Thursday, 10 July 2014

Big Deal........

This past week has been a week of big deals.

At the weekend, a 50th Wedding Anniversary was celebrated.

Being a Golden Wedding Anniversary, it was only fitting that it was a 'Gold' theme.


I was AMAZED with the amount of gold china my sis-in-law had amassed.

It was a fun day.

Lots of relatives in one place (a rarity with a big family)

Lots of laughing

And Oh My, lots of cake eaten.

The next day was a garden BBQ followed by a late afternoon on the beach ( a fix of salty air and sand was needed) before it was time to head home.


Another Big Deal....

My garden.

All the poppies had opened whilst I was away. The first time i've had poppies in my garden. Having 2 bumble bee nests in my garden this year, I thought I would try and help them out a little by sewing some wild seed mix I got from the garden centre. It's the one that's supposed to attract the bees. Next year I will plant the packet for the butterflies. I also was given some poppy seeds by a lovely bloggy friend from her garden. So this year, I have amazed myself that I have colour in my garden, and I have not killed anything off! RESULT.


Another Big Deal....

Red Kites.

Growing up as a kid, the biggest bird I would see would be a Kestrel, hovering by the side of the motorway as we drove to London. If I was REALLY lucky, once or twice in my life I managed to glimpse a Buzzard. The Red Kite is subject to the longest continuous conservation project in the world. Red Kites were extinct in England by the 1870's. Wales had only 2 breeding pairs in the 1930's. By the early and mid 90's, Swedish pairs were introduced into Scotland, and the Midlands. Around 2004, some pairs were introduced in southern England. 

I first saw a Red Kite about 3 years ago in my neck of the woods. It was so big, I knew it wasn't a kestrel or buzzard so I looked it up, and became fascinated in seeing them. Now, There are a pair that live around my town, and I see them almost daily. They never cease to amaze me. 

Yesterday as I was driving into my road I saw one flying above a neighbours garden. It was a large adult and it was BEAUTIFUL. They have chickens, so I thought it was after them, but it had a mouse in its beak. I was so excited to see one so close. The Bears were not as excited as me, they thought I was being stupid. In my travels around my part of Hampshire I see many now and it's incredible to think how well they seem to be doing here.. The OH has 8 that live around the field next to his work. They just fascinate me, and it thrills me with joy to see the re-introduction of these gorgeous creatures doing so well.

By the way, I didn't take these shots. These are the one's that fly in the field next to the OH's work. Gorgeous aren't they?


Another Big Deal....

The Lavender fields.

An evening stroll in the fields behind my home. The lavender is out now and what a magnificent sight. I come and walk here through each season, and it never fails to amaze me the beautiful shot of colour here at this time of the year. Even more amazing after the rain has fallen. Last night was a beautiful evening, bathed in a golden light. We walk, first through the upper field. There used to be horses here which kept the grass low, but I think dog walkers complained at them being there and they were removed. Now the grass is long, more of a meadow now. Beautiful none the less with the golden evening glow of the sun. 

We detour first along the corn fields, which are almost as amazing as the lavender fields at the moment.

I do love the Hampshire countryside. Everything is just so beautiful at the moment. The colours are intense and amazing.

At the bottom of the corn field we take a left. Can you see the vibrant pop of purple peeking out there?

There were different colours of lavender too......white, pink and dark blue. All changing colour in the evening light.

We head back up to the top of this picture, passing more corn, then we are home again.


This week has been busy. My Mac isn't too happy at the moment either, so it's hit and miss with blog posts. I may be taking an unexpected blog break for a bit if it get's too grumpy with me and doesn't want to play ball. So many things going on at schools too. Baby Bear finishes his Infant School in a couple of weeks, and if i'm honest, i'm a little but heartbroken. I know on his final day in school, come home time, I shall have to wear dark glasses to hide my red eyes. I love his Infant school, and I just don't feel ready to close this chapter and start a new one. I guess it just highlights how time flies and how much he is growing up.........sigh........

Oh well........on a different note, my new ripple is coming along nicely. It should be finished by the middle of next week I reckon. I cannot wait. It has been so much fun making this one. It's so 'in your face' bright and jolly. So.........lets hope my little hooky fingers can do it, and my little Mac plays ball to do a  reveal next week.

Until then.....




  1. loooooooooooove your pics!!!!! angie

  2. Such beautiful pictures! Love your garden and pretty flowers, I love Poppies too, they're so cute! :) Have a lovely day! xo Holly

  3. Beautiful pictures as ever. I think the lavender and cornfields are my favourites! Well and the pretty cakes.

    Hope all goes well in the run up to summer hols it does get rather mad doesn't it. Hope the pesky computer behaves to look forward to seeing your ripple blanket.

    P x

  4. Wonderful Big Deals going on in your life; congrats to the happy couple - 50 years is no mean feat, I can testify to that, and oh your gorgeous garden pics and the lavender, the majestic birds ….. everything is so beautiful - thank you for sharing it all with us! xoJoy

  5. That looks like a wonderfully golden party ..... I didn't know that so much gold china existed!
    Your garden flowers are stunning, what lucky bees, it feels so very important to treasure those hard working busy little workers. Same goes for the red kites, it was really lovely to learn more about them, they look magnificent, I shall be keeping my eyes peeled.
    LOVE the fields and that lavender ..... I bet you felt very r e l a x e d after that walk.
    It's very hard seeing your little ones grow up so quickly ..... chin up x
    love Jooles x x x

  6. I loved seeing the amazing gold china, such a lovely idea for a golden wedding party! And your garden flowers are so beautiful, such lovely photos too with the bees. I love lavender fields, you are so lucky to have some nearby, what a wonderful walk! Hope you have a happy week, and look forward to seeing your new crochet when it is finished!
    Helen xox

  7. Some much in one post! Where on earth did your sister-in-law get so much gold china? We have a red kite flying about near us. It's great to see it. We have lots of buzzards too. I'm sure that lavender smelt fantastic.

  8. Great post - a real home-from-home. I love gold china, lavender fields and Hampshire seems to have drawn me in so I'm at a point where I'm beginning to think I'll never leave. (It's taken over 30 years)! We've had red kites over my 'other' home in Wales for some years. A woman in the village feeds them and I've counted over 30 there some mornings, swirling and wheeling over the village. They're incredible creatures and I understand they live on carrion, they don't kill - not sure if that's 100% correct though. I've seen quite a few here in Hampshire including one memorable afternoon a year or so ago - I spied one from our patio.

  9. Beautiful photos, I especially like the poppy and the bee, just gorgeous.
    Marianne x

  10. lavender fields . . . flowers . . . 50th anniversary . . . the beach . . . sounds like a lovely week.

  11. Those golden teapots! That cake! And the lavender fields - dreamy! Hope the last day of school isn't too emotional :) x

  12. Now that looks like a very grand 50th wedding anniversary party.....beautiful lavender fields :) x

  13. Exquisite photos !! I can't stop looking at this blogpost....
    And that golden china.... Oh my that is sooooo beautiful ! Did your sister in law really buy them all ? Or are they rented ?

  14. what stunning pictures! just gorgeous - And looks like fun too. I could almost smell the lavender. x

  15. What a gorgeous post...the Golden Wedding Anniversary looked fabulous - the crockery was just amazing! I so enjoyed your lovely walk through the lavender fields, the light was perfect and it must be such a treat to be so near such beautiful surroundings. My little boy is leaving nursery next week and like you I will be hiding behind my sunglasses after the final goodbyes. It feels like such a milestone and I am also not quite ready to let go and move on to the next step. I'm getting a tight throat just thinking about it! xxxx

  16. Hello Vanessa - what a post, packed full to bursting ! How amazing to live so close to those beautiful lavender fields. The smell must be quite incredible. Your photo's capture your wonderful week so well.
    Kate x

  17. What a great post to read! I'm going to re read it now! That china is something else, just beautiful and I love the lavender. We are used to seeing red kites in the skes above us here, circling around. Once again, a lovely post, Jane x

  18. Goodness.. photos to take your breath away. I felt like I had a little walk with you reading this post! Good luck with all things school like and understand completely the emotional element of these transitions. A Big Deal of a post - thank you for sharing, J9 x

  19. I live in Hampshire too, and we often see a Red Kite when we're in our garden - amazing! Oh, and I so identify about the poppies and wild flowers! We planted a wild flower border for the butterflies and bees and it's been incredible. This week we've had pink and red poppies flowering - I love them. For weeks we've had a daily stroll to the wild flower border to check out what else has popped up, it is ridiculously exciting! Maria x

  20. So many wonderful big deals! The lavender fields are breathtaking!
    Gill xx

  21. Oh that lavender, stunning. Lucky you seeing red kites so regularly, my eldest is a keen birdwatcher, he wll be SO envious. I love the collection of gold china, your S-I-L did a really good job. I'll look forward to seeing your new ripple, I really really love the one you used to have in your header photo. I hope you have a good (and productive!) weekend. CJ xx

  22. stunning pictures! Great week!

  23. I love this post. Leavers assembly for mine tomorrow, remember the loveliness in feeling a bit sad is that they have had a great time; take heart, one door closes and another opens

  24. OMGosh, OMGosh, OMGosh... I don't know what was the lovliest... each photo was so outstanding... filled with all the things I love...! Thanks for sharing it all with us!
    Hugs always,
    Beth P

  25. Oh, that lavender is stunning. The anniversary party looks like it was very elegant, I love all the gold on the table!

  26. Thank you for beautiful images. I like the story of the kites success very much.

  27. Lots of nice things in your life I can see. Enjoy. Breath in. Indulge. That is the cutest little bumble bee curled up in that poppy!!! How did you manage to capture that? You must have taken a trillion pics for the right 10th of a second to appear. Amazing!
    Love it all. Especially the lavender fields. What is it with lavender fields that are so magical? All the best Vanessa. Enjoy your summer.

  28. What beautiful photos and I love the beautiful coloured banner at the top of your page-gorgeous!

  29. Beautiful big deals that make life happy
    Great pics.

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  31. You have such an amazing eye! I love all of these gorgeous photos!

  32. How happy to have a 50th Aniversary and so many happy things around you... Hope you are having a good summer and get to finish your ripple... I can't wait to see it :) have a wonderful weekend :)

  33. Your sister inlay sounds amazing! hehehe, how are you doing beautiful? thanks so much for all your help for the Golden weekend, I couldn't have done it with out you 'styling' with me! you were fab, thanks beautiful, look forward to the next event! your photos are so lovely, I didn't get much chance to take many, see you soon, xxxx

    Becca x

  34. Beautifully written... Wonderful pictures.
    Thanks so much for sharing all this loveliness! Big deals indeed!


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