Friday 13 July 2012

Just Wanted to Say.......

.......sorry I have not been around much.

Life is hugely hectic at the moment. 

I miss blogging. I am missing seeing what you have been all getting up to and saying hi.

I am hoping that you may see a lot more of me once school ends and the summer hols begin......

....I feel out of touch with you all and really want to re-connect.

You may even get sick of me posting!

Watch this space...................x


  1. I've missed you hugely!!!!! xxxx
    but i have realised since sophia started school that with school runs and school activity calenders its always busy, busy busy espeially this time of year ;0) and i only have one child!
    I admire those with more than one to sort out! ;0)
    I've noticed it has gone a bit quiet and blogland since instagram got known and loved...I wish i could get the app for my phone! boo!...I prefer that quick snapping kind of posting!...
    best wishes to you my lovely xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Life does get pretty hectic. I have been scheduling in as many posts as I can when I get the time but it's not the same. Gorgeous photos, loving the flowers x x x x

  3. I think we've missed you too! I've recently started walking more than driving and had forgotten just how much of the day the extra time to do anything takes, 10 minutes here & there soon nips an hour from the day.
    Looking forward to a few lovely photos over the holidays...

  4. How wonderful to hear from you! I was just going through my blog list the other day and realised you hadn't posted for a while. Looking forward to hearing about what you are up to. Enjoy your weekend.
    Anne xx

  5. As if!! It would be impossible to get sick of you posting! More! More! we all cry.
    I really love the marigold piccies...sluggards have eaten all my seedlings this year. Little bu**ers!
    Look forward to more of your fabulous-ness!
    Z xx

  6. Don't worry we all understand how hectic life gets, we will all be here when you have more time, Ada :)

  7. Lovely to see a new post. I miss your posting but I also think life is hectic with little ones and I only have one too. It will be great to have you back, but I understand that you are a busy bee.
    Your flowers are beautiful. xxx

  8. Missing you but totally understand.

    Helen xx

  9. It sure does get busy before the kids break for school summer holidays! So totally understand. I have been a bit swamped here too! lol.

    Look forward to seeing some of your upcoming posts. We could never get sick of your lovely blog.

    Hope you have a great weekend.

    P x

  10. There you are!!! Is that blue skies I see in your pics??? Must mean you're not in GB ;-)
    Have a good weekend.

  11. It's ok, Vanessa! I'm wishing you luck with your busy days and hoping you're getting some fun too.


  12. Come back when you are ready, we will be here.

  13. Thanks for taking the time to share your beautiful photos. They really brightened my day.
    Hope you enjoy your school break. Ali x

  14. Love all the beautiful photographs, absolutely miss your posts & looking forward to seeing you back again :)
    Karen x

  15. Looking forward to having you back! Rachel x

  16. We will be here waiting. :)

  17. Lovely photos. Hope you are enjoying life even though it is hectic.
    Carol xx

  18. ah, there you are - always look forward to your posts.

  19. Gorgeous photos! Made me feel all summery, better than looking out of the window. I know how you feel especially as we plummet towards the end of hectic and exhausting, it's hard to find the time......for anything. Lets hope the sun comes out when the children break up and we can enjoy a long hot summer with plenty of blog loving!

  20. I will Coco! Looking forward to see your posts. Meanwhile enjoy your blogbreak!!!

    Madelief x

  21. No need to apologise - your blog should be fun not a chore - looking forward to seeing you back though :)

  22. No apologies needed hon. We all love hearing from you no matter whenever you are ready to post so there is no pressure. I had to laugh though, as it is the first day of term after a few weeks of school hols here, and I am bursting to get a chance to do things without fighting, moaning and constant pestering for snacks!!! I always thought the holidays would be a more restful, casual time away from the school routines but these last few weeks have been trying!!!! I hope your hols are far more successful.

    Have a fab week hon,

  23. Lovely photo's and looking forward to reading future posts!!

  24. It's always busy near the end of term with sports days etc - looking forward to more posts during this miserable summer of ours!
    Lovely photos!
    Gill xx

  25. I've missed reading your blog, but I can totally understand. Enjoy your blog break, we will be waiting patiently :)

  26. Beautiful flowers! I am always inspired by nature and the colours of the garden!

    Abi from

  27. What pretty pictures! Just found your blog, and it looks lovely!

  28. I do miss is busy...hope it is a good busy for you. xoxoxo

  29. Don't worry there....we all have a life out of blog land and things catch up with us....just glad you're still here and can shower us with lovely posts and pics of flowers,makes and thoughts.
    I'm not going anywhere so I'll be looking out for you :-)

    Keep well now


  30. I've been missing blogland too.....I've been quickly skimming through fav blogs.....but things have been really hectic here too.....I've not had time to comment or blog myself.....and have been really missing it.....I've missed our occasional emails too.....note to self to try and find a few spare moments to get back in touch....hope things are going well for you.....and you have a relaxing holiday time with your fav bears. Sassybelle -xxx-

  31. I will never be sick of your posts. I don't think anyone would.x beautiful pics.

  32. Hello! I've been searching your blog for some time looking for a recipe for a cranberry nut nougat or a link to it from your blog. A friend repinned this: which had a link to your blog main page and the picture of the lovely nougat. Do you have any idea where I could find it? Thank you!

  33. Love the colours in the photos, real zingy. Saw your blog mention in Making magazine... can I be real cheeky and ask if you have shown the hexy pattern used in the gorgeous throw pictured, and what wool you used? Please?

    1. Hi Maggie, I hope you read this as you are a no reply blogger and I cannot contact you directly to reply to your question. The pattern came from this book which is available on ebay from a very trusted seller. I used oddments of yarn that I had lying about, all different brands to be able to achieve the colour combinations that I wanted. The pattern is on Japanese, but the pictoral pattern given is really simple to be able to understand. I used dk and a 4mm hook. I hope you read this and I hope that it helps! : )

  34. Welcome back. No apologies needed.
    We enjoy your colorful blog and life, but in order to have something to say, you need to have a life and live it!
    I am sorry you have been feeling so sick. I am praying you feel well soon.
    I especially love your photo of the brightly colored flower with the water drops so clearly on it.
    Get well, and we will see you again when you are up to it.


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