Monday, 10 June 2013


.......about a fair bit actually. So what's new?

I was thinking.....How did I manage to get frequent blog posts out up until last year? I still cannot work it out. I don't think i'm any busier than I was, and I certainly don't seem to be achieving as much (in the REAL world) as I thought I would, with my posting being more infrequent. 

Maybe I should be doing less of this! ha ha

I am somewhat baffled. 

I am still fighting I am sure we all are. 

I simply cannot fit it all in.

I have been busy. Busy with this, busy with that. Life it seems, wants to be jam packed.

I haven't even been able to be as creative as I have wanted to be. Only the odd bits have been done.

My blanket keeps stalling. This is what happens, when you start a blanket on a whim, with no pattern or yarn amount. If there is one thing I am totally pants with, it's judging my yarn amounts for a project fairly correctly. I simply do not have a clue! 

So, my blanket, has become so much bigger than I had originally had in my head. I was thinking 'lap blanket', but it seems that it is working up to be a king size 'bed blanket'. Grrrrrrrrrr. 

Remember this?

I showed this pic a few posts ago. It looks a bit bland doesn't it. Actually, it was quite colourful but the bland bit was the bit I was working on at the time.

This picture below shows the bigger picture of what it is to become.....

Can you see what it is?

When I was making the hot water bottles last year with the cross stitch flowers on them, I thought whether it was possible to make a blanket of small squares using a pixelated flower design, similar to the cross stitch. I'd not really seen anything similar in the crochet world, although I had seen something similar done in fabric patchwork. So I set about finding something that I thought would be good to translate. Cath Kidston was a pretty obvious choice. I had planned to make her pin cushion design from her 'Stitch' book, but thought it was a good one to do in crochet instead. It incorporated a border which pleased me! But let me tell you, it has not been plain sailing. At first the plan was to do it in a one round granny square, but it soon became apparant that that was not going to work well and that two rows needed to be done. That is what suddenly made my blanket big!

Choosing colours was tricky too. I wanted to stick to a Cath colour palette for it, but I didn't want white as I thought it was a tad too harsh. I settled for a cream. I decided to join the squares together as I went along. This was because they were small squares, and my total number was to be 1152. The thought of all those little squares loose gave me chills! The only trouble is, when you start this way, you cannot change your mind with colour. The pale pink would stand out more if it was next to white, so i'm not convinced cream was the way to go. Also, the deep red of the rose may be too deep. Again, it's difficult to judge when you are working with it so closely. It's only when you stand far back from it you can see the picture developing. I could go back and change in the red for a really deep pink. It wont be easy to weave the blocks in, but i'll make that call when it's finally finished. I am over half way now. I have had to keep stopping because I keep running out of yarn. I am trying to get little projects done in between whilst I wait.

This is a big blanket. Goodness knows when it will be finished. I think because I am not entirely convinced of my colour choices, I am happy to put it down for a week or two at a time. And, although it is a good bed size, i've decided it will be a blanket that will be kept in the car for journeys and outings etc. Just thinking that, makes me not feel too bad if my colour choices are not as good as they perhaps could have been!

So, projects in between.

Well, after the shawl-scarf, in my last post, I made a present for a blogging friend whose birthday it was.

It was a coat hanger cover. The pattern was taken from one of my favourite Japanese crochet books (the name of which I don't have to hand at this moment in time. Sorry. I have posted about it before). 

I also have made a start on a little granny squares blanket for a gift for a family member's new arrival.

I'm hoping that this project won't take so long. I am on a tight schedule!

My other little crafty project was making over a cabinet I bought a while ago. It was a simple little cabinet, perfect for my crafting bits, but it was stained deep brown and heavily varnished. It needed to become pink. Then, when it was pink, I thought it needed something of interest on the front as it looked a bit bare. I took a design from a cheap favourite tea towel and voila....

I'm happy with it. It's quite quirky. It just needs a bit of sanding down and bashing about to 'weather' it in a little and it will be tickety-boo.

We managed to get away for a few days in the half term holiday just gone. A few days of glorious weather was a miracle in amongst all the bad weather we had been having. Sun, sea, flowers budding. I was a happy little bunny that's for sure. It's amazing what a few days of being away from your usual surroundings can do for you!

The sun has 'mostly' continued to shine since we have been back. Sunny days are so great, so uplifting. I have been making use of my little teapot and cosy....and loving it.

Not sure if I ever posted about this little make. The trouble is, as I do stuff, I click and upload on instagram. I then cannot remember if I have posted about it on this old little blog.

This teapot was a Mother's day gift and it needed a bit of fluffery around it. A little impromptu tea cosy was made and some Apple Blossom was added. I'm really rather taken with it. It was an ad-hoc, make it up as you go along pattern, but i'm pleased with the results! Tea is a joy to have in it!

Okay, I think i'm now up to date since my last post. Eeeek, sorry about my ramblings, that's the problem with not posting so frequently. I have a lot to say!

Cheerio for now

Have a super day



  1. Looks like you've had a busy few weeks. I love the look of your new blanket - what a fantastic idea. I look forward to seeing it in all it's glory when it's finished! x

    1. Thank you! I'm hoping i'll crack on and get it finished soon, but I think the ends alone, will take a month to sew in! x

  2. LOVE those flower photos. And is the blanket a rose?

    1. Ahhhhh so glad you could see it! Means it's not totally pants then! he he! x

  3. Ooooh Vanessa, you've achieved loads of stuff!I do agree though, there is never enough time in the day!
    I love what you've done with the cabinet! An AMAZING makeover! You are so artistic!
    Love your blanket and tea cosy too, so pretty!
    Rachel x

    1. Thank you Rachel. It's weird. I don't feel like I've had a solid creative goal so far this year. It's all been a bit scrappy. I think i'd love to find a really divine project to sink my teeth into. What am I like, as if I don't have enough to be getting on with! ha ha! x

  4. Hello Vanessa. I love your lovely blog and all your crochet creations.. Your Make Over Cabinet is truly lovely. You are a very creative talented lady...Your Crochet block Blanket is very pretty and I think the way you have the block placed it looks like a "Watercolor" technique. I am a new crochet and I have a friend birthday coming up. I would LOVE to try and make a Tea Cozy like yours. I just truly love it so much... Can you give me some basic idea how to make it...Thanks Hugs Judy

    1. Hi Judy,

      My tea cosy was really a hot potch kind of thing. I find tea cosy's a difficult thing as tea pots are not all the same size and shape! I used the actual teapot as a template and made the rows to fit as I went up in the rounds. It was a simple granny row that was extended in length to fit round the wider part and then reduced again. When I got to the spout, I turned my rows and did one side first, then made a second side the same. I joined it again in the final row. Sorry I can't be more specific pattern wise! x

    2. Hello Vanessa, Thanks for the information.. Much appreciated. After looking at the photo I can how the progression of granny stitch. HugsJudy

  5. Hello, so lovely to read your latest musing and goings on. I understand what you mean about fitting in the time to blog, its difficult to get every thing done sometimes. I do love popping over here to have a read. your crochet rose blanket is coming on a treat, it looks fantastic, I think you have got the colours spot on.

    Lots of love Laura xxx

    1. Ahhh thanks Laura. It's been such a difficult one to work on as working so close to it, I can't tell if it's working or not. Fingers crossed it will be ok. I don't like the thought of having to replace blocks that are all attached to one another. Could be a painful headache of a job! x

    2. Hello, please tell me where you buy our pretty spoons as seen in other pictures. I've looked on ebay and cath kidston. Thank you Gillian from Jersey Channel Islands

    3. It should say "your" spoons

  6. Love the "cross-stitch" blanket (what a great idea!), coat hanger cover and especially the painted cabinet!

  7. Oh My Gosh! I can't wait to see that beautiful blanket finished. :)
    Your little projects are so sweet to. I just love coming by and seeing what you
    have going on. :)

    Have a fabulous week.... Live your life... post when you can! :)

  8. It is totally gorgeous! You clever thing.

  9. You are amazing! The painting on the little cabinet is so sweet and lovely. And the blanket!! Wow!! You are very talented. Thank you for showing your hard work.

  10. Oh your blanket looked beautiful and yes I can see what it is...a wonderful rose!
    The tea cosy wow...I like it and your other lovely projects :))
    Thats right there is never enough time in the day!
    But I just love coming to visite you and seeing what you have done.
    Have a nice and sunny week :))

  11. Just gorgeous pictures!! I've enjoyed looking! I love all your projects!! They are all so cute and very pretty! Your one blanket has gotten soo big!! :) Love the color pattern in it! I like the colors for your new little blanket, love your tea cozy!! And your painting on the cabinet is fabulous! Wishing you a lovely day!! xo Holly

  12. What a beautiful flowers.

  13. Well I don't know where to start! I have the very same problemo with my blog - and then I have so much to say/show and tell that it becomes too big to do and takes forever (maybe little and often is the way). Anyway - I love how you say you haven't got any time then share the most beautiful things you've been making!!
    BTW I have just received a book from my SIL called 'you have more time than you think'. Naturally I haven't yet found time to read it but when I do and it changes my life (which lets face it finding 2 more hours a day would do) I'll blog about it and give you the nod.
    Lovely to see you makes
    fee xx

  14. Same problem here too infrequent blogging too much to say and i never end up saying it, oh well never mind. Love all your makes especially impressed with the cabinet its beautiful. And i cant wait to see the blanket when its eventually finished, keep going xxx

  15. The blanket is such a clever idea, I love pixelated florals and you can definitely tell it is a rose. The tea cosy is sweet too.

  16. Well you have certainly been busy, that is where your time has gone on these lovely makes. Can't wait to see the blanket. The sunshine makes other things to do. Jo x

  17. Hi Vanessa
    I love your flower photos. That first one of the pink flower is fascinating. I haven't seen it before-so many layers, like a skirt! Do you know what it is called?
    I also like the look and sound of your pixel blanket-so interesting!
    I know what you mean about life being so busy. I also feel exactly the same way! It can be quite frustrating at times!

  18. I love the apple blossom teapot! really lovely. I think you have about 4 posts here at least! You new blanket shows great promise, it's looks like being very original, I bet it ends up taking pride of place! Heather x

  19. I completely understand what you're saying about blogging, I've found it really hard lately to find time to post, but I'm also not much busier than normal!

    Really love the up-cycling you did with the cupboard, your paint skills are fab :D

    You're very brave embarking on such a massive blanket, hope when it's finished you don't have to make any of the changes you've mentioned. It's going to look lovely, and I assume it's bases on a Cath Kidston flower?

    Ohhh and your tea cosie it so lovely! I need to make another for mine, or buy another tea pot :p

  20. Hi Vanessa,

    Your cabinet looks amazing! Do I recognise PIP :-)? I think I have the tea towel :-)!

    I have the same blanket problem as you have. A started mine two years ago. It had to be for a single bed, but now I decided to make one for a double one :-), but....I takes so long....would love to start on a new project!

    Happy week!

    Madelief x

  21. Hi girl,
    don't worry about your blanket It's lovely :) . I think cream is a great colour here, because white is really harsh and often all the possible kitty hairs and nailpolish and everying else that stains is really ,really visible on it while cream can cover some stains up better. I mean, blankets do get dirty from time to time.. I wish mine would never get stained but the often do haha.

    About the blogging thing, I think that if you cannot find the time to blog that's ok. I mean, yeah, it's nice to see someone you like to follow update every week but hey, we all have those times in which you just can't find the time. As long as you don't feel the NEED to blog (and I mean that in a bad way, not in a compulsive-I-love-blogging-so-much way), it's ok I guess.

  22. Well Vanessa ~ as always ~ you are worth waiting for! I always get excited when I see a new post from you! I have been rather occasional about my posting lately as well....the whole real life thing! Ha!
    All of your projects are too gorgeous for words! Have you posted the pattern for the hanger cover before? I would love to make one :)))
    The tea cozy is too die for! And I am amazed by the cabinet!
    Stay in the Sunshine!

  23. Oh my, that blanket is looking gorgeous already!! I don't even have the guts to start something like bravo for you!!
    And your little cabinet is just lovely!!

  24. I always love your happy, color filled updates. That piece of furniture is amazing. What I wouldn't give to be able to have that kind of painting talent!

  25. I LOVE that hanger cover! I am sooooooooo jel of who ever got that! Ha!

    I think that blogging is more effort that IG and so, as much as it is enjoyable, it is harder to prioritise and fit in. Like Fee says, little and often is the way forward, not that I am able to take my own advise.

    Have you hung the blanket on the washing line? and taken a pic? You'll be able to see if it's working, wouldn't you? I'll bet you fall head over heels just like the rest of us.

    Right, I'm going to do my Spring Time throw now (yes that one, the one I have been doing for years)


    ps don't reply, do more blanket!

  26. Hello Vanessa - I am really looking forward to the full 'exposure' of that most interesting blanket - it's going to be quite different and already is beautiful!
    What a full and busy post - no wonder you don't have spare time on your hands - love the coat hanger cover and little blocks, as well as your gorgeous flower shots!
    Take time to smell the roses! Joy x

  27. Vanessa, your blanket is so beautiful! I can't wait to see the big reveal. The beautiful teapot cozy has me soooo inspired, too. Well done! :)

  28. I love a pixelated blanket! It has been on my to do list for quite some time, I'm excited to see yours continue to grow :)

  29. Adorable and totally worth the wait. LOVE the hanger...
    xxxooo little e

  30. Such a beautiful post - so many lovely things to enjoy. Thanks for sharing. x Jo

  31. The blanket looks gorgeous and I was drooling over cabinet. Great job!

  32. Ooo great minds! I started something similar on a much smaller (cushion size) scale at the end of last summer, but I got a little flumoxed and have left it since. Our imminent house move has prompted me to pick it back up though. The blanket is looking beautiful xx

  33. Hi Vanessa, Very interesting blanket!!!Can't wait to see it all done!!!Love the tea cosy!!! Have a fab week!!!

  34. Hi Vanessa. Your blanket is coming along so lovely. I really like your colours. I can't wait to see it. Your pink cupboard is so wonderful too. Xx

  35. Hello Vanessa,
    You've certainly been busy!!! Your makes are so pretty and inspiring!!! That blanket of yours would take me a lifetime....
    Love your teapot cozy... Pati x

  36. Hi Vanessa! I knew right away when you posted the beginnings that it was a rose! It is perfect with the colors you've chosen and I'm looking forward to seeing it when you've finished! And, oh my goodness, your painting on your cabinet is fantastic! You are so talented!!! I wish I could say I have accomplished as much as you have recently!!! Many projects in line and definitely not enough time! Eventually they will be accomplished, little bit at a time with summer here! I finally took up knitting with a block of the month class and I'm loving it!! Yes, your lovely pics have inspired me to pick up yarn and get moving!! Hugs, Colette

  37. I don't care if you post even just once a year, because when you do post, it is beautiful! OMG your painting on your armoire is to die for. I want the hanger cover, the tea cozy, the flower throw.... Do you know how amazing you are!? Patty/BC

  38. I think we all understand about being busy and I sure understand about not enough hours in the day to get every thing done that needs done. I also can't seem to get with it this year no matter how hard I try I am always so far behind on every thing. So you don't need to apologize to anyone we all Love your blog when do do find the time to blog ������. Could you tell me what the name of the flower is that's the very first picture ?? It's just beautiful !
    God Bless !!

  39. Es todo tan lindo por tu espacio!! Te dejé un humilde regalito en mi blog! besos!!!

  40. My lack of blogging is about motivation rather than lack of time! When I had my youngest at home I blogged because it was pretty much the only thing I did for me. Since he's been at school and I have lots of time to indulge myself I no longer feel the need to blog. Does that make any sense at all??!!
    Love seeing all your makes and beautiful photos. Vx

  41. Just love this blog, the blanket is great and would love to pinch the idea to create one for my daughter, so off to get the wool , are you using dk for this and what hook.?

  42. This comment has been removed by the author.

  43. Lots and Lots of pretty photos....Thanks for sharing!

  44. The blanket looks amazing, what a great idea. I sympathize with the colour issue - I've been making a 'join as you go' blanket myself and took out a section the other day as the colour suddenly looked wrong! Do carry on, it will be fantastic x

  45. The Wall painting is amazing!
    I love your blog so much, you just take as much time between posts as you need.
    I find it such a treat when it shows up on my feed.
    Thank you for bringing some beauty to my screen!!!

  46. looks to me like you are getting quite a lot done, but i know what you mean by the time just slipping away and projects taking more time than you would have thought ;) your photos and home are always a lovely treat to look at whenever you have time to share them!

  47. Love following you on IG and here. Your pics are always so pretty! I love the colors you have chosen for the looks awesome! Life is busy, Post whenever you have time, we will be here waiting. Your posts are always worth it!

  48. Dear Vanessa,
    I don't know your blog up today and I'm so thankful for the link to your blog how I got from an another blogger :)
    You have a fantastic blog... So so so many beautiful works. I love GreenGate & Cath Kidston, to crochet and painting old furnitures too :)
    I'll come again :)
    Many many lovely greetings,


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