby announcement in the next post!! ;-) xx

  5. I could have written the same post, there does seem to be something in the air at the moment which is causing a funk. Heres hoping this weekes better!! Instagram is perfect for when there is no time/inspiration to blog & I love seeing your pics on there. (& lol at Cuckoos comment!!) xxx

  6. Dont we all have weeks like yours hon! You are fabulous - your blog is wonderful and always a joy to linger over. Dont let life knock you down - you are very hard on yourself! I am lucky, like you, to have a wee little man in my life who keeps me smiling on the grey days. Here's wishing you a much better week. Becks xxx

  7. Enough apologising V...we're all busy people!! Hope this week goes better and thanks for some lovely eye candy!

  8. No need for anyone to apologise for getting on with their lives (although I've apologised for not visiting all my usual blogs lol).
    How lovely of 'your shadow' to be so considerate, chip off the old block!
    My idiot moment of the week - leaving the cabbage in the pan until we had almost finished Sunday dinner.
    Carol xx

  9. I absolutely love your blog! It's always a nice welcome collection of lovely pictures when I need a bit of inspiration. Thank you! :)

  10. I was wondering who'd be the first to ask you if you were preggers and I see it was good old Cuckoo!!!
    Lovely collection of photographs!
    Have a great week. xxx

  11. Aw, gorgeous one! You sound frazzled. Lovely, lovely pics there though and baby bear is such a sweetie. What a lovely thing to say. Take a deep breath, my lovely, and carry on. xxxxxxx

  12. Such wonderful photos, and great inspiration!! Thank you for sharing such prettiness!! Have a lovely and creative week!! xo Heather

  13. i wish i had a vanessa on my road- i sooo need a soul sister like you who likes similar things...ive been to two mummy friends houses and although good to have chit-chats and coffee i have nothing in commen and feel a bit 'sigh'-ish...when i said i love vintage markets and charity shops the response was a 'laugh' - oh 'dear!!...never mind, i will look happily at your lovely photo's and keep my chin up ;0)...least its sunny -yay!!!! xxxxxx

    have a happy week my sweet heart xxxxx half term sooooooon wooohooooo!! xx

  14. I am a fully paid up member of the muppet club, new members are always welcome! Bless your little shadow, what a heart of gold. I find that the problem with lists is I can never find them. I have good intentions. I pop out to but a new 'list' book. I stroke it, flick through the pages, dream of the things I am going to put on my list and marvel at my new good intentions. Sadly, I fail every time but I have a lovely stash of list books! Xx

  15. i know what you mean, i cant believe we are nearly at the end of May! which is good in a way as that means we are closer to my 40th bday in Aug! :):)

  16. hmmm, muppets r us round here too. seems everyone is having a hard time at the moment - hope you're back to your chipper self soon.
    Don't be encouraging that Cuckoo to be making smoochy eyes with Mr C (or anyone else for that matter)...she has enough on her hands!
    sending love
    fee x

  17. I see that Cuckoo had the same thought as me when I started reading this post! Don't worry, we all have those kind of weeks from time to time. To your children you are still as wonderful as ever and as long as they are content, that is one of the most important things. Don't be too hard on yourself! x

  18. Creative types are allowed a little muppetry from time to time. Baby Bear's right, you are lovely so chill!


    PS. It really did sound like you were preggy!!

  19. Every post is such amazing eye candy... I swoon at every visit!!
    I can't quite believe how quick this year has gone either... madness so it is! Hope you feel a little less frazzled soon Vanessa, I know how you feel... :)

    Big hugs lovely lady xxx

  20. They are such lovely photos that I really am quite happy to see them all over again!

    Hope you have a better week this week, lovely.

    Nicki xx

    By the way, I don't think you're an idiot either ;-) I think you do an amazing job at responding to people. I definitely feel I get 'a piece of you'! through instagram. Hope some sunny spells head your way... xxx

  21. I had to laugh when I saw Cuckoo's comment - I was thinking exactly the same thing about why you were tired!

    I have really enjoyed seeing your beautiful, colourful pics in this post. It's a freezing cold day here today and it seemed to get dark too soon so it's lovely to sit and see all your wonderful colours to brighten up my day.

    Have a fabulous week hon. I hope you get some time to rest!


  22. A lovely pop of eye candy!
    Sorry to hear you are feeling frazzled,Hope you are feeling better now!
    Little bear says the most lovely things and we all think you are wonderful and you brighten our days so don't be so hard on yourself!
    Rachel x

  23. I hope your feeling less frazzled soon, love your mosaic of photos.


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