Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Hickledy Pickledy........

.......is how I would describe my life.

I haven't been able to reach stuff. Everything is either covered with sheets, or redundant stuff or pans.

Lots of Coffee. Yes, serious amounts of coffee. I do try to limit what I have, but......screw it........it's been my saviour.

Gosh, how desperate am I to be able to craft again? I feel on edge. That I can't do what I want to do.

I have a gazillion ideas in my head, all desperate to be tried and worked on. I am itching.......itching I tell you to claim back space.

As yet, no such luck. Chaotic house and chaotic head.

I have spent much of this week oiling wood. How boring is that? Over and over and over and over.....yah de yah de yah. Bored.....bored.....and oh yes........bored again.

I know the end result will be okay......well, as good as it can be in my hands, but, boy, it's such a pain in the backside.

I've realised i'm pretty pants at DIY. I used to have really great core strength. Used to, being the operative word here.  I'm a wimp. I put my hands up. I do not lift cabinets and worktops well. I have also realised that Danish oil is REALLY not good to get all in your hair. I swear most of the tin was in it, and a rather large tin at that. Not a good look. Visions of Cameron Diaz in There's something About Mary flew through my head......only Danish oil seemed the nicer of the two. But, I was rocking her look for a bit.

I have been sorting this and that to store away in fresh new cabinets, but even the pretty bits cannot distract me from my needy crafty brain. It's all just outside of my grasp.

I have fallen completely in love with this......

Just the nicest yarn. Soft and yummy and the colour is divine. It's called 'Rice' and I think it's such an apt colour name. It has been a dream to work with and i'm already thinking on what other projects I can use this for. The sun has been shining recently, which has sooooo been welcomed, although, today, it's back to cold and grey. Pity as my doors have to be open to ventilate the overwhelming oil smell........so maybe, what I have made can be put to use for a while. As soon as I get space to block my latest makes I can do a ta-dah moment. I am desperate to finish them completely.

 I've been prancing around asking the Bears if they think my latest makes are okay. 

 - 'Yeah' was said by the eldest (although he actually wasn't looking at it or me when he said it. I'm not even sure he took in anything I said. It's rare for him to actually communicate well these days. Teenage years do weird things to children). 

 - 'No offence but it looks a bit weird' came from Middle Bear's mouth. Gee, thanks love. 

 - 'You look beautiful mum, you always look beautiful' came from Baby Bear's mouth. Awe...... well at least I can count on Baby Bear to be sweet. Give it a few years and then it'll be just grunts, so I'm making the most of it while I can.

Ahhhhhhh...so another birthday this week and welcoming another teenager into the family. Errrrrrr......HELLO....HOW ON EARTH? Having said that, Middle Bear is tall and built like a rugby player, so it's hard for people to believe that he is not one already. Oh how i'm feeling my age. But I can't be? I'm still only 16 in my head. 

Oh well.....

....more cake and more coffee.....that's how it's looking for me......

Hopefully things will be back to normal soon and I can get back into my rhythm. How I miss my rhythm.

bah bad de bah bad de bah.....


(seriously, I think this Danish Oil has gone to my head!)


  1. Oh, I know how you feel - it drives you round the bend! Our kitchen is done now - it was so satisfying blogging the final pictures, after all the chaos in between! Eurgh, the upheaval! I've still got some bits in boxes actually that I need to unpack into cupboards, but I've sloooowed down now! Maria x

    1. Lol. Danish oil can be a pain in the rear end, but the end sounds as if it's in sight! Just keep thinking those thoughts of pettiness when at last you can reclaim your kitchen. Hopefully you will be able to get your craft on too. Wouldn't it be great if you could move out for a few weeks when major diy is being done. Still a girl can dream.

      Chin up it will be done.

      Take care and mind those fumes!

      P x

  2. You poor thing! Sorry to hear you're in the situation that you cannot craft at the moment! I love coffee though.. Sending you a hug and hope you'll be able to craft again soon! Love the 'Rice'.. Understand that you've fallen in love with it! I have a bit of a crush too!

  3. Keep up the cake and coffee, it will help I am sure. Baby bear is just the very sweetest. I hope everything is sorted out for you very soon, just remember, it will all be worth it in the end. CJ xx

  4. Coffee and cake and maybe a glass of wine on the evening?
    My teenager is fast approaching 17 and can't wait to learn to drive. How did that happen?
    I'm assuming he will have remembered how to communicate with us by then rather than just grunting!

  5. I hope that life returns to normal soon!! Your yarn looks beautiful and I look forward to seeing what it turns into!! xx

  6. Oh dear, these things are blooming horrible to live through aren't they? It'll be well worth it when it's done though I'm sure and think of the joy of having everything neatly arranged on beautiful new shelves. Hang in there, the coffee will see you through!

    S x

    PS That yarn looks scrummy, can't wait to see what you do with it!

  7. It's so hard living with disruption and decorating materials, but judging by all the lovely things you make and share on your blog, your kitchen will be beautiful and worth it. I like the look of the Rowan alpaca cotton, it looks really squidgable?? Look forward to seeing what it becomes. Deep breaths (but not too near the Danish oil) and send out for more coffee :o)
    Jane x

  8. I love the look of that yarn! I wish I could reach into the computer screen and touch it. I'll just have to pay a visit to a yarn store and spend several hours swooning over it all instead, poor me. ;)
    Oh the teenage years, I've tackled many of them and now we're down to the last one who seems to be the worst behaved so far yet she says she's not. I keep a lovely note she wrote to me when she was little on my bedroom wall. It says "mummy I love you, there is sunshine on this paper." That keeps me going through these terrible teens! :)

    Jess x

  9. Hello Vanessa
    Loving the tiny little peek of your kitchen - its looking lovely.
    Haven't come across the Alpaca cotton - but I agree its pretty scrummy and that's such a lovely shade. Excited for the ta-dahs.
    It made me laugh when you mentioned about asking your boys what they thought of your makes, I'm not sure if a boy grunt is better than a daughters very honest answer...I've just finished two wrappy shawls and I'm just not sure what I think of them ...asked two out of the three daughters and not sure their replies helped much !!
    Keep your chin up, keep drinking coffee and eating cake and all will be sorted before you know it.
    Kate x

  10. Coffee, cake, pretty new yarn - you are in Survival Mode at the moment, so have whatever gets you through the day! I remember oiling oiling oiling the beautiful wood counter in our first flat...but I can't even allow myself to dream of one in our current kitchen until the girls are older. I'll just admire yours! Chrissie x

    1. I've told the bears that they are not allowed in the new kitchen when it's finished!

  11. Well from here those Danish oiled worktops look positively professional so well done...and as a reward I think you should be given at least 2 days off to make something with that absolutely gorgeous yarn...and some more cake as well. I know what you mean about it not seeming possible that the young ones are growing up so fast. My youngest is just about to leave home. I really don't understand how he can even consider it when it was only yesterday................. Philippa xx

    1. I think that's such a great suggestion! ha ha! Andyes, where on earth does the time go? x

  12. Love the sneaky peek at your new kitchen Vanessa, it will be fab when its all finished! I'm sure kitchen DIY causes the most upheaval as we still need to eat!
    Love your pretty new yarn, can't wait to see a Ta-Dah with that!!
    Rachel xx

  13. Ooh.... it's looking great Vanessa, thank you for the peek :-) That yarn looks rather yummy too.
    Tracey xx

  14. I love the new look of your blog! Or maybe it's not new.... Maybe I just haven't been online in a while? I love this post. It's so HUMAN! I adore your blog as much as others. I think you are "the real deal", like you really understand how to blog. At times, it's intimidating because I think you're so wonderful & perfect. But this blog is something I can relate to so easily. Love it! I hope you get the time to get busy with those creative hands of yours soon. And for what it's worth, I LOVE LOVE all your makes <3 Take it easy!

    1. Thank you for your kind words, and believe me, i'm not wonderful....and DEFINITELY NOT perfect! Those who know me well would laugh! I'm scatty, messy and very very shy! x

  15. Those wooden worktops and bright white units look wonderful - they'll be well worth your efforts with the oil. It always seems to take so long, but I'm sure you'll be decorating and prettifying soon. That yarn looks amazing. I've finally got to grips with my laceweight yarn dilemma and have decided to knit instead of crochet with it. If you want to take your mind off things - have a look at the picture that was hanging in our hotel room - can you see what's wrong with it? Nobody else has spotted it yet!

  16. Hi Vanessa
    I am trying to get in touch but am having trouble finding an email address....
    I am going to write a little review of your gorgeous blog in my new magazine launching next month Tilly's - Vintage & Handmade
    Can I ask if you could drop me a line hun please enquiries@tilly-rose.co.uk
    thank you.....I'll fill you in with more details

    Tilly x x x

  17. I feel your pain, I have been glossing woodwork , glossing bloomin woodwork, who the hell invented gloss anyway ....... oh do bloomin boring, i have sewing and crochet I want to be getting on with :-( And I got gloss in my hair, just cut it out in the end up, gave up trying to wash it out :-/ Hope you finish all the diy soon x

  18. Heehee! I always tell people I'm 45 going on 12. 'Cuz really, that's my actual age. I read the same books as my son and his friends, play the same games. They can all beat me at Scrabble. It's sad. Oh well! At least I'm happy in my ignorance. I don't know what I'll do when my babies are all growed up. Which at the rate they're going is going to be, like, tomorrow. Sigh! ~Angela~

  19. Your photos are so pretty, it's hard to believe there is dust and chaos going on behind the scenes on your blog! Hang in there, it will all come together and look gorgeous, and then you can have fun styling it and taking more pretty photos, I hope. I'm in denial about my two ever being teenagers, it can't happen, surely not, I'm only 21. x


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