Wednesday, 30 January 2013

On the go.........

I feel sleepy.

I feel like January has come and almost gone whilst I have been somewhere else.

I guess that's not a bad thing though, January is a hard month. Dark, cold, bleak.

Today is sunny though, and I am thankful for that.

I just have a couple of things on the go, and almost finished.

Yet another Shawl. I love this pattern. It's on my Ravelry page. This is my fourth one I've made. I really fancied a butterscotch colour to go with jeans and white shirts. I think this one will get a lot of use. Each one i've made has been very different. Using different sized hooks, yarn and just continuing with the pattern until I get the desired size is great. Can you have too many shawls? Probably. But I have a couple more colours I'd also like made in this pattern.

Still on the 'cover up' theme.......another scarf is on the go. Last year I was given some heavenly yarn. It was called Grace by Louisa Harding. It was a mix of silk and wool. It was COMPLETELY DREAMY, in the loveliest of shades. I really wanted to find the perfect pattern to use it with. It has taken a while. I have made a few scarves in the run up to, and during the cold snap, but I wanted something quite luxurious. 

I have been making block motifs to create a lovely long wrap around scarf. I had a lovely motif book that I wanted to try out. I chose 4 designs. I love them, but, boy do they take an age to do. Complete and utter concentration is needed. Well, it is for me anyway. It will need blocking too (which I loathe doing). I think I will love it though. I do think however, that the beauty of each motif might get slightly missed when the scarf is all crumpled around my neck. 


It will feel soft and luxurious and i'm pleased with the prettiness of the blocks. Perhaps the blocks would be shown off better in a throw form, but I won't be making one, not with the levels of concentrations needed to do each one. That really WOULD take me forever!

I'll pop back in when they are done and if I can get some pics taken in decent light.

Roll on spring......



  1. I feel the same. January is almost over and I don't feel like I have the energy to do what I want to do and I haven't achieved nearly enough. I love your block scarf, the pattern and colours are beautiful. Julie x

  2. I know that feeling too. I can't wait for Spring. It has been a lovely, blustery day here today, and the sun has made an appearance. I thought I'd take some photos of the colour in my garden, as I try to do each month. There isn't a lot - but there soon will be. There are lots of bulbs now through, and in a few weeks I know will be colourful - but I really don't want to wait! In the meantime, my colour fix has to come from crochet and card making.
    I love the look of your new scarf - those blocks are gorgeous and the yarn looks so soft. I look forward to seeing the "finished" photos.
    Sara x

  3. Isn't it hard to get out of bed this month!! Argh! I have also crocheted myself a lovely warm scarf, it does help a little. But I really feel like just splurging my creditcard and booking a trip to somewhere warm.

  4. helloooo lovely vanessa xxxx
    i still must reply to your kind email~ i seem to be catching one bug after another at the moment though ;0(

    i think January is the 'lets just reach the end of it' kind of does feel bleak at times all those dark cloudy rainy days dragging tired legs back from School.

    i love your photography my sweet- it cheers me up ;0)x

  5. Your scarf is taking shape beautifully, and I can appreciate the effort taken to crochet each block! The yarn looks sooooo amazing, and must feel sensational against the skin?! I always enjoy the sumptuousness of your photographs, I just want to step inside and spend some time there :)

  6. Lovely photos and your scarf is going to be gorgeous. Coincidentally I was just looking through my block book (200 crochet blocks for throws and afghans) and am taken with a block that looks very similar to the silver/grey one in the front of your first photo - it wouldn't by any chance be from the same book would it? I am starting on a new lap blanket and want to use something different than the normal granny square. Nikki

  7. I'm loving your projects! They look heavenly!! :) Your pictures are just beautiful! :) Wishing you a lovely and creative day! xo Holly

  8. I have been sleepy too.Here in Finland we have today snow storm,again...i`m waiting summer and sun ....Sorry my English,Ìts not so good at all :)

  9. Ooohhh both your shawl and scarf are gorgeous, the time and concentration spent is obviously worth it! I love your eye for colour too xx

  10. love the colour combination of your new scarf, looking forward to seeing the finished article. Sue

  11. I love the colours and reading your blog.

  12. They are such lovely colours. That will make a fab scarf. I hate blocking too and am often prone to pretend I dont have to.
    More reason to use cheap acrylic :)

  13. It's getting lighter in the evenings.....spring is around the corner!
    Love your crochet, can we see it when you've finished? :) x

  14. I've been so sleepy too! LOL I just love your crochet. I can tell from your pics that you have great technique. I started crocheting 32 yrs ago. I've seen a lot over the years. So glad to have found your blog!

  15. Oh my your crochet is wonderful, wish I was that talented. Keep up the good work and looking forward to seeing your projects finished.

    All things nice...

  16. Beautiful colors and lovely projects.

  17. Oooooohhhh..... very, very nice... I looove your shawls!!!!!
    I looooooooove your photos and I loooove your blog...
    all, all is beautiful...
    Thanks for sharing... thanks...

  18. Oh, I love that scarf. What a lovely idea to make different squares for one piece; it's going to be gorgeous. It already is.

  19. That butterscotch is a great colour! It looks like it would go with almost anything! And the motifs on your scarf are lovely. Who cares if nobody else notices how beautiful they are - you do, and they're oh so close while wearing, you could admire them with ease!

  20. Beautiful photo!! Love all the doilies!!! Such pretty yarns and your blocks are gorgeous!!! Have a lovely day! xo Heather

  21. Your blog is so gorgeous - I'm so glad I found it!
    Sarah xx

  22. No such thing as too many shawls (or chrocheted items for that matter). Your other shawl is becoming beautiful as well!

    Love, Kirsten

  23. I have just downloaded the shawl pattern, just have to figure it out from the chart.
    Never crocheted from a chart before. Love both your shawl and scarf.

  24. Hi! Beautiful photo. I see the beauty of the first time. with love Leisan

  25. Love the thought of a butterscotch shawl - good enough to eat! I'm ploughing on with my absolutely huge Carnival blanket. It's a colourful, weighty project but not too far to go now! Good luck with your scarf.

  26. Hi, I do not think it at all possible to have too many shawls!!!! They are cozy and warm and I love being wrapped up in warm woolyness! Love the butterscotch color!!

  27. I love the colours you've used here! Very, very pretty :)

  28. January flew by for me! i was busy at work. I'm looking forward to a much more relaxed month in Febuary :)

  29. Love the way your scarf is looking! Happy weekend!

    Madelief x

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  31. your scarf is looking so lovely! :)

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  33. Hmmm, lovely colours. And yes please to Spring. I'm all over winter - it's doing my head in!
    fee x

  34. Hi, love your blog, all the from Portugal.
    Were can I find those block patterns?

    Best regards,

  35. your blog is adorable, as are all of your crafty endeavors. glad i found you. :)

  36. hello beautiful, just stopping by to say hello, I have been bit pants at my blog, must catch up with it soon, IG so much easier.


  37. I'd love to know the title of the motif book you used for the shawl made of blocks. It's very pretty, love the colors. This would give me a way to improve technique without a huge investment in yarn.

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    Bonne journée

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