Sunday, 1 December 2013

Crazy Days......

I think perhaps, my ridiculous crafty makes this month have been my way of coping with this time of year.

I've posted before why Christmas and it's run up has lost all it's sparkle for me. I hope it comes back. 

I'm thinking that next year, I might use the lazy summer holidays to get all the end of year Birthday present buying done and wrapped and ready. Then, that might free me up to enjoy a bit of Christmas cheer next year.

This year though, it's my crafty head that has kept me from going insane. It has taken me away to my crafty wonderland. My head has been buzzing. Buzzing so much that I feel excited with ideas, but annoyed I have so many at once. As usual, it has meant me flitting from one thing to another like a woman possessed. But, I have liked it that way. I have not had time to think about my usual end of year stresses.

So, I have several projects on the go at once. Flitting from one to another each evening. I quite like doing something different each night. It stops the boredom and satisfies my skittish-ness....but it means that each project takes longer to finish.

I am working on my hexagon blanket. Just a couple more colour motifs to go, and a border to go on each, then I am ready to put it together. My sparkly scarf is coming along nicely. I shall be pleased when it is done, I think it will be lovely with so many things. I have my wavy blanket which is coming along slowly. I decided the time was right to use some gorgeous yarn I was given and make....yeap.....some more wrist warmers. Like I don't have enough, but they are in constant use, so I figure, another pair would be good.

I was given this gorgeous Alpaca yarn by my extremely lovely mother-in-law. It's Sierra Andina by Adriafil. Just the most gorgeous feel and also the most gorgeous colour. I have been wanting to find the best pattern to make the most of it. I was going to make my usual Drops design Karisma wrist warmers but I saw some lovely ones on pinterest which led me here and a pair were made. I just adjusted the pattern a little as I was using a different yarn and wanted a slightly longer length to mine.

But then, I just HAD to whip up a hat to go with it. I had a little bit of the turquoise yarn left over, and I was desperate not to waste any, so it became a border for the hat. Once again, a little pink pom pom with some left over yarn was placed on top. I've left it plain so far, no 'herbs' but maybe I shall embellish at a later date.

I'm thinking a cream scarf with a turquoise and pink edge would be nice also, Geez, what am I like?

Also, I had a few emails asking me what pattern I was using for my sparkly scarf.

It was this pattern here. I used it last year to make a chunky scarf and I loved the pattern so much. I thought it would make a great skinny scarf too using a finer yarn.

I have decided this year, that we will dispense with a traditional live tree in our house, in favour of a very kitsch pink one. I'm hoping it won't be a complete regret as I do love the smell of a christmas tree in the house, but, hey, there's always next year to remedy that right? We don't have space for me to indulge in a couple of trees, no matter how tiny. So, with a pink tree in mind, when I saw Yvestowns christmas stocking tutorial, I knew a couple of those would tie in nicely with a pink tree, and not make it look too out of place. A step away from my usual red and white, but I thought they would make the pink tree feel more at home.

So, sorting through my cotton stash I found some pretty colours like Yvonne used. The colours that Yvonne had used were actually really perfect to tie in with my pink tree, I just put a heel cap on one and a heel and toe cap on the other to make them a little different. I am pleased with them. They really will compliment my tree this year....and maybe I won't feel so bad!

It did get me thinking though...and my crafty head went into overdrive. More on that in another post.

I don't know how frequent my postings will be from now until christmas. Now is the time when I knuckle down and try and get my act together. Something has to give, right?

we shall see.

Until then.......I bid you a fond adieu



  1. Hello Vanessa!

    Your white hat is magical enough to help you ride the crazy, festive month of December! It reminds me of a snowflake with a little pink and turquoise for trimming.

    Thinking of you through Advent and I hope a little glitter is gently flung in your eyes to help you!


  2. Good morning my flower. I'm flitting too. Only this morning my daughter asked me if I was actually going to finish anything. Rude!!!

    Loveliest makes - I adore your hat and mitts (favouritest colour combination ever) and yes, yes, to the cream scarf. Gorgeous stockings too. Your Christmas is going to be soooo pretty.

    We're still in birthday mode too. Another week perhaps and festive cheer might start creeping in. When it does, I'll be sure to send a large dollop your way.


  3. I'm sorry you have such sadness around this time. Being somewhat new as a reader do your blog, I don't know what brings on the sadness, but I know this is a rough time of year for so many people. I decided this year ...not giving very many hand made gifts. I usually do but I'm tired of "buckling down" and "stressing" and I'm trying to focus more on together time and one day at a time. I totally get the mind never stopping. I think it is a crafters woe. It's why I've been awake since 4:00 a.m. And am now online looking at inspiration! Which is why I love your blog BTW.

    Cindy Bee

  4. like your hat/mitts set!!!!!
    xxxx Ale

  5. hi vanessa,
    another beautiful set......... i love it!!!!!!!
    your christmas socks are very pretty,love the colors.
    have a wonderful first of advent,

  6. that's a lovely little hat. I would definitely have to add a lining to go where I walk my dog! The pattern of the scarf is lovely. I will be putting my old tree from Woolworths up this year. I have two different sizes, depending what mood I'm in! It just keeps on going. Good luck with all your present making, Heather x

  7. Oh My your stockings are beautiful and how lovely to have a pink tree, I think I would be shot by two of my family members for even suggesting the idea, so I will pop over here and gaze at yours longingly when the time is right.
    You are not alone in starting so many projects at the same time ..... my head is a bundle of busy spaghetti, I think my crafty head is trying to take me away from the sadness going on here, so that can only be a good thing i figure!
    Good luck with all your plans and makings :o)
    love jooles xxx

  8. I keep interrupting my blanket making to make another scarf, hat and mitten set! I think it's become an obsession - but it makes me happy and the blanket will be there next week, along with the shawl yarn, sock yarn .....
    Love the idea of a pink Christmas tree - I bought a little white one to add to another room, so I can decorate in some non traditional colours. :)
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend. x

  9. So many gorgeous makes, I like you am a flitter with way to many things on the go. Have a great week.
    Clare x

  10. The hat and gloves combo are just gorgeous - the yarn is soooo pretty! Of course a scarf would round out the set nicely... ;-) I can't wait to see the tree, the stockings are just my cup of tea, I may have to raid my stash and make a few, too...and I'm like you, head buzzing with too many crafty ideas, I must have smoke coming out my ears with the activity going on in my head! Here's to a quieter January to do lots more creative making! Chrissie x

  11. Hi Vanessa,
    As always beautiful makes, beautiful colours and beautiful photographs !
    Kate x

  12. Your making is so beautiful and utterly flawless. Very inspirational, as always. Sorry it's not your favourite time of year, I hope you have a good week though.

  13. As always you have spoilt us with wonderful new goodies. I absolutely adore the little stocking. Philippa xx

  14. Hello Vanessa,
    Ohhh this year I am not ready at all !!!! I can't quite believe we are in December already and as usual I am so unprepared!!! Love your makes, especially the mittens/hat combo. Those three colours are fantastic together, aren't they?
    Pati x

  15. Did you know you can get Christmas tree scented spray? I saw it at a garden center but I'm sure you can get it on amazon.

  16. Beautiful photos. Love the wrist warmers - my favourite colour. Like you I'm flitting between different makes - just can't help it! Jane x

  17. So many beautiful things. Jacqui x

  18. thank you for the pattern steer, I'll get right on it !

  19. Hi Vanessa! I love that yarn from your MIL, the color is just gorgeous and what you did with it, including that adorable hat... ooo la la! :D Thank you for the pattern link for the scarf... I think I will have to try that for sure! The stocking is great and I love the unique soft colors... it is always so inspirational to come over to your blog for a visit! Thank you for your creativity and willingness to share it all!!!
    Hugs from one of your newer followers,
    Beth P
    Harrisville, New Hampshire USA

  20. I love the pastel colours - so pretty x

  21. Your blog always makes me smile Vanessa xx I love the idea of a pink Christmas tree. Your creations are lovely as always :)

  22. Love Love Loooove your Christmas stocking!!! Love everything about it and a pink tree sounds just gorgeous!!! Please show us!! Have a great day!!!!

  23. Beautiful,beautiful colors,love it. :))
    Have a nice day.
    Hugs from Mette.

  24. I think the hand warmers and hat are great. Although the hat looks fairly straight forward in principle, cannot for the life of me work out how you decrease treble clusters to go up towards the top of the hat! Any pointers please in the pattern you used as a guide?

    1. Hi Joey,

      The hat pattern came from 'Crochet Living' by Nicki Trench. It's really quick to whip up and a straight forward pattern should you want to give it a go! : )

  25. beautiful blog. Nice colors in your work.

  26. Everything is looking so beautiful here! I love your gorgeous wrist warmers and the sweet hat with just a touch of that lovely turquoise colour. The crochet stockings in pastel colours are so pretty.......your photos are a joy, Vanessa! Love the sweet new header too. Wishing you a happy December.....I hope the sparkle does come back for you.
    Helen x

  27. Beautiful crochet. Everything looks so soft and cosy. I love the yarn you've used for the wrist warmers. Such a perfect colour.

  28. Love the wristwarmers and hat... dreamy colours. These may be just the make for me over Christmas as we cosy up at home!

  29. I've loved catching up on your blog posts, Vanessa. I saw a pink tree last week and loved it but thought I might regret it but now I feel inspired to get one of my own! Thank you! Life is a bit stressful at the moment as my sis is undergoing chemo for cancer diagnosed in September. Visiting your blog and seeing all your beautiful photos and the gorgeousness you put out into the world lifts my heart. Thank you Vanessa. You have no idea what it means to visit your blog for a few minutes. Em x

  30. Hi Vanessa!

    Just wondering if you would have the pattern written up somewhere for the 'wrap it scarf' as I tried the link but it keeps showing an error ):

    1. Hi Michelle,

      No, I'm afraid I don't. I got it from the link. I don't know if the page has been removed, but that was the only place I found it. Sorry that I couldn't be of more help : |


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