Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Currently enjoying...............

....................having another weekend away.................

.............watching family spend time in the sea (can you see the two tiny dots in the middle?!!!)......

...........visiting lighthouses..........

............ cliff climbing (although I must add, I sat it out this time round!)

.....enjoying the views and the fresh air giving the head a jolly good clear.......

....loving being out and about......

.........whilst waiting for the others, Baby Bear and I did some 'Cloud Busting'.......

.........spending a day at the beach..........

..........loving the views.....and making memories.............

...........having fun in the sand..........

............. enjoying a few ruins............

.....and managing to do a quick make......

..............being at home now and enjoying............

................making treats with the bears.....

Okay, so guaranteed to rot the teeth, but a one off treat is fine by me. Quick, simple and delicious!

The Bears had a lot of fun filling with buttercream and rolling in sprinkles.

.....................There was a debate over the colour of the buttercream. I would have given in and gone for blue but I only had red.....shame!..........

..........being happy at the cheap bunch of flowers bought at the supermarket. Very cheery, and even the ones that fell off got to be displayed in little bowls. Isn't it lovely how a single flower can make one so happy.................

...........dotting little vases full of happy sunshine in places to make me smile...........

.............my new favourite drink. I cannot get enough of it. Fresh lemon and ginger tea. I have tried the lemon and ginger tea bags from stores, but there is nothing so good as it fresh. I love lemons, so this is a perfect drink for me.................

......stocking up on Tunnock's. We cannot live without them in this house..........

...........squashams too, Baby Bear and I love them!...........

.....and picking up a good read in the magazine dept. How could I not when this was staring at me shouting...........BUY BUY BUY!!!!!!!!

I will go have a cuppa, sit by my flowers, eat a meringue and look through my mag now!

Hope you are all having a fab Tuesday!



  1. So I'm not the only one who pops fallen flower heads into little bowls of water :)

    Can I ask how you make your lemon and ginger tea please?

    Enjoy your meringue :D

  2. Your beach pictures are awesome! Looks like you had a lovely time(& weather!). I love the way you have arrange the flowers in the vases...so pretty! xx

  3. gorgeous pictures.. love the one of the cloud busting!!..
    the meuringes look amazing.. you have to eat one for me to!!

    hope you have a good week.. ( this is the home stretch for me of the summer holidays.. so am very much looking forward to next week!! )


  4. What a lovely post! You make all the little things in life look beautiful.

    I'm so with you on the tea cakes but I prefer the new dark chocolate ones. You can keep the strawberry things though!

  5. What a beautiful pictures.

    Looks very nice and beautiful!

    And I also desire that cookies: P

  6. that magazine managed to jump into my trolley this morning too!

    It looks like you had better weather this weekend than we did - cold and rain for the BH weekend up North, but we still managed to have fun. x

  7. Such amazingly fabulous piccys Vanessa! xxxx
    i love the rocky cliffs leading to the sea! heaven!!!!!...oh my those look mouth watering!!!!
    i want some rocky road slices too!!!!! might have to have a naughty week of making this week! tho mine never look as delicious as yours! yummers!!!!
    those beautiful colourful CK vases/tumblers look so pretty with your flowers in xxxx

  8. Amazing photos of the beach wow!!!!
    But my fav is the tunnocks teacakes, way too yummy :D
    Karen x

  9. Beautiful pictures, could just grab one of your meringues right off the screen. Love the CK tumblers full of pretty flowers.
    Carol xx

  10. Looks like another perfect weekend away. Some of those views are Incedible! Your photography skills are excellent..
    I can't wait to see what it is that you've made, it's a lovely shade of pink anyway..!

    Ashley xxx

  11. Such stunning photographs!! Absolute eye candy as usual.... I think your pretty pink crochet is what I am making too! Those shells look much nicer than mine though! Are you using cotton? It's such a pretty colour! The pattern suggests Debbie Bliss como but all I had was some Rowan big wool and I think it's far too chunky. Right...
    I'll stop waffling now... Crochet talk does make me chatter so!!

    Enjoy the rest of your week :)

    Louise xx

  12. Thanks for sharing your beautiful beach and scenery photos. They are beautiful. Your other photos are gorgeous too. I would also like to know how you make you lemon and ginger tea. It looks very refreshing (and good for you).
    Anne xx

  13. If ever I need cheering up with a few gorgeous things I always know to head to your blog. Gorgeous photos, love the meringue photos. What a stylish life you lead! Please will you adopt me?!

    Lemon and ginger tea is one of my faves too but I never think to make it. The lemons in my house usually get put into a cake! Which magazine is it? I think I need that one...

    Have a lovely week.

    Nicki xx

  14. Glad you are having a fun filled summer and being so kind as to share such beautiful photos. I am feeling definitely sea deprived at the moment, it is far too long since we have been. Have to say that like you I couldn't resist buying that magazine but have been really good in not making those treats yet, however daughter returning from a week away with a friend's family and her GCSE results seems like a very good reason to make them!

  15. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOh I love the beach! Missed you so much this weekend!
    Will see you again soon, beautiful, xxx
    Will post my beach pictures from Cornwall when I figure how to do it from the Mr. D's computer! hehehe

  16. At first when I saw the thumbnail size sneak peak of your first photo on my blogger dashboard I thought it was an ultrasound photo. And I thought "Woo hoo, someone has news"! But the beach picture was just as enjoyable too. And I love the pictures of your meringues, I'd like to make some too, but Little Miss T gets a rash when she eats egg whites.
    xXx Helen

  17. All looks wonderful my sweet friend...especially all the sweet treats you have around your home...I am now craving a chocolate covered marshmallow for some reason...hugs. xoxoxo

  18. I've missed visiting your beautiful blog in the last few weeks while I was on holiday!! I was having laptop separation anxiety towards the end of it! You've had some wonderful adventures - what truly gorgeous pics. I have to ask - what the heck are squashams? They look so adorable!! Have a fab week hon. Leah x

  19. Vanessa my love,
    Stunning post. The beach photos are awesome, where did you go?
    Thanks for your comment on my post last night. I LOVE going "home" and like you, I always feel flat at having to leave. I am always when I return to my home but always want to stay at my parents'!
    Sounds like your weekend was beautiful.
    FYI, I always start the day with a hot water and fresh lemon as it is a marvel for internal health. However, the lemon can strip off the tooth enamel over time so don't overdo the citrus (I was told this recently by a dentist).
    I LOVE fresh ginger too. Ooooh the best things in life are cheap!
    Love your meringues. They look delish.
    The Princess loves Squashams (Leah, if you are reading this, this are strawberry yoghurts).

  20. Wow, lovely, lovely pics (as always)!!

    The meringues look gorgeous, and we too love Tunnocks, both the Teacakes and the Caramel Wafers, yum!!

    I've grown a few dahlias and sweet peas and every time I come indoors with a few to stick in a jam jar they make me happy!!

    S x

  21. Lovely post - delish colours..what was the magazine?? Those bars look really good!

  22. Such scrummy pics. I think the food looks even more lovely with the pretty spoon. I like the way you arrange your pretties, I think in photography circles they call it 'composition.' Yours is fab! xxx


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