Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Knitty Project Ta-Dah......

So....... third little knitty project complete.

Even from the little peek above, it's pretty plain to see what it is! My love affair with the hot water bottle still continues.

My crochet ones have been used for a couple of years now, and are starting to look a bit bedraggled. They need updating.

In a bid to try and up my knitting practice, I opted for a knitted hot water bottle. It all sort of fell into place. I had a couple of balls of gorgeous Debbie Bliss Cashmerino yarn just sitting staring at me......begging me to do something with them. With just a couple of balls, it's hard to come up with something other than wrist warmers, that is, unless I incorporate them into some sort of scrappy blanket.

I was flicking through the 'Knitty Gritty' book when I saw this project. 

Not difficult.

It used Moss Stitch which I really wanted to use.

It had a few bits to contend with other than knit and purl.

I was up for it!

The other two knitty projects I made, were made using chunky yarn. This was dk and on 4mm needles. OH MY WORD it grew so slowly. I don't think I was prepared for the slowness. I was bored doing the rows, especially as I was slow at it. I did, however, manage to pick up speed towards the end and surprised myself. No major disasters along the way, although in the 6th to very last stitch, I lost concentration and did the wrong stitch. Being 6th to last it didn't bother me, I couldn't be bothered to rectify it and it's not noticeable so i'm okay with that.

I had fun choosing the buttons when it was done. A selection of pretty little wooden floral ones.

I was a tad worried that it looked really small as I was making it, but it was okay. It fitted well.

I couldn't be bothered to mattress stitch it together. Laziness (and it being really late and me wanting to get it completely done before I hit the hay) on my part meant my stitching up wasn't as neat as it could have been. But I like the overall look.......and it's already been in constant use!

So, a happy me. 

I completed it. 


It was a good project for a beginner. There are a couple of other things that maybe I would like to try in the book. I think I will just have a practice piece to learn the art of picking up dropped stitches. I need to get over that fear!

I may have started another sneaky little knitty project. Again just something simple, but making use of some pretty yarn I have spare. More on that another day.

But for now....I'll just ooooooh and ahhhhhh over finishing something that didn't end up looking like a dog's dinner.


p.s my new look is sort of done. Not a major change, but I have thinned bits down. I'm sure it will change again soon, and more bits will be added. I cannot seem to stay completely clutter free.....and I just couldn't part with the pastels. What can I say?!


  1. Wow very cute! Lovely.... Lisanne

  2. wow!!! love your work!!! angie

  3. Amazing. I love love love it! The colour is simply orgeous + the moss stitch is the sole eason that I recently purchased knitting needles to take them with me while travelling and finally learn to knit. Fact!
    (BTW The backdrop with the granny blanket is just perfect.)

    Take care!


    1. erh... *gorgeous* + *reason*
      I like to blame my laptop...

  4. Oooooh it's so pretty here lovely V ..... love those little pastel stars!
    your hot water bottle is beautiful, you did such a great job and those pretty buttons just finish it off.
    love Jooles x x x

  5. so pretty! I love the buttons :) I also have that book and have been trying to decide which project to start, now swaying very much towards the hot water bottle cover (although am a complete novice so may have to try something simpler first!)

  6. Very cute. I love the pretty buttons :)

  7. Cute! And I love the pretty buttons too! xx

  8. Ooh.... so lovely. I love the colour, and every thing about it. Thanks to you and a couple of other bloggers I am teaching myself to crochet :-) I learnt when I was young but have never held the yarn correctly as I've wanted to hold it in the same way as when I knit. Yay! I can now hold it properly and have had enough practice that is doesn't feel totally alien any more. Maybe I'll start a blog too! Thanks so much for sharing with us Vanessa and best wishes for your next knitty project. Xxx

  9. It's beautiful and your stitches are very neat!

  10. I keep thinking I will knit something again, and then I remember how slow it is! I think I'll carry on with crochet.
    The hot water bottle cover is very sweet though, and no doubt very soft in that scrummy yarn. x

  11. Really lovely, and oh, those buttons!

  12. i'm liking the new look my lovely!...stars! look fabby!'re my bright star. Loving the blue of the hot water bottle cover~ love the buttons, funnily enough i was eyeing up buttons ~ hand made ones in a lovely gift shop...i do like miss matching buttons...very pretty indeedy ;0)xx

  13. It is really gorgeous, and I love the buttons you have chosen.. Well done you !! ( Also Love your Granny Square Blanket .. ) Everything looked so cosy, enjoyed your post very much.

  14. Love it! Love the color, the buttons, & the stitch! I'm with you on hot water bottles - nothing quite like them. :D

    The pare down looks lovely as well!

    <3 Miss Michelle

  15. Hi Vanessa
    Beautifully made, it's gorgeous, it must be so soft to cuddle up to. I love the little buttons as well, they finish it off perfectly.
    Loving your little starts on your header,
    Have a good week,
    Kate x

  16. It looks amazing. Color, buttons, pattern... I loved all of them so much. ... I'll show my little sister and I will ask her to knit one for me:)

  17. I've just taken a beginner's knitting course and the most frustrating thing for me is correcting errors. I'm used to crochet and just being able to rip back rows with ease! Your hot water bottle cover is lovely and I can well imagine your satisfaction.
    Hen x
    P.S. Never any need to apologise for the pastels!

  18. Lovely hot water bottle cover. I'm always meaning to make one, then I always forget about it until someone needs a hot water bottle. Maybe now you have inspired me.

  19. It looks beautiful. I love those buttons. I have just a few like that and I use them sparingly.

  20. Well done you! I the colour is beautiful, I love the stitch - I got that book for my birthday with the promise from a friend to re-teach me how to knit (I learned then had my second baby - brain knocked out all that new knowledge!), so it's nice to see one of the projects complete. I have some pretty yarn left over from my Nordic Shawl... Chrissie x ps love the pretty updates!

  21. I love your posts - aren't those buttons beautiful. I have a thing for buttons!

  22. I'm also knitting now while being always a crocheter . . . I'm self learning cable knitting and now increase, decrease and things like that . I learned knit & purl as a child, thank god as I dont think I would have found the patience now . . . but as you I also have to overcome the fear and panic of having to rectify and lear to pick up lost stitches. Love the buttons !

  23. Your hot water bottle cover looks so cuddlesome, such a beautiful colour (one of my favourites) and the buttons finish it very nicely. Like the new look blog too. Enjoy the rest of the week.
    Jane x

  24. Your knitting looks pretty perfect to me! The hot water bottle cover is lovely, looks so snuggly and a beautiful colour.
    Marianne x

  25. It is very pretty and will be so cosy to cuddle up with being cashmerino!! I love your choice of buttons too, they just a little note of colour and fun! I noticed your new look straight away, it looks great, I liked your look before, but I like this one too!! xx

  26. Love it!! And those buttons - just gorgeous!

  27. It's beautiful, I love the colour, the moss stitch and the buttons!! You have done a lovely job on this hottie cover, Vanessa!
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
    Helen xox

  28. What a lovely cover, Vannesa!! Your knitting looks very neat and the yarn colour is dreamy!! Well done you!
    Pati x

  29. Lovely cover and the buttons add a cute touch. I wonder where I can get some? think I hear Ebay calling me... Thanks for sharing. L x

  30. After knitting hot water bottles as Christmas presents, I thought I may have a break from them... but this is oh so tempting! And so prettily done...

  31. O my Im jealous, it's just so sweet, I love the soft blue and the buttons are just to die for.. It you ever decide to make any and sell them tell me I will be one to buy it first thing.. I'm in love.. with love Happy Weekend Janice


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