Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Some Things I love........

....Having my first hot drink of the morning, sitting in front of a twinkly Christmas tree when the rest of the house are still dreaming their dreams.

....The scent of cinnamon and cloves that fill the air when I walk in the house.

....A good hand cream

....Hot water bottles.

....Santa mugs

....My new snuggly duvet that doesn't want to see me get out of bed for days.

....Twinkle lights, that make me believe in magic.

....The smell of a hot flannel on the face.

....Freshly baked cookies.

....A new yarn ball to play with.

....Green Bic pens.

....Snuggles with the Bears, watching a movie

....A clean kitchen

....A really hot latte wear, and on my bed

....Plump cushions

....Writing lists

....Jumping over puddles

....Listening to wind and rain

....Feeling excited by a new crafty project

....Discovering a pretty new Christmas tree decoration.

....Coffee and a good book in bed

....Red and white gingham

....Homemade blankets


....An appointment free day

....Tunnocks tea cakes

....Red Pillar boxes

....Snow Globes

....Walking in Fog

....My iTunes Playlist

....Cosy Slippers

....Darning in the last end of a blanket

....Reading heartwarming news


....Waking up to the sound of birdsong on my alarm clock. It always puts me in a good mood.

....Sparkly nail polish

....finding something I like in the perfect shade of pink.

....Pressed glass. I'm a sucker for it.

Some of my favourite things.

What are your favourite things?



  1. If I have to say only one: share a film on the sofa with my son and husband and having lots of laughs!

  2. A lot of yours are mine as well, along with curling up with a good book on a rainy day, swinging in the porch swing with my hubby, Long walks, especially on a beach, embarking on a new project, a fabulously made hot chocolate with plenty of mini marshmallows and chocolate shavings, listening to my girls giggly. May your holiday season be filled with things you love most.x

  3. We share a lot of favorite things. I would add reading your blog to the list. It's always so good to have a little visit with you.

  4. make crochet in the night when it's dark
    dancing and singing in the middle of the room with my favorite songs
    water the plants
    tidy wool by color
    more five minutes under the hot shower
    walk hand in hand with my daughter
    look for ants and worms walking at the paths
    cycling and feel cold air on your face
    a coffee house with a good friend
    take sweet Gift wrap
    give gifts for people who I love
    giving things away
    Happy to see my daughter smile!
    Merry Christmas, Vanessa!

  5. Crisp white snow.
    Watching my dog play on the beach. In fact I could make a list all about my dog, I adore her!
    Cuddles with my dog in the morning. She really is adorable.
    Autumn sunshine.
    Sliding in to a freshly made bed, ahhhh crisp clean sheets.
    My mum
    Looking for treasure on the beach.
    Knowing what my hubby is going to say before he does!
    A cup a tea in the morning.
    Good food.
    Stationary, I'm a sucker for a pretty notebook.
    The smell of a new book.

    Have a lovely Christmas, really going to miss you next year. X

  6. Beautiful post. Everything you said are my favorites as well. :) Please don't stop blogging! ;)

  7. Hi Vanessa, Funny enough I was going to send you an email with exactly the same question and tell you some of mine !!!!!
    As well as most of yours here are some in no particular order and only some that quickly come to mind: Watching my hens esp. when they are drinking; Picking a posy of flowers from my garden most days of the year; Going on picnics and always reading Anne of Green Gables to my daughter when we sit on the rug; Listening to our old dog snoring she sounds like a small child talking(no lotto numbers yet); Watching the baby pademelons and their Mama (really small kangaroo) in our garden; Wearing perfume in winter and sunscreen in summer; Picking warm fruit from our small orchards we planted 6 years ago and eating it under the tree with my eyes closed.
    Wishing you light and love,
    Peace on Earth, Jude xx

  8. Oh Vanessa, your list very much resembles what my list would look like but I have to totally go with one thing on Jen Kershner's love list.... your blog! Your little space here in bloggerland is one of my most loved! Have a wonderful Christmas with your Bears!
    Anna xx

  9. Happy Christmas Eve Vanessa, beautiful words.....mine....sun on the water, mist on the hills, Christmas carols playing in the background while I wrap presents, writing in my journal, the smell of freshly baked bread, squidging new balls of yarn, a snuggle with my husband, clean bed linen, warm bath towels, picking fresh herbs from the garden for cooking. Very blessed aren't we. X

  10. ...drinking coffee in the early morning,house is quiet,still and dark, the only light is the Christmas tree and I'm reading blogs...sigh...

  11. Reading your blog. I wish you would keep it going.
    Many, many of the same things on your list.
    Merry Christmas

  12. Avery happy ,peacefull xmas to you and your family ,a lot of my favourite things are similar to yours x

  13. Merry Christmas!!
    My favourite things are : watching Christmas movies, having a long Christmas breakfast, watching a classical music concert, eating with friends and family , baking, decorating cakes with lots of icing sugar and tiny gingerbread houses, going to church and sharing hugs and good laughs with my family.
    Have a lovely holiday time!

  14. A very happy and peaceful Christmas to you and your family! Have a wonderful day!

    Merry Christmas
    Amanda xx

  15. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas Vanessa xxx

  16. What a lovely list! I realised about halfway down that I was smiling broadly. This could actually be my list too.
    Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. xx

  17. My favorite things: snowy days, a crackling fireplace, Egg Nog lattes, and snuggles from my dog! So many things to be grateful for. Thank you for posting this:)

  18. Ooh, many of your favourites would be on my list too..
    snuggling Wilson, especially when he's had a bath
    hot buttered toast
    Baileys coffee
    Proper belly laughing with my family
    a thoughtful homemade gift
    sneaking down in the morning, while the house is still and being delighted that you have put up another gorgeous blog post! xxx
    Merry Christmas Vanessa

  19. Rain on a tin roof and our summer storms
    Very early mornings outside with my cup of tea
    Brand new balls of wool
    The crackling sound of our winter feather duvet
    Watching Maggie Smith in Downtown Abbey
    Fresh linen on my bed
    Pretty notebooks .. Can't resist them!
    Snuggles with my little Boston
    Tea with best friends
    I've just realised how very blessed I am!
    Wishing you a wonderful 2016, doing what makes your heart sing xxx

  20. Many good things on your list! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!!

  21. Oh I am going to miss you! I love...the rain, in all ways. The way my big boy speaks, throwing in his precocious vocabulary with his childish pronunciation. The way my toddler rolls his eyes back into his head when he latches on the the breast. Yarn, especially when it smells of sheep. Spending time with family, and at our family homes. Seeing my sweet boys, big and little, sleeping cuddled up together in our family bed. So many things!

  22. I LOVE the hot water bottle cover you made (pale pink with white cross stitched heart) and was wondering if you could please let me know where you found the pattern. I would love to make on for each of my granddaughters for Valentine's Day. I would be so appreciative of any help.

    1. Hi there, I'm afraid I didn't have a pattern for that hot water bottle. I just made it up as I went along with some yarn I had. I guessed the stitching for the cross stitch heart and just by sheer luck more than anything, it turned out well! I posted a hot water cover tutorial, which was a very basic tutorial to help anyone make up a hot water bottle cover. It's a loose tutorial just to give the guidelines of how to get the shape (I made them on different sized hot water bottles) and you could just roughly work out where to start a cross stitch heart on the front. If you are on Pinterest, I'd suggest looking up some cross stitch hearts which might help with size guides for your hot water bottle. I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help.....I've always been useless with patterns and just 'wing it' most of the time! Have a lovely rest of a day! : )

    2. Oh yes, and I meant to say it's best to use chunky yarn!

  23. You may not even see this, as it's so long after you gave us your "good bye", But I came upon this today and was a bit taken aback! I have the SAME Santa Mug as you have pictured here....and so many of your favorite things are also MINE! I collect Santas, so have - all in all - a bit over 200 - ranging in size from about an inch tall to one that is close to 48 inches tall! He stands proud on our hearth every Christmas season - which is sort of sneaking up on us, isn't it?
    Be well and be happy! I have missed your regular posts. Your work is so pretty. I actually came here this morning referred by a link on "Little Treasures" blog. There was a lovely poncho - but when I clicked on link for pattern, I got a blank page. Is that Poncho Pattern still available? I've been looking for that "perfect poncho" for myself - and the lacy, lightish turquoise one that was credited to you is the PERFECT PONCHO for what I want....
    I would love to have that pattern IF it is still available....

    Please don't stay away forever - you are missed...and your work is quite lovely!
    Thank you for the inspiration you have shared with the world. I hope that your life is full, happy and fulfilling!

    1. Hi there!

      Thank you so much for messaging me. Yes, I'm am still here to receive and answer messages and questions. I left my blog live for people to freely mooch around and any messages written in the comments box still reach me and I can reply. Wow, over 200 Santas?!?!!!! Goodness me! I have to say, I was so in love witht he Santas I got last year, and I kinda can't wait to get them out this year again.

      This year, I ahve really taken a back seat on crafting. Life has been full on. Attention has been needed on my house and I'm busy with with work too. So I guess, this has been my resting year! It'll be nice to get back into some sort of crafting rhythm, but I think this year I'll just see it out pottering and spending time with the kiddos. I'd quite like to try my hand a new crafts next year. Learn something new. I figure maybe I'm blanketed out now, although, I still have about 10 in my head that i'd like to make! ha ha!

      I found the page on Little Treasure blog you were referring to, and it's the Rosa Cowl Sweater pattern by Gosyo. It's actually a Sweater rather than a poncho. If you click the word 'Pattern' under my picture on that page it should take you to the Ravelry page for it, where there is a link to the patterns page. If you scroll down the patterns page to the picture of it, then if you click on it, it should take you to the PDF pattern. Here is the link just in case you can't access it...

      I hope that works!I've made three of those sweaters as I just loved them. All in different yarns with different hooks so one was particularly swingy rather than sweater like (which I guess is why it's deemed a poncho on the Little Treasure Blog, but it's my favourite one of the three I made. The pattern is in Diagram form which some people find hard to get their heads around. I personally find those to be much easier than written patterns as I can see exactly where the stitches need to go rather than trying to imagine through text. It was such a fun make though, So I hope you'll have fun too if you give it a go!

      I hope you get this reply. I know the replies come up on the blog but I'm not sure if they will go directly to your email, so I hope you check back here for my response!

      Take care. Thank you for your lovely message, and I hope that you have a Very Merry Christmas (with all your Santas!) and a Beautiful New Year! x

  24. thanks for sharing your knowledge with us


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