Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Calling all knitters and Crocheters......

Innocent have launched their yearly Big Knit campaigne

Each behatted bottle they sell, they give 25p to Age UK to spend on things like hot water bottles, blankets and hot meals for the elderly.

They have extended the deadline. All you have to do is knit one, two, or however many you want.....pop them in an envelope and send to their headquarters.

The deadline has been extended until 31st October

It's a worthy cause. We will all get there some day, and may be gratetful of knitters and crocheters like us who can do their little bit to help.

Pop on over to their website

They have a patterns page for knitters and crocheters to help give you some ideas if you want fancy hats, but also patterns for simple plain ones too.

So, if you have any odds and ends of yarn that you don't know what to do with and don't want to throw away, then this is the perfect little project to use your odds and ends up. They take minutes to make and can really help.

(All images property of Innocent Smoothies)

It was fun buying them last year, and they make great egg cosies. This year, I'm joining in.



  1. I am so pleased they have extended the date, I thought it was by the end of September, thanks for this reminder x Penny

  2. Thanks for high-lighting this. Having had a yarn sort out at the weekend, I can find some scraps to make a few before the deadline. x

  3. My 235 have already been sent by the post fairies :) Its a very good cause and great fun too x

  4. Hi Vanessa
    Thank you for putting this on your blog - I shall definitely get crocheting !

  5. Thank you! for shares this on your blog!!

  6. Hmmmm, will definitely be having a go at a couple of those to send.
    Thank you for sharing
    Sally xxx

  7. I am joining in again this year thanks for sharing this it is a very good cause and so easy to join in

  8. Thanks for this - i've been meaning to join in every time i see the ad on tv. And it'll give me something to do with those scrappy ends :)

  9. Thank you for reminding me of the deadline! There are some fun patterns this year...

  10. What a fantastic idea - I love the thought of buying a bottle wit ha little hat - too cute!


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