Monday, 17 March 2014


.....but surely, some sense of normality will start to take place this coming week.

This weekend was the toughest. I had a splitting headache from start to finish. 

'Oh yes it won't be difficult, this kitchen malarky. Not a major kitchen refurbishment. Just replacing old, unusable cabinets with like for like. Plonk on a new work top and bung on some tiles. No major restructuring of the kitchen. How hard can it be? No kitchen fitters required, it's not a massive job.

Piece of Cake.

Yes, well.......... famous last words.

For such a small kitchen, it's been a flipping pain in the neck.


All that's kept me sane, is sorting out pretties for when it's eventually looking decent, and making room to block my crochet goodness. It's been driving me crazy!

About 3/4 of the way now and the end is in sight and after a lot of cabinet shifting and lugging about this morning, I'm reclaiming space elsewhere downstairs. I can actually begin to move.


So, in the meantime, pretty little posies scattered around the house are making me smile. Pretty little rays of sunshine to lift my spirits, and to remind me....there is ALWAYS light at the end of the tunnel......even if it's a long one.

Ahhhhhh that's so much better.

Have a beautiful week all



  1. Such a pretty way to display flowers. X

  2. looking bright and cheery.....hang in there. you can do it!

  3. hi vanessa,
    love the little flowers arrangement. i have the same tea towels. i love ikea!. is your kitchen also from ikea?
    have a nice week,
    love and hugs regina

  4. It's looking lovely. Very Springlike. Now all you need is a weekend away to refresh your spirits. We've just had 1 night away and I feel totally rejuvenated. Such lovely sunshine and blossom absolutely everywhere!

  5. Hi Venessa,

    Such beautiful posies!! I am sure the end results will simply be worth all the pains... :) Good luck!!

  6. Hope you get there soon, and it'll be so worht it. love the pretty posies
    Clare xx

  7. Headaches are so draining.....but hopefully the end is in sight and it will so be worth it. Lovely flowers and such a pretty way to display them. Have good week, Sarah xo

  8. Oh no, what a horrible weekend! Headaches make everything about 10 times worse too, so when things aren't great anyway... yuck! Let's hope the worst is behind you at least and sneaky peaks look very promising!

    S x

  9. I love the way you displayed the flowers, it's so delicate and sweet.

  10. Just think of how worth it, it will all be once it is all done. Hopefully not much longer to go now and it will all be finished :) Those little posies sure are cute though. It is so lovely having flowers in the house, right?!
    Love Gem x x

  11. Sorting out a kitchen is always a huge task - I hope everything is soon settled and looking spruce again for you! Love the little posies around your home, and I hope your headache is gone by now - they are the worst!!! Joy x

  12. Hang in there Vanessa, sounds like you're coming out the other side now and it won't be long before you can bask in the beauty and neatness of your new kitchen and add the pretty finishing touches!

    Gill xx

  13. Sending you love and hoping you can settle into your new kitchen soon xx Tracey

  14. It won't be long Vanessa and you'll soon feel better when everything is sorted, tucked away in all the new places....and then you will be able to get back to creating other beautiful things. I love the little vases of flowers. Philippa xx

  15. Sorry it's been such a pain, but I'm sure it will all be worth it in the end! One day soon all of the disorganisation will all be a distant memory.

  16. I can totally understand you as I suffer from migraines, every month . . . 2 days
    Any work done in the house can be a pain and such a big deal for a little amount of work !! I'm sure it'll be all worthy once is finished
    and your kitchen will look great and so fresh.
    I was thinking that the fabric of the tea towels ring a bell to me, like I have the same fabric . . . but after I read one of the comments I realized I dont have the fabric but I bought the matching napkins !!!
    Will you show us your new kitchen cabinets ?? I love kitchens . . . ha,ha . . .


  17. Hi Vanessa!

    I'm sure the end result will be well worth it. Yet the process of getting there can be pain. To the degree that we have not done any renovations to our little house since building it 14 years ago. And believe me, it is starting to show it. Even so, I'm thinking 'surely we can wait another year before doing anything drastic. No one will notice'. Oh well, not quite true, as visitors have started noticing... and making comments...

    Can't wait to see your result. Will you please show us.



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