Saturday, 8 February 2014

This Week.......

....has been a mixed bag....

A spot of baking

Thinking that I need to up my fitness levels

Loving sunshine in the house, even when it is pouring down outside

Getting fresh air

Deciding I need some 'Me' time

Loving even more sunshine in the house, when it is pouring down outside

Wishing I was as bendy as these rushes

Loving the smell of sunshine in the house

Hoping warmth will be here soon

Loving silly walks, silly talks and silly cuddles with Baby Bear

Loving warm glows when I am chilly

Taking 5 minutes out to read pamphlets and enjoy froth

Needing Colour

Needing Brightness

Needing wooly warmth

Getting inspiration

Getting even more inspiration.....



  1. Nothing like a bit of Pinterest for inspiration!

    I rather like your good bits of the week. Its nice to see those moments every while.

    P x

  2. Looks so comforting! Love what you have done with your blog header by the way!

  3. Loved this blog post ... gorgeous photos ... thanks for sharing.

  4. Lovely photos Vanessa... I particularly love the blanket and quilt; the colours and different textures are gorgeous together. It's very inspiring :-) Have a lovely cosy weekend xxx

  5. Lovely post and cheery photos for yet another wet and stormy day - those daffs are gorgeous!
    Have a great weekend Vanessa

  6. Such a lovely post! I love seeing daffodils, a reminder that spring is just around the corner and the perfect way to cheer up a dull day! xx

  7. Lovely colourful photos, a real treat, Vanessa! Love the cheery daffodills and I always love to see your inspiring crochet and pretty the rolling pin!!
    Hope you are having a happy weekend.
    Helen xx

  8. Always a joy to visit, especially on this rainy and windy day! I can use a colour boost :-)

    Have a lovely weekend!

    Madelief x

  9. Gorgeous daffs! It'll be at least another month 'til mine show their lovely faces around my neck of the woods.

    Beautiful post- it cheered me on this snowy day. :)

  10. I absolutely LOVE that crocheted afghan! Did you make it?

  11. Great pics and a lovely colour post, looks like a good week to me, if only it would stop raining
    Clare x

  12. Such a happy, lovely post! Thanks! I could grab Baby Bear and give him a big hug, he is adorable.
    I will experience my first grandSON in May and can hardly wait :)))

  13. WHERE did you get that lampshade?? I love it! Love all of your other stuff, too. What dish set do you have? Our weather is pretty horrible, too. I'm in Wisconsin and I can count on ONE HAND how many times the temp has been ABOVE ZERO in the last almost 3 months!!! Ugh. I hate winter. Your blog is very cheery, though and brings a smile to my face! ;)

  14. It's so beautifully cosy and colourful chez vous. Just what I needed to see on this wild and windy night.

  15. Thanks for sharing your lovely colourful photos, just what I needed today (dreary, raining, cold, windy...) to brighten up my wintery mood...
    Now smiling :o) Bye, J X

  16. As I sit on the sofa right now, 2.30am with a poorly 4-year-old, cuddling until the Nurofen kicks in and listening to the gales howling outside, it is soooo comforting to see such lovely, luscious, happy photos to remind me that there is colour and cheer in the world! Thank you for these beautiful images, Chrissie x

  17. I love your new header!
    And your boards on Pinterest, they are hugely inspirational!

  18. So colourful. Cheered me up on this wet and windy day.
    Jacqui x

  19. what a sweet post . . . obviously from someone who takes time to "smell the flowers" . . . it is my first visit and if you don't mind, I am going to spend more time looking around . . .

  20. Love this!!! It's all about dreams and happenings. I wanted to just jump into so many of the pictures and live them for myself!

  21. Hello beautiful, sorry I haven't dropped by for a while, Ahhh I just want to hug Baby bear, he is growing up so fast! My busy bears miss your bears, hopefully we can catch up soon. Love seeing all your photos and inspiration! xxx

  22. so much prettiness! My favourite is the blue lamp base - what gorgeous curves!

  23. Gorgeous post - thank you for that burst of visual goodness!

  24. I think you've given me all the inspiration I could ask for :-) I know I've said before but your posts are full of such bright happy photos!


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