Thursday, 15 January 2015

Stuff and Blog Love.......

Cuppa Porridge is my new best friend.

So too, is Apricot Compote.

I have decided that the Sunshine Day Afghan Blanket needs to be a tad bigger than lap size. 


I JuSt CouLdn'T Do iT.

I decided that I needed it to be 12 squares by 10 to be at least remotely happy with it (and to me, that's still REALLY small). I was going to do it 10 squares by 8, but it just looked way too small to be happy with it. Sigh.......another 40 squares to make. I don't like thinking that I'm there...then realising that I am not. Boo hoo.

The thing I love about square motifs, is that they are very portable little things though. School runs are perfect, I can get a lot done in those precious minutes.

 I am liking these little squares......a lot. They are very satisfying to make. I'm not really doing it to a plan. I just found a stash of yarn to use up and I'm doing it all as I go along. Putting colours together that I like, but that's as far as it goes. I'm not making particular amounts of colour ways, just what I feel like, and how many of each I feel like. It's quite random. I love that. I do love that feel you get when you mix yarns and it's all a bit odd. To me that's more perfect, than being perfect. Someone asked how I felt about using different yarns/brands in one project. I do it all the time. I just make sure that they all have the same sort of wash instructions. I generally wash my blankets in cool water on a wool wash and air dry. I've never had any problems with shrinkage in particular yarns or colour run etc. I like the look of it. To me, it makes each blanket look that bit more unique and vintage, rather than shop bought and new. It's just me and how I like it.

After the last bright ripple, I fancied something muted as a whole, but with pops of bright thrown in just to lift it a bit. I'm already thinking on a border. I'm not sure yet whether something plain, something lacy or nothing at all? Any thoughts?

So, My world at the moment is house chaos (it's always a given), motifs spread everywhere, and the odd bit of quiet time with treats.......

OH MY WORD, is all can I can say. Salted Caramel Sauce, Chocolate Salami, Chocolate Rose Truffles, Violet and Peppermint Creams, Spiced Pear and Chocolate Cakes. Some VERY serious Treat Love going on here.

It's been the darkest, greyest morning here, but the briefest spell of sunshine burst through, and it was rather glorious. Ahhhhhhhhhhh. Always lovely to lift ones' spirits.

I also wanted to share some blog love today. I do love to read blogs and I love to discover new ones. Time, as always, is never on my side and I never manage to get to discover as many new ones as I would like. It is a real treat though, to waft away a few minutes in the world of another. It's always lovely to see the world through anothers perspective. 

I don't have a side bar blog list so I thought maybe I'd just feature a few of the ones that I love to read. There are so many so maybe I'll do a few posts featuring blog love in the coming month.

So just a few to get started. You may already be avid readers of them all. I just love them, and am so thankful that they blog.

Have a super Thursday all!



  1. gorgeous squares Vanessa!!!
    xxxxxx Ale

  2. I don't know if I should thank you or curse you! I've just spent a good 45 minutes getting lost at Junkaholique and By Haafner and it's house cleaning day. I think I'll thank-you - they are lovely:)

  3. A couple of new-to-me blogs to explore there, so thank you. The blanket is going to be lovely, I'm a big fan of a larger blanket as well, single bed size is perfect. CJ xx

  4. Oh you lovely thing you ..... I am BLUSHING x
    Your blanket is going to be wondrous and I deffo agree on the apricot compote ..... Mmmmmmmmmm
    Wishing you a beautiful weekend, well it is Friday tomorrow :o)
    love Jooles x x x

  5. I am no one to talk about blankets and making them big! I figure that you can always let some drape on the floor or your chair or fold it over double if it is big and really get warm, all kinds of possibilities that just aren't there with small blankets! xx

  6. Your blanket is going to be gorgeous when it's finished. :) x

  7. I think these square are the best don't you....I've made a blanket in them and now I've started another, well I'm not sure yet what it will be but I'm enjoying the simplicity of the stitches. Some of my favourite blogs there too! :) xxx

  8. Hello Vanessa, Such a lovely post - I adore your little mini squares, just too cute - if I had to choose a border I would go for a lovely plain edging in the background blue you have used and then lots of glorious bobble edging all the way round ♥
    Thank you for pointing out lots of new blogs to look at, at least two are heading straight to my Favourite Blogs side bar.
    Have a lovely weekend, Nessa,
    Kate xx

  9. Love the squares and you now have me drooling over the thought of chocolate rose truffles! Have a fun weekend. x

  10. Oh did my comment disappear? Curses. anyway, it was something like:
    Blanket admiration (love the brown and grey)
    Yes to mixing yarn but stick to same fibre generally
    I miss my Christmas treats (Prestat GIN truffles!)
    And thanks for blog pleased to be back and conversing again.

    Lots of love x

  11. Lovely lovely blanket squares
    Clare x

  12. Thank you for including my little blog sweet girl.
    I do look forward to sitting down later on and clicking through each one of them.
    I do love your blog. And I don't have a blog roll either and should probably take your lead and share the love around.
    It's always so much fun to find new faves.
    And I adore those motifs in grey. It's funny but just this morning I had a thought to start a blanket made of squares because it is so handy for the school run.
    Have a gorgeous weekend.

  13. Oh botherish! I know exactly how you feel about thinking the finish line is near for a project just to find out you've a few more miles to go.
    Don't worry though, 'twill be done before you know it! ^_^
    I can't wait to take a little looky-look at those blogs you've suggested!
    <3 Miss Michelle

  14. His new blanket will be lovely Vanessa! and I love the glass bottle and jug painted!
    Thanks for recommending us blogs, I will visit they that I'm not know.
    Have a nice day and a big hug from Catalonia!

  15. Oh great, I decided to follow more foreign blogs instead of Dutch ones only, so I'm going to take a look at your list. Happy day!

  16. I really, really love that picture framed with geranium leaves. I really, really love that you included me in your blog list too. Thank youuuuu. xxx

  17. Some of my favourite blogs by lovely ladies and some gorgeous new ones...thank you so much for sharing and for all that you do xo

  18. I adore these squares. I started a blanket in these squares in about may last year. They are still just squares in a bottom if a project bag somewhere but I do love them. I used different shades of brown, pretty similar to the original in the pattern. I don't have enough to make anything yet. May dig it out again when I've finished the many other things I'm working on!!
    Lovely bright colourful pictures amongst the gloomy days. Thank you for making me smile. X

  19. I always love your crochet work and these squares just look lovely.

  20. Porridge in a cup, I'll have to try that!

    Just found your blog through Pink Milk. Love it!

  21. Oooh, that's so sweet and kind of you. Thanks so much! It really makes me blush that you included me in your blog love. I owe a lot to you because you were so kind to blog about my little place before, that really kicked things of. So a big thanks. Also there are few new-to-me blogs in your list which I will definitely start following! Thanks for the inspiration.
    And hooray! I'm happy you decided to make this a big blanket. :-) Such a gorgeous blanket just deserves to be big. (I'm actually more or less about to hit the publish button on my blog for a lap sized blanket. But that one will only stay that size because I like the pattern so much I want to make a full sized blanket with better yarn...) Big is Beautiful and that's most certainly the case for blankets. I rest my case. ;-)
    Anyways... Maaaaany thanks again and have a happy Sunday,

  22. Dear Vanessa
    Thanks for your advice regarding mixing the yarn... I guess you refer to me as the one who asked... Those squares of yours look really divine. I think this will become a favorite of mine. I would go with simple and plain for the edging, to not steel the attention from the squares themselves. Maybe just a double stringed thick crab stitch? Happy week my dear. I'm running around like a headless chicken trying to learn my million new French words, verbs and all that. Hasta la vista! Oh no... I mean Au Revoir! A bientot chérie!


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