Friday, 5 December 2014

Pretties, Chatter and Pause Buttons.........

It's December.

Usually the month I have come to loathe.

Those of you who have been long sufferers to my blog know why. I just get quite bah humbug. Actually, It's not that I don't ENJOY's that I never get enough time to ENJOY Christmas.

And this bugs me.

It NEVER feels right shopping mega early to be organised, or making tree decorations in September. But, as this is a blog that has a lot of crafty stuff in it, it stands to reason that I should like to be crafty at this time of year. 

It NEVER happens.

It makes me a tad grumpy.

Right, got that out of the way.

This year I have decided to let it ride. The last couple of years, I felt loathed into making ANY effort of ANY sort. Actually, the fact that we have been away with family most years, makes spending a massive effort decorating the house, even less appealing.

This year, by some miracle I am almost all done with my Christmas shopping. Almost all done with Birthday presents too (a heavy family birthday month also). All wrapped, and Christmas decorations found and sorted.

We just need a tree. The pink one I managed to lull the Bears into having last year, would not wash again this year. So a nice smelling tree it is then. To be honest, I'm secretly pleased.

I am actually trying very hard to be organised.....and chirpy. If I am honest, It's going to be a difficult year this year. I am dreading Christmas week a little. It's going to be a hard one, and I know I am going to have to be the one that everyone is going to look towards to keep everything going. So, I'm trying to keep chipper, keep organised and try and make it the best that it can be.

So, that's my chatter bit really. Pretties? Well, grey, damp and cold days call for a bit of pretty don't they. So here are things that are helping to keep the cheer here........

The 'Christmas' Mantel. Baby Bear was most excited with this. He nagged and nagged to do some 'mock ups'. It was really funny. We did several displays, took pics and compared. Baby Bear chose this one. It is quite simple, but cosy, so a tick for me. I do like tea lights on a mantel at christmas.

Our efforts......

Sparkly trees and toadstools. What's not to love.

My cup  of the moment. It makes me say out loud 'well, hello there yourself' every time I get it out of the cupboard. 

E . V. E . R . Y      T . I . M . E



Enough said.

Happy china sorting for the month.

Happiness is faux gingerbread.

String a plenty.

Bells, fluff and snowflakes.

For the last few years I have made tree ornaments out of fimo. It is IMMENSE fun. This year, sadly time is not on my side.......

......however, a friend came through and sent me some she had made for me. I know, weird word and nothing to do with Christmas, but our little running joke about funny names. It makes me smile every time I look at it.....

E . V . E . R . Y          T . I . M . E


I have a 'Pants' and 'Halibut' to go on the tree. She may have started something here........

I have faffed making my little kitchen shelves into Christmassy shelves. 

Getting rid of this...... make way for this.....

I LOVE faffing.

My goal in January is to de-clutter. Yeah, right, I hear you snort. But for now clutter can stay. January...clutter be gone.

Yeap....trusty crocheted tealight holders.

Still, Mr Moon stays with me (might have to make another one for Baby Bear). Just love him. I want to make him a christmas hat. I think it's only right.

Happy Glows

I found this ornament in my local Garden Centre. Very Wood and Wool Stoolish isn't it?

Snow Globe ornaments are definitely my favourite at the moment. I bought the most perfect Snow Globe salt and pepper pots from Anthropologie last year. Unfortunately, they are PANTS to photograph.

Best 'til last.....Obviously.

I haven't had any time for crochet. I have 4 garments outlined to crochet, and 5 blankets (yes I know, I never learn) that I am desperate to make (and I just cannot decided which one to start first, as I like them all equally).

One is made out of motifs, so I might start that around Christmas if I do get any free sit down time.

Okay so onto the pause button. Whilst life is still quite all over the place, and giving me very little time to make.........I sort of feel like I have nothing to say (despite what feels like an epic post I have just written). So, I'm going to hit the pause button for now until after December. I'll catch up with you all then. It's not that I don't want to be here, It's just that something has to give this month. I fear I may bore you witless with shots of tea and candles (that makes up most of my home time at the moment) and there's only so much of that even I can take.

So....tarrah for now.

I hope that you ALL have the most MARVELLOUS Christmas and NEW YEAR.

I may get to do a yearly round up post before the New Year sets in. 

We shall see.

Until then...............



  1. Have a great Christmas, and enjoy the time with your family. x

  2. Merry Christmas and happy New Year to all of you.

  3. Dear Vanessa I wish you a very BUON NATALE and BUON ANNO to you and your bears!!!!! ;oD
    ….. I love every little decoration in the pics!!!
    xxxxxx Ale

  4. Dear Vanessa,

    I just found your wonderful blog - what a bliss! You have so many beauuuuuuuutiful things - wow and thanks for showing them.
    Unfortunately I also feel that there is not enough time to enjoy the Christmas season which is called "Stille Zeit" here in Austria, but there is too much to do in jobs, families, too many expectation ...
    The gift I give myself is a little stitch here and a little knit there - it might not be finished soon but I enjoy the process of meditating away some moments although there is a ton of sensible things to do.
    Enjoy yourself and best wishes for the holiday season from Austria

  5. Hi darling girl. I just love all your decorations. Your Helmet snowflake made me laugh because I know exactly who made it for you (you are a funny pair!) I think we'll start our festive decorating in earnest next week (*whispers* it's my birthday this weekend so absolutely not before then). Listen, I desperately hope your Christmas week is better than you expect. It's a peculiar time of year and can amplify certain things (does that make sense?) so, grit your teeth, but be sure to shoe horn in some 'you time'. Look after your little self. xxxxx PS. Oh yes, sprouts, best vegetable EVER!!!

  6. I am actually eating one of those little nougat bars as I read this!
    Loving the wee snow globes, am fixing to make some this weekend and I want an Eiffel Tower one now I've seen yours :)

  7. Your posts are always just so full of eye candy! Have a great Christmas and New Year! x

  8. What a lovely post. Despite not loving Christmas you've made it all seem very positive. I have things I won't look forward too, I know how hard it can be where everywhere you look there are festive reminders. Your shelves are looking very pretty, I especially like all of the deer things. I'm trying to be organised too, but no doubt it won't be any different to normal. I do hope things go okay for you, and that there's plenty of time for you and for a little therapeutic crochet. CJ xx

  9. sooo schöne bilder!!! ich liebe die green gate cups!!! angie

  10. Hi Vanessa - if you don't see this before New Year, I hope Christmas turned out better than you could have hoped for. Your home certainly looks very pretty and festive, and should start to get you in the mood. Here's to a peaceful, family time for you. Blessings and hugs, Chris x

  11. Have a wonderful Christmas, take it one day at a time, that's what I'm doing.loving all the pretty photo's as always, we are in choas here, I've given up all hope of finding the advent candle I bought last year, I put it in one of those safe places, so it's never to be found again, see you on the other side.
    Clare x

  12. Gorgeous photos - love the tea lights, the fimo decoration (definitely have to give this a go!) and your mug. We also have everybody's birthday within 6 weeks at this time of year, so I agree that things can feel fraught and I'm also a bit 'Bah Humbug!' I'm trying hard though. So, have yourself a merry little Christmas and I look forward to 'seeing' you in the New Year. x

  13. Wonderful post, with some gorgeous decorations. Have a great Christmas.

  14. I know EXACTLY what you mean about not having the time to properly enjoy it! I have tried to tell myself it doesn't have to be perfect, as long as we're all together with some good food that's what it's all about! It's all looking very cosy and heartfelt, gorgeous photos!

  15. you faff...and I fluff......and i'm not even close to fluffing as nicely as you have faffed!!! :) so enjoyed the peek into your christmas decorations!

  16. I love your mug and I love your wood wool stoolish tree and I love your shelves and the ornaments and well, just everything really!!!! I hope that having accomplished so much already you can take some time and just enjoy Christmas and relax into it. xx

  17. A very Merry Christmas & a Happy New year to you & your family Vanessa!
    Miss Leela xo

  18. Haha - your mug is great and I love your Xmas decorations , have had a snow globe thing in my house and bought 2 new ones this yr - somewhat bizarre considering our Xmas is mid summer - sigh - one yr we will head north for a white Xmas !

  19. You faff, I pootle ! It just cant be beaten can it ?
    Have a very Happy Christmas Vanessa, Kate xx

  20. What a gorgeous feast of a post. I love your photos, and the way you've made your home so festive and cosy. I hope this Christmas is wonderful for you and that you get some time to yourself. xx

  21. Loved seeing all the pretties in this post, have such a way of collecting and photographing them so delightfully! I am sorry that Christmas is often a hard time for you and I hope you enjoy some peaceful happy times during the festive week this year.
    Thank you for making me smile with the surprisingly worded funny!!
    Happy Christmas!
    Helen xox

  22. Looks to me like you're already VERY well organised and beautifully decorated. Hope you have a lovely Christmas and a happy new year. All the best.

  23. Hey Babe! You are doing the absolute right thing. Push pause button. Push it hard. I will do so too. I think I'll wave off with some Christmassy pics. How on earth do you make Mr Moon? And how much pretty china can one have? Just curious to know. ;) Love the Christmas set up on your shelf. At least you do have some pretty corners around your house to show off. I don't have many... Mess here and there and everywhere, no matter how hard I try to be magazine fancy. The new wedded wife of my husband's colleague came to our home yesterday for a coffee for the first time. She looked around with raised eyebrows before she opened her mouth to declare that it is nice to see a home where someone really lives... I actually think it was meant to be a compliment, but looking at her eyes browsing over shelves, floors and table tops seeing everything from dirty socks to broken collectible motorcycles, snot tissues, keys, birthday invitations, bills, messy yarn balls, fake nails (my daughter's - not mine!), cookie crumbles, orange peel and what ever else you can imagine - I might be wrong. But who cares? A home is to live in. Don't put so much pressure on yourself dear Vanessa. Wing it and keep a smile on your face and all will be great! And if you do need - go outside to catch some air if it gets overwhelming, shed a tear in silence behind the house and then wipe it all off, and straighten your clothes to get back into to the chaos like nothing has happened. It works. I did it last year when having my house full.
    Jolly Holly Christmas, Happy Holidays. I'll see you around. In 2015.
    Love and cheers form me to you. Thanks for your wished too.

  24. Oooops! Someone surely stole Wood Wool Stool's wood tree idea!!! How dare they... I bet it is made in China, but really cute. :)

  25. Just found your blog , love your photos en posts .
    Have a verry Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

  26. Have a very happy Christmas Vanessa. Jane xx

  27. I've loved catching up on reading your blog today, with a cat snoozing next to me and a hot cuppa in hand. I feel harried and stressed around the run-up to Christmas too. Life can be so demanding and energy can feel scarce. So grateful for your lovely blog and five minutes of peace. Thankyou Vanessa. X

  28. Un regalo ver sus hermosos rincones, sobre todo los estantes. Le deseo una feliz Navidad y que el proximo año este lleno de ideas y cariño. Gracias

  29. Wonderful pics, thanks for sharing! *** Merry Christmas!! ***

  30. Oooh, I just love all this. The "helmet ornament slays. And I'd LOVE to come to your January clear-out yard sale! :)

  31. Hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year Vanessa x x x

  32. Stopping by to wish you a very Happy New Year Vanessa! Your blog continues to delight and inspire, I hope you'll return soon as I miss you :)
    With love, Lx


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