Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Currently Loving.......

....Crochet and Cosy....

Bed socks. I realised I have never shown these before. I made these before Christmas. I was smitten with Yvestown's Christmas Stocking tutorial. I made a couple for my mantel but realised that with a few adjustments I could make a great pair of bed socks. So, voila. No pattern for this. It was just an adaptation of Yvonne's pattern.....a fiddle of adding an extra section to the foot and making a heel.

I do love these. Simple, yet effective. They are cotton so they are prone to stretching a little, but a hot wash brings them back again.

I think I would love to make more. I'll add them to my HUGE list of things to make.


....Latte's in my gardening cup....

A really useful cup I have had for a couple of years. I picked it up on the sale shelf at my local garden centre. I knew it was a gem waiting to be had. It has a neat little suction cover that sits on the top and keeps my coffee hot whilst i'm out in the garden working. The bright yellow sunshiny colour and the little seedling on the top make it a perfect outdoor cup for my latte. It makes gardening so much sweeter. I am not the best gardener. Actually i'm pants. A few weeds pulled and I start to moan at the exhaustion of it all!


.......Blue skies, warm days and gentle breezes.....

I'm loving being out and about and having doors and windows open again. Having so much rain these past few months, I appreciate it all the more.


....Making this.....

I love making this at the moment. I love eating this at the moment. It can be adapted to make it more suited to smaller children also. I love playing about with this recipe. Seriously currently loving this. Click here if you fancy the recipe too.



One of my favourite song lines.


.....New Television Series....

Image : Google

I am a sucker for these kind of things. Loved 'Angel' and 'Roswell' and liking this.


.....Lego art.....

A heart, a flower and an 'I LOVE YOU' made for me by Baby Bear. I just love these. They will eventually go in my 'forever' box, but for the next few years they are staying on display.


......Discovering something new, and not getting enough of it.....

Piano, violin, cello and a dreamy voice sells it to me every time.



Yes I know it may get boring, but seriously, having a room that is clean and fresh and tidy is really something for me to get excited about. I live with three VERY messy boys, it's chaos most of the time everywhere. It's a small little space, but it's my little space and it's working for me. I know that many of you have requested to see more of it. Well, actually there's not much more to show! It's hard to capture a small galley kitchen well, and I couldn't find my other lense for my camera so only had my macro lense, which was no help. I took pics on my phone, so they are not the best quality, but hey ho, there you go.....

I still have a wooden shelf to put up on this side below the wall cabinets. Just a thin one cut from the left over wooden worktops to keep my spice jars and oil bottles on.

Our kitchen is south facing so gets a huge amount of sunshine which I love. I chose the wall cabinets to go right up to the ceiling. Before, I had old units that stopped halfway up the wall, and then a whole heap of kitchen rubbish was shoved on top and it looked bitty and messy. It looks sleeker now all hidden away, although it does make me look even shorter than I normally am. Eeek! The base cabinets are mainly drawers as they proved to be easier to access stuff. I loathed having to get everything out of a cupboard to get something right at the back all the time. Drawers takes all this away.

To compensate for a big row of cabinets on one side, only one cabinet was put up on my sink side and shelving was used to open things up a bit. I'm happy about that. I get to faff about a lot with that and it gives me enormous pleasure. One week Rice DK brights, the next pastel hues.....I'm a little sad like that I know.

So, there it is. The units came from ikea. I am slightly Scandinavian obsessed. I enjoy being in my kitchen now. I even enjoy stacking and unstacking the dishwasher or washing in the sink! Not sure how long that will last but, for now, it's a joy.


What are YOU currently loving?



  1. For sure, I love your cotton bed socks and the lego art!!! ;oD
    Another thing I'm in love with is my new crochet project, simple, soothing and relaxing!
    More soon, xxxxx Ale

  2. Your socks are too cute. Well done.

  3. Lovely.... Such beautifull pictures!!
    Lisanne draad en praat...

  4. Yours socks are gorgeous, I particularly love the little heart on the back. Your kitchen is great, and you have styled it beautifully. DebX

  5. wow I absolutely adore those socks!!!! so beautiful! And your kitchen is really pretty! I love how light and airy it looks with those beautiful pastel colours xx

  6. As ever so much to love on your post!

    The socks are just so pretty practical! A real plus for me.

    Aww the little Lego makes are so cute. You really do treasure things your children make don't you.

    Love the pictures of your kitchen, it is surprising how a change in one room can make all the difference. And you can't have too much fun rearranging your open shelves. I still love mine a year on.

    What am I loving at the moment? A bit of peace from my girl's who are happily playing upstairs (trying not to think of the mess) And a sleepy puppy in his bed.

    P x

  7. Those Lego loves are the best! No doubt they will be glued in place and treasured forever...And what a lovely kitchen! Such a pretty space to indulge your girls side in a house full of boys! So many pretty pastel things to see...I'm with ya on the Scandi obsession, especially with a south-facing kitchen - I wonder if you have a little stepping stool for those high cupboards or if you climb the counter? I do a bit of both, I dream of a low kitchen catered for my five-foot-tall self! ;-) Enjoy the latte cup while you pull that weed! Chrissie x

  8. Hi Vanessa
    Lovely, lovely , lovely !
    Gorgeous kitchen, beautiful sunshine, heavenly home shots and don't even get me started on the socks !
    Think it must be all about feet this week as my last post was sort of foot based too !
    Have a lovely Easter weekend,
    Kate x

  9. I love everything you choose, you have incredibly good taste. Everything in your home so lovely..

  10. What am I currently loving? ....your blog post Vanessa :-) !! ....the Lego, the kitchen, the sunshine mug..... it all looks wonderful, happy and spirit lifting.
    Tracey xxxxx

  11. I loved seeing the pictures of your kitchen, they are such important places. I hate it, if for whatever reason mine is out of action, I feel so lost. Your colours are lovely as is your styling. Anne

  12. Lovely photo's of your kitchen and bed socks Vanessa :-)! Wishing you and your family a Happy Easter!

    Madelief x

  13. I'm loving your beautiful new kitchen right now!! It looks fantastic and I love the way that you have arranged all of your things to look so pretty! I hope that you love being in there and spending time creating! Happy Easter. xx

  14. You have so beautiful kitchen!
    I love the crochet socks. never tried to crochet socks but with a pattern maybe they would come up on my to do list ;)
    I wish you a nice eastertime.
    Hugs from ~M~ in Finland

  15. Your kitchen looks lovely ��

  16. Wow! Have only just discovered you and what a find! Love this post, love the socks, the little heart is so cute at the back and the lego art work just melted my heart. The kitchen looks inviting yet easy to work and I notice you say you are a little Scandinavian obsessed, being half Scnadinavian, I feature a fair bit on my blog all things Scandi, you should especially look at my posting in December, I posted something everyday from Scandinavian traditions etc. Right now though...I am loving the tulips in my garden, pop over and see you would be most welcome!

  17. Fantastic socks, and lucky you getting a Lego "I love you". Three boys and a small (south-facing) kitchen here as well - I can relate!

  18. Just beautiful - as always :) Love your socks especially the little heel hearts, love your special lego gifts ♥ and your kitchen is looking gorgeous. Thank you for sharing your lovely photos. xxx

  19. Wonderful cosy socks. How clever of you to adapt the pattern. I love all the bright colours in your otherwise white kitchen - very stylish. What am I enjoying at the moment? The sunshine and sleeping dogs. Philippa xx

  20. Wow, you made crochet socks look good, I didn't think that was possible! They do look very adorable though and your kitchen is fab. You make me want to re-do mine. We did it 10 years ago ish and it's nice and all but quite small and the cream and lighter look would suit it so much better. Ahh well, a girl can dream.

    S x

  21. Hello lovely Vanessa ..... what a gorgeous bumper post!
    love love love your socks and love love love love love baby bear's lego art, so sweet x
    Thank you for showing us more of your beautiful kitchen, it looks so bright and pretty and I adore all of your little nick~nacks, I went for high cupboards too, i bought a set of folding steps from ikea so that i can access them, although I haven't tried them out yet to see if i can reach!!! (5ft 2" ;o)

    Can I give you a 'longing to love' please, instead of 'currently loving'? ..... I am longing to love my new kitchen sink, but have no taps or water just yet, i am so excited to wash up!!!
    Wishing you and your dear family and very happy Easter.
    love Jooles x x x

  22. your crocheted socks are delightful. and, am really loving your kitchen. only one question, though -- and i searched for this in your blog to see if you'd mentioned it: what do your kitchen floors look like? the only reference you seem to have made was that they're uneven . . . thanks for being a bright spot in my day!

  23. Uh oh … clean, tidy, fresh and pretty kitchen envy!!! It looks absolutely lovely V. I totally adore the shelves. Are you a bit precious about it? I'm pretty sure I would have to ban all frying and general messiness to keep it looking pristine!

    I'm currently loving the prospect of heading to the seaside for the weekend, yippee!

    Have a super Easter.


    PS. Truly gorgeous socks too.

  24. I have kitchen envy - big time! Love your new Scandi look. I have those little red heart magnets - did you get yours at Tiger? Great store! I found one in Cardiff and did party bags for the kids (all in their 20's) for our anniversary party - went down really well. Those tiles are brilliant and I know just what you mean about the gap on top of kitchen cupboards - I keep vases there but get to them without standing on a chair, so have to wait till the boys are around to reach them - and then deal with the palpitations when they do!!! Tall boys are very useful but sometimes drop stuff!!!!! Enjoy the sunshine and your new kitchen. Happy Easter.

  25. Oh Vanessa, your kitchen is so beautiful! Suffering from severe kitchen envy here! I just wanted to add, as well, how much I'm enjoying your blog. I agree with the previous comment - its a bright spot in my day. Love the socks and REALLY love the blanket they're resting on. Was it a make of yours also?
    Jo x

  26. I am currently loving your new kitchen, its def not a bore to see more of it, it really is a dream kitchen.
    Absolutely loving your cosy socks too.
    Have a great Easter Weekend Karen x
    ps do you need a chair to reach the top cupboards.....I need one for normal wall cupboards, even stuff on top of my fridge !!!!

  27. I've just found your blog through a link from Attic24. I'm going to have a good look later but just had to comment on your lovely socks. I made some crochet socks but they were in sock yarn and they are long and thin! I think I ought to make them wider and shorter. It's a struggle getting them on. You've just inspired me to have another go.

  28. Hi Vanessa! I've just found your blog, love the air and the picture of your home so relaxing! I absolutely adore your cozy socks and I notice that you adapted Yvonne's pattern.. can you please link it back ? thanks a lot ciao :::Silvia

  29. Hello how are you?
    I love your kitchen, it is such a pretty space, with lots of pretty colours. We also have a very small kitchen but I find it works perfectly too.

    Laura xxx

  30. Wow, what a feast of a post! I devoured this. Your new kitchen is so beautiful, light and bright and full of personality and colour. Your shelves are so nicely styled, I totally get how much fun that is. I love your socks. I see so many knitted socks on blogs and know that my knitting isn't up to it but crochet, now that I could do. One day I'll try.

    Your Kate Bush garland is fabulous. Did you make it yourself? I think it's a lovely idea. Could you tell me where you bought the letters, or where you ordered the garland, from? Wishing you a great week. xx

    1. Hi Gillian,

      The garland was a shop bought banner set called the 'Whatever' Banner. I got mine from a shop I visited but I think they are readily available online. I have seen them for sale on Ebay so it's worth a try on there if you have no luck googling! x

  31. Ooooh, fabby socks and lego art. Lego art? Why have we never thought of lego art? A new mission for my girls I think. X

  32. Hello Vanessa, That's a clever adaptation of Yvonne's socks!! They are really cute...
    Love the kitchenalia stuff in your kitchen. There's something great about white kitchens...isn't it? We have a light and spacious kitchen here
    but it was in the house when we moved a few years ago and as it was in decent condition we didn't change it but it is not really me and
    one day, I'd love to change it.... In the meantime, I just love looking at people's kitchens in blogs and pinterest to get ideas....
    I'm loving working on the Nordic shawl whilst am trying to study for my last ever Uni exams (which I am not loving much....)
    I am definitely admiring the wonderful flowers, blossoms and greenery in our corner of London, which makes the surroundings truly lovely.
    Hope you are enjoying your Easter,
    Pati x

  33. Just wanted to say, that I really enjoy reading your blog! Your kitchen is absolutely lovely, so light and bright and full of color. I love those socks! A new follower, Valerie

  34. soooooo pretty, love it, love it!!!!!!! xxxx hope you've had a superly lovely easter xxxxx

  35. Love your fabulous socks, you are so clever to adapt them like that! Lovely to see more of your gorgeous kitchen, such a pretty space!
    Lovin the Lego art too, supercute!
    Have a great week!
    Rachel x

  36. I'm currently loving *your* kitchen! It's beautifully done, you must be so pleased with it :-) Our kitchen is Ikea too, it was put in by the previous owners and I absolutely love it! It's similar to yours, white cupboards (although ours are the plainer ones) and wooden work surfaces, the drawers are the best aren't they? So much easier than cupboards :-)

    Hope you're enjoying every bit of it! x

    1. I'm loving the drawers too Nicole! The best thing about the kitchen for sure. Drawers within drawers are a genius idea! x


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