Monday 20 April 2015

Oh Yes, Yes, Yes..........

I have realised....

....that there are colour combinations that I go to time and time again.

I have had in my mind for a while to make a tiny patchwork crochet blanket for my bed. I wanted teeny tiny hexagons. I wanted soothing. I wanted to sew them all together instead of crochet them.

I was picking colours......

I was ooooohing and ahhhhhing over these pretty little hexagons, and marvelling at how excited I was, when I realised it was colour combinations I have used several times over. I must just really like these colours together.

Oh yes, yes, yes.......I see this draped across my bed. 

How pretty will it be?

Can you see it in your head?

I can, and it's making me really quite giddy with excitement.

I know it will bring plenty of smiles to my face. It's a big job though. Stamina and perseverance are needed with this one.

That's okay though. As long as I have it straight in my head how I am wanting to proceed with this one, it will be all good. Yes, yes, yes it will.

ahhhhhhhh, that blue/green/grey shade is one of my all time favourites I think. I am currently doing paint swatches on my wall with shades like this.

A brief thought was to make a couple of patchwork cushions. Certainly easier, quicker.........satisfying. I REALLY don't need any more blankets......but the thought of this draped on my bed has stayed with me.....and I REALLY want to do it. 

 I will just beaver away making these little hexagons. 

My go to project. 

No pressure. 

I know at the start it will take a while with this one! I will be prepared to wait.

I have so many other projects to start too. I have so many ideas. 

In between trying to sort out my house. So many ideas with that also. Slowly but surely I will get bits done.

I just love these colours together.....sigh........



  1. It's going to be absolutely beautiful. I love those colors. Godspeed!

  2. It is going to be just lovely..and look beautiful draped over your bed :0) You have planted a seed here...something soothing for the bedroom sounds just wonderful. Blessings, mari

  3. I'm doing the same right now with hexagons myself. I just wanted a project I could pick up, put down, take with me and forget about sometimes too. I love your colors, they're perfect.

  4. Beautiful. Stick with the colours that work for you.

  5. Love your photographs of your work. I too enjoy those colours, very relaxing and "soft". I must try hexagon, I have only mastered the granny square. I like something to do that doesn't take much concentration. Now that the nicer weather is here, it's nice to sit outside with a project! Great job and can't wait to see it together :)

  6. They look absolutely gorgeous together and is it me? But they remind me of ice-cream flavours! Yum!
    Jess xx

  7. I see why you keep going to that color combo. It is so pretty and soothing. That blanket IS a big job, but you are good at that sort of thing it seems. You'll be so happy and feel such a sense of accomplishment when it's done. Go, go, go.

  8. The colors are lush! It will be such a pleasure to follow your journey with this blanket.

  9. Oh I love those colours too, especially the subtle pinks that you use, I'm a bit obsessed with those. Maybe because there's a lack of pink around here. I find your blog such an inspirational place. I shall treat myself to yarn in these colours one day, and make a blanket just for me. In the meantime I'm looking forward to following your progress. CJ xx

  10. Hang in there with the hexies - I can't wait to see it. Those colours are so delicious. xx

  11. ...very very nice..
    it means beautiful Grannies , I love those colors that are very enchanting
    Greetings from Tatjana

  12. Love the colour combination, very sweet !
    I often also realise I always go for similar colour combinations over and over again. . .

  13. Oh Vanessa, you can never have enough blankets! Super lovely as always :) Can't wait to see the finished project.

  14. Totally gorgeous and I can't wait to see this one grow. I absolutely love that 'fizzy in the tummy ' feeling when there's a new project bursting to get out.
    Have a lovely week Vanessa,
    Kate xx

  15. So beautiful. It will definitely be worth it :)

  16. It's certainly a lovely colour combination, your little hexies are lovely and your new blanket will be another triumph for sure. Have a great week. Jane xx

  17. Its gonna be beautiful, brave lady takin on all those hexies, will be cheering you on :)
    Karen x

  18. I also really like these colors together! your color schemes are so sweet, I LOOOOOOVE IT, Vanessa!
    I think always in your blanket diamond ... is incredibly beautiful ....
    and this blanket it will be lovely too!
    I hope you have a beautiful day full of crochet!
    Kisses and a big hug from Catalonia!

  19. A dreamy blanket in the making! I like having a long term make to go alongside the quick must do this now ones... and in such pretty colours

  20. I just love your colors!!!!

  21. Already smitten with your hexagon project... I'm really have to make one myself - one day...
    Happy evening!

  22. I think you are about to create an heirloom, such a wonderful personal project, taking time and made with love. Can't wait to see it on your bed!

  23. But you have to stick with it, because you already know how beautiful it's going to be when it's done! I find choosing colours for projects quite tricky but you seem to have a real knack for it. xx

  24. You are a brave woman... And if you present this blanket in finished form before vacation in July I will not only kind of hate you but I will start to wonder if you ever sleep, do house chores, care for Bears or are a committed wife... Maybe it is all a fake identity? In Cyber World you can be who ever you want to be, right? Ha ha ha! Maybe you are a robot... A crochet robot. You courageous woman... Looks divine my lovely.


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