Friday, 18 December 2015


Looking back at bloggy statistics, I thought I'd just share my most popular posts of all time here on this post.

It's no surprise, this being a crafty crochet blog, that they are all crochet makes......

in 1st place:

in 2nd place:

in 3rd place:

in 4th place:

in 5th place:

The Evening Sun Blanket and the Serendipity Blanket are my two top favourite blankets I have made to date. Alicia Paulson's Sunshine Day Blanket makes up my top three I think.

The scarves inspired by a post on Vanessa Cabban's beautiful blog (sigh, still miss her so terribly in the crafty community) are my favourites too. They never fail to bring me colour joy when I wear them.

The waffle post, really was a waffle post, but full of my most recent makes. I had been a busy bee Blanket making and the baby blankets were a dream to make (so much so, adult blankets were made soon after). The pom pom edge blanket is a faithful friend to me. Bright and happy, I love it in the summer. The Rosy Posy blanket was a mammoth job! It was huge, but it was fun to do. It was made to be kept in the car for picnic and seaside trips and just general car snuggling on long trips.

The hot water bottle cover tutorial, is always a big hit some Christmas time. You all know me by now. I don't do tutorials, simply because I am so pants at them, but so many asked for one, and I did a general one to cover all sizes of hot water bottles, and it seemed to be a hit. I have it bookmarked, as I need to make some more for myself. My other covers are looking sorry for themselves as they have been so well used.

So, there we go.

Your favourite posts.

I just thought it was nice to share with you what you have liked the most since I have been blogging.



  1. Such inspirational makes. I love the blankets too. Jo x

  2. In love with every single blanket you make! I wish I had the patience. I could only manage to make one, I love it!

  3. Thank you, Thank you! As a faithful reader I appreciate the links to your patterns. When I am looking for a project I always come here first. I think I am going to take a try at the diamond patterned blanket. I love it. I have such a hard time picking, your work is so gorgeous. Have a great day!

  4. Everything BE-AU-TI-FUL :))
    So inspiring!!!

  5. Wonderful posts and a great way to look back! It is interesting seeing what other people enjoy on your blog isn't it. Happy Christmas! xx

  6. Oh Vanessa,
    They are all soooooooo beautiful and inspiring and skippy happy in their own ways !!!
    I am nearly finished a blanket inspired by your pom pom edging blanket and of course it is in pastels :)
    Hope you get some quite moments of crafty time over the holiday season. Enjoy creating your days.
    Light and Love, Jude xxxx
    sunflowers and tulips

  7. Before you go I just want to say how much I've enjoyed your lovely blog... the images always bring a moment of peace on the day they arrive. Funny enough I'd only seen one of those posts... but now, of course, I've seen them all. Thank you for sharing a little window into your world... it's been a blessing.

  8. This is a lovely review, and seeing it a very pleasant way to relax a bit during a very busy time.

    Many thanks for then and now. xo

  9. So nice to revisit your beautiful posts and projects.♡♡♡

  10. All those blankets seem so pretty to me. If I had to choose one, I think I could'nt even do that. They're all very cute. Nice work done!

  11. I remember each and every one. Lovely to see them again. I've made the first two, and have the third on my to do list. lol Wishing you and yours the happiest Christmas! I shall miss these visits. <3

  12. All of the blankets are very pretty! Love that little pompom edge!
    Hope you are having a good and not too stressful time before Christmas!
    Thanks for sharing!!!/ Jeanette :)

  13. Hello my lovely. I think the fourth-placed post is one of my most favourite of yours. In fact, perhaps I'm responsible for a hefty percentage of its visits!!! It encapsulates everything I love about you and your blog in one post, plus my three favourite blankets of yours are all featured.

    My top post continues to be my crochet bunting post of four years ago. It seems that whatever else I do, I will forever be known as the 'bunting girl'!!!

    Anyway, I just wanted to pop by and wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas. xxxxx

  14. Lovely to see a round up of your favourite blankets, each one so beautiful and individual its impossible for me to like one more than another as they are all gorgeous!
    Gill xx


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