Tuesday, 17 June 2014


....The morning started off chilly and cloudy.

But the sun is shining now. Woo Hoo. It seems to be hit and miss at the moment.

The older Bears have a half day today, so I am trying to cram in as much as possible this morning. I know when they get home, they will raid the fridge and cupboards, ruin the kitchen, leave their rubbish everywhere and bicker.

Kitchen tidy...for now. Washing on the line. I'm watching it flap about outside and I know that it will be dry so quickly. I was pegging it out this morning and big wafts of orange blossom kept drifting past me (my fabric softener) and it was delicious. Oh how I love the sound of the washing machine whurring. 


Putting away. 

The daily rituals, but it always seems more palatable when the sun is shining. I'm loving the daily today.

I have been baking too. Easy Peasy baking I might add. I succumbed and said to the Bears that i'd make Rocky Roads. They are their favourites, but I tend to eat my fair share when I make them and i'm really wanting to be good. My willpower is non existent at the moment, and my waistline is suffering big time. Poop. 

Flapjacks too. I only ate the crumbs, honest.

Succulents have been bought. 

I love this one. It looks HUGE against my little mini ones. Too bad it's not for keeps, it's for someone who loves them just as much as I do. I might have to sneak another in though.

Coffee drunk.

Music to keep me bouncy and alive.

Please sun stay shining.....at least until my washing has dried. 

I'll be your friend forever.



  1. enjoy those special quiet moments...my mouth is watering looking at your delicious treats for the bears, yummy scrummy!!!!! rumble, rumble i hear my tummy, i like hearing the washing machine too, seems a little odd when you say it out loud but its a sound that cheers me. My washing is swaying too in the court yard...but i have builders at the neighbours re-building an extension and they are making a ghastly racket and seem to enjoy their music on the top sound setting...so not much peace out there...but when i dropped sophia off at school i went to see the glorious roses in my park which cheered me no end ;0)xxxx

  2. My son is just finishing his GCSEs. Whilst it's lovely having him around (and I know that he won't be for much longer as he is countdown to Uni) but I do miss those few hours where the house is clean, and neat and tidy and washing isn't being added to the dirty pile!
    But as you say - it's all much nicer when the sun shines. x

  3. C'est vraiment très gentil de dire que vous serez toujours notre amie.
    Lucie qui aime elle aussi le soleil qui brille x

  4. My day started cloudy and drizzly today but the sun has come out and it's lovely now. I know it's a pain when the kitchen gets messed up but just bear with it.

    1. Just bear with it - pun fully intended, heehee?

  5. Cloudy here to at first but sunny now and the wash is out, the baking looks yummy
    Clare x

  6. It sounds like a glorious day! How can you resist all those yummy treats?! It's not just my waistline that suffers these days. ;)
    Jess xx

  7. We had sports day today and I was convinced we were going to get wet, but thankfully not. I must confess I have shelf envy....big time!!!! Hope the bears enjoyed the Rocky Road, it's a huge favourite in our house too! Sarah xo

  8. I love that big succulent! They are such a wonderful plant for someone like me. I am so hoping to get a clothesline up soon, I get so envious of everyone who has one, we have a perfect spot for one, it would help save a bit of money on the power bill, but we just haven't done it. Must make it a priority! The Rocky Road looks yummy, I think my kids would approve - do you have a specific recipe?

  9. Very little willpower here too, and quite a lot of waistline. Sigh. Nice succulent, I have a couple on my windowsill at the moment as well. I know exactly what you mean about the trail of chaos wrought by little people, it's much the same here. I love the sound of the washing machine too - doing all that work for me. The comforting ritual of the every day is a very fine thing. Enjoy the rest of your week. CJ xx

  10. What a delightful post - a fresh breezy home day with lovely treats and orange blossom too; wonderful! I hope your washing dried in the lovely sunshine! Joyx

  11. I really enjoyed your description of a nice homemaking kind of day. Having washing on the line is one of those really satisfying things I always think isn't it. The rocky road looks lovely, a definite favourite in these parts. xx

  12. Yes, I am trying to cut down on the sweet treats too :( I never used to put on an ounce! Lovely pictures :)


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