Thursday, 26 September 2013

Obsessive ta-dah......

It seems that I have a little obsession.

As if I don't have enough.....

....I just seemed to need to make one more.


I was a really wanting to indulge in my love of grey this time round.

My thinking was warm grey with a slight white edging.

But neon pink snuck its way in, and the slight white edging seemed to want to more attention than I was prepared to give it. We argued, and it won. But, I'm glad to say, I'm happy it did.

It's oh so soft

A bit cobwebby

And, incredibly warm.

It's softness means that it's great too for turning round and wrapping round the neck on a frosty morning with a jacket on.

I'm secretly in love.

I'm not entirely convinced this shawl obsession is all that healthy.....

...but it sure puts a lovely big grin on my face.

The pattern is very similar to several I have made from a japanese pattern. 

click here if you fancy a go at making one to snuggle up in on a cool Autumnal evening.



  1. B E A U T I FU L !
    love jooles xxx

  2. Oh! It's completely GORGEOUS!!
    I really, really do want to make one too. x

  3. It looks fab! Beautiful colours.

    Gemma x

  4. It is beautiful! I love obsessions like these ;-)

  5. Wow, it is gorgeous! I would pay good money for that! :) I love the colors and pattern is really pretty. It looks lovely with jeans.

  6. looks fab. I need to make some more shawls. My list of projects is growing ever longer! I am going to crochet a cardigan next. Making a garment was on my list of new years resolutions. I'm determined to do it as I did so well with my list last year (although the others seem to have fallen by the wayside!!)

  7. Ha! Lovely shawl - funnily enough we are thinking alike! I am just about to start a baby blanket with pale grey and neon pink edging! (saw a gorgeous one on Pinterest)

  8. Absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing the link to the pattern - I know a few people who would love to receive one of these!

  9. Love it! The color combo is so soft. Simply beautiful.

  10. What weight yarn did you use?

    1. For this particular shawl I used King Cole Haze yarn. It says it's a double knit yarn, but it's a fine knit dk yarn. It's brushed acrylic so it feels extremely soft and snuggly. Put it against any regular dk and it looks like a 4ply. Because it's fine and light you seem to get a huge amount for your money! It's a slightly thicker and much cheaper alternative to Rowan's Kid Silk Haze.I used one ball of pewter and half a ball of white for the whole shawl. The neon was just something I had in my stash.I used a 4.5 mm hook for this, but I have made 2 others in this yarn in aqua and denim blue and used a 4mm and a 5mm hook for each to create different effects. Hope this helps somewhat!

    2. Yes, it helps very much, thank you!

  11. It's lovely. I made the same shawl this summer in a soft pink colour after Le Monde de Sucrette put me in the right direction of the pattern. It is an easy make and the result is beautiful, isn't it?. I like that you can wrap yourself around it.
    The only problem I had is that I used a chunky yarn and I think it is a bit too thick with a blankety feel to it but I still love it. Next time I will try a lighter wool type, though!.
    Your colour combination is very cool. Have you seen Cherry Heart's latest shawl/cape with cherries at the bottom? It is very sweet too.
    Warm regards from London, Pati x

  12. Hi Pati, It's a lovely pattern isn't it?! Very easy repeat. I love how with these types of patterns you can have fun with them, play around with colours, yarn, hook size and if you make more than one, they can look totally different. I bought a chunky shawl a few years ago. It's very soft and yummy and i've always wanted to have a go at making myself one in a chunky yarn. I just haven't found a shade I like enough and that's soft enough yet! Take care x

  13. Gorgeous. Lovely. Exceptionally perfect. I thought you took time out???!!! :D That was a short one. Ha ha ha. One can never have to many shawls. I totally adore this lacy pattern. Good to see you peeking your nose out.

  14. This is spectacular! What more beautiful shawl!!!!!
    and I am so so glad to see it here for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I suspect that you are happier after the summer, right???
    What joy to see their wonderful work!!!!
    my wishes for you and family lem!
    kisses from Catalonia!

  15. It's beautiful clever you. Shawls are just about my favourite thing to knit. They always look so lovely and bohemian, and there are no sizing issues. I got tired of knitting jumpers that never fitted properly.

  16. This shawl is so gorgeous and really looks so different from the link you gave us. I love the combination of colors you used.

  17. I like it! Looks warm for the cold days!
    x Margriet

  18. it's lovely! I am in the middle of making this too. It started as a dusky blue, easy to wear with anything and I have ended up adding aqua and now a biscuit colour. Couldn't help myself! It's been a bit of an experiment. I like the way you finished it off. I can totally see how the pink got there too. Looks lovely on, Heather x

  19. you do look beautiful such a lovely woolly, autumnal your bright cheering posts~ think i was so in need of that my lovely xx
    hope you have a delightfully lovely weekend xxxx

  20. Hi Vanessa.... thank you for taking the time to leave a comment on goodbye. It could have been written by myself and everything you said is exactly how I felt. I'm glad that you took the time to say it though as I have been feeling a little bit daft about the way I've felt. i'm really enjoying my patchwork sewing at the moment, flaws and all! Hope you are having some of this glorious Autumn sunshine where you are, enjoy the weekend, Andrea x

  21. It's very pretty and I'm glad you gave it and used the while & pink because you obviously wanted too and I think it will make you even happier wearing it :)

  22. Muito bonito e elegante. E parece ser mesmo quentinho. Parabens. beijo

  23. Just beautiful x

  24. Oooo... autumnal shawl obsessions can only be a good thing! Lovely colours...

  25. loving your obsessions and so glad you shared!


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