Friday 27 April 2012


Gosh.....where is the time going at the moment? This week has whizzed by at an alarming rate. I haven't done half as much as I have needed to this week. Too many distractions. I really need to concentrate next week!

I hope you have had a good week.

The weather has been grim......

.....but I have been loving it!

Am I the only one?

I have loved being out in the rain. I don't mind getting soaked. I have got myself into the train of thought, that if you are going to get wet, you might as well have fun with it!

I love the elements though. Thunder and lightning fascinate me beyond belief. I love the sound of rain. I love how everything smells after the rain. It's like the earth is having a good cleansing. Okay, I KNOW some of you will see this totally differently!  We don't get hurricanes, tornados or intense flooding....and I am thankful, but I love the elements. I love how Mother Nature has her own agenda. How, we try to control everything, we cannot control her. We have had two really dry what's a weeks worth of heavy rain?!!!!!

What have I been up to? Well.......

I managed to pick some garden flowers for a posy vase (first pic).....

I enjoyed being all starry with Baby Bear.......

I enjoyed baking.......

yum yum.....

Oh my word, I have been naughty this week.

The meringue sprinkle cupcakes were delicious. So delicious in fact, that I had to make another batch.  The recipe was taken from Susannah Blake's 'Cupcake Heaven' Book. They are basically just meringues baked in fairy cases, drizzled with dark chocolate and dipped in sprinkles. As a friday treat when I was a little girl, my mum would stop at the Bakery on the way home from school to get us something. It was always a toss up between a Chelsea Bun or a Meringue Snowman! Making those brought back memories. Must make some meringue snowmen come Christmas.

I also had a real craving for mini cinnamon swirls. I love, love, love cinnamon. I always buy some frozen from Ikea when I visit, but I wanted little mini ones. I had seen a recipe from a pinterest link. Super easy......just buy a ready to roll croissant tub from the chilled section in the supermarket. Crimp the dough together and give a quick roll out. Brush with melted butter and sprinkle with cinnamon and soft brown sugar. Roll up and cut into little swirls. Bake for 15 minutes and voila. Oh so perfect with a hot cuppa. Trouble was, I ate them all. I couldn't help myself they were so more-ish. I wasn't even sorry! 

On clearing out cupboards, I found treasures I forgot I had. Cute vintage cake plates. I love this colour and rose print so much.

I drank coffee and played about with yarn......

I sorted utensils.....

....I cleaned China stuff...

...and I tried to be as summery as I could on the grey days.

So, that about sums up my week so far.

I have to make up for this week by spending today catching up with housework (which as you can tell, isn't working out so well as i'm on the computer!), then I have a jam packed weekend ahead of me.

I hope that you all have a beautiful week, wherever you are and WHATEVER THE WEATHER!!!!!!



  1. helooooooo lovely 'springy' nessa xxxx

    such a glorious light and bright posting...loved it!!!! you make the best looking cup cakes!
    And i love the starry boots and socks you shared with little bear ;0)
    All your homely pics and kitchen wares sure cheer me up- I walked to school with sophia in the sun shine wearing just a cardi...well, dress and boots too hehe, im not a nudey hehe x

    its still shining so thats a good thing...
    we've had some fun in the rain the last two weeks...but as long as the sun shines in between im happy ;0)

    Have a beautiful day my beautiful xxxxxx

    x Kazzy x

  2. You are right about the weather. I haven't enjoyed the rain (apart from when i'm snug in bed), but weather is so interesting. I'm so thankful that we don't get Tornado's or Hurricanes but they are so interesting!!

    Love the look of your bakes. Very pretty. I cannot resist a warm cinnamon roll and would probably be able to eat a whole batch too, so I only make them before Christmas.

    Happy Friday!

    Gemma xXx

  3. You sound like you have had a very productive week. Your cupcakes look amazing and I love all of your pretty vintage plates. Your blog is very sunny despite the weather outside. It must be your adorable star boots!


  4. What a busy week, and so so colourful unlike the weather :) loving the gorgeous green cake plates and what a fabulous array of utensils!
    Victoria xx

  5. Oooh, your photos always lift my spirits!! I am thankful for the rain as it's good for the grass and the more grass I have the less my ponies cost me to feed!!

    I love, love, love cinnamon too (have been sprinkling it on coffee this week, yummy and even better with squirty cream!!)

    Am really craving those cinnamon rolls but our Tescos didn't have croissant dough, may have to venture forth to Waitrose....


    S x

  6. Hello lovely! I love the rain too. I love everything about it and I love walking in it, getting soaking wet and cold then coming home and getting into my jammies. Gorgeous! Those cinnamon swirls look delish!

    Must catch up soon, gorgeous. Have a great weekend. xxxxxx

  7. Well, I don't mind a bit of rain, but here in Manchester it has been raining relentlessly for the past 4 weeks and I am sick of it. We walk to school whatever the weather, so I can't mind it too much, but it was awful yesterday afternoon when it was bouncing off the floor. But you're right that we might as well embrace it because there's not much we can do about it!

    Those meringues look fantastic and cinnamon rolls are a favourite of mine too, although I always find the IKEA ones stay a bit doughy in the centre. I have some in the freezer and might have to bake one now to have with coffee!!

    Have a lovely weekend. I'm hoping it's a dry one...


  8. Those look delicious and the mini Chelsea buns look so professional, cold and wet here in Ireland need sunshine soon!


  9. Oh! Your pics always make me smile! We have some delicious cinn rolls by Pillsbery that come in a roll of 5 and I treat myself about once a month. Sometimes I share but usually end up eating all 5. I live in the south (tennessee,USA)a nd we are needing rain too this spring . Thanks for sharing with us!

  10. Oh those cakes look so yummy! I will definitely have to try making those. Blessings Niki x

  11. I do agree with you about the rain and the cleansing feeling, it does smell so nice outside after the rain and everything seems to look clearer. But I have to admit not being able to get in the garden or out for walks gets me down a bit. I am afraid I live very much with fair weather lovers here! lol.

    Oooo cinnamon rolls! I love cinnamon yum! Those rolls look really yummy to eat.

    Love all your photo's a real colourful treat!

    P x

  12. Sounds blissful!

  13. No one does happy like you.......Happy Weekend!

  14. I love those plates...well ALL your china,you do have such lovely things!
    I just adore being cosy indoors,curled up by the fire while the rain is beating down and the wind is howling outside.
    I'm so tempted by the cakes and buns,but I'm not going there...I'm on a strict diet to lose the weight I put on eating naughties like those!
    Have a happy weekend. :0)

  15. What a lovely post. I LoVE your wellies. I wANT a meringue cupcake (NOW)! I aDORe the china. BUT I really really really need your utensil jars in MY kitchen. Thank you for posting such lovely things for us to share with you xx

  16. You do have some lovely things and everything is so lovely and colourful. Those cakes look delicious. Have a lovely weekend, dee x

  17. Oooh I want those wellies too! Love baby bear's starry socks as well. You sound like you've had a really productive and busy week, sometimes we need a week like that to sort, clean and bake, just to be, especially if you have a busy weekend ahead! We too have been loving the rain as it is so good for our new grass - kind of want it to rain now, as it hasn't all day and we don't want it to dry out - not forecast though :( Enjoy your weekend, Jenny x

  18. Well, that's my kind of day. Great picture of the cooking utensils. Love the style, composition and colors. But, then I always find something here I adore.

  19. I do love a good storm and wearing my wellies of course - it's just all this getting soaked down to my knickers on a daily basis I'm not liking too much.

    Have a fabulous weekend,

    Nina x

  20. I am with you all the way! Love rain ..... windy days ...... snow ..... even getting wrapped up for cold shivering days ..... spring days ..... summer days .... autumn days ..... really we can't do anything about it so ...... a little rhyme my children learnt about 35 years ago! .... "whatever the weather, we"ll weather the weather, whether we like it or not!"
    I would have loved to help you out with your cinnamon buns :0)
    enjoy the weekend
    Val xx

  21. the week did go fast... love all of your floral bits and bobs, so pretty.

    i hope the sun shines for you this weekend, vanessa.


  22. Such pretty pictures, everything looks lovey! And now I have a craving for cinnamon buns.....

  23. The weather here has been awful too but I love your outlook that if you are going to get wet you might as well have fun! We are forecast rain all over the weekend so I will pop on my wellys and have fun splashing with my little boy :-)

  24. mmmm, I love cinammon swirls! Lovely photos as always. Your china is so pretty. My plates are all so plain and boring! I love the jugs that your utensils are in!

  25. You make chores sound and look so special - I want to sort my utensils and wash my china - you have also inspired me to have a baking day as its my daughters birthday - keep a look out for my cakes x

  26. Hi Vanessa, I am with you on the weather - I dont mind rainy days either :-) Especially when you can whip up yummy baking like you did! My Gran used to buy me meringue snowmen when I was little - but my wee chap isnt that impressed with him (he's a chocolate man). C'est la vie! Enjoy the weekend. Becks xxx

  27. Hello beautiful, beautiful post with beautiful photographs. Am inspired. I'm loving your little cakes, must try those!
    Big hugs, xxx

  28. oooh, I try to like the rain, I really do. But it gets on my nerves! I'm with Victoria in the NW - we get a fair amount! And I'm not allowed to complain about the weather!
    Lovely pictures as always...must try those cinnamon swirl - they are right up there in my top 10 favourite ways to eat carbs!
    fee x

  29. Hi Vanessa

    I don't mind the rain, I quite like it when I am cosy indoors. The only down side is that I live in a country lane which can get very muddy when it rains. Tractors going by add to the mess. Apart from that, I like the thought of the plants having a good drink. After all, we do need it! We'll only be complaining if we get a drought!
    Have a good weekend
    Isabelle x

  30. I love being out in the rain too. A bit of rain makes everything new again.

  31. Vanessa......I WANT ALL YOUR STUFF!!....from vanessa :p hehehe!! xx

  32. Sounds like you had a great week! I love being out in the weather too, especially being near the sea when it's rough! In fact I think we will be venturing out today. your baked goodies look fantastic no wonder you ate them all. ♥

  33. I love the rainy weather too, and storms, and hail. All of it. I love going out in the rain in my wellies, all wrapped up and not caring about getting wet, and the smell of everything after the rain,lifts me sooooooooo much. When I was little my mum used to despair as I would go out in the rain and take my hood off and get totally soaked, and looooved it! Em xxxx

  34. What pretty images you give us! I love the different kinds of weather too - (of course as you mention when it remains fairly gentle!) I think the spring colors and flowers really pop out on a rainy day. Your baking looks so scrumptious! Lovely! xo Karen

  35. I'm another who loves being out in the rain, problem is I don't enjoy being up to my knees in mud and the two kinda go together here in rural Wales.

    I must try those cinnamon rolls :D

  36. oOOH! Cinnamon rolls - yum!


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