Monday, 7 April 2014


Ahhhh the Easter holidays have arrived here in my neck of the woods.

I have been craving the weekends so I don't have to race out of bed. I have been tired and I am LONGING for a few lazy mornings.

It's time to make the easter cupcakes and buns, get the eggs down and sorted for the egg hunt (haven't a clue where they are.....will take me a couple of weeks to locate I reckon), make silly masks and say hello to my bunnies.

I do so love these bunnies. I think they have tremendous character.

This one, looks like he really cannot be bothered to be standing there next to his basket and egg. Actually he looks totally fed up. The older brother, wanting to be doing something else at all costs. I have a son just like that.

This little fella, looks like he is loving being where he is. Nuzzling into his basket and wanting affection. The baby of the family, it must be. Again, I have one like that.

I want a coffee now......a nice steaming hot frothy coffee. Then i'm off back to my bed for a bit to read some cookbooks and get some inspiration.

And Succulents? 

Well....just because they still are delighting me tremendously...



  1. Sooo cute! Greetings Lisanne
    draad en praat...

  2. Oh my....I just returned from a trip to FLorida, where we stopped at Lowe's because the garden center is in full bloom...and I bought some succulents. I need some of those little pails.....ADORABLE!

    Cindy Bee

  3. I love your images during easter season, actually your each photos are great...
    Have a wonderful week..
    Lots of love...

  4. Oehhh Lovely Bunnies!!!!
    -X- Danielle

  5. oh I love all of your images and seeing through your home! i'm also very jealous of all your beautiful little Succulents. Where did you get them? xo.

  6. They're really pretty but you're right, the first one does look a bit perturbed. :)

  7. I love your beautiful bunnies and I think you've summed up their attitudes exactly!

    S x

  8. Easter bunnies are the best, your s are real cute. I just love easter specially the chocolate part of the celebration.
    Enjoy your rest time :)
    Karen x

  9. I love your little white bunnies and the cute Easter eggs! Are the eggs crocheted or knitted or something else?

  10. Lovely bunnies with eggs!!! Gathering Easter ideas as I browse :-)

  11. Easter holidays - bliss indeed. I do like your bunnies, just right for this time of year. And your succulents are wonderful, especially the three at the back. Hope you enjoy having the children home from school. CJ xx

  12. Ah...I can feel your relief that the holidays have arrived :-) Enjoy your sleep-ins!
    Those bunnies are very cute.
    Tracey xxx

  13. Fab I love this time of year too Easter is favourite of all the holidays.
    Clare x

  14. hello beautiful, loving all your photos, hope I get to see you at Easter, xxxxx

  15. Gorgeous photos - those bunnies are the best

  16. So cute those bunnies - makes me smile instantly !


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