Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Easter Break.....

Ahhhhhh.....it's lovely to be back...

....but it was so nice to be away...

...just for a short break to visit family....

...to attend Dedications...

...to eat cake...

My sister-in-law made the most gorgeous array of cakes and treats. All on vintage china of course, it couldn't not be! 

It was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

...to go on lovely walks...

I love woodland. The day was a beautiful one. I could have stayed there all day.

...to get my crafty on...

My Happy Scrappy Ripple is coming along nicely. I am loving it's vintage looking quality. Just 10 or so more colour block rows then I can do the edging. I'm really taken with the shades in the first photo. I think a blanket in all those shades would be really yummy. Very Spring-like. My brain is buzzing with Spring Blanket ideas........

...to see gorgeous blossom...

Such gorgeous colours together. Blossom against clear blue sky is very happy inducing.

...to enjoy picture taking...

Pink and blue bluebells together was such a pretty sight....sigh

Such a gorgeous array of colour. Forget-me-nots and bluebells are my favourite flowers to photograph. The bluey/pinky/mauves against the deep greens are always quite stunning. I love this time of year for the garden.

...to have fun on the beach...

....and to relax...

It really is lovely to be home. I'm such a homebody, but the aftermath is never very pretty. It always takes me a week to try and get myself organised again. 




  1. How gorgeous. I love seeing your work, and it's extra fun to see your sister-in-law's work, too. Beautiful golden light.

  2. Such pretty photos...I love your boots too I am guessing they are fly boots as i have the exact same pair but brown patent!
    D x

  3. What a gorgeous post! Your sister-in-law has worked her socks off to make it look gorgeous! Love your ripple blanket, and especially love your floral photos, Forget-me-nots are a favourite of mine too!
    Rachel x

  4. Such beautiful, beautiful photo's Vanessa - and I love your idea of using the colours in your first picture in a blanket. I have just finished making a Spring blanket and it was such fun to do, really quick and easy - and it just says SPRING everytime I look at it . Looking forward to seeing the ripple blanket all finished,
    Have a good week,
    Kate x justpootling

  5. I'm feeling exceptionally muddled today as I try to come down after the highs of the Easter hols! Nice to see and hear that you had such a wonderful time - and not only would that first photo make a great blanket, I daresay most of the pics would translate into gorgeous colour palettes (yes, even the cakes!). I'm now envisaging a forget-me-not granny square blanket, with the teensiest of yellow centres, then all sorts of blues and mauves and violets radiating outwards...ahhh, spring! Chrissie x

  6. I know exactly what you mean about returning home not being pretty. It seems like I put a lot of work into packing and making Easter treats for everyone. I should have been back to normal yesterday, but I am still recuperating from the long weekend with family.

    Your flower and sweets photos are all lovely.

  7. Your sister in law is incredibly talented, those cakes look divine. The flowers and blossom that surround us just beg to be photographed and you have captured them perfectly. I hope you are gradually getting back to normal x

  8. Your ripple blanket is beautiful ! And those cakes, hmmmm, they look soooo yummy....

  9. Beautiful photos. I've been returning to "normal" today too. Where did all that dust come from, and don't mention the washing! Oh well - I like the routine, really. x

  10. Such a visual feast - delicious. Thanks for sharing.

  11. really pretty pictures. Flowers make you smile.

  12. I love all the Spring captured in your photos!!!!!
    xxxxxx ale

  13. How lovely to have dedications at Easter :-) It all looks wonderful and so full of happiness and joy.
    Tracey xx

  14. Beautiful photos. Did you paint the last 2 or did you use an app, such a lovely effect and really nice why to make your photos

  15. What a simply beautiful post - I am swooning over the flower and cake and china pictures. Thank you!

  16. Great photos Vanessa, glad you had a lovely break and hope you feel rested. Looking forward to seeing those ideas materialise and to seeing the finished ripple blanket.
    Jane x

  17. Whow I really enjoyed this lovely blognews...now strating with my housekeeping! :-( BUT thanks to your photos with a big sunny smile!

  18. Post-holiday re-entry is always a tricky thing. It looks like you had a wonderful time though. The tables near you are always stunning. That first picture of the forget-me-nots is absolutely amazing. I do hope you're having a good week. I love the ripple. I have blanket wool, I think I might try a ripple, they are so pretty. CJ xx

  19. Your blog posts are SO pretty! I love looking at your pictures. Lately you have made 2 projects that look incredible. Can you please let me know where you got the patterns for your heart heel socks and the happy scrappy blanket? I would love to have a go. (Of course my current 'have a go list has 20 items) We are heading into winter in Australia so I will be getting out the hooks very soon!!! Thanks for all the lovely pictures and ideas!

    1. Hello!

      The heart heel socks are not a proper pattern as such. They are an adaptation of Yvonne's Christmas Stocking tutorial on her Yvestown Blog. I made some of her christmas stockings and thought they'd actually be nice as bed socks. So I just added a little more length to her foot part, made the heel piece to fit my own heel, then carried on with her pattern. I was really just winging it and doing it as I went along, so I don't have a pattern for the adjustment to Yvonne's. The happy scrappy blanket is just a basic ripple pattern. There are many tutorials available online for them. I got mine from a book I had, but Lucy from Attic24 blog has a good tutorial for one on her blog which has pictures so it's great. Just google attic24 ripple pattern and you should find it easily! I hope this helps! x

    2. Thanks for the info and the inspiration! This is a great help. Attic24 looks amazing

  20. Beautiful floral photos, and those cakes look amazing!

  21. A gorgeous springtime post, Vanessa! Your Easter break sounds really lovely, and I enjoyed seeing those colourful cakes, pretty flowers and your amazing ripple blanket......such a happy scrappy make! Wishing you a wonderfully sunny week.
    Helen xox

  22. What amazing photos! The world is wonderful when we look closer and your pictures truly capture its beauty. Love the paintings. Thank you for taking the time to share with us.


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