Monday, 21 September 2015

This Past Month....

I'm back.

This last month has flown by.

To be honest, I wasn't really sure what this post would be. I've been thinking A LOT about this space here. There is still an urge to say goodbye and hang up my thoughts. I was going to explain why, but it's long, and by doing it, it sort of means doing something that is partly the reason I would be saying ta-rah. That probably makes no sense and I'm not being very eloquent......


I'm not going to think. I'm just going to let this post run away with me and see where it takes me today......

Term time has started. It's been rather nice to get back into a routine again. All the Bear's were ready to get back to a good routine again too.

The weather has played a big part in my mood this summer. I'm not sure why it has affected me so much this year. I have not been on speaking terms with Mr Weather these past couple of months. Many plans have gone awry, but I am trying to see the loveliness in it all! ha! Do I sound convincing?!

My furniture painting is still looking at me, with a rather indignant expression on its face. I promised it a new lease of life and it feels short changed. Never mind, there is next year.

There is definitely a shift in the seasons now. The mornings and evenings are nippier, there is a lot of morning dew, and the leaves are turning. I usually welcome Autumn whole heartedly.....this year though, I don't feel like we've had enough of a summer to relish the cooler days. Oh, I'm a true Brit, never happy with the British weather!

Cosy days have been had though. Cosy blankets, cosy candles and soft lighting, and scented candles to make the house smell all homely.....can't be all that bad.

Right enough on weather.

Let's talk craft.....

I have lots bubbling away in my head.

I started a blanket.... surprises there.

It's plain, but I am loving working on it. Even the Bear's are liking it. They keep touching it. It's a touchy feely kind of blanket. I'm two thirds of the way done. I'm really looking forward to seeing it finished. I've been wanting to make the pattern for such a long time. It's really lovely to scratch and itch and get it out of the system! One off the list anyway.

My patchwork blanket has been put on hold. The pastel colours are I think spring/summer working, so it's been put to one side. That's okay though, as I expected that to happen. Just as long as I made a note of pattern, hook size etc, so I can pick it up again and get going. I'm trying to be more organised and take notes when I start things. I'm trying really hard not to be so 'slap dash' about it all.

I seem to crave pastels over the summer months. Now.....after the blanket is done, I want colour....


I have been busy finding patterns and inspiration for things to make in the winter. Perhaps a big bright and colourful blanket. Something REALLY eye popping. Or, some bright scarf to knock your socks off. I'm not sure yet, but I know it's going to be full on colour, as bright as bright can be. I NEED colour. I'm CRAVING colour. It's filling my waking thoughts. As much as I am a pastels kind of 'gal, I need to balance it all out with bright bursts of colour. I just cannot seem to be one or the other. Living solely with colour creates too much 'noise' for me, and I need to retreat back to pastels for a while. After a whole summer of pastel colour, I get this HUGE thirst for 'brights' in my life.

Having said that, I was given some utterly gorgeous pattern books, and I'm itching to make something from them. That lovely white crochet top. The neck line sings to me.....oh and the long shrug....sigh........

I'm thinking they are 'Spring' makes though. The blue top is gorgeous, and it's a very reason to REALLY get to grips with knitting. I need to get myself signed up to a knitting group really. I think it's the only way. Either that, or I'm going to have to pay someone to knit it for me. I really should do the former.

I bought a magazine too, as I found a knitted top that inspired me. The magazine is called 'Twist' and currently on the supermarket shelves. It's the multi-coloured top shown in the first image. I'm not so keen on the colours but I love the pattern. Another reason to get better at knitting. I wish I was more of a natural at knitting, but it frustrates me. It's only because I'm an impatient so and so. Crochet is a much easier craft to get the hang of and master in no time.

Another Bella knit wrap though is on the cards though. I can get that. Belinda's pattern is just a dream pattern for someone like me. That will run alongside a bright crochet make. I have been busy eyeing up yarn for it.

My clean eating has sort of gone out of the window. With all the dark and wet days over the Summer, I think my Autumn/Winter comfort eating started early! EEEEEK.

As soon as the Bears said their goodbyes to the holidays and trotted back to school, I felt it was time to have a good old talk with myself. Cleaner eating has begun again in earnest, walking and rapid exercise has begun too. My clothes are not so happy with me, and we need to be on speaking terms again.

I did come across two GORGEOUS cook books though. Two of the best ones I've had for a while. The first was The Woman's Weekly 'In Season' book. Quite a big book (a bit of an issue when trying to use them in the kitchen), but packed full of gorgeous meals using seasonal foods. In the Autumn section, I'm really wanting to try 'Spiced Carrot Soup with Smoked Almonds', and 'Spiced Pumpkin and Honey Pies'. It was really inspiring actually, and I found myself bookmarking every other page. I'm a bit of a fan of the Woman's Weekly Recipe Books. I have one of their tray bake ones, and it's just amazing.

The other one was 'Seasonal Baking' by Fiona Cairns. Oh my, just lovely. Almost every Recipe sounded heavenly to read out, and the images of the food were just moreish. I want to try so many. In her Autumn section I'm loving 'Coffee, Cardamom and Walnut Cake', 'Sticky Toffee Apple Fairy Cakes', 'Spiced Butternut Mini Loaf Cakes' and 'Maple and Pecan Autumn Leaves'. Hummmmmm, how to balance this all out with healthy living and eating! Gah......

I have been perusing Pinterest in search of healthy meal options. A firm favourite seems to have been this. Adding grilled chicken and leeks makes it a good hearty meal, but just as it is really rather super too.

I managed to bag (forgive the pun) a couple of clutch bags at a heavily reduced price. I loved them so when I saw them a few months back, but thought I'd be good. Being good paid off, and I love their simple quirky-ness. Super Duper if you are a total bookworm (and love something a little different to shove your phone and wallet in on an relaxed evening out). The one shown is the big one. I got a couple of little ones also. I love a bit of 'off the wall'.

Right, I'd better go. I've run away with myself. I won't re-read or think about this post, I'll just press send.....



  1. Lots of lovely inspiration and eye candy! Thanks for taking the time and sharing. Wishing you a sun filled day!

  2. I love your mantel, it looks so elegant. When I have several projects on the go I use pretty gift bags and tie a parcel tag to the handle . I decorate it with a pretty sticker and write on in pencil what it is and the size hook I am using. It comes in so useful especially if the hook size has been altered from the pattern.

  3. It's lovely to see you back-I'm so glad you haven't stopped blogging. Your photography is beautiful and I love that your posts are so honest too! Xx

  4. So good you're back, I've missed you!
    Love from Belgium - Marijke

  5. Lovely photography. I especially adore the grey round cushion featured with another cushion, so I'm off to have a little peruse of your bloggy world with my fingers crossed that I can find a pattern...

  6. Welcome back. Happy you didn't give up showing us your beautiful posts.
    Thanks again,
    XOXO. Cristina

  7. Hello! All those yummy catalogues and magazines you have there. What a treasure. Adore the light blue cable top. How I wish I could knit... I would knit garments all the time. Maybe one day. Good to see you. :)

  8. I completely agree about the summer! Lovely pictures as always and thanks for sharing them, so much gorgeous inspiration.

  9. I have missed your blog very much and am soooo glad to see you back. I very rarely comment but wanted to let you know how much I enjoy what you write and your beautiful photographs. I can appreciate how much time it takes, but I do look forward to your posts. xx

  10. Gracias por compartir tu maravillosa inspiración.

  11. Thank you for a gorgeous post. I look at your photos and feel peaceful. :)
    Anne xx

  12. Vanessa, your words always come inside me and sometimes I think you speak in my thoughts ... I do not know, maybe we have sometimes days like this ... if I can I will send you a warm days sunny of the Mediterranean ! sometimes I think that I would live for a time to a Nordic country ... but maybe I miss the sunny days! if you want to visit my country Catalonia you will be welcome! you and your family in my house! here from March until now temperatures are warm .... yesterday 28 degrees Celsius ... and tomorrow we begin the fall but for now we dress short sleeves ... I hope you have a nice day and creative. I know that crochet help our moods ... particularly helped me me a lot in recent years, which have been quite difficult for me .... a big hug, my friend! and if you want feel the sun, I would say you it with all my heart: my house is open for you and your family! Kisses and a big, big hug from Catalonia!

  13. Well I'm very selfish and needed you back, missed your posts! Loving the blue jumper x

  14. Missed you Vanessa, I've been following you for years, your blog is lovely so happy to see you back.

  15. Good to hear from you again with all the lovely pictures. Those tops look gorgeous. I wish I could help you with your knitting. I love both knitting and crochet. I think I can do each equally well although I have recently tended to crochet more than knit. Our summer wasn't great so I'm now glad to be moving into autumn so I can just stop hoping for the wonderful sunny days that never appeared. Actually, our September has been more consistently sunny than during the summer months.

  16. Hi Vanessa
    Soooo glad you have decided not to say goodbye just yet!! I must confess I have been waiting with baited breath these last few weeks. Thanks for this gorgeous chatty post and the inspiration for autumn. Far too many WIP's here at the moment and more crowding into my head as I read your post -oh dear!! Love and best wishes

  17. Hi Vanessa
    Soooo glad you have decided not to say goodbye just yet!! I must confess I have been waiting with baited breath these last few weeks. Thanks for this gorgeous chatty post and the inspiration for autumn. Far too many WIP's here at the moment and more crowding into my head as I read your post -oh dear!! Love and best wishes

  18. I love the pictures and thank you for the joy looking at it...
    all the best, Christ from Switzerland...

  19. V! Where the bloody hell have you been??? ;-)

    I should have said this ages ago but I absolutely ADORE your Coco Sweater. It's totally my cup of tea and has stirred up some serious wanties, believe me. You're such a clever sausage. I've often held up my favourite jumpers to see how exactly they're constructed. You may well have inspired me to have a go.

    Spookily, I've been having very similar thoughts about a single colour blanket. I'm favouring Drops Big Merino but we'll see. Chop chop and finish yours so I can drool!

    The weather is poo. Autumn is poo. If you don't take Cristina up on her offer, I will!

    I'm taking a leaf out of your book and not reading this comment back - sorry if it's jumbly. The important thing is you've not disappeared and I for one am super happy.

    Big squeezy hugs to you lovely. xxxxxx

  20. I've been lucky and had two short breaks in Italy this year, so at least for those 8 days it was warm and sunny! Yes, bit of a rubbish summer! Those candles look lovely though...happy crocheting! :) xxx

  21. So glad to see you here again! I have found your lovely blog not long ago and it would be sad if you stop blogging. I love your photos and pastels and brights!!! And so much crochetinspiration.
    I agree, sometimes the weather makes a big difference.....we didnt have a very warm or sunny summer here in Sweden either but got one week full of sunshine when we spent a week in Spain and now I do think it will be rather nice to get into autumn with cozy evenings.
    I look forward to see your latest blanket:)
    Hope you have a lovely day!/ Jeanette

  22. Great to see you back. I have been checking every day. l
    Love your page and your colour scheme. I can relate to a lot of what you write about. I know some days may not always be the days that you want to sit and blog, but do write on the days you feel up to it. We all enjoy your thoughts. x
    Hope you have a happy week. Catheryn

  23. Lovely to see another beautiful post from you. Please don't give up on your blog.

    I love the blue cable jumper too

  24. So happy you are back, missed your blog so much. I hope you keep it going.

  25. Glad to hear that you had a good month away from your blog. I hope that whatever ails your thoughts will be resolved for you. Hugs. xx

  26. Welcome back Vanessa! Your post looks beautiful as ever! Hope you will not stop blogging. I enjoy coming here very much!

    Enjoy the rest of the week!

    Madelief x

  27. What a lovely surprise to see a blog post from you! Beautiful pictures as ever, and good to see you back here.
    Katie x

  28. I always so enjoy my visits here. I have occasionally thought of giving up on my blog and breaks have served me well. I do believe I'd miss my little corner of the world and I know my family would be sad if I gave it up. I know it maybe sounds odd but if you stop I will very much miss our visits and will feel like I'm losing a friend which is at once ridiculous and at the same time true! ;)

    I'm very excited to try that recipe. You had me at pasta! I'm hoping for you a bit of sunshine before autumn truly settles in. I would so happily send you some of ours as we have been above our average high temps here and all I want are cool autumn days. Enjoy your time making and I will look forward to seeing the amazing things that come from your talented hands!

  29. Dreamy photos! I see these and am quite happy to welcome autumn with woollies and tights and all that goodness. I started to knit in a rather basic, halting manner until my Grandma came to my rescue - my advice, find a willing Granny type!

  30. Hello my honey!
    Oh. My. Goodness. Your photos floor me! ..... the soft glowy candles ..... ahhhhh help .....
    This year really has felt like it's been on fast~forward, whats going on?!
    Wishing you a beautiful weekend
    lots of love Jooles x x x

  31. Are you not doing the Spice of Life Cal.!!! I am surprised. It's just fabulous.

  32. SO happy you're back to blogging. PLEASE don't give up - your blog is much loved & we're happy for whatever version of it works for you & makes you happy too!

  33. SO lovely to see you back! I love that blue kidsilk top so much. I'm about to start a kidsilk cardigan out of the Echoes book, really want it for this season but not sure how quickly it will knit up. Too many projects and too little time xx

  34. Don't go! I've only just found you .. .. such inspiration and a calmness too - those pictures are the kind of home I wish I had!
    hugs, annie x


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