Friday, 21 February 2014

This Week.......

Half term has been a challenge.

We stayed at home.

Normally not a problem. The bears are happy to potter. Funnily enough, they are up earlier than on school days. For first one up gets the choice of gaming console. I have been happy to give in and let them veg. I have needed an easy week. I couldn't really face the whines and whinges of getting out of the house. The odd ray of sunshine in amongst grey and gloom.

But my house is a mess. OH ME OH MY,

Slowly things are being emptied out of the kitchen in preparation for new units. I have kitchen stuff everywhere. Baby bear thinks this is great. Easy reach for pans and wooden spoons, which become combat tools. I have bowls filled with Lego, Tomika and parts of transformers.

Every bit of surface is covered.

So.....I'm trying to stay calm........realise that I cannot do anything about it for a another week or so and just go with the flow. Quite hard when all the Bears seem to do at the moment is EAT and be in a chaotic kitchen. 

And boy do I mean EAT. 

I always notice these little growth spurts they have. For a few months at a time they are ravenous. Nothing is staying in the cupboards for more than half an hour now once it's been unpacked. They are growing boys for sure. The two eldest Bears have now outgrown me. Middle Bear is almost 13 and he looks like a 16 year old. He's getting the build of a rugby player too. Very strong. What happened to my babies?

So, I have spent this week pottering. Discovering lots in the depths of my cupboards I had forgotten I had.

The Bears have been bugging me to do a car boot. They think it will be fun. I did one once, years ago. It went well, but it was stressful. People actually jumping in the boot of your car rummaging through boxes before you've even set up. Not fun. However, I do like a car boots, I just prefer to be the browser rather than the seller.

I'm thinking though, that a car boot is sounding appealing. I've recently done a huge charity shop delivery so I won't feel so bad. I need to thin down my kitchen bits. Lovely pieces, but I have to be realistic and be more streamlined. Ebay is a pain these days, so I might just cave and give the Bears what they want. Maybe it would be fun. I'll just sit back with a flask of tea and let them do all the hard work!

I've been sorting out my favourite pretties this week though. I love colour. That has been lifting my spirits.

If only chaos would just vanish in a poof........



  1. It can be awful when your home is in the midst of a project, but it can be a great time to have a good sort out! Love all your cups and dishes - great colours.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for this post!!! My not so wee ones have been home this week on winter break and I can't believe the similarities....up earlier than school days, ALWAYS hungry, and video game sound effects perpetually underway. The house is on a slippery slope to destruction and I'm a frazzled mess. I had intended to tackle it all today and get things back on track but I realize now the kiddos have none of the anxiety about the situation that I fact I do believe they are as pleased as pigs in a mud pile. Perhaps I should give them this one last day to wallow, turn a blind eye to the mess, and immerse myself in a creative project of my own. There will be time enough to clean the house next week once they're back to the books! Good luck with the car boot and if you put the bears in charge please do let us know how it goes! Happy Wishes, natalie jo

  3. I hope that you get things sorted out! Keep going, you will get there in the end! xx

  4. Wish I could come there to help you:) Your all kitchen stuffs are so beautiful...
    Have a wonderful weekend...

    Lots of love...


  5. Love the way you write, makes me feel we are sitting across from each other having tea! Your cups are photographed so beautifully!

  6. Hi Vanessa
    It'll all be worth it in the end ! Car Boot sounds like a good idea, and it will be excellent Practical Maths if you get the boys to work on a commission basis !
    Enjoy the clearing up when they're all back at school,
    Kate x

  7. This is such a great read. I have a different experience, as I am a homeschooling mom. I never get a break from my little one, and I have been keeping a baby all day almost every day in addition to my little one. It's so much work to have them home all day with me! There are times when I wish I could get a moment to breathe....hear my own thoughts. I can totally relate to this post! Ha, it makes me chuckle to read how someone else feels the same .

  8. Hope your kitchen gets sorted soon, show us some pictures :) have a wonderfully happy weekend.

    Bee happy x

  9. That's a lot of pretty mugs you got there, I have to stop myself buying mugs, as I only have a small kitchen. BUT they are so tempting...!

  10. Oh dear and there's me going on about my lovely relaxing, girly half term …! Honestly though V, it's been so easy to keep tidy when it's just us girls. My boys will be back tomorrow though and I daresay the place will be a tip again soon after. *Sigh*

    Completely with you on the appetite thing - my 15 year old son is bottomless I tell you!


  11. You should post what you have for sale on your blog with a paypal "buy it" button. I am sure it would sell for your asking price and super fast too! ;) Wonderful blog... I love color too!


  12. I LOVE those star bowls! So cute!

  13. There's nothing worse than living in the house when building-type work is going on - nightmare. Especially as cleaning out has co-incided with half term - double nightmare. Just keep taking pretty pictures and keep the cupboard stocked up with boxes of cereals - my boys (both now well over 6' tall and in their 20's, and not living at home thankfully), both ate us out of house and home - I remember it SO well. Now they're all on health-kicks and are so fussy about their diets!

  14. I did a car boot sale once, with people diving into my car before I'd even gotten out! Never again! I often sell stuff on my local Facebook pages, much less stressful! x

  15. helloooo lovely, im always amazed by mothers with more than one child~ my sophs creates enough mess!!!, but 3 boys! I usually split the holidays with sophs father but this year i have her the whole week, weekend to weekend...and we've stayed mainly at home and ive had worky things as well and an interview~ been hard juggling mummy time and everything else...i do feel shattered from week to week. i forced us out of the house and we got some well needed fresh air and open space and the calming sea! i sure needed it.

    on a lovely note! New units in the kitchen???? oooooo swoon worthy i bet!, i do love your style!!!!...worth all the pots n pans everywhere in the end.

    I always eye up all your pinterest pics for a pick-me-up!...beautiful,

    hope your little'ns and getting bigger'ns are getting into bed now and you can put ya feeties up with a glass of fizz! hehe


  16. Ii could do with chaos vanishing in a poof Too, we are just starting our hols now in Wales, which is much needed as we're all totally shattered, my three boys tend to wake up earlier too, which would be great if they took the dogs out, but no! No lie ins for me then! My hubby has gone to S.Africa for three weeks, one week left to go and it can't go quick enough, so I'm wishing these holidays by I'm afraid. On the subject of eating, my youngest is five and he is definitely growing at the moment as he is packing the food away, more so than my eight year old. The ten year old eats as much as I do, and I like my food! Its unbelievable to watch it dissapear, I'm guessing the teenage years we would be best off moving next door to the supermarket!

    Hope that you manage to find some calm for your projects among the chaos!

  17. Hang on in there, it will all be done soon. I've got three boys, and I can't imagine how much they'll eat when they're teenagers, it's a scary thought. Hope you have a good weekend.

  18. Oh what candy colors! I like ;) Best wishes from Finland!

  19. Such a pretty pile of cups and mugs... I have decided to ignore the lack of cleaning and embrace it as a half term well spent! Possibly will have to set to next week, just hope it stays sunny as this usually gets me in a must clean now mood.

  20. Oh Vanessa, kitchen upheaval AND half term?! No wonder you're feeling a bit anxious lately! I'm freaking out about the fact that it's the last day of half term and we have the family coming round for dinner today - goodness knows where we'll sit or eat, because the table is covered with crayons, fabric, play-dough, glitter...what was I thinking? Hang in there, at least you'll have a lovely new kitchen at the end of it all (which you can photograph beautifully and we'll all oooo and ahhh over it!). I often wonder what mums of boys do with growth spurts, even my two young girls eat like massive rugby players when they're growing...perhaps keep some cattle in the garden? ;-) Chrissie x ps They're old enough now to hold the car boot on their own - you just drive them there then sit and crochet, or wander round!

  21. I've been trying to de-clutter my kitchen too, not that I'm having a new one its just that I can't seem to get anything in my cupboards any more. The trouble is I just can't stop myself from buying new bits and pieces when I go to my local kitchen shops or even better still the national one L.....nd where I love a new gadget or two! My daughter loves eBay and I'm beginning to think I might try it too. My charity shops have had pretty good support from me over the last few years so I might give it a go.


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