Monday, 1 December 2014

It Started With Some Yarn......

.......I popped into my local yarn shop a few months back......and suddenly I had walked out with a little bag stuffed with the happy colours.

A lovely bright turquoise caught my eye. I'm a sucker for turquoise and all it's surrounding shades. It was Sirdar's Supersoft Aran in Misty (914). It screamed at me to get it. 

By chance, a lovely pink ball was next to it in another cubby hole. I thought they went together perfectly. This was Adriafil Regina in deep pink (045). Thoughts of a bright scarf were swishing about in my head. It did need another colour, and I didn't hesitate at what it would be. I searched around to find just the right shade of red that would go with the other two colours. And I found it in Drops Karisma (18).

I walked home, keeping peeking in my bag to catch a glimpse of the bright colours. Wow. They did not disappoint.

So, a scarf was whipped up. A simple scarf in a basic shell pattern. These can be found quite easily on a search online, both pattern form and tutorials. 

I used a really big hook for the body. A 9mm hook made it work up nice and loose. Not too loose so that it looked all gapey, but big enough so that it had a nice drape and it kept its softness. It was extremely snuggly. The borders were simple and the contrasting colours really popped. 

These are SO my colours, but as I was working on it, I had a thought. Another member of my family loved this colour turquoise as much as me. Her birthday was in December, so just about the right time to receive a nice soft, warm, snuggly scarf. Unfortunately, she has just started yet another heavy round of chemo. So, I thought a snuggly hat was needed too.

I wanted to use the same colours, but I wanted to try and stay away from 'twee', so I searched to find a nice stitch pattern that was a little different from the scarf. I found a pattern by Kandice Oster called The Meringue Kiss Hat. It was perfect. I know my relative wears beanie hats and I liked the stitch pattern on it. As I was working on it, it was looking like it was knitting rather than crochet.

So a hat was made to sort of match the scarf. I would have preferred to have made the main body of the hat in pink, but the Sirdar yarn was a little bit softer which I thought was important for a hat. The pom pom was loosely secured so that she could go with or without when she tried it on.

I'm hoping she'll love them, as much as I loved making them. 

So, that was that. I have some great projects lined up that I'm so excited to make a start on. I just have to find the time. But it's fun thinking on them all. I like that.

This set was quick crafting, and it was a pleasure. I'll be using both patterns again I think. It was nice to work on it and not feel guilty, because I was making it for someone else and not myself. Time is still so scarce. I don't do well running at the pace that I am at the moment. Still, the projects in my head are making me buzz so that's all good!



  1. What a lovely set! :) I bet it will look great worn and will be well loved.

    Take care

  2. Gorgeous colours and I'm sure your relative will love them, and the thought put in to the gifts.

  3. Hi Vanessa! What gorgeous makes!!!
    I love your colour choices! :)
    Lovely patterns, too!
    Enjoy your day!
    Ingrid xx

  4. I love short-term jobs. Give a decision and it's finished:)
    Your set looks so beautiful and I also should this pattern!!
    Lots of love...

  5. Almost instant results...looks gorgeous! Love, Love, LOVE your colour choices

  6. Such a wonderful colour combination, love the makes.

  7. I love this colour combo and to choose the red and pink together is so clever! Your hat and scarf wearer will certainly be thrilled. I do love buying new yarn. I love the smell of a new ball of wall and you can catch me sniffing it before I take the wrapper off! Yes I am obsessed. ;)
    Jess x

    1. ....ball of wall? Gosh what a silly typo! Sorry it was the thought of smelling it that confused my brain! xx

  8. I love those colors! I am working on scarves too. Still trying to figure out the ends..I can never get them even:). But so much fun, nevertheless. And the pom pom, adore it!
    Your work is an inspiration to keep at it!
    Thank you for sharing.

  9. Dear Vanessa, love your blog. Following it for a long time. Lovely scarf in beautiful colors. Maybe you can tell me where the pattern for the little flower with leafs is from? Chantal

  10. What a nice gift! Isn't it a nice feeling creating for others? You did a wonderful and thoughtful job of picking your makes. I'm sure it will be appreciated and comforting. Have a nice week.

  11. Hi Vanessa
    What a lovely gift! I'm sure your friend will love this cute and warming set. I've thought about this lately, crocheting hats in softest yarn possible for those who go through chemo. One of my colleagues went through chemo therapy a couple of years ago and I wanted to make something for her so badly but she always said she felt poorly, and itchy, and sensitive and dry, and cold and hot and... And we weren't really close, close... I should have made her a nice set like this - maybe even in soft cotton. I can imagine that be nice to receive when going through hard times. Color therapy helps putting a smile on anyone's face. It is the best magic and feel good remedy ever. Love the pom pom. I have this thing for pom poms for the moment. So cute!

  12. Gorgeous colours, beautifully done, she will no doubt love them.

  13. danke für die tollen inspirationen!!! einen schönen abend wünscht angie

  14. As always, very beautiful combination of colors !! Have a lovely week !

  15. Really lovely Vanessa, you're so clever with your colours, Kate xx

  16. Oh Vanessa, what a sweet, heartwarming and beautiful gift! I'm sure your relative will be very happy with it.

    The combination of aqua and pink, with a touch of red, makes my heart sing. Love the sweet little pom pom. I'm definitely adding that gorgeous hat to my to do list. I had to chuckle about what you write about peeking in your bag with yarn on the way home. Quite recognizable. ;-)

    Thanks for sharing! Happy day to you!


  17. Hi Vanessa, gosh, I haven't been over to say hello for sooooo long. I stopped blogging for most of this year... being burnt out. What a life when one gets burnt out crafting, LOL! Anyway, I do always read your blog as I subscribe by email but today I just had to pop over and say what a lovely post. I loved the part about purchasing the yarn that was just screaming to go home with you and that you kept looking in the bag at the yummy turquoise :D Now I don't feel so alone in my actions when I do the same thing:D I also love that you made it for your family member who is struggling with chemo... We all too often forget the things that are really important in this crazy fast upside down world we live in and posts like yours reminds us to take a moment to breath and smell, hmmm here in the northern hemisphere what do we take time to smell in the winter?! :D The glistening fresh air as it bounces off newly fallen snow! Anyway, thanks for this sweet post! It made me smile...
    Beth P

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  19. Hi Vanessa,

    Thank you for popping over to my blog! I always enjoy having a look at your blog too. You are so talented! It always makes me wonder how you do it all with three young children. Your hat makes a beautiful present. You friend will love it!

    Have a lovely day!

    Madelief x

  20. I hate it when yarn screams at me like that! Lovely colors, and I love the scarf and hat. I've never seen crochet look as nice as it does on that hat. I'm sure the recipient will love it. And you did good! Soft is best.

    Cindy Bee


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