Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Teacups and Motifs.......

And so it continues.

The days are racing.

I have so much to do.

Far too much to spend ANY time on crafting.....

....yet I still decide, on a whim to make a crafty make and start another blanket.

I know! Am I crazy or what? crafty little make?....oh....a little teacup...

I'm not sure why I suddenly decided that I needed a teacup pin cushion in my life......I just did. 

It's not as if I don't have enough little pin cushions to keep me going. It just popped into my head and called my name.....very loudly.

I wish I was the kind of person that had these thoughts, and then just filed them away in their brain under 'must make someday'. It seems I am not that kind of person, and once said thought enters my head, the only way I can get it from being my only thought is to make it and get it out of my system.

I had seen one somewhere, in a magazine perhaps.....or maybe Pinterest. I remember it wasn't actually the centrepiece of the image I was actually looking at and I cannot even remember paying much attention to it, but my mind must have registered it. I decided (once again on a whim one day) that I think I should like to make myself one.

No pattern, but it was straightforward enough to put together.

I did try and do a google search to see if I could find the picture that gave me inspiration for it, but, as I thought, it was a bit fruitless as the teacup wasn't the main attraction. I cannot even remember what the main attraction was in the image. I did come across some pretty crocheted teacup pin cushions though. Quite a bit of inspiration on that search alone.

I'm rather pleased with my whim of a make. Made from a very vague, not quite there memory, it turned out well and will serve a good purpose. I like the little handle, I like the saucer, and I like the froth on the top. Maybe it will make me thirsty. I do love a super drink.

From teacups I went onto motifs.

Again, spur of the moment.

I do have my wavy blanket (which I have yet to name) to be getting on with.....although I seem to have marked that a long WIP.

I just had the urge for hexagon motifs in subtle colours.

My colour range is coming along nicely and I am really rather happy with it. I have a passion for greys, pinks, blues and neutrals at the moment. I am feeling satisfied. I like it when that happens. I always dread that feeling when you put some colour combinations together that look so lovely in your head...but when push comes to shove...they leave you feeling flat.

I simply have no space for another blanket. I am thinking I need to be ruthless and get rid of some of my earlier blanket makes to accommodate the newer stuff. I shall think on it more.

Until then, teacups and motifs put a smile on my face.....



  1. Oh Vanessa, I love your little teacup pin cushion, it's adorable! The blanket motifs are gorgeous too, beautiful soft colours!
    I've really been enjoying your recent posts, so very lovely to have you back. Sorry I haven't had time to comment though, I have my mom staying with me at the mo, she's had an op and come to me for a rest.

    Have a lovely day!
    Rachel x

  2. I completely relate to an idea in your brain that takes hold and won't let go til it's made it to the light of day! Beautiful blanket in the works, and the tea cup is darling...I made my own a few months ago, when my blog was still rather brand new:
    Thanks for sharing yours! :-) Chrissie x

    1. Thank you for sharing your Chrissie! I love the tea bag string.....and the cookie.....oh the love love that idea! xxx

  3. That is amazing! You are very talented - to just have the idea and than make it up yourself! I am more of a think-it-up-then-look-it-up-on-ravelry kind of person.

    Can't wait to see the finished blanket!

  4. This blanket promises to be gorgeous, love the photo of all the hexagons piled up vertically. The tea cup is such fun, not surprised that you had to make it.

  5. Such a great description. I found myself among your words...
    Sometimes I come across a thing on blogs, pinterest or magazine and after for a while I'm seeing that it was written on my to-do list. I don't remember when I decided to make it!!!

    You are an amazing inspire source for me. I love your all crafts and colors and style...



  6. So cleaver to make that without a pattern. It's gorgeous! x

  7. Hi Vanessa
    Thats so funny - I'm exactly the same, just suddenly absolutely NEED to start something new. I am currently really battling with myself as I soooo want to start another blanket, but, like you we are pretty much all blanketed out at home ! I love your colours of your new blanket, so so pretty altogether.
    Love your blog so much,
    Kate x

  8. your tea cup is splendid!!!! love your hexagons, too!!!!
    enjoy crocheting, xxxxx Ale

  9. That blankie in the making looks rather yummy and the tea cup....ohh the tea cup...... it looks edible to me too!! Lovely, Pati x

  10. What a cute, clever idea. Well done you - the teacup is gorgeous! X

  11. What a gorgeous little teacup!!! You are clever! The only thing is now I think I need one too - semi skimmed and no sugar for me, thanks.

  12. Le tue immagini sono sempre speciali!!

  13. lol I totally understand what you mean by having to do something as soon as you have an idea for it! I've been making cupcake pincushions for the last two days. I could probably open a bakery.... ;) Awesome blanket too by the way, loving the soft colors!

  14. love the teacup and the blanket in progress! I am totally with you on the blanket virus. It's chronicle in my case, it seems something like 'enough' or 'too much' blankets does not happen in my world haha. Well, enjoy a couple more hexagons in the middle of your busy running schedule. xo Maaike

  15. I really love your gorgeous little teacup pincushion, it is so cute and clever! And your beautiful new blanket in those soft colours is going to be so very special. However busy I am I just have to start something once the idea pops into my head, so I know just what you mean! But I always say that crafting is very good for you so it's just fine to do that anyhow!
    Keep cosy!
    Helen x

  16. Oh Vanessa, what an absolute delight these images are. I adore your little teacup pin cushion, how clever you are. Your Japanese motifs nearly had me blaming you for a post work dash to John Lewis to stock up on the two colours I'm short to continue with mine. I was good and resisted though!
    Erin x

  17. Ps. You can't get rid of any blankets! It would be criminal. Wait until Gayna reads that. I imagine she will be plotting night time break ins to liberate them!! ������

  18. the teacup is fun and the new blanket will be exquisite! I just love that sea green colour so much. Looking forward to seeing more, Heather x

  19. I just sucked in some air in a disapproving way when I read about your blanket quandaries...too many blankets? No such thing....take it from someone who knows! I have to say when I get a thing about a blanket, I've made them in small to give as a baby blanket. I have made soooo man blankets, bu then i'v e given a lot away, I hasten to add, only to people who appreciate it...making a blanket for someone you care about is abou th best present giving ever.

  20. Such beautiful makes. I really like your teacup pincushion and I also love your heart pins! I would love to find some like that but have never seen them in the store.

  21. I love the teacup pincushion and had a sudden urge for some hot chocolate when I saw it (the heart pins are sweet too). Lovely colours for the hexagon blanket and I love the little flower motif in the centre. Making blankets is one of the most therapeutic things ever for me - I hope you don't have to get rid of any of your other gorgeous blankets to make room; I'd get the shoe-horn out and make it fit somewhere! Jane x

  22. That teacup is absolutely gorgeous. The blanket colours are lovely too. You have such a talent for this creative stuff, everything you touch turns out to be magic. How I love to visit your beautiful blog.

  23. Absolutely delicious, you are so clever....easy to put together, I wonder if I'll ever think anything is easy to put together like this! You certainly know how to work crochet magic! :) x

  24. What fun!!! The teacup caught my eye straight away....I just love it! I've had an idea and tried to create it in crochet many times but it just never turns out like the image I have in my head......I'm going to keep trying though one day I'll do it! :-)

    keep well

    Amanda x

  25. that is the cutest thing I've ever seen! I need a pea cup pin cushion in my life!!

  26. I love the tea cup and the hexagons are absolutely gorgeous. You are so creative - I just love your stuff!

  27. Please please please could you do a pattern for the tea cup? I love it but I've not been crocheting long enough to have the confidence to make one from my imagination,or would have the patience to try and make it up! Thank you for all your lovely posts your work is amazing :-)

  28. Hi Vanessa, Your tea cup is adorable and I love the subtle, muted colours of your's going to be another gorgeous blanket.
    You are such an inspiration.
    Jacquie x

  29. I have never commented here before but I must this time.
    The teacup pin cushion is beyond adorable...I love it to pieces!!
    Thank you for all the beautiful makes that you share with all of us.

    Happy autumn!


  30. Such pretty hexagons! And the teacup is GORGEOUS!

  31. Hi Vanessa, What a fun make!!! You are so clever!!! That blanket is going to be a keeper with those beautiful colors!!! Have a happy week!!!

  32. What a clever lady you are to be able to make something so very lovely without a pattern. I just love the teacup. Your new blanket is going to be very special too. I'm with you on the softer palette. Lovely, lovely, lovely. Philippa xx

  33. Loving the new blanket, so very pretty & the cup is the cutest :)
    Karen x

  34. Oh, I do so love your pincushion, it's wonderful.

    I also understand the pull of blankets - I've made seven in the last year (three of which I've given away) and I've got another two on the go. The two WIPS are knitted, though, so I'm feeling the pull of a new crocheted blanket. . . just need to find a pattern! Unlike you, I really don't like motifs (or rather, I absolutely love the way they look, I just hate making them) so it'll be an in the round or back and forth blanket for me.

  35. That tea cup pin cushion did just the trick, I have a smile a mile wide.

  36. Your tea cup pin cushion looks lovely Vanessa! Love the colours you chose for your new blanket too!

    Madelief x

  37. Just the sweetest little tea cup! I agree with Krazy Knit Kerena, please make a pattern for us not talented enough to do our own! So beautiful it was in my mind all day.......

  38. Please, please, please tell me you will some day (SOON) write a book full of your beautiful patterns!!

  39. This looks like it will be the most dreamy hexie blanket... do hope you manage to find a space for your ever increasing pile of blankets. They must look so very pretty in a pile. And sweet pin cushion!

  40. I have just found your blog through a link to your evening sun blanket which I adore. However, I am loving the look of your new blanket too. I currently have a blanket on the go, but am liking the idea of your new one. could I ask where you found the pattern from it, as it is just gorgeous.


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