Monday, 23 June 2014


A bit random-ish today.

I feel like being here in this little space of mine.

Maybe because I feel a bit out of sorts. Maybe because I feel like this balances me a little.

Big Bear has really started to want to cook more these past few months. He was given a cook book at christmas. It was meant for teenagers wanting to learn baking basics. He made a cheesecake. He seems to LOVE cheesecake. So one was made all by his fair hands. A bit heavy on the icing sugar, but really tasty. I'm still trying to take my body out of it's shock at putting on a few pounds or ten, so most of it went down Big Bears cake hole. 

My mood went from being grumpy to being irritable this weekend. I more or less blame it on the weather. It's been really hot and humid. My perfect day is blue skies, warm heat and a light breeze. No breeze and hot and sticky just makes me agitated. I kept apologising because I knew I was not being my normal self, but I just couldn't shake it. Luckily, my lovely little family of mine gave me space!

I did finish my project. Funny that on hot and muggy days I make a scarf.

Complete with pom poms. Never used to be a fan of pom poms, but they have grown on me in recent years, and somehow this scarf didn't feel complete without them. I also like how I matched my scarf to my glass too. How very colour co-ordinated of me!

I've called this scarf 


I do like to name my makes. It helps me identify with them. It also really helps when people ask me any questions about my stuff etc if I name them.

Anyway, it reminded me of a painting. The colours were like water colour blobs or oil mixes. When it started to come together it instantly reminded me of Monet. I looked up his paintings as I was sure that my colours reflected his works. One of his paintings, 'The Iris Garden at Giverny' just had every colour I had worked with on this scarf. 

Claude Monet - The Iris Garden at Giverny

The 'blotchy' effect created with this stitch just made it look more like his painting. So.....'Giverny' was named.

I actually used the colours from a scarf I had bought. It was a kids scarf from Accessorize many years ago, but I loved the colours so much together. The scarf is looking sorry for itself now. It's been over used for years, so I was keen to recreate something using the same palette.

I like this scarf, very much. It's not a favourite with the Bears. Just a little 'too' granny for them. I did love the stitch pattern though. I found it on Pinterest here. It would be nice in a blanket like this one here. It would be nice in rainbow colours I think, and also in contrasting colours to really show the stitch rows to optimum effect. It would perhaps look less 'blotchy' than the colours I used. But I'm happy with my efforts. It was quick and simple and satisfying. 

I'll grab a pic of it wrapped around muggins at some point, but when it's not so hot and humid and I can stomach it around my neck!

So, that was finished on Saturday, and by Sunday my fingers were itching. I still have two projects unfinished, but I need to summon up renewed enthusiasm for those. 

Sunday was spent lazing in the morning, then we headed for a picnic at a nearby park for the afternoon. Snacks for the bears and flasks of hot water and milk to make endless cups of tea. Very British with our cups of tea and crocheted blankets! It was pretty darn perfect though........and I decided, that I loved the 'Happy Scrappy Blanket' so much, that another ripple was in order. The 'Happy Scrappy Blanket' is very eclectic in colour and vintage in style, so I wanted to go for something completely different and go bright and sunshiny. So I sat in the park and made a start whilst ball games were played and zip lines were hurtled down. It was really rather lovely, and I have to say, I felt calm and peaceful!

I'm loving working with the brights, they are a real mood lifter. Very 'Cath' I think, but I think it will be nice and happy. Putting all my blankets together in piles shows me just how diverse my colour moods are when I come to craft. They are all so different. I don't seem to stick to one palette like many crafters do. I seem to be all over the place. But I think it reflects me totally. I am a bit all over the place in general, but that's ok, I quite like that.

So, I think I should finish there. I have three loads of wash to put on and get dry in the sun. It's my mission today to get three rooms looking dazzling in my house! ha ha! I really am pants at house maintenance. It's just so boring! Oh well, the sun is shining......and there is a breeze at the moment! woo hoo!



  1. I love your scarf - the colours are great. I'm making several blankets at the minute and it gets really hot working with them in this weather. Not that I work on all of them at the same time - just depends what notion I'm in which one I pick up.

  2. I hope that today is less sticky and icky for you, I definitely think that the weather at this time of year can make you a bit cranky, I know that it is making me cranky!! Your scarf looks lovely, and I like the stitch, it would indeed make a great blanket!! xx

  3. Mmmmmmmmmm ..... would big Bear like to visit me ;o)
    It was kind of comforting to reading your post, I have been a grouchy old bag this last few days, there seems to be one huge black cloud above my head, following me around, I'm trying my very best to shake it. I hope you are feeling happier very soon (and me too!)
    VERY pretty scarf and good luck with that washing pile!
    love Jooles x x x

  4. What lovely cheesecake! I wish one of the men (the grown up one!) in my house would decide to start cooking...I may have to drop some hints! I can completely understand and share your mood. I've not long been back from quite a challenging holiday and the return to work and the dreaded washing has left me feeling a bit grumpy and under and Eeyore style little grey cloud. I hope that it lifts for all of us soon. Your scarf was very pretty and I love the little bowl of wool trimmings. Much love xx

  5. I love the scarf. The colors are so nice and cheery. What kind of yarn is it, and where did you get it?
    The heat always makes me a b****. I just can't deal with it. I don't now why summer just can't be filled with the beautiful, perfect days we all prefer. I guess because God has a different plan.

  6. Dear Vanessa,

    My mood is also influenced by how hot and muggy it is. Also, I find that around the summer solstice if the weather is clement, which it has been here near Tours, there is so much SUNLIGHT! Somehow it tires me out to be in dazzling light for hours on end. Does that sound silly?

    Congratulations to your clever son for making such a fine-looking cheesecake; we are a cheesecake loving family. And your scarf is stunning and bears a fabulous name too!


  7. Nice colors for the scarf. I love it!

  8. Glad your day turned out to be so much better. That fresh air will do it. A picnic is a great idea. Too hot here in Texas for anything like least for me. Love the scarf you made with the pom-poms. I love the poms cut close like that. Looks like a fun stitch. Makes me want to make a scarf or something else quick and take a break from the squares I've been making one after another for a blanket. Always distracted, that's me. All my blankets are very different in color and style too. I'm not one to stick to one type of anything. Have a good week! Happy to see you posting more lately! I love to read your entries. ♥

  9. Funny but my moodiness is brought on by the complete opposite!!! Winter!!!! I hate our winters, it's cold only in the mornings and evenings but bloody hot during the day!!! Love your scarf and adore your color pallette!!!! Have a fab week!!!

  10. Hi Vanessa, I love your scarf and the painting it reminded you of....both are beautiful.
    Glad you are managing to get out and enjoy the lovely weather.
    Jacquie x

  11. The scarf you made is beautiful. Love the colors and the pom pons!

  12. I spy 3 flasks in that idyllic picnic photo! Are any of them THE know the imaginary one?

  13. I shall train my eldest to make cheesecake too I think, it's my favourite as well. I love the scarf, and the name Giverny is just perfect for it. So nice to see the happy scrappy blanket having an outing too. CJ xx

  14. Oh honey, here we are on the other sides of the world feeling cranky because the weather is all wrong.
    If only we could share a cup of tea and cheer each other up.
    I adore your scarf. It's GORGEOUS!
    I hope you are feeling brighter by now.

  15. Fingers crossed for an air and mood clearing storm!

    I know exactly what you mean about colours - I have rainbow brights, earthy beiges, jewel rich and seaside blues on the go at the moment. I love all colour not just one palate, and perhaps I am all over the place too! Lets call it eclectic and enjoy the variety!

  16. Fab scarf and I am inspired by the blanket on pinterest you found too!
    I love bright things for the same reasons they do uplifting things to my soul and my scatty brain!
    bestest d x

  17. I just love your scarf, the name, the gorgeous colours, all of it. It sounds like you had a lovely, chilled out weekend. I liked what you said about having different palates for different moods and projects. I know just what you mean. I tend to go for muted shades, but often I think brighter colours would shake my makes up a little. Anyway, whatever colours you choose you always get them spot on.

    By the way, thank you so much for your thoughtful comment on my Midsummer post. I totally agree, blogs are so often for cherishing and celebrating the best bits in life, and it's worth remembering that it's never all roses behind the scenes. I forgot that - it was IG that was really irritating me to be honest! xx


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