Friday, 20 June 2014

Hoorah for the Weekend....

I'm in a bad mood.

I think I might just be a little crazy.

I have so much to do, I don't know where to start.

I decided to post and read others posts in a bid to calm me down.

My bad mood started yesterday evening. The Bears were driving me crazy. Bickering......NON STOP. It was wearing. I just needed quiet, and I couldn't get it. I love Big Bear to bits, but that kid can't half talk. Usually when i'm concentrating on something and he likes to start mid conversation about something computer related. I don't know why he does that. I think he's like me, he starts a conversation off in his head and then just transfers it mid sentence to out loud. I just don't get what he's talking about.

Baby Bear was Karate chopping everywhere with very loud sound effects. Middle Bear was a bit hyper as he was having a whole year sleepover at school today. Then there was Football. Annoying football. I love (NOT) how we get so hyped up for England to do well and then epic always. I'm just a bit sick of Football. An obscenely over paid bunch of men who have a talent for pushing a football along with their feet. I have a talent for eating 10 packets of crisps in 60 seconds, but I don't think anyone would pay me more than 50p to see that show.

Sadly going to bed and sleeping on my bad mood did not lift it. For, getting up and stepping on the worst piece of lego to step on, proved was still there. Juggling a million things this morning, all whilst the Bears sat around moping did little to help either.

So Quiet now. All dropped off at school. Wow, I have needed this.

But no rest for the wicked. The house is a tip and it needs sorting. I was sorely tempted to think 'sod it all' and pick up my crochet hook. I have about half an hour of ends to sew in and my little wip would be done, but I feel too irritated to start it. I need to feel the sense of achievement of getting something done around the house.

My mum calls and asks if she left a tapestry at my house when she was over last, as she can't find it anywhere. No I reply. She is stumped. Then she was questioning whether she actually did bring it over to show me or just thought about bringing it over to show me and not doing so at all! I reassure that she did bring it over and that she didn't leave it. She has looked everywhere for it and it has just disappeared.

So..........I say goodbye to my mum and I faff with shelving. It's the last thing that needs doing in the house but I decide it's good for my sanity. Start with a happy task and then move to the thankless and non rewarding tasks. When in doubt, more colour to lift my mood. Except it lead me to thinking about something, and now......well......I just think i'm going crazy and experiencing deja-vu to boot. 

Have you ever thought you had a memory.....what you thought was a clear memory.....but the more you thought about it, the more you wondered if it was an actual memory or whether it was actually a figment of your imagination?

I'm seriously doubting my sanity at the moment!

Whilst faffing with nonsense on my shelves, I decided that it would be good to get all my picnic-y stuff together. Picnic weather is here now and I truly love nothing more than a picnic. So I start to get all my bits of melamine together and I had a thought. 

I was sure that I bought a rather colourful flask a few months ago. I saw it in a shop. It was like the very colourful Rice DK ones, only a lot cheaper. The fact that it was bright and cheerful, (and really rather cheap) attracted me. I have a memory in the shop of picking it up and looking at the price and popping it in my basket. I'm sure I looked inside the flask and saw it had a shiny glass type inside. I also have a vague memory that when I bought it and got it to the car, on opening the boot, I bumped the bag on the car and hoped that I hadn't damaged the inside of the flask. I also have a vague memory of bringing it home and putting it on a table. But that's it. I realise that I haven't seen the flask from that moment. Nowhere in sight. The fact that I haven't thought about that flask since then makes me question if I did buy it?

It was around the time the kitchen was in chaos so it would be reasonable that it was put somewhere else. So that would explain the lack of memories of it being in the house, but can I find it? I have looked everywhere. It's bugging me. Today is not a day where I need added 'bugging'! So, now i'm thinking, 'Did I actually buy it?'. Well, yes, Vanessa, of course you bought it because you remember buying it. But did I? The more I think about it, the more I question if my memories are real? The fact that I don't have any more memories to do with it make me question if I actually ever bought the blinkin' thing in the first place. Maybe I just looked at it in the shop and wished I could buy it! 


I seem to think that it is with another jug thermos I have that 's getting on a bit......and can I find that? NOPE. So maybe there is hope. I can't even find the one I definitely know I have! Maybe I did buy it, or maybe i'm like my mother today. Maybe it will turn up years down the line and I will shout 'YES, YOU"RE NOT MAD', or maybe it will never turn up, because I never actually bought the bleeding thing in the first place.

Ever do that with your food shopping? Feel sure you have bought something but your receipt tells you otherwise. Maybe you did, but it fell out of the trolley, or maybe it got put back on the shelf and your brain never registered it. I've had my fair share of Babay Bear taking things back out of the basket that I've put in.

Oh my head hurts now with all this thinking.

Right......enough on this. Draw a line vanessa and crack on with the mundane. Bleurgh. I know this is going to bug me all day.....

....but hoorah it's the weekend tomorrow. 

I want a cup of tea in bed and I want to be LAZY.


Man, what a moany post! Geez shut up woman!


  1. Oh my, you sound just like me! I had one of those days yesterday, I blame the heat and ponytails, I will never learn that ponytails equal headaches, and a need for peace. On a different note, I have those same straws in that same container on my shelf in my kitchen! I love Ikea! Hope your day picks up Debbie x

  2. Those weeks happen. You deserve a (LARGE) glass of wine.

  3. Hope your mood and day is improving. I've had the thought I've bought something and searched high and low, but it never was found...hope your flask turns up soon. Loving the colour and shelf arranging, I too do shelves when I should/could be doing the "chores" lol...gotta have some eye candy to keep us happy. Have a lovely relaxing weekend.

  4. Sorry to tell you this but you made me laugh and laugh with your stories about football...I agree, I'm sick of football too! Oh, wish everything slow down and have a wonderful, lazy week end!

  5. :) I definitely can relate - the more I'm convinced I've bought something, the more the other side of my brain says - "are you sure?" and I go round and round in circles. We have too much stuff in the house. I'd love a skip for Christmas - but it's mainly other peoples stuff that I want to get rid of. And now the husband isn't sure if he wants to get rid of me! But hey, it's Friday. My son has just sat his last GCSE and we are going out for KFC! We know how to live! I feel a glass of wine night coming on - for the both of us. I shall say "cheers" to you as I pour mine, and hope your day improves, or at least you get some quiet crochet time over the weekend. xx

  6. Nah, it's not moany - I find it quite reassuring actually :-D. I also get major self-doubt about things I think I bought/did. Honestly, if my mind is going to create false memories you'd hope it'd be interesting ones, not memories of dull shopping!

  7. Moan away I say, I am fully intending too tomorrow evening with my mate. We have both had stresses of late so a good vent is needed. It will be just like when we were teenagers although perhaps without the boy talk!

    We have had a most crappy week and am so looking forward to a bit of weekend escape and cunningly enough picnics are on the cards.

    Hope your bad mood lifts and the weekend brings some peace, and that you find your pretty flask too.

    I agree about the football my other half couldn't careless about it normally but come world cup that's all he goes on about. Men!

    P x

  8. Oh you do make me chuckle Vanessa. Well, I wonder...if this little one of yours is not behind a series of missing things? Your mother's tapestry, your two flasks and well I wonder if there is anything else missing? I only suggest because you said he likes ro put things back out of the nasket when you are shopping....maybe there is a secret stash about your house somewhere. ?..

  9. You are on countdown to the weekend, hang in there!!! In twelve hours you'll be sleeping, in six hours things should at least be marginally quieter, and in about three hours it's Pimms o'clock! ;-) Chrissie x

  10. Oh dear Lord how this post of yours resonates with me ! The stuff that I have in my hand in the supermarket which never ends up in the trolley....only to discover that once home of course.I get waylaid while it's still in one hand and I pop it down by the apples ...or something similar,fiddle around bagging them up , weighing and pricing etc only to leave the first item forlornly behind :( but I nearly always have the doubt in my mind that I maybe only ever thought about buying and in fact never picked up in the first place.
    Another weird thing is when I find a really lovely card for someone, you know when you spot something absolutely perfect for that person, the occasion etc. ...well,I buy it and then usually when the time comes to write it and send...I always think it that I've sent the same one to that person before ...this happens a lot ...turns out I usually haven't , but I still get that weird " déjà vu feeling ! Is that just me ,I wonder ?
    Anyway, I absolutely loved this post , Vanessa...had a real chuckle.....and by my standards ...not a bit moany :)
    Have a fab weekend x

  11. I love you Vanessa! You made me laugh when I really didn't feel like it. I've had a crap stressful week with wacky dreams that have added to my sleepless nights and I just CAN NOT BE BOTHERED!!! I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you to find your flasks and do a full photo post intro for us all to witness that YOU ARE NOT GOING MAD!

  12. Sounds quite familiair to a lot of women these days I think ;-) But there aren't many who dare to share this with the world, which is a bloody shame. I'm glad you did share, it made me smile!

  13. Hey Girl, you need a break!!!! Drop the kids off at school and take your picnic basket and have some ;YOU TIME!!!!" Add a few of your favourite goodies and don't forget your crochet!!! Just a small break away from home and everything and everybody is what you need!!!! Have a fab weekend!!!

  14. Not just me then? In the course of me attempting to read your post two of my Smalls were told off for fighting and one sent to his room. Urg, why can't they be nice! Should be washing up not reading lovely blog posts too! xx

  15. Ha ha, what a funny post! I know just what you mean - my memory is crap! As for the football, knocked out completely now - what a load of poop! :)

  16. I love this post! It's so real. I do think bloggers sometimes make us all feel inadequate, like their lives are so perfect and ours are a bit rubbish. So moan on Vanessa. I love it! Xx

  17. Yeah. Just yeah. �� lots both hope tomorrow is better. (((Hugs))) x

  18. Not a moany post at all...quite reassuring actually, as I thought it was just me that had weird memory syndrome. It's usually naughty things to eat that I could swear I'd purchased, only to get home and find that, darn it, it's not in the bag, or anywhere on the receipt. I swear I just blank out the 'I'm going to be good and not purchase sweet goodies', and am convinced I did in fact buy that jumbo bar of chocolate! NB. The flask will turn up you know! x

  19. It was a special full moon on Tuesday. Maybe that's disturbed you. I know it has me!

  20. Oh dear, sounds as though you have a stress head at the moment. I know that when I have a lot going on I cannot remember all sorts of things and forget things. Today I was speaking to the builder and needed to remember to talk paint colours and could not for the life of me remember what I needed to talk to him about, he then went on about all sorts of other things and I just couldn't think, so I left it, and then remembered when he had gone. So I think that what you are describing is perfectly normal and you will feel fine again when you get a chance to clear your head. I hope that your weekend will be a good and relaxing one and that all the missing items magically reappear all by themselves! xx

  21. You've made me laugh out loud with the crisp eating. I would definitely pay good money to see that. And I'm wondering a little what my record time would be. Every so often I wonder where a thing I'm sure I bought has gone. Most recently some cream for the little people that I was particularly happy to have found. I put it in the basket. Where is it??? And I often misplace things about the house as well. We can't both be going crazy. I'm a little out of sorts here as well. Let's hope the weekend makes it all better. Hope you have a good one. CJ xx

  22. It's not a moany post Vanessa, a little perplexed maybe :-) I hope the weekend brings all you need.
    Tracey xxx

  23. Sound a bit like my week, so over the football, I hope you find the flask if it's like our house they'll be in one of those safe places, that means things disappear only to turn up when you don't need them, have a good weekend.
    Clare x

  24. One of those days eh?!! Thank goodness they do pass eventually. Get your kids doing jobs for you, that will shut them up quick smart. Anyone bickering gets a job, ha ha, get them cleaning the toilet and bathroom or cleaning out the litter box if you have a cat or cleaning up the dog poop in the garden if you have a dog and a garden. Get them to wash the dishes even if you have a dishwasher and get them cleaning the kitchen floor on their hands and knees. Am I the meanest mother? Perhaps, but getting them doing the housework does wonders when little fingers and mouths are idle. I hope tomorrow is a better day for you.
    Anne xx

  25. Maybe the flask and your mother's tapestry have run away together, like the dish and the spoon? ; o) Have a great weekend!


  26. I'm with you sister - hoorah for the weekend!

    If something goes missing in my house, my daughter is my first port of call. She's a great one for 'borrowing' things. I found a missing pink latte cup from Ikea on her dressing table with make up brushes in it AND my favourite scissors. When I've got a minute, I'll go and see if I can find your flask and your Mum's tapestry in her room!!! ;-)

    Find yourself a little corner gorgeous girl and leave them to it. Go on strike. That's what I'm doing today.


  27. I once dreamt that I booked our holiday. The weirdest part was when I realised that I hadn't booked it and was busy being as confused as you've been and my husband told me quite confidently that I'd dreamt it. I asked him how he knew and he said that I'd woken up one morning and told him about the dream. I can only assume I was still half asleep at that point as I have no memory of that conversation!

    Would it be wrong to admit cheering a little about England's early exit from the World Cup. I'm hoping the world might calm down a little now.

    And yes, hurrah for the weekend. Hope you're enjoying a relaxing,, footie-free, sunshiney laze x

  28. Sounds like one of those times when things get completely overwhelming! Hope you're able to take a little downtime, read a book and do some crochet, relax in whatever way is right for you and feel centered and happy again! Hugs!!

  29. Yes, I also had a good laugh, although with deep sympathy behind it. I'm an OAP now, trying to help my son and daughter-in-law cope with a very lively 18-month-old, and my daughter cope with severe anxiety, etc. I remember a bumper sticker I saw long ago: "Insanity is hereditary; you get it from your kids." Sometimes I find such moods helped by just getting stuck in to the nastiest chore (forgive the footy reference) and realizing that it is possible to get the kitchen tidy, at least for a moment. Other times, I think running away is good for gaining perspective--go someplace you like and no one else in your family does (for me, a charity shop!). And I do the reverse of your shopping problem: I suddenly remember I'm out of some spice or condiment, buy it, and get home to find I already had that burst of insight and there are 2 other jars of capers in the frig. Well, at least they keep. Hope the raveled sleeve of care is knit up a bit--wine seems like a good start. Cheers, Kate in Oregon

  30. Aw Vanessa! It sounds like you're having a right horrid time but it will pass. I bought some wool a few years ago, well my parents paid for it and said it could be for Christmas and then they lost it. We thought they'd accidentally thrown it away but then this year it turned up! I'm sure your flask will materialise sooner though...

    Maybe a nice walk would clear your head and make you a bit less stressed? Or a good old glass of vino! x

  31. Hello, your blog is great (despite your bad mood ;-) ) I found you via Tales from a Happy House. So glad I did!


  32. This is exactly what I needed to read after the week I've been having (all the while feeling guilty about not shaking my own bad mood). Thanks for reminding me that it's good to vent every so often. :) I hope this last week was a better one for you!

  33. Although I live right outside Austin Tx, and don't understand all the British terms u used, oh man did u make me laugh. It is a universal theme is it not, a dirty house, kids, and the real winner "Did I buy that or no?" I do it all the times these days and it does make u feel crazy. I promise u are not alone. I came across ur blog last week and I just love it! Vent away girl it makes me feel better! :0) Oh yes your colors and crochet are great!!!!!


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