Friday, 25 October 2013

My Week and Ponderings.......

I have REALLY enjoyed getting my blogging mojo back.

It has been great to feel like i'm getting back into a rhythm again.

At first I wasn't sure how sporadic my posts would be, but I think I am aiming for at least a weekly post. A little weekly reminder to myself how my world has been if when I look back at it.

I have spent this week in a whoosh. Is 'whoosh' the right word? Yes, I think it is. It's like someone has blown me along this week at an alarming speed. I've been here, there and everywhere. It's been a week where I haven't stopped to think and make plans. I seem to have lurched from one thing straight into another. I find these types of weeks hard, especially as I am a dreamer.....and procrastinator. If I don't get a fixed dose of these each week, I cannot seem to function at my best. This week, has actually been a week when I have needed that more than others too. I have needed to be able to have time to just think, and it's not really happened.

It has been a tiring week. The weather has been a mixed bag. We had big thunderstorms this week. We haven't had a good thunderstorm for quite a while. I do love them. I find that there is something so fascinating about angry weather. I do love to watch those programmes about the storm chasers. They are crazy dudes but I get their fascination and drive to be there in the middle of some really ridiculous weather situations. I was a tad irritated though, that it came right when the final of the great british bake off was on. Sit by the window or watch the bake off?

I feel like I have achieved a little bit this week though. Cake bakes made for school....laundry done (I loathe the monotony of laundry, and how whenever I get every last drop of it done and put away, I turn around and the piles again behind me are monstrous! Ever get that too?)......I posted off the Innocent hats......I donated blood.....I was a HUGE taxi service to my children this week (I felt like I practically lived in my car).....I got a few rows done on my blanket and made a start using the turquoise yarn I bought a few weeks ago.......I made a couple of pot holders......I ate space rocket crumpets with jam......I sorted china and blankets.....happily watched the rising sun glow across my dresser.........and loved viewing snippets of colour throughout my house.

I guess, I have achieved a fair amount. It's funny how you don't think so until you stop and make a note of it. That's where noting down these things pays off. I don't feel so rubbish about my week now! I've got little bits done here and there on the crafty front, but it all feels quite itty bitty.

I do feel though that I would really like to start a project that I have given quite a bit of thought too. I feel like the last 10 projects have been things sort of started on a whim without any proper thought. Well, except for the baby blankets. I did actually give those more than a few seconds thought.

I guess, I would just like to start something that is not started on a whim, as most of my projects seem to be. So I am on the look out for something to really get my teeth into. I do have a long list of things that I have been wanting to make for like, EVER, but I just would love to make something that really grabs me.....and truly absorbs me. Hummmmmm, I might have to spend a bit of time on Pinterest  searching for some inspiration to start the project of all projects.

Having said that though, this is not the time of year to be starting big projects really. Now is the time when I start to get twitchy, and the stress levels rise slowly. It all just gets manic from here on in until after christmas. I usually dread this all. I cannot seem to change my thought on it. Maybe i'm thinking, a project might be a good distraction or de-stresser. We shall see. Maybe just searching for inspiration and finding a project that I think I would love to start will be enough, rather than actually starting it.

Today though, I am not alone. I have Baby Bear at home with me, feeling a tad under the weather. So we are having a snuggle day. I Like days like those. The coffee pot is on and gently wafting its aroma over the house. The lamps are on. The hot water bottle is filled. Books are beside me to enjoy whilst Baby Bear snuggles and drifts in and out of sleep. This will be my day.

I hope that you all have a beautiful day, wherever you are and what ever you are doing....



  1. You and your little bear snuggling looks so sweet! As do your many lovely photos and gorgeous snippets of colors and pattern everywhere. Oh I did fully agree with the laundry problem!!!! Same story here....just when you think you've got it done, there's the next pile! Have a lovely weekend! xo Karen

  2. Now this is a lovely start to my day....your bright, cheerful post.
    Def know what yo mean with laundry.....wish I was stinking rich & could have butler (like downton abbey)
    or failing that just send it all out to be done for me!!!!!
    I love the rose potholder, sweet, sweet,sweet.
    Look forward to seeing the project of all projects
    Enjoy your day Karen x

  3. Ha, I smiled at so much of this post Vanessa.... the laundry mountain is relentless here too and I feel exactly the same about Christmas.
    I'm so glad you are posting again as your blog is always a visual feast.
    Love your pot holders pretty.
    Have a smashing half term break.
    Jacquie x

  4. Yes, the never-ending washing. Monstrous piles of the stuff, as you say. I find their very presence stressful; looming in corners whilst I'm trying to get on with other, more enjoyable things. I love planning and procrastinating too. Maybe the answer is to plan a lovely project to start in the New Year? x

  5. Hope you have a relaxing day and your little one gets better soon. Your pictures are gorgeous.......I love your dresser, especially the chickens! x

  6. Hi Vanessa
    I am soooo enjoying reading your blog and I love it when it shows on the sidebar on my blog that you have posted again.
    Gorgeous photo's and I love your little pot holders.
    You know I think you have to have busy manic weeks like that so that you really appreciate the lovely quiet ones. I'm sure a big project will spring to mind soon, I am always surprised when an idea or inspiration suddenly comes along as if from nowhere.
    Loving your pink stripy socks by the way - I am seriously coveting a pair of grey socks with poms poms that I have seen in the White Company.
    Enjoy your snuggly day,
    Kate x

  7. I love your colorful post of today! It all looks so cosy, as always. Love your Pip-mugs, I have some of them also, the new print is lovely!
    Have a nice weekend!

    xx Margriet

  8. Love your pics! Hope you have a nice relaxing day. I am looking forward to January myself. When all the holidays are done and out of the way for another year. :)

  9. Space rocket crumpets?! I like your style ;o)
    Wishing baby bear a speedy recovery, all those cosy bear hugs will help no end.
    I have weeks like that too, full on but its feels as though nothing has been achieved, but then you have a think and and you've done loads.
    Gosh I am with you on the laundry ..... g r o a n.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend
    love jooles xxx

    P.S I have a giveaway happening over at mine (sorry to scare you though it is Christmas related!)

  10. LOVE to get these beautiful photos in my inbox. I don't think I've ever commented before, but I wanted you to know that your photos and short stories always brighten my day - so thank you for that!

  11. I love to see your photos. They are full of color, but also delicate. When I watch them, I almost taste them.
    I hope that next week will be calmer for you :)

  12. Ummm, excuse me Missus, how many CK messenger bags do you have? ;-)

    We've been on half term this week and it's flown by. Is it really Friday already?

    Do hope Baby Bear feels better soon and you have a wonderful weekend.


    1. Ha ha, you must be a CK fan to know what they were! All presents given at one time or another. They are actually the only bags I like from CK. I don't rate their oilcloth bags, and much prefer their fabric ones. Xxx

    2. I thought exactly that as I wrote my comment!! Yes, completely agree with you - I much prefer the fabric messenger bags too - they come up beautifully clean after a quick machine wash and accommodate so much gubbins! xx

  13. I was inspired by your Innocents hats to actually crochet a few myself. Some got pom poms and some got flowers, all got posted yesterday. Thank you for the gentle nudge or was it more like a hefty kick up the backside I wonder. Sometimes the latter is more what I need. I hope Baby Bear is feeling brighter now. Have a great weekend. Philippa xx

  14. I'm so glad you're back to blogging - I love your photos and tales of your homelife. I've got two mugs like yours - the pink and the blue stripey PIP ones - blue for cloudy morning first-cup-of-tea, pink for sunny days! Hope little Bear is getting better. My big Bear is home atm, just for a while between working away - he used to howl when we called him a Bear when he was little! Now he's well over 6' tall with size 13 feet!!! Enjoy the weekend and the stormy weather.

  15. What a beautiful post. So lovely to have a little bear home to snuggle up to. I know exactly what you mean about searching for a project that you can really commit to - I'm looking for one too. Ravelry is my favourite place to search for inspiration. Hope you have a good weekend. Love the rocket ship crumpets!

  16. I am happy you are back, you always make nice posts, with
    beautiful elements in your photo's. And I love your style and colours,
    and of course your crochet works.

  17. Glad you've got your blogging mojo back. x

  18. Nice post with lots of lovely photos...can you tel me what book you are using for your crochet squares in the photo, I spied it in the back ground. I can see it shows you the pattern which I find easyer to follow than written ......Thanks

    1. Hi Amanda,

      It's from a Japanese crochet book. It's the one shown in this post with the girl sitting on a chest of drawers. It's actually the rose square from that blanket on the front cover! It's available from a seller called Pomadour24 on Ebay. I hope this is of help. Sorry for the delay in replying to your question x

  19. Your week sounds productive and I do like a good productive week. Almost as much as I like a lazy one. I hope you enjoyed your snuggly day. I like it more than I should when my little is sick. She is so awfully cuddly when she is under the weather.

  20. As one taxi driver to another, I salute you!
    I'm loving your wooden spoon collection.

  21. I am so glad to have rediscovered your blog, gorgeous as always. x

  22. Sounds busy and full of life and everyday moments just as it should be!

  23. It sounds to me as if you need a snuggle day once in a while that doesn't only happen because one of your little ones is unwell. Mum's need duvet days too x

  24. I think that all the planing and dreaming, and collecting and gathering make a big juicy project more fun, i hope that you find something you want to do and that you enjoy yourself getting there! oh and, wowzer, i gotta convince my hubby that i need a dress, yours looks sooo pretty!

    Cate, x

  25. Love all the beautiful pictures in this post! I hope you had a lovely snuggly day and that little bear was soon better. Some weeks you don't feel as if you've done much but all the while you are gathering ideas and inspiration for future big projects.....wishing you a happy week ahead, Vanessa.
    Helen x

  26. As always, your photos are so gorgeous. Each one is an inspiration to me. :)

  27. hello vanessa, i just wanted to let you know ive closed my blog for a while, not sure if i will return, think its run its course and i need a break. i might be back or i might just stick with instagram instead. much love and look forward to your posts, kazzy xx

  28. I'm doing laundry today too. Not so bad if you can get a bit of crochet done in between loads. Loving those pretty potholders!

  29. Oooo, it has taken me a while to get around to reading your lovely post... a combination of half term and three days without power! Your snuggle day looks delightful (though obviously hoping your little one was only gently poorly!) I love laundry - comforting smells, pegging out, ironing, sorting, folding - and pretty laundry accessories help! Oh my, spaceship crumpets?!

  30. I am so pleased you have started blogging again, I was so sad when you decided to not blog anymore, but understood how you felt, I just stopped by to drool over your pictures again and was thrilled to see some new posts. Your pictures are fantastic and they are so inspiring I really look up to you and hope one day my blog will be as good as yours. Keep up the great work. Saysie


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