Thursday, 7 November 2013

Whizzing by......Sort of.......

I think it's part and parcel of getting older. 

Time seems to just go faster and faster.

This time of year seems to go especially quick on one hand.....yet so incredibly slowly on the other.

I always think I have lots of time to make presents for Christmas. I don't. It's always last minute and stressful. I always wish January will come quickly and I can start to look forward to the year ahead. It's when I know Spring won't be long and the dark days somehow seem easier to cope with.

Last week was a hectic one. It was our Half Term break. 

The blankets are out on all the beds now to snuggle under and hibernate in. Our house is a cool house. The Bears never seem to feel the cold, and if the heating is on a moderate temperature because I am cold, they all complain. So, I put on the extra layers and love my blankets and hot water bottles.....and they walk around in bare feet and short sleeved t-shirts.....(it makes me shudder!).

I wanted do a HUGE amount of this.....

Except this was the only day....and it was short lived. Pants.

There were a couple of Birthdays....

Mine was one of them.....a year older.....definitely a year wiser.

Not one for being the centre of attention and having some great party, low key is me.......I opted for a trip into London.

We hit the Museums.....The Bears were brilliant, and then we mooched along the King's Road. The last time I had walked along that street I was pregnant with Big Bear. Fourteen years ago. I obviously don't get out enough.

It's great to mooch places. I like to mooch.

The weather was amazingly great. I'm not sure I've EVER had a birthday where the weather has been mild and glorious. The only bonus for me with my Birthday, was that it always fell in the school half term (which as a school kid, was kinda great).

Having a couple of Birthdays in such a short space of time meant we all ate a lot of cake. 

Amongst the other grey and wet days, there was a glimmer of sunshine, so a trip to visit Jane Austen's House was had. I hadn't been for 20 years and it was great to visit there again. It was a beautiful day...although, I had a touch of the the giggles, and everything seemed really funny that day. I got a lot of stares. Everyone else was so serious there! Ever have days like that?

The house was beautiful. The sun was shining and the warmth felt in the house was amazing. I can well imagine how calming and lovely a place it was to finish her greatest novels there.

I did have a mid-week dip though.

Whilst I love the lazy days of a Half Term, I LOATHE the mess. More mess than is usual in my house. Mess to the point, where I cannot turn. Mess to the point where I want to EXPLODE at my beautiful Bears, for being totally unhelpful and only doing something if it benefits THEM.

Luckily, they did buck up their ideas and lend a hand. At the end of the week we headed to Wales to catch up with family and that was much needed.

I got to have lovely cuddle time with one of my new Nephews.

Oh I love the smell of new babies. The coohing........their dinky bums and cute little hands and feet.

Then they poop and cry....and i'm glad that i'm able to hand them back! ha ha!

There were blustery walks and rain soaked coats, but it was lovely to be out in the fresh salty air.

And at the end of long cold walks, there were hot chocolates and warm milks to warm one through though.

This past week has been spent playing catch up. I'm behind with everything. Not really any time for anything of a significantly crafty nature.....

....just a little bit of crochet frippery whilst having a 5 minute cuppa and a sit down....

We'll see how that one turns out!



  1. I love your Birthday mantle! So happy! I never occurred to me while we were in England to look up Jane Austen's home. That will go on my list for next time I think. I hope you aren't too bogged down with must do's that you can't have some play time soon.

  2. Happy belated birthday Vanessa. It seems that you had a nice and varied half term. We spent it in Seoul but had an interesting time there, plus I managed to get some rather lovely crafty books. Your patchwork throw is lovely, have you made it? I has a beautiful combo of fabrics. I am trying to gather fabric now to make one in the summer when i have more time. time at the moment is definitely flying by, I just hope i submit my next two essays by the deadline in mid December!!!!!! Have a lovely week, Pati xx

  3. We're having a birthday week here, too, lots of fun and cakes! I think I had a very similar half term a bit of rest and then on with the mess! But at least the kids had fun and relaxed...happy birthday to you and yours, and thank you for sharing all your lovely moments - I'm not too far from Jane Austen's house, it's lovely, especially with giggles! ;-) Chrissie x

  4. A very happy belated birthday my friend - you're catching me up! ;-)

    I'm completely coveting that beautiful blanket in your second picture. Even I'm starting to feel chilly now. I like to crank the heating up but just love the icy draft from an open window - I know, I know, global warming …

    I've never been to Jane Austen's house which is awful really considering she has always been one of my favourite writers. Sadly I suspect my nearest and dearest would probably pull their own nails out rather than go with me!

    Loving those dear little scrumptious toes!*


    *Oh my days!!! I was going to put 'smoochy coochie' toes but something stopped me - google it and see what the definition is!!!

    1. What I mean is google 'coochie' not 'smoochy coochie' which is actually even worse.

    2. OH MY WORD.....laughing my bum off!!!!!!!!! xxxx

  5. A belated happy birthday, looks like you had a wonderful week, excluding the mess :( Intidged to see what you've been making in the last pic, I'm thinking flowers.

  6. Hi Vanessa
    All sounds pretty heavenly to me - you can never have too much cake or mooching or even smelling of babies heads !
    Hope the mess subsides - I'm with you on that one.
    Kate x

  7. Belated Happy Birthday wishes - from another Scorpio! I love birthdays still - some of us never properly grow up - November is the perfect month for them. Hope Wales wasn't too wet - lovely photos of the beach. I'm off to see my Dad there in the next couple of weeks. Do come and say hello at the Farmers/Makers market in Alton on Saturday, if you're nearby. It's a great place to pick up some hand-made pressies and take the pressure off all that Christmas shopping and making!

  8. Hi Vanessa
    Happy B/Day!!! Sounds like you had a lot of fun!!! Your birthday dresser looks great!!!! Love the colors!!! Love the blanket too!!! A really lovely post - you made me miss the sea!!!! And winter!!!! It's stinking hot down this side of the world!!! Have a great weekend!!!

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVELY !!!! Ooooh that cake looks delish!
    Oh my goodness, is that Farnham? I'm sure it is, I grew up in a village just down the road, I love Farnham and used to go lots, not so often now though.
    I LOVE Jane Austin's house too, but i know exactly what you mean.
    wishing you a calm few days ahead x
    love jooles xxx

  10. Happy belated Birthday! A trip to London and a visit to Jane Austen's house......I would have enjoyed both too ( know what you mean about the effects of a serious atmosphere too!) Love the pretty banners and cake.....your pics are such a colourful treat today. Wishing you a happy weekend ahead.
    Helen x

  11. Happy birthday! I love those birthday banners, where did you get them? Amy X

    1. I got them from a local shop. They are called Whatever Banner Kit. Just google it and online stores will come up for you! : )

  12. Happy Birthday! Love the cake, and the crochet. Your pictures are amazing. I'm sure the boys had a great time at the beach, so much to explore...

  13. Buon Compleanno!!!!!! When you were talking about the mess boys do…..well I had a big smile of my face : I have 2 boys (14 and 11) and they do the same !!!!!!It's soooooo annoying, I know!!!!
    xxxxxx ale

  14. Happy birthday to you! Such a lovely post. Much of what you say is exactly the same here, the mess of boys, their inability to feel the cold and to sit around in a t-shirt when I have five layers on, the low-key birthday trips to somewhere lovely that you don't often get to visit. It looks as though you've had a lovely time lately, and your photos are beautiful. Hope you have a really great year.

  15. Thanks for the lovely post, felt like I had a mini vacation while enjoying my coffee this morning! So glad you had a such a pleasant birthday celebration. Love the bright, cheery crochet!

  16. Such a lovely post and Happy Birthday to you!! It sounds like my idea of a perfect birthday and I am pleased to hear that you managed to get into London and have an enjoyable day. I too feel like a day in bed, all day with a thick and heavy eidie over me, but a few hours here and there does help. Really beautiful images and love all the pretty candles on your mantelpiece too! Enjoy your weekend xoxo

  17. Happy Birthday! London and Jane Austen's house sound like the most lovely way to spend a birthday. Birthday cake doesn't hurt either :)

  18. Scorpio? Mine is the 14th... Someone asked me today what I planned to do... I have no idea... Crochet all day long and stay in my pyjamas. I wish.
    Love the patchwork blankie. Dig the beach and the bears trotting around there. Time flies. Wasn't it just February? Or is it February tomorrow.
    Happy Friday anyway.

  19. A lovely read!
    Pat x

  20. Happy birthday! So glad you're back blogging, I read this having just sat down exasperated with my own three boys and the absolute state of my house and them telling ME why can't the house be tidy like the childminders.... and breathe.... I'd love to visit London, never been which is a disgrace as I'm living next to Dublin airport. Thanks for the lovely pics to enjoy over a cuppa here before I return to my own madness. Sarah

  21. Belated Happy Birthday Wishes Vanessa!
    Sounds like you had a great day out to celebrate, and the trip later in the week to Jane Austen's House looked good.
    Enjoy the weekend!
    Gill xx

  22. Goodness, are those Jane's own dresses? I might have had to stifle myself too, at the sight of that. I think an involuntary whooooooo! might have issued forth. What a lovely day--and, I must say, your "cuddly blanket with mug" day sounds almost as wonderful.

    Happy birthday to all of yours!

  23. What a delightful time you've been having! Those giggly days are so funny, aren't they?! And Happy Birthday!

  24. Oh, your half term looks beautiful! Ours was dominated by a three day power cut - the candles rather lost their charm after the first night! And then it seemed a rush to squeeze the things planned in to the last part of the week. Oh well, one we will probably remember!

  25. Happy belated Birthday!
    I'm loving the "Dreamers are Waking" Bunting.


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