Friday 23 November 2012

Hot Water Bottle Cover Tutorial


After such a response from my last post requesting a hot water bottle pattern. I have made one for you.

But.......hey.......hold on there before you start whoop whooping and get too excited......

It's a loose pattern

What I mean, is that I have given loose instructions on how to make one. This is because, this way, you can use whatever yarn you want, whatever hook size you want, whatever size hot water bottle you want and however you want to embellish it. The principles are the same, you just tailor it to suit what you have in your yarn stash and what size hottie you have.

For this tutorial I have used a mini hot water bottle. That was just to make it quick to whip up.

I have made hot water bottles using two methods. I made a couple on the round. It was quite a tricky thing to try and get the increases and decreases in the right places. So for ease, I switched to just making 2 sides that shape around the hot water bottle and then DC them together.

For mine, I used Wendy Serenity Super Chunky yarn in Ivory, and a 5.5mm hook. This was because for safety more than anything, I wanted quite a chunky yarn and I wanted it crocheted tightly together to make it quite stiff and compact.

I am also assuming here with this pattern that you know the basics of crochet.........dc, Increase and Decrease. I use UK terms.

As this is a loosely based pattern and your stitch amounts will probably vary, it is essential to make a note of your rows as you do them, because don't forget, you will need to make 2 sides!

So....let's begin......

I made a foundation chain of 12 + 1. I made my foundation chain the same length as the bottom straight bit of the hot water bottle (pic 1). Depending on what size hottie you use, yarn and hook, you just need to make a foundation chain long enough to go along the length of the bottom, and chain 1 at the end.

Row 1. DC in the 2nd chain from the hook and DC in each chain until the end. I had 12 stitches. You should have the same amount of stitches as your foundation chain. Chain 1, turn.

Row 2. You need to increase by 1 DC either end of your row. 2 DC in the first stitch. DC in each stitch in the row, 2 DC in the last stitch. I made 14 stitches. Chain 1, turn.

Row 3. Again you need to increase by 1 DC at either end of your row. 2 DC in the first stitch. DC in each stitch in the row, 2 DC in the last stitch. I made 16 stitches in total. Chain 1, turn.

( You should start to see some rounded corners appearing, and they should contour the shape of the hot water bottle at the bottom. (pic 2)

Row 4. DC in each stitch (16 stitches) chain 1, turn.

Row 5. Repeat Row 4 until you are up to where the hot water bottle starts to corner again at the top. I repeated Row 4 until row 22 (inclusive) (pic 3). Remember to make a note of each row as you will have to make another side!

(Again, the yarn, hook size, and hot water bottle size will dictate how many rows you will need to do to get to the point when you need to start your decreasing rows at the top. Just make sure that you don't increase or decrease any stitches in the main body)

Now you need to start to contour round the top of the hot water bottle to the neck.

Row 23. One DC decrease either end of this row. DC in between. Total 14 stitches. Chain 1, turn.

Row 24. One DC decrease either end of this row. DC in between. Total 12 stitches. Chain 1, turn.

Row 25. One DC decrease either end of this row. DC in between. Total 10 stitches. Chain 1, turn.

Row 26. One DC decrease either end of this row. DC in between. Total 8 stitches. Chain 1, turn.

Row 27. DC along the row. Total 8 stitches. Chain 1, turn.

You have now got to the base of the neck. Again, depending on your yarn, hook and hot water bottle size, you may have to adjust your decreases here slightly. If decreasing 1DC either side is not getting you to the base of the neck where it should be and the fit looks 'baggy', you may need to decrease 2 DC at either end. Your rows will be quite short so frogging a couple of rows to have a play to see what your best fit is shouldn't be too stressful! Just remember to make a note of them!

Row 28. Increase 1 DC stitch either side. Total 10 stitches. Chain 1, turn.

Row 29. Increase 1 DC stitch either side. Total 12 stitches. Chain 1, turn.

Row 30. Increase 1 DC either side. Total 14 stitches. Cut yarn and tie off.

You have now made the wider top part of the neck.

This was enough for my hot water bottle to have been covered. (pic 4)

Now to embellish..........

It's important to put any embellishments on before you crochet the two sides together. It just makes it far easier!

I have, in my mind, quite a few people to make for, so it has been fun trying to think of ways to tailor the hot water bottles to them.

For this one, I decided to embellish it with a few flowers. I used The very lovely Lucy's (from Attic24) 'May Roses' pattern. Sweet little roses. Perfect for who I have this Hot Water Bottle in mind for!

Once the roses were made and sewn on, I simply crocheted the two sides together.......wrong sides facing. I turned it inside out, pushed the hot water bottle up through the bottom, then sewed up the bottom.

You can put an extra row on each side of the bottom, make loops in one side and add buttons on the other. I decided not to. As the top is open for access to put the water in, I would hope that I wouldn't need to have to get the hot water bottle out. I think, personally, I would find the buttons annoying. But they could make a nice feature. I just figured that if I needed to change the hot water bottle for any reason, I would just snip away the sewn part at the bottom, pull it out and re-sew it together once another was put back in. 

Once the roses were on, and the hottie was all sewn up, I finished the embellishment by just cross stitching around the top in the rose colours and picot edging the top. I think I'll call this my...

Rustic Roses Hot Water Bottle

I like how the cross stitch looks rustic, probably not everyone's cup of tea, but I like that it looks unique!

So, does the pattern appear quite straight forward?

There are really only a few basic principles to follow, and once you remember those then you can adapt the pattern to all yarns and hot water bottle sizes. 

They make great gifts, although, I am having trouble parting with them!

A hot water bottle is definitely my new best friend!

I do hope this makes some sort of sense. I have been over this pattern to check for mistakes, but I wouldn't be surprised if there is something that you read that doesn't make sense or add up. So, please let me know if something is really not checking out or really doesn't make sense and I will try and rectify it! As I have said on many an occasion, I don't do patterns or tutorials on my blog, simply because I am really rather pants at them! So, we'll see if any of you can understand it! ha ha!

Best of luck!



  1. oh my I am so in love, totally doing this!!
    Thanks for the inspiration!!

  2. Thanks for sharing, they look lovely! Groetjes, Gerda

  3. How beautiful. I love all the different styles you feature.Beautiful crochet work. I have knitted several - my current cover is made from cashmere and is cuddly


  4. Hi Vanessa, I'm sooooo pleased you decided to write up a pattern of sorts, its such a cute idea and so well turned out that is defo made me want to make them as gifts .... as usual I'm so disorganised and busy with work and b'days at this time of year, that i'm really not going to get the chance to make them this year ... I just worked out what my new year's resolution needs to be: plan and get crocheting xmas presies at the start of the year when I have nothing to do! Easier said than done, I bet I'm in the same situation next year!

  5. Thank you for sharing this, I was just looking for a pattern tonight! I have a rotten cold and and have been hugging my hot water bottle, however, it is in desperate need of a decent cover. After seeing the lovely ones in your last post, it spurred me on to make one for mine. Now you have also provided the pattern so my quest is over. I love the rustic rose one too so now I just have to decide what embellishment to add...decisions, decisions....

    Thanks very much again. K x

  6. Thank you so so much for this pattern. I am going to start making one this weekend as it will be the perfect gift for my teaching assistant and I know she will really appreciate it. Thank you once again, it's so kind of you to share x x

  7. I didn't even know there were mini hot water bottles! I have to go look for one noe, I love minis!

  8. It's beautiful - I don't think I am up to this high standard of skill yet! but will keep a link to the tutorial in hope. Thanks for sharing, it must have taken ages to put this tutorial together.

  9. Utterly gorgeous! Thank you so much for the tutorial!
    Victoria xx

  10. What a fabulous Christmas gift and tutorial!Your family are so lucky to be receiving gorgeous handmade gifts! I love it!
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Rachel x

  11. Ah! They are really lovely! Can't wait to make one for myself!!

  12. so inspired! Since I know nothing of crocheting, I will have to ask my mother to step in!

  13. Thank you so much for writing a pattern! I am thrilled - really so lovely of you to take the time to write one up for everyone. I am definitely going to make one. Tomorrow!! I bought a mini hotwater bottle last year thinking I'd try a crochet cover but just couldn't get my head in the right place to think about how to make one. So thank you, v much!

    Have a lovely weekend!

    Nicki xx

  14. I've never commented before here, though have read your blog for years. And loved it. Don't do instagram so do miss your posts. But a tutorial! This post has pushed me out of the shadows to thank you, knowing how busy you are. It's perfect, very straightforward. Am in love with cross stitch and crochet so the two put together are heaven. But, as always, your colours choices are sublime. Sublime I tell you.
    I made your shell scarf in mustard a year ago and live in it.
    Thank you again.
    (really enjoy your pinterest boards too)

    Kind regards,
    Niki T.

  15. He is wonderful sooo nice
    With love Zohra

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    Frienship and kisses.

  17. OH Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for the pattern! I was so hoping you would do that :)))!!! I have to have one!

  18. Lovely design, just what is needed for this winter which seems to have arrived early.
    Carol xx

  19. Your water bottle looks lovely Coco! Thank you for the tutorial. I have to finish my granny square blanket first, but after that....

    Have a lovely Sunday!

    Madelief x

  20. Yipee. Thanks very much for the pattern. I'm looking forward to getting my hook and yarn out.

  21. Thank you so very much for the tutorial! In the last year or so, I too have fallen in love with my hot water bottle. Can't wait to make some clothes for it!

  22. These are ever so pretty!
    How I wish I could crochet......!

  23. Thank you very much for the pattern :-)

  24. Thank you, thank you! I will try!
    Sarah x

  25. So lovely and thank you so much for sharing!
    I love your blog!

  26. Great Project and such a beautiful result! If you are interested in great textiles with awesome designs, check out Great range of home textiles. x We Love your Blog!

  27. Thank you for sharing your lovely pattern you gorgeous girl! I will definitely add this to my to-make list. It's just a shame we're heading into summer so I can't use one right this minute! Loving the wee flowers too - I am making rather a lot of them at the moment for all manner of things, tea cosies, brooches etc - such a fast little flower. I love the heart pattern you've used - can I ask where to find it? It's a great dimension. Thanks hon.

    Hope you're having a fabulous week,

  28. oh wow ! thank you for sharing !

  29. what a fab water bottle cover, i love it so much the colours and the flowers are wonderful. I might try to make this as my christmas project (if i am feeling brave enough), so cosy and warm. Thanks for the pattern. - Annie

  30. Such an adorable project! Just found your blog through Pinterest - it's so inspiring. Your projects are so bright and fun. I'm in a crocheting rut and I need to get out of it. Thanks for helping me in that direction. :)

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  32. Hope you're doing allright!! Have a nice weekend, groetjes, Gerda

  33. Helo CoCo,
    Gorgeous will make a lovely Christmas then that gives me ideas and the pattern has great possibilities where variations are concerned. Many thanks for sharing this great pattern!

    keep well


  34. What a pretty waterbottle cover! And just what you need now, with frost every morning. I love the colours and the embellishments. Definitely a project for the holidays! Thank you for the pattern!


  36. this really is the prettiest hot water bottle cover ever xxx

  37. Vanessa this is so beautiful. I love it and have started crocheting as a christmas gift. Have an amazing christmas xxx

  38. Beautiful. You have such a lovely blog!

  39. Thanks for the tutorial and the inspiration!

  40. My kids (and cats!) will LOVE this. Great weekend project :)

  41. Thank you so very much for sharing your method for making these covers....since being inspired I have crocheted 4 minis and 2 normal sized covers! They are so quick and very addictive to make! Happy New Year Vanessa!

  42. I have been eagerly awaiting the first copy of my new Simply Crochet subscription and was very happy when it dropped onto the door mat this morning. I settled down with a nice cup of tea, in a nice quiet house (first day of a new term and all three children at school) and started flicking. I stopped when I recognised the hot water bottle cover that inspired me to make three for my daughter's teachers for Christmas. Congratulations! It must feel amazing to open a magazine and see your own work published - you must be so proud. Thanks for sharing all your hard work, it's much appreciated (and admired!)


  44. hi, I have just found your site today and have sat here at my computer reading and taking it all in and enjoying it very much. Thank you . your site is so pretty, love the colors. Ive never thought of using a hot water bottle before. I do love your pattern. I remember when I was a kid my mother had one used when we were sick I think. to keep warm. We lived up north in western New York USA lots of snow during that time. Now we live in the deep south Louisiana USA but still gets cold, but have a heated mattress cover on our bed to warm us up and we have dual controls as my hubby dosent get cold like I do. Its like an electric blanket but use as mattress pad underneath you instead, works good. also, thank you for preview of "Simply Crochet", I enjoyed very much looking through that, some pretty things, I'm thinking I may like to try it for a trial run. It is pretty expensive for a whole year,my goodness almost $100.00 for 13 issues cant afford that but would love too. so maybe the $10.00 trial will have to do. well look at me just going on and on. I do love your site and look forward to more. I love to crochet too . I wiil be back again take care rar

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  46. Oh, thanks so much for sharing!! I LOVE this! :)

  47. Thanks very much for this pattern - I made it today and its turned out so prettily!

  48. Does any one know what weight yarn and how much is used for this if you make a regular sized one?

  49. Where is the pattern for the heart embellishment, please??

    1. Hi Brittany,

      The pattern can be found via this link:

      I hope this helps : )

  50. Hi. I love your blog, and this hot water bottle cover is what inspired me to learn how to crochet! I have made a few as gifts and they have been joyfully received! I would like to ask you if I would be allowed to teach others how to make these, following the pattern you have written here? I am hoping to organise some seasonal crochet workshops for local crafters, and thought this would be an ideal autumn project for people. What are your thoughts on this? I look forward to hearing from you :-)

    1. Hi there,

      Yes, that's no problem at all! I'm glad you liked the tutorial and were able to make some as gifts! Crochet is addictive and therapeutic and to pass it on to others is always a great thing! Happy workshopping! Vanessa : )


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