Thursday, 11 September 2014




It really is my most favourite past time.

I find it really relaxing.

I love brights. They cheer me up no end.

I have to say, I'm not at all taken with Cath's latest Autumn Range. I'm finding it all a bit 'blah' (great for the purse strings). However, I did have a soft spot for this bright little tea cosy. The only thing to make my heart flutter. Fun and cheery at the breakfast table.

I do love pastels I'm sure that you know.

They are so restful.

So I alternate.


I faff. I sort. I ponder. I soak up colour. I touch it. I smile.

It's been brights for a while, so I think soft pastels for a bit.

I find they influence what I make at any one time. The Summer Loving' Blanket was made when I was surrounded by brights, the projects after that I have favoured a softer palette.

Swings and Round-abouts.

What are your favourite colours?



  1. I like restful naturals,mossy greens,greys,browns,black accessories and not much clutter,I do enjoy seeing other peoples tastes and styles though,yours is very cozy and homely.

  2. I love bright colours alongside something that makes them pop even more, like a pure white or a muted grey. :) I have to have bright colour in my life or else I will wither and fade away ;)
    Jess xx

  3. Good morning my lovely friend. I'm so thrilled to see you back again, I've missed you.

    Faffing is one of my many pleasures too and I also ricochet between bright colours and pastels. If I absolutely had to choose it would be pastels. That said, I'm positively drooling over your shelf of brights. I totally love your jar cosies which I'm sure comes as no surprise!

    I don't think there is one colour I don't like but I hate anything neon with a passion. Yuck! My favourite combination is turquoise blue with pink.

    Ooh I do enjoy a chat about colours. Sets you up for the day, don't you think?!

    Have a wonderful one.


  4. I would find it hard to say what my favourite colours are as it changes depending on what item is to be that colour. I suppose purple would be one of my favourites. It might be easier to name the colours I don't like! Peach and bright red. Having said that, there are times when these can be the exact right colour that is needed for a certain occasion. So I'm really back to having no favourite because I like (very nearly) all of them.

  5. By the way - I'm currently faffing by commenting on other people's blogs when I should be packing! I better get on with it.

  6. Eeeeep that CK tea cosy! I've been lusting after it so hard, but just can't get it in Aus. I'm on a brights binge since Spring has just started here.

  7. This morning I've enjoyed, cleaning and tidying (I know but post foot op it's lovel to potter around), then I've enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate and biscuit and read my book for half an hour. Then I've put the washing out, and emptied the dishwasher. Does this count as "faffing" too - I should have been in the office working! I'm now in the office - but clearly not working! Woops!

  8. All colors are beautiful because they are all in Nature.
    The ocher of a sunset or autumn, the meadows green, blue sea and sky ...
    according to my mood I prefer some or others ....
    Today in my country CATALONIA there are two colors that dominate under the others:
    yellow and red. Today is the National Day of Catalonia.
    Have a happy day, Vanessa!

  9. I love brights and pastels too. I usually decorate my craft room with brights, my living room with white, & my bedroom with pastels. You can find me in different rooms... depending on my mood:). Except for my brown carpet ( no choice, apartment living ) I tend to stay away from *Autumn* colors and black.

  10. My favorites are pastels with a bright color or black randomly placed around them. And though I'm from the US and we don't use the phrase "faffing" I think I love doing it too.

  11. I'm not sure what faffing means, but I love it, as I do all your photos. If it means "piddling", like miss ann says, I do love it. I'm fond of all colors, bright to pastel to black and white, as yes, they are colors too. My home is full of color, however, my wardrobe is black, white and grey. Same goes for my knitwear designs....color to simple black and white. Thanks for the lovely post.

  12. I am like you in that I like to mix it up a little at the moment I am liking brights but as the seasons change so does my colour palette. I wasn't impressed with the new Cath Kidston range either.

  13. So beautiful colours! I love it!

  14. I like blue and red, I like pink and beige, and I like a pastel green with a touch of brown...
    I realize that I love every colours but not the purple.
    Living in a pastel world is so relaxing.

  15. I had to Google "faffing". �� But apparently I like it, too - on two separate occasions, about ten years apart, I spent a week each sorting buttons my huge button box by color and number of sets. Talk about unnecessary. Your faffing is much prettier.

  16. I love pastels as well as muted earth-tones like gray and tan. I like brights in small amounts too. I also love polka dots and stripes. :)

  17. How beautiful it is on your shelves. I like muted blues and greens and greys at the moment. But really, there isn't a colour I don't like in the right circumstances. Rearranging things is always satisfying isn't it. It creates energy I think. And you do have some very lovely things to rearrange. CJ xx

  18. Hello Vanessa
    Such a yummy post - I'm pretty certain that faffing and pootling are right upon there together - they just cannot be beaten for making the heart sing !
    With Heather on the colours - absolutely no to all neons and fluorescents, not at all calming or pleasing to the eye. One of the things I have loved so much about blogland is looking at all the different colour choices people make, its definitely making me push my colour boundaries.
    Have a lovely weekend,
    Kate xx

  19. i love it when you faff about vanessa cos i adore the photo shoots~ like you i love bright cheery colours but also the lighter pastel tones~ i want to come have tea out of your vintage cups and faff with you~ what fun we'd have xx

  20. Lovely post and gorgeous photos as always! I just learned a new word, faffing ;) My all time favorite color is green, mostly olive green in all its glorious shades. Forest green, not so much. I also have always favored muted colors and as of late pastels are calling my heart strings.

    Always love popping in and soaking up your photo goodness!

    Birgitta xx

  21. It look too fabulous.It has so many colors and shapes.People would like this and really everyone loves it.
    Neema from Bizbilla b2b portal

  22. I have to say I'm a pastel and floral kind of gal, unless we are talking Christmas in which case scandi red and white (I'm all over it). I'm waiting for a new trend to take over me but it is yet to happen, we shall see x x x


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