Friday, 21 March 2014

Light and happiness........

Rays of sunshine poking through. 

Light and bright and making me happy.

The beautiful scent of Jasmine filling my kitchen. I don't usually have success with Jasmine in the house, but I thought I would give it another go. It's fragrance is beautiful.....subtle, yet strong.

The scent of hyacinths and daffodils in my living room.

I am happy.


Possibly my most favourite yarn. Given as a present at Christmas. I have been saving it for a nice project. I had in mind a lovely shawl, but I couldn't wait.....

The day was too beautiful....and my head too full of ideas....

Light....reflection.....sparkle.....scent....yarn..... is a good day....



  1. I can almost smell the Jasmine from here ! Sun, light, flowers and beautiful wool - doesn't get much better than that.
    Have a lovely weekend,
    Kate x

  2. Such a bright and happy post ..... what a treat, ooooooh nice yarn, such a pretty colour.
    I wish you a happy and calm weekend after all of the stress and hard work of late ..... think of me won't you? ..... I'm sanding down walls tomorrow!
    love jooles x x x

  3. Light and bright and making me also happy, especially together with your lovely images..
    Have a wonderful weekend...


  4. Light and bright, scent and sparkle, beautiful yarn and hook - sounds like you're coming out the other side of recent chaos, hooray! Chrissie x ps I wonder what you're making with that juicy yarn...

  5. That yarn is such a beautiful colour and looks so soft, looking forward to seeing what loveliness you create with it. Have a great weekend. Sarah xo

  6. I love jasmine - the scent and such dainty white flowers. What is the yarn please? - it's such a lovely fresh colour
    Caz xx

  7. The scent of jasmine and spring flowers, what more could a girl want? Such lovely images and your yarn is such a beautiful colour, looking forward to seeing what you make. Have a lovely weekend.
    Jane x

  8. Such a lovely happy sparkly post. Love the colour of that yarn
    Clare xx

  9. I can't wait to see what you make with that lovely yarn!! It sounds as though things are getting a little cheerier with you, I hope that you have a good weekend. xx

  10. Such beautiful colours always here on your blog, I love it. Wishing you a good weekend. CJ xx

  11. Beautiful color and gorgeous yarn to welcome spring!

  12. I love your blog! What a beautiful way to start a day -- gorgeous photos with beautiful colors. Thank you so much!

  13. That beautiful blue wool looks divine! Happy Springtime!
    Jess x

  14. I love Jasmine too...I was very tempted to buy a plant from Morrison's earlier today, I resisted, but I wonder how long for...!? Wishing you a more relaxed weekend this week, Tracey xx

  15. I'm sneaking 10 mins to catch up on my favourite blogs, so pretty x and is that a pop of orange I spot there? Happy Sunday x x

  16. I've never had much luck with Jasmine indoors either hope it lasts for you. The scent is divine. Your yarn looks lovely such a beautiful colour x

  17. Oh i like the colors of your pillow, very beautiful!
    Happy Sunday

  18. Your pictures always make me feel happy. :)


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