Sunday, 10 November 2013

Good Advice........ the above picture doesn't reflect really what is on my mind or what this post is about. I saw it in my photo stash and one thought led to another, and I was reminded of something that got me thinking.

As our little family were pootling along on the motorway the other night, the driving conditions were horrendous. The rain was lashing down. It was dark. The visibility was poor.....really poor.

At one point in the journey, we could make out lots of blue flashing lights ahead of us in the bad visibility. As we drew closer, and traffic slowed right down, we could see 4 fire engines, 5 police cars......and a car so badly smashed into a huge tree up an embankment, it was hardly recognisable.

The mood in our car was one of sombre. I thought how the person in the drivers seat, or car for that matter, would not be going home that night, and by the looks of the car, any other night. I said a little prayer as we drove on by.....there would be someone who would need that comfort that night.

And seeing that sight, made me realise, an action I had taken a few days earlier was definitely the right thing to do.

It's a great idea. One that Paramedics are hoping will really catch on...and an idea that they hope people will circulate through twitter, facebook, blogging etc, to reach as many people as possible.

Okay, it's not the nicest of knowing you need to write a will. It's not something you really want to think about but you know it's a good idea to do it.

Paramedics going to the scene of any accident, whatever it may be, usually come across a phone belonging to the person who needs their help. They look through the phone to find out who to contact in the emergency.....but more often than not, they have no idea who it is who they should be calling in that persons contacts list. They have asked that as many people as possible take 5 minutes out of their day to do a couple of simple steps. 

Add and ICE (IN CASE of EMERGENCY) to their contacts list. 


ICE-1: your partners number

ICE-2: your parents number

...What ever you want and how ever many numbers you want in a list of priority.

It's such a simple idea, but one that can help paramedics locate who to call straight away. In some circumstances, this could make a huge difference. I just know, that if I am ever in a situation where I have paramedics come and attend to me, I would want my family to be alerted straight away.

I thought it was a brilliant idea. It did cross my mind however, that, as great as it was, it was useless to many, who like me, have locks on their phones. No paramedic would be able to get into my phone to even see my ICE in my contacts list.

So, my solution was to take my screen wallpaper into an app that could write text, and put an ICE contact on the picture. Voila. It's not in your face, but I would hope that if my phone was checked, the number would be seen straight away on my phone lock screen. There are always other ways to do the same thing too.

I hope that it won't ever need to be used, but i'm happy i've done it. I do really want to be around to see my homely views and be with my family, but I really do want my loved ones to be near me as soon as they can be if ever anything should happen. Just spending a few moments putting in an ICE contact into your phone can make a big difference.

My hope is that the driver's family was contacted quickly too.

Please spread the word to your friends and family. Although we ALL hope that we will never need it, it really is a good idea to have it in your phone contacts list.



  1. Thanks for this advice Vanessa, I had heard of this before and had it in my old phone but this is a good reminder for me to update my current one. I will make sure my husband does the same as he does loads of driving for work, late at night and often when he's tired (he insists on burning the candle at both ends) It is my worse fear that he will be involved in a RTA, and I'm always so relieved when he gets home safely. Sam xx

  2. Brilliant! Kind of scary to think about, but worth taking the time to do. Thanks for the tip.

  3. Such good advice Vanessa - seeing something like that, or worse still actually being involved in it, truly puts things in to perspective doesn't it ? I totally agree that its a couple of minutes well spent.
    Kate x

  4. A good idea indeed, I shall make sure I do this.

  5. good idea of how to bypass the security lock problem, thanks for sharing, x

  6. thank you for this useful and simple advice!
    xxxxx Ale

  7. It's so horrible when you see an accident & usually there is nothing one can do but pass on by and say a prayer. The ICE no. is such a good idea! Thank you for mentioning this and the advice on getting round the phone security lock issue. I will certainly look at adding this to all our phones.

  8. I've had this in my phone for a long time, as I work in the care industry i'd heard of it. Great post.

  9. Thank you for posting about this as I've never heard of this recommendation before. It is such an important thing to do and I'm going to type ICE into my phone and my husband's phone today. Well done!

  10. My husband had me do this about 2 years ago, and when we gave a phone to our preteen hers has this as well.
    You have me thinking though that my extended family and friends may not be aware, so I'll alert them.

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  12. I did this years ago, when I first heard about it, but, because you have reminded me I decided to check the numbers, three of which have since changed - thank you very much. I never lock my phone, it isn't a smart phone or or similar.

  13. So very sad isn't it, that that eve some families life is going to change forever. Thank you for this reminder...


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